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Wrestlemania X8....on DVD

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Guest TSMAdmin

During Bret’s heel turn in ’97, being such a Bret mark, I became pro-Canada due to his rants. It was just an over the top gimmick that I had used with my friends, constantly incorporating a Canadian accent in my speech and praising everything up north. This March, I was finally able to visit Moose & Mountie country for a week’s worth of sightseeing and Wrestlemania weekend. Although generally lambasted as being a one match show, I had the time of my life but I couldn’t help but think that the WWF would edit the crowd reactions to their liking for their home video release. After all, they did it with Royal Rumble ’92 when the crowd turned on Hogan. Fortunately, they were true to the event & the fans who attended that night and left every cheer & every boo intact. Everyone’s pretty much already reviewed Wrestlemania itself, so the question is now…is the last ever WWF Wrestlemania on DVD any good? Does the World Wildlife Fund deserve a collective Stone Cold Salute? Let’s break it down as Jericho’s theme says:


Oh, before I tell you anything about it, I just wanted to say that I placed a bet with a mark that I know to get this DVD. On Monday night I said “I bet you Flair turns tonight”. “Yeah right, why would he turn” “What, you don’t believe me? If I’m right….you buy me Wrestlemania on DVD” “Deal”.


Disc One. (Yes, it’s a 2-disc set just like last years WM DVD)


The first disc contains all of the matches up to Stone Cold Vs Scott Hall and the greatest sell of the stunner EVER. Shit, forget the extras, just let me see Hall jump up in the air for 10 minutes and I’d give this a thumbs up already!


Moving on..The extras are pretty damn plentiful as it seems that WWF(E) went out to make sure that this disc was truly deserving of its Wrestlemania status.


1. We start out with a few excerpts from “Byte This” with Vince McMahon as he answers some questions by Kevin Kelly and Tom Pritchard. He is such an intriguing interview as he is in full spin mode the whole time, yet you can’t always tell if he really means it. I bet he got a lot of ass in college.


On a side note, Vince always talks about how WM is a grand tradition for him and that he is always true to it. I won’t be convinced of that until the site of Wrestlemania 20 is confirmed. Anyone who thinks they know anything about their wrestling business along with their mothers, fathers, uncles, dogs & cats believe that it will be at Madison Square Garden, where it originated. Seeing as how the WWF has been running & selling out domes in the upper 60,000’s, do you REALLY think that Vince will just give up a potential 2 extra million in ticket revenue alone just to value tradition?


Quote of the segment. “I want to see how Stone Cold Steve Austin can deal with a Scott Hall and all of the ramifications that come with it”.


2. WWF Superstar’s Favorite Wrestlemania Moments & Top 5 Wrestlemania Finishes were lifted straight from the TNN special that aired a few days prior to ‘Mania.


3. Quick little tidbit on the Top 3 Wrestlemania attendance figures. So…let me get this straight, Wrestlemania 3 has supposedly 93,000 people, yet it’s NOT the one that made the most money? Man….inflation is a BITCH!


4. Superstar Post Match Comments. Pretty much your standard 5-10 second blurb by a very tired wrestler talking about why they won or their experience at ‘Mania. Quote of this segment is definitely an exhausted Kurt Angle stating “The match went the way I planned, I won”.


5. The Making of the Cast. Due to varied taste, I’m sure this 20-minute segment will probably be a favorite for purchasers of this DVD. At Wrestlemania Axxess (which was the biggest waste of time I’ve ever been a part of other than watching Mortal Kombat Annihilation), the WWF had some pretty cool body casts on display, such as Stacy Keibler’s legs & ass, Big Show's upper body & Rikishi’s ass…ugh. Anyway, they take us through the production of these molds and I am VERY thankful that Rikishi’s model wasn’t shown in any shape or form during this segment. Those that were shown were Stacy Keibler, Big Show, RVD & Booker T.


Ok….if you haven’t thought of a reason to get this DVD yet, picture this. Stacy bent over in a thong while some LUCKY guy (who’s getting paid for this shit) gets to spread plaster all over her ass….literally.


The last extra on the first disc is a short summary of the Press Conference held in Toronto to announce WM at the Skydome. Nothing special.



*Whew* onto DISC 2.


This disc goes starts at the 4-way elimination Tag match til the end of the show.


This disc’s extras as far as WWF DVD’s are concerned is top notch.


1. The Ultimate Warrior vs Hulk Hogan from Wrestlemania 6….in its ENTIRETY. I realized how much this match’s commentary really adds to it. Thank you Jesse & Gorilla…thank you. They made every rest hold and little moves mean something again for this match...and this match had a TRUE mixed crowd, JR. After the match is over and you’re transported back to 2002, it throws you off for a second. Whats absolutely surreal is that at WM 6, there's an imfamous large poster of Hulk's face...and it shows up during Hogan's match with Rock.


2. The segment on Raw where Rock challenged Hogan, although it ends right before Hall & Nash attack him at the top of the ramp. Nope, no hammer or Ambulance attack…that’s probably better anyway.


3. The Hogan/Rock promo the night after Raw that sees Hogan ripping off his T-shirt and returning to his Hulkamaniacs. Please excuse me….I need to get my gun.


There’s also a funny little story that Rock told during Axxess, a “cat-fight” segment” and some more post match comments, including one from Maven who finally is able to cut a Tough Enough-winning promo.


The disc is full screen, but free of the digitization that really hampered the WM16 & 17 DVD’s. The sound is Dolby Digital 5.1 and its menu’s are pretty easy to maneuver. My only gripe is that in some of the extras menu’s, some of the finishes of the matches are shown…..so make sure you watch the event first if you haven’t already. For the Canadians who went...and Puerto Ricans such as myself, the commentary comes in English (or shill), Spanish & French.


Dames gives the last WWF Wrestlemania on DVD a big thumbs up. Better extras than last years and better production. I’ll try to review some more WWE DVD’s as the year goes by…


So, how do you like them pandas huh? Personally, sautéed and deep-fried.


Til next time,



The Dames, Damian Gonzalez


Leave Dames some feedback at: [email protected]

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