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Anger Management: Vince McMahon

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Vince McMahon Jr. is considered one of the greatest minds in the business of professional wrestling. He's taken characters that others gave up on and made them into superstars and world champions, all the while avoiding the traps that other promoters seemed to have fallen in regards to running a national promotion. In late 1997, while seeing the reaction Steve Austin received, he came out as owner of the WWF and became a heel foil for Stone Cold, drawing insane amounts of money and setting the standard for the heelish boss character in wrestling. In late ‘99, something strange happened. The heel boss act got insanely old and so Vince turns face by standing up for Stephanie, who was married against her will to Triple H. HHH finally defeats Vince at Armageddon ‘99 and goes on to be the first heel to ever retain the WWF Title at WrestleMania when Vince inexplicitly turned heel on The Rock for no rational reason at all. And then it all went crashing down from there...



Vince McMahon is an egotistical jerkoff who seemingly gets off on hogging camera time and humiliating his employees by making them look like chumps who need HIS help to beat someone. Okay, now that I got the typical smart mark response out of the way, lemme back up what I just said: Vince, the Evil Owner, should NEVER have been involved with any wrestlers ever again after Triple H beat him at Armageddon. His heel act was (and is currently) so fucking stale that he actively hurt the shows overall when he came back and turned on Rock at WM 2000. What's even worse, they never did explain WHY the hell he did it in the first place (The Rock didn't say thank you, MY ASS). Plus, why would he associate with the man who stole his daughter in the first place and beat him to a bloody pulp AND THEN got his own flesh and blood to turn on him?


It all goes back to the massive ego that the real life Vince McMahon can't seem to keep in check these days. Another example for you all who still think he may contribute something to the shows at this point: The day after Survivor Series 2001, where the WWF crew FINALLY put an end to the pitiful Invasion angle, Vince begins the sickest angle I have ever personally witnessed in all my years of watching: The Vince McMahon "Kiss My Ass Club". For those that were lucky enough to miss it, McMahon gave a former Alliance member one chance to get a job in the WWF by having them "kiss" his ass. The "winner" was William Regal, who came out and thought that he just had to verbally brown-nose Vince. Instead, he was forced to LITERALLY put his lips on another man's ass! What the FUCK is this shit? It's bad enough that every single big money angle that was attempted after WM 17 went to hell; he just HAD to torture the fans that stayed with him through all the hard times by making his bare ass the focal point of an angle.



Unfortunately, it didn't end there...



On Smackdown! the next week, Vince attempted to force Trish Stratus to become an inductee of the KMA club until Rock mercifully interrupted and with on a disturbing rant about Vince liking to be violated by deer antlers (what the fuck?) until Rock Bottoming him and ending the segment. On the next RAW, Vince attempts to get Steve Austin to do the same thing, but Austin whips Vince with his own belt and gets run off by ex-Alliance members. At this point, Vince's insane ego-stoking was getting dementedly scary and many people (like myself) wondered about his sanity, and whether he was fit enough to competently run the WWF. But it got worse... much, MUCH worse. On that same RAW after Austin spanked Vince, Jim Ross was doing commentary and did that stupid ass laugh that's supposed to always call attention to him. Kurt Angle and Vince see this and drag him in to be a substitute for Austin. Dare I mention that they were in Oklahoma, JR's home state? The Undertaker limps out to seemingly put a stop to it and then turns heel by forcing JR to (unwillingly, mind you) kiss Vince's bare ass while McMahon smacked his ass with Ross' cowboy hat while Jim was tossing his salad ON-AIR!



At this point, I think it was safe to say that was no longer mentally fit to run the company, but since the pathetic yes-men can't pull their lips off of McMahon's ass long enough to say that maybe, JUST MAYBE, forcing two grown men to unwillingly toss his salad while MILLIONS watched would be a BAD thing, we get "treated" to degrading horseshit like this. I've been watching wrestling for 16 years and I had NEVER been as embarrassed to be a wrestling fan as I had that night. Do you know that my mom and youngest brother walked in when they did the JR segment? How the hell was I going to explain to them "they are just acting" when JR's face is firmly planted in Vince's ass?



The Evil Owner Vince character had been seriously stale by this point, but after November 26th, it became a sheer abortion and Vince never should have been allowed on TV again after Rock closed the KMA club for good. BUT he didn't take the hint and has continued to appear on TV to this day. He's beaten up a certified LEGEND in the sport in Ric Flair and totally humiliated him at various times during their feud. He kept Stephanie on TV even though she never should have shown up again after Survivor Series. In the process, he managed to tank Chris Jericho’s Unified Championship run by saddling him with an unwanted partner when he was just beginning to get over as the arrogant prick heel champion. He's also had many of the WWF women (namely Trish, Torrie Wilson, and recently Stacy Kiebler) swoon over him while Vince seemingly masturbates on-air.



Are THESE the type of actions an admittedly happily married man partakes in? And what the hell is it supposed to accomplish except give the 13-year-old perverts out there a wicked hard-on? It advances nothing and just makes the "making up" that Vince and Linda did during the Invasion look like a huge joke. Here is the bottom line for this rant: Vince McMahon, the Evil Owner and the real life person, was AWESOME in 97-99, but he should have bowed out before losing all vestiges of his sanity by booking borderline homoerotic rape segments that did NOTHING but demean the very business he proclaims to love. The fan base has grown increasingly tired of seeing him come out week after week and do the exact same bullshit that was working in ‘99 and failing now.


The WWF (or WWE) is no longer "edgy" and with the seemingly deteriorating mental state of Vince, it may never get back to that plateau again. Vince, speaking as a long time wrestling fan, please step away. While you were very influential in the WWF's resurgence, you're actively hurting the product now and I (along with many others) don't want to see when you finally lose it for good.


Byron Vester

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