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WWE Confidential: July 13, 2002

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Guest TSMAdmin

WWE Confidential: July 13, 2002


Highest Rating: 1.5 (May 22, 2002)

Lowest Rating: 0.5 (July 29, 2002- rerun of May 22, 2002 @ 8:00PM)


Last Week: 0.8 (Rerun of May 29, 2002)


Mean Gene welcomes us. Tonight on Confidential Torrie Wilson looks back at her past and a feature on Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka.


Cover Story: Jimmy Snuka

Snuka was born and raised in the Fiji Islands. At age 10 he moved to Hawaii, where he began to wrestle for the Peter Maivia. Tommy Dreamer, Jeff Hardy, and Dawn Marie were all fascinated that Snuka would always wrestle barefoot. Snuka said he sprained his ankle and broke his toes many times, but that was his gimmick and he loved it. Snuka got his big break when Vince McMahon Sr. called him. Snuka was always amazed by New York City and Madison Square Garden. D-Lo brought up how no Snuka interviews ever made sense. Snuka says that was his style. D-Lo does a Snuka impersonation.


October 17, 1983: Snuka fought Don Muraco in a cage match for the Inter-Continental Title (I didn't know they used to use a hyphen). This match is most famous for Snuka's Superfly Splash off the top of the cage. He thought of the spot on the fly, which makes me wonder if Muraco was expecting it. Matt Hardy and Tommy Dreamer both remember it as if it happened yesterday. Snuka calls it the highlight of his career.


March 31, 1985: Snuka accompanied Hulk Hogan and Mr. T for their match with Roddy Piper and Bob Orton Jr at WrestleMania. He was proud to be part of such a historic event.


Snuka talks about using cocaine. He didn't go to rehab because he got himself into this situation, so he would get himself out of it. Snuka stopped doing drugs because he decided that his family was more important. Snuka talks about his wrestling family which includes Peter Maivia, Rocky Johnson, The Wild Samoans (talk about man-tits), and the Rock.


Snuka remembers being inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame. He really appreciated Vince doing that for him. Vince asked Snuka to wrestle the next night at the Survivor Series of 1996 in Madison Square Garden. Snuka happily obliged. He got a MONSTOROUS POP that night. This was a very well done segment with a ton of classic footage. Good job WWE. Maybe you can't get the wrestling down, but you sure as hell are doing a great job with this show.


Segment 1: 1/1


Before They Were SuperStars: Torrie Wilson

Torrie was born in Idaho. Talk about humble beginnings. Her stepfather can't believe that she exposes herself to the American public. Her mother never watched wrestling before, so she found Torrie's involvement in it to be...interesting. Her brother Tim was excited to see Torrie in a program with Nash and Hogan because that was always his dream. Her brother Travis wished she only managed because he knows that men would get off on her wrestling. Her other brother Matt expected her to end up on TV because she used to model for magazines. Sounds like a supportive family to say the least. A baby picture of Torrie is shown and two of her brothers are kissing in the background. Must refrain from making Mid-West jokes. She weighed 9 lbs. 10 oz. at birth. Matt remembers one time all 3 of the boys put Torrie's head in the toilet and flushed it. WHAT KIND OF A FAMILY IS THIS??? Torrie joined the judo team, but when she would get thrown to the mat she would fix her hair instead of worrying about getting back up. Torrie loved her goats as a kid. Torrie takes us to her father’s restaurant, which was also where she worked. Various neighbors talk about Torrie. Torrie's mom tries to say that she matured very early, but it comes out as "matored very early". I find that funny. The boys would always go after Torrie, so her brothers would scare them away behind her back. Her mother wasn't crazy about Torrie's modeling career. Torrie had to take a trip to the BIG CITY OF BOISE to try-out. The modeling agent told Torrie to drop 5 lbs. That is when her eating disorder started, it went on until she was 19. Torrie's story continues next week.


Segment 2: 1.5/2


Bradshaw challenges the Big Show to a game of TEXAS (HORSE). The winner has to play Linda next week. Bradshaw squeezes Linda's ass before the game starts. Big Show quickly ends up with T-E-X. Bradshaw does this retarded dance after all the shots he makes. Bradshaw says something about being bisexual. As if us smart marks already didn't have enough material, there is some more for this week's Bradshaw jokes. The Big Show sinks a shot from VERY FAR away, which ends up giving Bradshaw T. Bradshaw comes back and puts the Show away with a one-handed dunk. Bradshaw also admits to using Viagra. What is wrong with this guy? Nevermind...don't answer that. It turns out Linda played Division 1 basketball and Bradshaw didn't know that. I guess he didn't watch Tough Enough either. Bradshaw vs. Linda will air next week. Fun segment, I guess.


Segment 3: 2/3


Back to Snuka. Jimmy used to be a cliff-driver, which is where he got the name Superfly. Jimmy was the first wrestler to ever come off the top rope with a splash or crossbody. Jimmy walks us through climbing up the turnbuckles and coming off the top.


20 Years Later...The Legacy Endures


Now we hear how Snuka influenced Matt Hardy, Billy Kidman, Dawn Marie, Tommy Dreamer and D-Lo Brown. A ton of clips here with some pretty cool music in the background. Most of the guys have similar feelings, so I won't bother transcribing.


Segment 4: 3/4


Backstage at Diva's Undressed is next. Edge walked around with an "Edge Cam". Lawler, "You want to know what kind of lingerie turns my crouching tiger turn into a hidden dragon right?" Not exactly King. Maven seems to look forward to seeing Mae Young. Stacy would love to see Hulk Hogan in a lingerie match and a Mr. Nanny picture pops up. That's two Mr. Nanny references this week. The King always looks forward to something "popping out or falling off". Edge admits to being a sexist pig. I'm sure Mrs. Copeland is enjoying this segment. King, "This [competition] is of course right down my alley." Really?? Al Snow cracks a few bad jokes. Edge confronts Trish in the back. He asks her to try on some of the stuff she will be wearing tonight, so she puts on a hat. Gotta love her. Dawn Marie's biggest fear is falling down and ironically she slips like 5 times during the show. Jackie Gayda talks about women being confident and strong. Obviously she isn't talking about her wrestling skills. Rico shares a pretty funny story, so I'll transcribe the whole thing for you. "A few weeks ago Torrie pantsed me on SmackDown!, so my daughter said 'I don't think I'll go to school tomorrow because all the kids will make fun of me.' And I had to sit down and talk to her. I said 'Well honey does their dad have a fine tush like yours does to show it off on TV.' She agreed and no one made fun of her at school the next day". Another fun segment, which is all I ever ask for.


Segment 5: 4/5


Another Chris Nowinski promo, like the one on Raw. Gene adds that next week there will be a feature on Mr. Harvard. He also says there are many WWE SuperStars looking forward to kicking Chris' BUTT. WHY IS THERE SO MUCH BRADSHAW INNUENDO ON THIS SHOW???


Gene confirms Kevin Nash's quad injury.


Next week: A feature on Bob Orton Sr., Bob Orton Jr. and Randy Orton. Plus Part 2 of Torrie's story and the Chris Harvard thing.


That damn Velocity went 5 minutes late, which probably explains for the lack of stuff in this segment.


Segment 6: 4/6




Another good show this week. Too bad the WWE can't channel their creativity to Raw and SmackDown!. Oh well, at least I got stuck reviewing the good show. See ya Friday with a review of Road Wild 1999 as long as I haven't lost my mind by then.


Retro Rob

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