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The Late Night Smart Marks News Update!

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WHOOOO-HA! What up, guys? As you can tell, I'm still on Cloud 9 following last night's thrashing of the L.A. Fakers by my beloved Kings, so I may gloat a LITTLE bit much ;). But, to be serious, if the Kings want to prove that they are for real, they'll have to beat L.A. one more time at Staples by withstanding the coming storm that makes a champion. The Lakers may have gotten a bit embarrassed by how they played last night and I will more than expect them to come out of tomorrow's game with all guns blazing. If Sacramento can withstand it and walk out with a win on Sunday, then I have no doubt that the Lakers will lose this series unless Sac-town spectacularly blows the next home game. The ball is in Webber's court now, let's see if he chokes with it THIS time...


Now, without further adieu... IT'S TIME FOR THE NEWS!






- In an interesting bit of news, Dave Meltzer announced today that Bret "The Hitman" Hart will be his guest on the Wrestling Observer Live show, which airs Sunday night from 10 PM EST to midnight. Here's some of the stations which will be carrying the show taken from wrestlingobserver.com:


"You can listen live on our affiliates KXOA in Sacramento (tape delayed, check with the station for air time), WIMS in Michigan City, IN, WUMP in Huntsville, AL, and KCBL and KCVL in Fresno as well as numerous affiliates throughout the Sports Byline radio network. You can check if there is a station in your area, and remember, not all stations carry the show weekly, at http://www.sportsbyline.com. For those listening on the internet you can check the show out live at http://www.sportsbyline.com, http://www.730ump.com, or ' target='_blank'>http://www.dragonkingpress.com.".


I guess I don't need to say that this will be a very interesting show and I would probably expect Bret to be either very cordial or just outright bitter considering that Owen died three years ago just 2 days before and Davey Boy Smith just recently passing away as well. I really feel sorry for the guy because it seems like ever since that historic night in Montreal, his life has gone completely downhill.


Please credit Dave Meltzer of wrestlingobserver.com







- The WWE had a RAW house show Friday night in Duluth, NC. and judging by the results, it was downright awful. There were no big name RAW brand wrestlers on the show other than Rob Van Dam and Booker T, which isn't really a BAD thing, mind you, but with as bad as house show business has been lately, couldn't they have gotten Austin out there or maybe even Taker? Sheesh...


Here are the results as reported by The Wrestling Observer:


"Jackie b Crash Holly with a roll-up

Steven Richards b Tommy Dreamer to retain hardcore title

X-Pac b Matt Hardy using the ropes

Brock Lesnar b Bubba Ray Dudley when William Regal interfered

Bradshaw b Booker T with the clothesline

D-Lo Brown & Shawn Stasiak b Goldust & Justin Credible

Trish Stratus b Molly Holly to keep womens title

Regal b Spike Dudley to keep European title with the Knux

Eddy Guerrero b Rob Van Dam to keep IC title


Ric Flair opened the show by insulting the fans live. He still got more cheers than almost everyone on the show."


- I'm not surprised that Flair was treated like a face, it's his old NWA stomping grounds and he will always be THE MAN up there. Also, I was kinda wondering why Bradshaw was allowed to beat Booker T(who's actually been on TV the past two weeks, unlike Bradshaw), but it's a house show, so fuck it.


Please credit Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer







- Jim Ross has his weekly Ross Report posted up on WWE.com and he addressed the various injuries of the WWE roster:


"Injury report.


- Undertaker aggravated his lower back pain. He will work through it. Hulk Hogan has lower back pain too.


- Spike suffered whiplash during a match Monday. His neck is sore, and he will work through it, but is having an MRI next week.


- Hurricane is working through shoulder pain.


- Triple H saw Dr. James Andrews about the small fracture in his knee. He can continue to work as long as he can take the pain.


- The Rock (remember him?) had an MRI on his knee. He will have therapy for a torn PCL. Ross said he should be "able to go upon his return". If he decides to have surgery, it will take three weeks of rehab afterwards.


- Edge is working with a bruised fibula.


- Hugh Morrus is working through some leg pain after hurting himself while on his motorcycle.


- Tim White dislocated his shoulder at Judgment Day, where he took that nasty bump off the apron into the cage to the floor. He is undergoing therapy and will be out at six weeks.


- Kanyon is working out in Louisville, and will be there till the end of the month. He has no problems with his knee and is ready to go.


- Chris Benoit is expected back in June.


- Mike Awesome has a followup appointment for his knee on June 6th. He will be sent to HWA to work on conditioning once he is cleared. Sharmell Sullivan is rehabbing in Kentucky.


- Kane has an appointment to see Dr. Andrews about his biceps on June 3rd. He may be back in August. Rhyno had his evaluation with Dr. Youngblood, and he has been experiencing some back pain.


- Jazz is feeling better following knee surgery. She will see the doctor tomorrow for a follow-up.


- Dallas Page is medically cleared to return, but may still need surgery. He continues to rehab, as one spine specialist recommended. A decision on his return has not been made."



Please credit Jim Ross of WWE.com and 1wrestling.com







- Tough Enough 2 garnered a 1.3 rating this week with a 2,2 share. Apparently, even though the numbers have been slipping, it's still the highest rated show on MTV for that day. I'm pretty sure they are gonna continue the show until it becomes just a big a joke as the Real World(although that's not too hard to do). Seriously, the reality show fad is starting to fade out in a bad way with all of the wishy-washy garbage the networks like FOX and CBS have been cranking out lately and if they pull the plug on TE now after the second season, at least the WWE can claim the show was a success rather than cancel it due to incredibly shitty ratings very easy-to-guess winners.


Please credit Neilson Media for the ratings and 1wrestling.com










- USA Pro Wrestling's Frank Goodman announced today that the promotion's 6/8 show in the Firehouse at Franklin Square, New York will be a memorial show for Big Dick Dudley with a portion of the gate going to Dudley's family.


Big Dick had been a regular of the promotion and his last appearance in a wrestling capacity was at an USA Pro Wrestling autograph signing several weeks ago.


Here's a run down of the card from 1wrestling.com:


"*USA Pro champion Balls Mahoney vs. Steve Corino

*Crowbar vs. Gangrel

*Luna Vachon vs. Bobcat for the "Queen of USA Pro" title

*Kevin Sullivan vs. Norman Smiley

*Da Hit Squad vs. The Natural Born Killers vs. Low Ki & Xavier

*Simon Diamond vs. Kruel *USA Pro US champion Xavier vs. Red

*Also scheduled Danny Doring, Chris Chetti, Roadkill, The Boogie Knights, Joey Matthews & Christian York, Julio Dinero, and Chris Hamrick"



For further information on the event, visit www.USAProWrestling.com.


Please credit Mike Johnson of 1wrestling.com







One Of A Kind Tours and Ring of Honor have issued a press release concerning NY residents wishing to travel to the next ROH show which is to be held in Philidelphia, PA. Here is the release coutesy of 1wrestling.com:




One of A Kind Tours is proud to announce that we will be returning to the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA on Saturday 6/22 for Ring of Honor's championship tournament!


With four separate tournaments set for 6/22, the finalists will each have to survive two grueling matches to qualify for the championship Four Way Iron Man Match on 7/27. Matches announced thus far for the first round of the tourney include:



*Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles!

*"Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs. "Black Nature Boy" Scott Andrews!

*British sensations Jonny Storm vs. Jodie Fleisch!

*Spanky vs. Paul London!


Others already signed to compete in the championship tournament are Low Ki, Xavier, Prince Nana, Doug Williams, American Dragon, The Amazing Red, and Jay Briscoe with new matches being announced by the day!


Also scheduled for action on 6/22 are Japanese joshi star Sumie Sakai, Da Hit Squad, Homicide & Boogalou, Maximos, Divine Storm, The Carnage Crew of Loc & Devito, Simply Luscious, The Christopher Street Connection with Allison Danger and more.


One of A Kind Tours will be leaving the Modells behind the Queens Center Mall at 1:30 PM to travel to Philadelphia on our luxury bus complete with air conditioning, bathroom, and multiple monitors playing the best wrestling action from around the world.


This will give us ample time to arrive in Philadelphia, get dinner, and head to the Murphy Recreation Center for the event and all the special surprises we have in store for you -- in the past everyone from Steve Corino to AJ Styles to CW Anderson have come on board to greet and answer questions from the most hardcore fans in the world. Be a part of this One of A Kind Experience!


The cost for the trip is ONLY $40 which includes your ticket to the event, round trip transportation to and from Philly, and everything else we have in store for you! For payment information, email [email protected] SPACE IS LIMITED!


We look forward to seeing YOU on June 22nd as the first step in discovering who the champion of Ring of Honor is!"


- I gotta say, the card so far doesn't look too bad and I may need to get a comp tape of this and the first show since the WWE hasn't been cutting it so far...


Please credit 1wrestling.com






Here's some various indy news and an update on the NWA:TNA PPV listings from The Wrestling Observer:


"--The finals of the GHC jr. tournament which takes place tomorrow in Sapporo will be KENTA vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru. Also tomorrow is the Yoshinari Ogawa vs. Akira Taue match for the GHC heavyweight title. They did a tag match earlier today in Sapporo where Taue pinned Ogawa to build that match. Also an interpromotional match with Takeshi Morishima of NOAH vs. New Japan's Yutaka Yoshie. (thanks to several different Japanese correspondents)


--Wrestling Cage Productions will be presenting a show on 6/1 at the Smithhaven Mall in Lake Grove, Long Island at 7 p.m. at Sports Plus headlined by Chris Candido vs. Roadkill and Lou Albano will be working the show as a manager.


--IWA Mid South Wrestling tonight in Clarksville, IN has Mad Man Pondo vs. Necro Butcher in a four corners of pain match plus Dysfunction defends the MAW title against the hair of Ian Rotten


--We've heard, for those in Europe, that the K-1 show that will be held today at 10 p.m. headlined by Jerome LeBanner vs. Mark Hunt from Paris, will air on Eurosport.


--As some have mentioned, in the In Demand program guide for June, the new NWA TNA promotion is simply listed as "Weekly Wrestling Series, Episode One (live)" and for 6/26 it is "Weekly Wrestling Series, episode two."


--This past Sunday in Neza, Mexico, Dr. Wagner Jr. & Blue Panther & Fuerza Guerrera retained the CMLL trios titles over Los Villanos and Ricky Marvin beat Tony Tijuana in a hair vs. hair match. Main event for tomorrow at Arena Coliseo in Mexico City is a Tarzan Boy vs. Lizmark Jr. singles match and IWRG main event for tomorrow in Naucalpan is Rambo vs. Bombero Infernal with no referee


--IWRG results from Sunday in Naucalpan: Ultra Mega & Zonik 2000 & Nuevo Multifacetico b Black Jaguar & Xibalba & Guerrillero, Fantasy & Star Boy & Ultimo Vampiro b El Engendro & Paramedico & Comando Delta, Super Parka & Los Payasos Tricolor b Bombero Infernal & Dr. Cerebro & Rambo & Enterrador in a lumberjack strap match. (thanks to Robert Bihari)


--Eastern Wrestling Alliance results from last night in Portland, ME: Stephan Q. Ramsey b Louis Barboza, Brian Black b Johnny Curtis, Chris Venom b Tornado to keep hardcore title, Dr. Heresy DDQ Frankie Armadillo, HCI b The Damned to win tag titles, Rick Fuller b Barboza, Adam Hasty won three-way over Chi Chi Cruz and Larry Huntley, Elements of Suicide b Egomaniacs, Adam Booker b Damien Houston (thanks to Philip Laine)"


Please credit Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer




Well folks, that's your update for Friday/Saturday and I would have done on Friday, but there was absolutely NOTHING worth mentioning, so I held off til tonight.


Also, as far as the news update scheduling, I'm going to be your weekday guy while O.D.(Damian) takes ya through the weekend, so be sure to check him out 'cause he'll probably do a much better job then I ever could, not that that's saying much, though... heh.


That's about all from me, so ya'll take it easy and remember my personal mantra because it owns you...




Catch ya later!



Byron Vester


E-mail me at: byronvester[email protected]

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