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WCW Road Wild 1999

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“What About Bob?” is one of the funniest movies ever up until the absurd ending. Bill Murray plays Bob, a mentally ill man who is afraid of EVERYTHING. Richard Dreyfuss plays his psychiatrist, Leo Marvin. When Dr. Marvin goes on vacation, Bob follows because he is lost without him. As the vacation progresses, Leo's family starts to really like Bob. This makes Dr. Marvin jealous culminating in an incredibly stupid ending to all-around good movie. The movie gets 7/10. The DVD is pretty much a bare-bones edition with only a trailer. So the DVD also scores a 7/10.




Trish Stratus- Interviewing Trish was a real pleasure and I appreciate her spending so much time talking with me. For most part I have received all positive feedback, but as always there is that one little thing that seemed to bother some people. Why didn't I bring up the "match from hell" you ask. It's quite simple actually. First of all we all knew that Trish was devastated after wrestling that match. You could tell that much from the look on her face afterwards and Jerry Lawler made mention of it on Chairshots Radio. Secondly, isn't kind of obvious how Trish felt about the match? What would you expect her to say besides, "Jackie Gayda is still very green at this point in her career and was very nervous going into the match." It's not like Trish is a free agent and can say whatever the hell she wants. Lastly, I didn't want her to just stop talking to me, which is also why I steered away from personal questions. On a whole, I was very happy with the interview and the reactions I have been getting from it. The interview also set a record for this site, as it is the most read column ever on The Smart Marks with 1,579 hits as of 1:00PM today. Hopefully this interview will open up a new door for us and maybe we will be able to speak with more wrestlers in the upcoming months.


Raw- Easily the best Raw of the year. For once the WWE actually came through with a surprise. And the wrestling was good too, which is a rarity in itself. I want to give Easy E his own paragraph, so let's just leave him out of this one. I really dug the six-man elimination match and the main event. Even the Singapore Cane match was great for what it was. Tommy hasn't bled like that in years. It was nice to see Trish fight someone who can successfully clothesline her opponent. JR screwing up Johnny Stromboli's name like five times was pretty pathetic. Ric Flair scared the shit out of me when he teased Shane or Stephanie taking control of Raw. Brock Lesnar attacking the Undertaker was a good way to begin the build to their match at SummerSlam. Also the term "General Manager" sounds really stupid. Why not just go back to commissioner?


Eric Bischoff- Personally I can't stand Eric Bischoff. When he walked past Booker T my first thought was “WOW Eric looks so gay with jet black hair." Then I thought, "HOLY SHIT THAT WAS ERIC F'N BISCHOFF!!" My final thought leading up to Vince's announcement was, "FUCK! I HATE ERIC BISCHOFF!" While Eric was talking I was still in FUCK YOU mode. He dragged out the promo a bit, but he was always guilty of that. As the show went on I actually started to like Eric for the first time. I think I liked him not because of who he was, but because something shocking and different finally happened on WWE TV. Who knows how long he will last? If Vince has any brains he wouldn't have signed Eric long-term.


SmackDown!- Good show. The wrestling was solid -> good and the GM storyline progressed logically considering Stephanie was chosen. It was surreal seeing TWO Crusierweight matches on a Thursday night. That hasn't happened in over a year. What was up with the Velocity tag match being shown on SmackDown!? Quote of the week, the Rock's Fraiser statement. Funny shit.


Stephanie McMahon- Whether the internet fans want to admit it or not, Stephanie is an effective heel. But the real question here is what exactly is Stephanie? She wasn't really a face, yet she wasn't a heel either. That makes the GM feud tweener vs. tweener, which I guess should be interesting. I'm just glad Stephanie ditched the screeching for this role.


Vengeance Predictions- Does anyone really care what happens on this PPV? As long as the Undertaker or Kurt Angle go over in the main event I will be happy and nothing else will matter. As for HHH, how much do you want to bet they make a whole “free agent” angle out of this and not announce whom he’ll sign with on the PPV?




WCW Road Wild 1999


Generally I hate reviewing whole PPVs because they run pretty long, which equates to a lot of PBP. This week though I have gone against my best judgement mainly because a "certain somebody" never ranted on this show. Some say he may be afraid of it, but I think this "certain somebody" was just looking to keep their sanity. Either way here is the only Road Wild 99 review with star ratings on any major site as far as I know. I really like making internet history.


The tape starts with a lame-ass video to set up the Hogan-Nash Retirement match. That promo made me not want to see the match more than anything else. 0/1


Our hosts are Mike Tenay, Tony Schiavone (w/retarded looking sunglasses and backwards hat), and Bobby Heenan. I got all excited, with his head down Brain looked like Dusty. Tony says, "THE HISTORY OF ROAD WILD" and then stops. I guess he just noticed Road Wild doesn't really have any notable history. Then again how many WCW PPVs really do? Tenay brings up the "FINGERPOKE OF DOOM". They are really going for the hardsell on this one, eh?


Another promo, but this time for the upcoming tag match and this time it doesn't suck. Pretty much Eddy and Rey Jr., who were long-time rivals, decided to team-up to fight the Deadpool. One way or another Kidman ended on their team too. 1/2


Eddy Guerrero, Rey Mysterio Jr. & Kidman vs. The Dead Pool w/Raven

The Dead Pool consists of Vampiro & The Insane Clown Posse. This match has potential to not suck, but this is WCW we're talking about. This had to be one of Raven's last WCW appearances since he signed with ECW on August 31, 1999. IIRC, Kidman also walked out during Uncle Eric's little speech, but WCW didn't grant him his release. Eddy had just came off a serious car accident and he didn't lose a step. The faces jump the heels to start. The ICP gets dumped to the floor and a triple team on Vampiro commences. Kidman is the legal man now and hits a sitting powerbomb. Eddy tags in and gets Vampiro with a slingshot senton. Rey flies off the top with a legdrop just for the hell of it. Eddy sends Vampiro to the floor where Kidman gets some shots in and rolls him back in the ring. The Sturgis crowd seems to really dig Eddy. Eddy gets Vampiro with a monkey flip, but Vamp lands on his feet and catches him with an enziguri. The ICP punch Eddy in the corner and continue their assault on the floor. Back in, Vampiro applies a front facelock and tags Violent J. J connects with a clothesline and a jawbreaker. Shaggy 2 Dope comes in now and suplexes Eddy. He drops a leg and tags Vampiro back in. Eddy goes to a wristlock, bounces off the top rope and gets Vamp with a rana. J runs in to stop Kidman from tagging in and headbutts Eddy for good measure. Vampiro with a chokeslam for 2 as Kidman makes the save. Shaggy tags in and the ICP get Eddy with a double suplex. Shaggy gets crotched up top, so Eddy gets him with a superplex. Both Violent J and Rey Jr. tag in. Rey connects with an Asai moonsault leading to Vampiro getting the tag. Raven trips Rey and pulls him to the floor. Raven sends Rey into the steel steps. Vampiro comes out and takes out Rey with the Nail in the Coffin on the floor. Rey gets whipped into the steps once more. Rey is rolled back in where J sidewalk slams him and WORKS THE LEG! Psychology from the ICP?? That's unheard of. Sadly that is probably the only psychology we will get on this show besides the Benoit-DDP match. Rey goes sternum first to the corner. J drops an elbow and covers, but Kidman breaks it up at 2. J continues to work the leg with a kneebreaker. Vamp tags in. He picks Rey up for the powerbomb and just throws him across the ring. That was cool. Shaggy is back to stomp a mudhole in Mysterio. Shaggy looks to be calling a spot right in front of the camera. Shaggy gets 2 off a running powerslam; this time Eddy saves. Rey is thrown to the floor and is verbally abused by Raven. Eddy confronts Raven, but nothing comes out of it. Back in, Shaggy hits a nice clothesline. Shaggy charges, but Rey gets his foot up. Rey connects with the split legged moonsault. Kidman gets the hot tag and dropkicks both members of ICP. Vampiro runs into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker courtesy of Guerrero. IT'S BREAKING DOWN IN TULSA! Rey pulls out a bronco buster on Violent J. Meanwhile, Eddy misses a pescado on to Vampiro. Vampiro accidentally superkicks Shaggy leading to a shooting star press from Kidman for the win. (12:23) ***1/2 Ladies and Gentleman, you have just witnessed the match of the night. Great opener, which even the Sturgis crowd was into. Surprisingly the ICP didn't look out of place in this match. Hopefully Rodman took some notes for his upcoming match with Savage. ::shudders::


Another video. This one shows the reformation of Harlem Heat and their feud with the Triad. Harlem Heat would have been a thousand times cooler without Stevie Ray. That guy dragged down almost every match they were ever in. Stevie especially sucked in 1999, so I'm dreading this encounter. 1.5/3


WCW World Tag-Team Titles: Bam Bam Bigelow & Kanyon vs. Harlem Heat

As Bigelow is walking to the ring he must have exhaled or something because his belt fell off. Kanyon rips the Sturgis crowd for being poor. The bikers drown him out with their bikes, so we don't get the "Who Better Than Kanyon?" bit. Big brawl to start. Stevie fucks up something with Bigelow and Harlem Heat clean house. Kanyon takes his time getting in the ring. Kanyon gains the quick advantage after Stevie teased a test of strength. Stevie comes back with a press slam and a bodyslam for the incoming Bigelow. The Triad regroups. Booker tags in and mauls Kanyon in the corner. Booker applies a headlock, but Kanyon fights out and chokes him. Booker hits a dropkick for 2 as Bigelow breaks the pin. Stevie and Bigelow both tag in. Welcome to Stallsville, population: WCW. They try running into to each other, but you guessed it...nothing happens. Bigelow kicks Stevie in the gut, which Tony interprets as a "classic maneuver". Stevie scores with a clothesline, but Bigelow gets another cheapshot in. Kanyon is back and comes off the top with a double axehandle, a knee to the back, some elbowdrops and a choke while Billy Robinson is with Booker. Bam Bam tags back in and whips Kanyon into Stevie Ray. Bigelow follows up with an avalanche in the corner. It's time for a CHIN F'N LOCK, as if Bigelow and Stevie didn't already slow down the match enough. Stevie absorbs the biker power and elbows his way out. Bam Bam hits another "great move" in Tony's book, a kneelift. Kanyon tags and gets 2 with his feet on the ropes. The heels go for a spike piledriver, but Stevie slingshots Kanyon into Bigelow, crotching him in the process. Booker receives the hot tag and gets 2 off a Harlem Sidekick. He goes for the axe kick, but Bigelow pulls down the top rope. Outside the ring, Bigelow whips Booker into the rail and the steps. Back in, Kanyon comes off the top with a ROCKER DROPPER for 2. Cool spot from the "Innovator of Offense". He goes for it again, but Booker counters with a powerbomb. Both men tag out. Stevie fends off both heels until the third Triad member, Diamond Dallas Page runs out. Stevie reverses an irish whip and sends Bigelow into Page. He covers for Harlem Heat's first Tag-Title win in three years. (13:09) ** Kanyon and Booker really saved this one.


A recap of the Revolution-West Texas Rednecks feud is shown. Basically the entire feud was one match according to the video. 1.5/4


The Revolution vs. West Texas Rednecks w/Kendall Windham

The Revolution consists of Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, Shane Douglas, and Chris Benoit, who is not in this match. Barry Windham, Curt Hennig, and the late Bobby Duncum Jr. make up the Rednecks. Saturn gets a mic and puts down the Rednecks leading to a big brawl. Tony seems to be suffering from JR-itis seeing how he can't tell the difference between Curt Hennig and Barry Windham. Dean and Barry start the match. Dean gets a quick armdrag and a clothesline in the corner. Perry tags in. He and Dean hit Barry with a double back elbow. Saturn goes to a headlock. Shane gets the tag and winds up in the heel corner. The Rednecks triple team him while the ref is with Saturn. Bobby Duncum is in now and scores with a BIG BOOT. Douglas comes back with a powerslam. Saturn and Barry are legal again. Perry hits the Moss Covered Three Family Grenduza, not called as such by Mike Tenay or Tony Schiavone surprisingly. He follows that up with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kendall Windham turns the tide by hitting Saturn with the cowbell. Curt Hennig tags in, doesn't do anything noteworthy and tags Duncum. He throws Saturn to the floor, where Kendall gets some more shots in. Back in, Duncum covers for 2. Saturn pulls a german suplex out of nowhere and tags Malenko. Malenko gets two off a suplex and tags Shane. They doubleteam Duncum for 2. Shane goes for the Pittsburgh Plunge, but Hennig stops him in his tracks. In a very stupid decision, Douglas rolls out to the floor only to get his ass handed to him by Kendall and Hennig. Douglas comes back and posts Hennig. Back in the ring Hennig slams Douglas off the top. Windham is back and scores with a belly-to-back suplex for 2. 10 punch in the corner. Any heat WCW built up from the first two matches is completely gone now, as the crowd isn't even making motorcycle noises anymore. Duncum is back and catches Douglas with a shoulderbreaker. He covers, but Saturn breaks up the pin at 2. Perry seems to be the only guy who gives a damn in this match. Kendall chokes Shane with the rope. Meanwhile the ref reprimands Saturn. Hennig tags in and once again does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I'm usually a mark for Curt, but he isn't even half-assing this match. It's more like quarter-assing if that is even possible. Duncum is back and suplexes Douglas for 2. CHINLOCK TIME BABY! I was about to compliment Duncum on putting forth good effort, but the rest hold just put an end to that. Shane elbows out, yet Duncum still manages to tag in Windham. Barry hits a DDT for 2. They run into each other leading to a double KO. Duncum comes back in and charges, but Shane gets his foot up. Perry gets the NOT SO HOT tag and all hell breaks lose. Malenko (haven't seen him for a while) applies a Texas Cloverleaf on Hennig. Kendall runs in and nails Malenko with the cowbell. Douglas clotheslines Kendall to the floor giving Perry the chance to win the match with a Death Valley Driver. (10:57) *1/2 The fight continues as the bikers rev their engines. I apologize for possibly making this encounter sound anymore exciting than a disjointed match with no heat at all.


Recap of the incredibly retarded Buff Bagwell-Ernest Miller feud. I have a feeling the match will be just as good as the storyline leading up to it. 1.5/5


The Cat w/Sonny Ono vs. Buff Bagwell

What in the hell is Sonny Ono wearing? The Cat harasses all of the fat slobs as he makes his way to the ring. The Cat wants to say something, but just like Kanyon earlier, he doesn't get very far. Some nasty biker chick pops up on the screen and Tony makes a comment about wanting to ride home with her. Buff comes out and gets the crowd into the match. At least they have that going for them. Tony keeps playing up what a great guy Buff Bagwell has become since his neck surgery. The Cat starts with a hiptoss. Tony, "IMMEDIATELY THE CAT WITH A GREAT MOVE! THAT WAS SUPERIOR!" Superior to what? Your commentary skills? The Cat slams Buff and taunts the crowd. Big “PUSSYCAT” chant. Heenan tells The Cat to "spray" the crowd. Buff comes back with a hiptoss of his own, a few slams and clotheslines The Cat to the floor. The Cat confers with Sonny and gets back in. We take another trip to Stallsville here. The Cat works on Buff in the corner and chokes him. Buff catches him with a few dropkicks and Tony gets all worked up. The Cat counters Bagwell's 10 punch with a low blow. He follows that up with a nice sidekick. Sonny and The Cat take turns choking Bagwell.... for awhile. Sonny is actually pretty funny at ringside. The Cat applies a headlock, but the crowd gets behind Buff and he elbows out. Bagwell reverses a suplex into one of his own. Both men are down. I highly suggest you don't eat while watching this show because the crowd is downright disgusting looking. Bagwell scores with an atomic drop AND an inverted atomic drop. Gotta love that move variety. Buff gets 2 off a flying forearm. The Cat turns the tide with a jawbreaker. Ono gets on the apron and holds his briefcase up. Buff whips The Cat into the briefcase for 3. Didn't we just get that exact same finish 20 minutes ago. (7:22) 1/4* For the lame (funny) commentary. The Cat and Sonny get their revenge. Sonny takes his vest off and Tony, that's right, FAT ASS TONY, tells him to put it back on.


FINALLY a worthwhile video package. Of course it would have to be for the Benoit-DDP match. 2.5/6


WCW United States Title- No Disqualification: Chris Benoit vs. Diamond Dallas Page

DDP gets a mic, "Benoit, I would like to apologize for making fun of your mother. I know you love her...but from what I understand so can anybody for $2.99 a minute." Some good ol' Jersey jokes are always fun. Tony brings up one of DDP's greatest matches from last year's Road Wild.... when he teamed with Jay Leno. Tony, please shut up or die. The whole show rides on this match. If the match is ****+, there is a chance of me not completely ripping apart Road Wild 1999. DDP taunts Benoit and gets taken apart for it. Page picks Benoit up for a powerbomb, but Chris punches his way out of it. DDP rolls out and is caught with a baseball slide. Page gains some momentum with an inverted atomic drop. Benoit gets sent to the safety rail twice. Back in, Benoit goes sternum first to the corner. DDP follows that up with a belly-to-belly for 2. DDP stretches him with a camel clutch, which goes nowhere. Page has Benoit up in a fireman's carry and just drops him for 2. DDP uses a cool gutwrench to gutbreaker move. Dallas goes to work on Benoit's mid-section with kicks and kneelifts. Benoit gets a quick rollup for 2. Page counters and also gets 2. Benoit starts to mount a comeback, but Page hits a spinebuster (not a sidewalk slam Tony) for 2. Page covers a few more times to no avail. Benoit hooks his shoulders for 2. DDP clotheslines Benoit out of his boots for 2. Page successfully slows down the pace of the match...by doing NOTHING! Finally Page gets 2 off a sidewalk slam. Take notes Tony. Benoit scores with a jawbreaker, but ends up in the tree of woe position. Page punks out Charles Robinson and takes his belt. Benoit gets whipped. Bobby asks his fellow commentators if their fathers ever whipped them. DDP chokes Benoit with the belt and gets 2 1/2. Page snapmares him a few times by the belt and HANGS him over *his* shoulder. That looked cool. Benoit tears the belt over and whips the hell out of the Page. FINALLY the crowd is getting into this match. A few rolling germans get a few 2 counts. Benoit goes up top, but Kanyon runs down and knocks Benoit off. Page covers for 2. The Revolution is watching in the back, but they promised Chris they wouldn’t interfere. Benoit whips DDP into Kanyon for 2. That is the 3RD TIME they have done that spot tonight. Bigelow runs down and splashes Benoit off the top. He barely made any contact, which Tony interprets as "Major Contact". Numerous heel miscommunications led to Benoit coming off the top with a diving headbutt for the 3. (12:14) **3/4 Well this PPV officially sucks. The Revolution celebrates with Chris Benoit.




We go to the commentary table to discuss the rest of the show. The three of them look SO FUCKING RETARDED. How could WCW management allow them to go on TV looking like that? Don't they have any dignity? Tony tells us that you won't find four bigger matches on any PPV. If by bigger he means suckier, I agree.


Darnell Potter wins a custom made Road Wild motorcycle. The guy who is doing the drawing can't unlock the ballot box, so one of the biker girls has to help him with it. Heenan has fun with the name Darnell. 2.5/7


Typical WCW here as they set off some fireworks while it is still sunny. Recap of the Sid-Sting feud, which seems to have consisted of Sid hitting Sting with a shovel and a chair. If there is no real purpose for a match, don't waste my time with one of these fucking videos!! 2.5/8


Sid Vicious vs. Sting

Sid was undefeated going into this match. He had only been wrestling for about two months, but Tenay still wonders if his win streak is close to Goldberg's? And to think, he is the smart commentator. Sting may or may not of been the WCW President at this time. Every internet Nitro report I read says Sting was the President whereas Fat Ass Tony says he isn't. You chose whose word to take. Sting garnered no reaction during his entrance. Sid stalls, and no I'm not complaining. Sid starts with some punches in the corner and misses a blind charge. Sid ends up lying across the top turnbuckle, so Sting hits him with the Stinger Splash twice. Sid gets clotheslined to the floor. Sting dumps Sid on to some fat biker's lap and pulls him back out of the crowd. Sid gets sent to the rail and again almost goes over it. Back in, Sting misses the Stinger Splash. Was that the only move he knew at this point? Sid plods along and powerslams him for 2. Sid seems to squeeze Sting's head a couple of times. Backbreaker for 2 and it's time. What time is it you say? IT'S...CHINLOCK...TIME! Sid finally breaks the hold and disposes of Sting to the floor. He drops Sting across the rail. Back in, Sid covers, but only gets 1 because the ref saw his feet on the bottom rope. It's that time again. Sting elbows out and finally the crowd makes some noise. They aren't really into it though since there is no motorcycle revving. Sting comes back with a shoulderblock and falls headfirst to Sid's groin. Tony, "Sting must have liked that move." Sid goes up top only to get slammed to the mat. Sid pulls out an AMAZING MOVE (credit Schiavone, Tony) when he TRIPS Sting. Sting regroups and goes for the splash, but Sid gets his knees up. He covers for 2. Sid drops Sting with snake eyes in the corner. BIG FUCKIN' BOOT from Sid. Sting comes back with a superplex, which Sid doesn't sell for more than two seconds. Sting pulls out two more Stinger Splashes. He goes to well once to many and Sid plants him with a chokeslam for the clean win. (10:40) 1/2* I'm just shocked we got a clean win in a WCW main event match. Sid pulls out the Snot Rocket (TM Chris Benoit) afterwards.


Rick Steiner pearl harbored Goldberg a few times, so here is the monumental blow off match. 2.5/9


Rick Steiner vs. Goldberg

Tony, "If anyone matches up with Goldberg, it's Rick Steiner." Do I even have to comment on what he says anymore? I have to say that even though he sucks in the ring, I do respect Goldberg for a comment he made after filming Universal Solider. It was along the lines of, "I have to remember that pro wrestling is what lets me do all these other things." Ya hear that Rocky? Even Bill Goldberg's priorities aren't ass-backwards, although his current antics are starting to piss me off. We get out third chant of night with "GOLDBERG", the other two of course being "EDDY" and "PUSSYCAT". Steiner punches away, but gets clotheslined for his trouble. They run into each other and neither guy really knows whether or not to sell the collision. Goldberg hits a pretty sweet Superkick. Steiner takes a walk up the ramp and back to the ring. Steiner mounts some offense with a kick below the belt. Rick tears off Goldberg's kneebrace and beats him with it for about two minutes. He gets a few nearfalls. Goldberg picks Steiner up in a military press into a powerslam. Spear. Jackhammer. That's it. (5:39) DUD The first DUD of the night. I'm surprised WCW lasted this long. Now the real challenge is to stay out of negative stars and I have a feeling the main event is going to put that challenge to the test.


At least the Savage-Rodman feud had an actual build to it. Rodman attacked Savage one night. He went on to kidnap Gorgeous George and eventually let her go. Savage says that George won't be at Road Wild. Instead she is supposedly with driver of the hummer. Arli$$ predicts Road Wild will make PPV buyrate history because of this match. He must be mistaking the WCW for some other wrestling promotion north of the Mason Dixon-Line. 3.5/10


Dennis Rodman vs. Randy Savage

Tony, "There's my ride home waiting for me." Bobby, "Who? The man with the blue glasses." Too bad Tony never responds to Brain's smart-ass remarks. Rodman gets a mic and wonders "Where his bitch is at." Savage tells him that tonight "You’re my bitch." Surprisingly Rodman isn't interested in taking Savage up on that offer, so he attacks Savage with the mic. Rodman takes Savage to floor sends him to the post, the rail and part of the set. Savage rolls back in. Rodman pulls out a pretty good russian legsweep, but a non-schalant pin only gets 2. The Worm gets in referee Billy Silverman's face and decks him. Is Rodman wearing body glitter? Mickey Jay runs in to replace Silverman. Rodman is pretty over with the slobs. Savage turns the tides by tugging on the Worm's piercings. Savage with a choke and hits the snake eyes. He goes outside and nails WCW Magazine editor Ross Foreman. He takes Foreman's camera to hit Rodman with for 2. Now Savage is pissed with the ref and takes out Mickey. OK, I'm guessing this is No DQ, but that was never confirmed as far as I know. Another ref comes out, but Savage quickly disposes of him. Rodman comes back with a backbody drop to the floor. They brawl all the way up the ramp to the backstage area. Johnny Boone is the ref at this point. Savage shoves Rodman into a porter potty and tips it over. What the hell is? Jackass? Tony considers this “a moment that will go down in wrestling history forever”. Well at least there was one high point on this show. They fight back to the ring where Rodman comes off the 2nd rope and accidentally clotheslines Johnny Boone. Rodman applies a sleeper. Savage counters with a jawbreaker. Gorgeous George runs out, gives Savage a chain and gets a nutshot in on Rodman. Nick Patrick is the fifth referee for this one. Savage wraps the chain around his fist and nails Rodman for the win. (11:30) *1/4 Rodman wasn't too bad, making this the best of the four main event matches. Was the porter potty spot really necessary?


A pretty good recap of the Hogan-Nash feud...on the WCW scale at least. Nash powerbombed Hogan through the announce table. Pretty cool spot considering it was Hogan. The Hulkster had just redebuted the red and yellow on Nitro. 5/11


WCW World Title- Retirement Match: Hulk Hogan vs. Kevin Nash

Let's take a second and try to figure who should LOGICALLY go over in this match. Hogan had just turned face and brought back Hulkamania. He was fresh off knee surgery and still hadn't recovered fully. After hearing that, who do you think should retire? If you said Hulk Hogan, every member of the WCW writing team would have looked at you like you had three heads. Buffer is here. What a waste of money he was. Doesn't he charge one million per appearance? If you added up all the money WCW spent on Buffer, they probably could have survived a few more months on it. Hogan just isn't over as a face in WCW. Do I really have to the do the PBP for this? What's that you said? No? OK, I guess your right. We could skip this one. Typical Hogan vs. Big Man match. Nash gets Hogan with the REVIVING POWERBOMB leading to the big boot and legdrop. (12:17) -* What's that you said? Why am I not enthused about this like Tony who has all but lost his voice? Take a fuckin' guess.






I'm sorry. After 3 hours of hearing Tony shill WCW I'm actually starting to listen to him. If you seriously have to ask me whether or not this tape is worth buying, you should just stop breathing all together. There are people with brains that could use that oxygen.



Next Up: Confidential will be up Sunday. FYI, I'm being "syndicated" now on Lords of Pain. Pretty cool. As for my next tape review...after doing this piece of shit, I think I deserve a really short tape next week. Like a 45-minute Greatest WWF Steel Cage Matches tape or a 40-minute UWF The Steel Cage Match tape. Although, if I have any motivation what so ever you might get a SMW review from 1995.... but don't hold your breath.


Retro Rob (Feedback = Motivation)

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