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Best of the WWF Vol. 1

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Best of the WWF Volume 1


I originally wrote this about a year ago, so I touched up the PBP, added some more commentary and altered some of the star ratings.


Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant hype the upcoming handicap match. Andre seems to be looking forward to getting his hands on John Studd.


Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant vs. Adrian Adonis, Dick Murdoch & Big John Studd ~ July 15, 1984 (Meadowlands, NJ)

Quite the opener we got here. This match occurred when Adonis and Murdoch were the WWF Tag-Team champions and it was during Adonis’ “Leather Era”. Just like most of the matches on this tape, this match it clipped at some points, which is probably a good thing. Gorilla and Gary Capetta are doing commentary. Adonis and Hogan start. Andre nails Adnois in the face out of nowhere, so Adonis tags out to Studd. CLIP, to Andre and Studd in the ring, they stare at each other for a while and CLIP to Hogan in the ring with Adonis again. Hogan knees Adonis in the corner and tags Andre, who delivers a headbutt. Andre whips Adonis into the corner and he pulls out a picture-perfect Flair Flip. Adonis used to be pretty good, but a few things such as food and tutu’s got in his way. Studd tags, but Andre sandwiches all three heels in the corner and delivers a HUGE ass-bump. Studd comesback with a kick to the face and tags Murdoch, who drives his knee into Andre’s back. CLIP, to Murdoch choking Andre with the tag rope. I haven’t seen one of those in years. Andre gets the rope and chokes Murdoch with it. Hogan tags in and cleans house, but Murdoch catches him with an elbow. Adonis tags and goes up to the top, but Hogan crotches him. Studd gets the tag and applies a front facelock. Murdoch tags in and goes for a shoulderblock, but Hogan and Murdoch collide, causing a double KO. Andre tags in and a pier 6 breaks out. Andre headbutts Studd to the outside, so Studd walks out on his team. Adonis and Murdoch double-team Hogan in the ring until the HULK UP. Andre tags back in. Andre pins Murdoch with the sit-down splash. (9:31) ¼* This match could best be summed up as, a whole bunch of nothing. Well, besides Adonis’ selling which was pretty good at times.


Moolah and Albano cut a pretty good promo. I don’t care what Moolah says, she was not the Women’s Champ for 27 years, seeing how she lost and won the title four times during that 27 year period. 1/2


WWF Women’s Title: Fabulous Moolah w/Captain Lou Albano vs. Wendi Richter w/Cyndi Lauper ~ July 23, 1984 (Madison Square Garden)

To say that Lauper got a BIG pop would be an understatement. You know what I always wondered about this feud? Why would Richter pick Cyndi Lauper as her trainer? At least Moolah chose someone who was actually involved in the business. Gorilla and Gene commentate this one. The match starts with some hair pulling. Moolah throws Richter through the ropes and CLIP to Richter catching Moolah with an armdrag into an armbar. Richter misses a splash and we CLIP to Moolah catching Richter with a guillotine over the top rope. CLIP to Richter catching Moolah with a headbutt to the lower abdominal region. Moolah gets tied in the ropes, so Richter kicks her for a while. CLIP to Richter applying a pathetic full nelson. Lauper gets on the ring apron and punches Moolah in the face, which surprisingly doesn’t cause a disqualification. Richter catches Moolah with a dropkick for 2 and a suplex for 1. Moolah comesback with a backdrop for 2, as Moolah stops the count. Richter is sent sternum first into the corner. Moolah bridges Richter, but Moolah’s shoulders are down and Richter lifts her shoulder at the last second for the win and the title. (4:07) ½* After the match, Moolah and Albano attack the ref and Cyndi does nothing about it. What a hero. Well, at least the match quality is improving.


Gorilla Monsoon vs. Baron Mikel Scicluna ~ 1976

Muhammad Ali is at ringside. Scicluna attacks Gorilla in the corner, but Gorilla chops him out of the ring for the count out. (0:46) DUD While Scicluna is outside the ring, Muhammad Ali gets out of his seat and starts yelling at Gorilla. Ali takes his shirt and shoes off (maybe that will be the title of the next Blink CD) and gets in the ring. Gorilla swats away all of Ali’s jabs and catches him with an airplane spin. McMahon, in a bright red jacket and a horrible haircut, interviews Monsoon, who says that Ali is a great boxer, but he is a horrible wrestler. He also debuts the “He doesn’t know a wristlock from a wristwatch” line. Gorilla was a class act, RIP.


Piper’s Pit ~ March 1984

This is by far one of the greatest segments on a wrestling show EVER. Jimmy Snuka is sitting on a chair and asks to say something, so Roddy Piper snaps and gets pissed off at him because this is his show and he’ll do the talking. Pipe takes out a pineapple and says, “Women in the Fijian Islands are just like pineapples, hairy on the top and round on the bottom.” Piper continues his verbal assault, “I didn’t get a tree for you to climb like the monkey you are.” Snuka questions why Piper is making fun of him. This really sets Piper off, so Piper hits him over the head with a coconut. Piper continues taunting and assaulting Snuka with his belt. At one point Snuka charges at Piper, but Piper slams a door in his face. Piper was a GOD in the 80’s, too bad he deteriorated into a whiny bitch. 2/3


Roddy Piper vs. Jimmy Snuka ~ August 25, 1984 (Madison Square Garden)

I believe this is their first meeting since the coconut incident because the crowd is HOT. Lord Alfred and Gorilla are commentating this one. Piper starts the match by yelling, “Come on Motherfucker.” Good thing the PTC weren’t around in the 80’s. The first 3 minutes of the match are punches, Fijian chops and Fijian headbutts. Lord Alfred explains what happens when you poke someone in the eye. Gorilla compares it to having an eyelash in your eye. Snuka applies a sleeper in the middle of the ring, but Piper rolls outside and Snuka STILL has the hold applied. Piper gets out of the hold by backing Snuka into the ring apron. Snuka sends Piper face first in the post, which opens him up. Piper attempts to hit Snuka with a chair, but Snuka gets control of the chair and smashes Piper face first into it; drawing blood. Back in, Piper begs off, but Snuka lets him have it with some shots to the head. Snuka comes off the top with a crossbody; Piper catches and dumps him outside. Snuka can’t get back in the ring, so Piper wins by count out. (6:06) * The wrestling sucked, but the intensity was there. I believe there is another Piper-Snuka match on Volume 2.


WWF Junior Heavyweight Title: Cobra vs. Black Tiger ~ December 28, 1984 (Madison Square Garden)

Dynamite Kid won the WWF Junior Heavyweight Title on February 7, 1984, but he vacated the title during November of 1984 because the Bulldogs jump to All Japan. The WWF bought Georgia Championship Wrestling in July of 1984. The NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion at the time was Les Thornton, who happened to wrestle in Georgia, so the WWF declared Les Thornton the WWF Junior Heavyweight Champion for a couple of shows until the title was forgotten. Also, the WWF Junior Heavyweight Title is in no way connected to the current WWF Light Heavyweight Title. Gorilla and Gene are on the mic. The belt itself looks pretty cool. A picture of it is ' target='_blank'>" target="_blank">" target="_blank">http://www.kayfabememories.com/BeltGallery...2.jpg"> HERE Cobra starts by working on the arm, but Tiger fights out with a hiptoss. Cobra gets an armdrag into an armbar, but Tiger applies a side-headlock. Tiger connects with a STIFF clothesline followed up with a running senton, or “flying BUTT flip”, as called by Gorilla. Cobra comesback with a BIG backdrop and applies a chinlock. Cobra attempts something off the second rope, but Tiger botches catching him…lets just say it looked really fucked up. Cobra connects with a spinning heel kick and a kneedrop from the second rope. Cobra with a gutwrench and a reverse crucifix for 2. Cobra applies a head-scissors, but Tiger fights out. Cobra gets Tiger on top of his shoulders and delivers a gutbreaker! Cobra applies a boston crab, but releases it only to apply a surfboard. Tiger reaches the ropes, CLIP to Tiger applying a full nelson, but Cobra escapes with a knee to the face. Cobra dropkicks Tiger to the outside. Back in, Cobra goes up top, but Tiger slams him to the mat. Cobra applies head-scissors, but Tiger escapes and connects with a clothesline for 2. Tiger comesback with a neckbreaker for 2. At this point of the match, some massive clipping takes places up until the finish. Cobra hits a spinning heel kick for 2. Cobra backdrops Tiger and dropkicks him to the floor. Cobra hits Tiger with a SUICIDE DIVE through the ropes. Back in, Tiger hits a splash off the top rope for 2. Tiger connects with a Tombstone, he goes for another, but Cobra reverses it into one of his own. Cobra wins it with a senton off the top. (7:01) ***1/4 Too bad it was clipped down, but if you are only familiar with WWF Heavyweight wrestling from the 80’s, that I highly suggest you check this match out.


Hulk Hogan trains “Mean” Gene Okerlund ~ August 1984

Here’s a Wrestlecrap favorite. Hogan trains Gene for their upcoming tag match with Mr. Fuji and George Steele. Use your imagination… 2/4


Hulk Hogan & Gene Okerlund vs. Mr. Fuji & George Steele ~ August 26, 1984

Sadly, Gene isn’t wearing a shirt, but he is still in better shape than 2 of the other 3 participants. Hogan starts with his usual crap on Fuji, so Fuji tags in Steele. Much stalling begins here, including Hogan slapping his ass in Steele’s face. And some of you thought this match would be a DUD, HA! CLIP to Hogan HULKING UP (Already? Well, I guess it’s never too early to stop selling). Hogan knocks both heels outside, where Gene stomps on their fingers. Hogan high-fives Gene, so the ref makes Gene enter the ring. Steele lunges at Gene, but Gene ducks and tags Hogan. CLIP to Hogan taking on both heels on his own. Gene stops Fuji from throwing a handful of salt at Hogan’s face. Hogan whips Fuji into Gene’s foot. Hogan drops Gene on top for the win. (3:30) -** Vince McMahon, “We’ll never see anything like this again!” I sure as hell would hope not. Let’s never mention that atrocity again…


Larry Zbysko vs. Bruno Sammartino ~ February 1980

This was the first meeting between the teacher, Bruno Sammartino, and the student, Larry Zbysko. Quick facts: Both men are faces, Larry looks weird with a full head of blond hair. The match starts with much stalling, as do most matches from 1980. Larry catches Bruno with a waistlock, but Bruno reverses into one of this own. Bruno breaks the hold and applies a side-headlock. Larry escapes with a hiptoss for 2. Larry applies a side-headlock, but Bruno counters with a drop-toe hold. Bruno releases the hold. Larry catches Bruno with a bodyslam for 2. Bruno comesback with a slam of his own. Larry goes back to the waistlock, but Bruno reverses into a hammerlock, which he releases. Bruno applies an armbar, but Larry counters into an abdominal stretch. Bruno escapes with a hiptoss. Larry catches Bruno with a powerslam for 2. Larry applies a boston crab, but Bruno powers out. Bruno hits Larry with a hiptoss and now Zbysko is mad. Bruno catches Larry in a bearhug and he releases the hold. Larry has had enough of Bruno releasing all of his holds out of respect, so he starts screaming at Sammartino. Larry applies an armbar, but Bruno sends him to the floor. This is the last straw for Zbysko as he beats the living hell out of Bruno. Larry gets a chair and sends the ref to the outside. (9:27) **1/2 Larry hits Bruno over the head with the chair 3 times. Bruno blades and now the battle lines have been drawn for the Showdown At Shea.


Cage Match: Larry Zbysko vs. Bruno Sammartino ~ August 9, 1980 (Shea Stadium, NY)

Unfortunately this match is brutally clipped, so I won’t even bothering mentioning it in my play-by-play. Bruno goes right after Larry and repeatedly throws him into the cage. Bruno continues his assault and grinds Larry’s face into the steel mesh. Larry comesback with a headbutt to the mid-section and tries walking out the door, but Bruno pulls him back by the tights. Larry sends Bruno into the cage a couple of times, but Bruno comesback with a well-placed knee to the back. Larry stops the momentum swing with an eye-gouge. Larry goes up top, but Bruno slams him to the mat. Bruno gets a nasty gash in his arm, but that doesn’t slow down Larry’s assault. Larry tries leaving, but Bruno pulls him back by the tights again. Bruno sends Larry face first into the ring post. Larry tries climbing out of the cage this time, but he is stopped once more. Bruno throws Larry into the cage a few more times and leaves the ring. (5:11) **1/2 Damn, that was A LOT of clipping. This match was probably better than their first encounter, but I’ll have to buy the full match to find that out. Overall though the intensity was there and that really made the match.




There is some really interesting 80’s wrestling here. Of course there is also the Hogan crap, but that was kept at a minimum, plus that’s why we have a Fast-Forward button. A good junior match and some classic angles and matches make this an easy recommendation.


Coming Up Next: Confidential will be up on Sunday afternoon/evening. Sometime next week I’ll get to Best of the WWF Vol. 3.


Retro Rob

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