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The Smart Marks Late Tuesday News Update!

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Man, I may have a heart attack before this week is over with how the NBA Playoffs have been going lately. I'm watching the final minute of the Western Conference Finals and my beloved Kings are sscaring the shit outta me so far with all these missed shots and free throws. So, if you hear one massive scream saying, "FUCK YOU, LA!" or "GODDAMNIT!", then you'll know who it's coming from and why. On the Eastern Finals, I really have no clue who's gonna come out of there, but I'll be damned if they haven't been exciting. Shit! It's a one point lead now for LA AND SACRAMENTO HAS THE FUCKING BALL!!!!! Shit... I think I'll need to turn off the damn game in order to get through this damned update...



Oh, one little announcement: KINGS WIN!!!!! KINGS WIN!!!! FUCK LA, FUCK THEM UP THEIR STUPID ASSES!!!!!


::: deep breath :::


Damn... I'm gettin' too old for this shit. Let's get to the news, BABY!





- Well, in something that practically EVERY net was asking for, the WWE writing team has split so there will be different people for both shows. It's been reported that Brian Gerwitz will handle the RAW side, while Paul Heyman will do Smackdown with Stephanie McMahon overseeing everything and Vince making the final decisions. All I can really say is that as long as Heyman's sporadic bullshit angles are filtered out by Steph and Vince, then this will be a good thing for Smackdown since they REALLY lack in the decent storyline area of the show.


One thing that is irritating me is what about Benoit's Smackdown status? There's no reason whatsoever to start a feud with a RAW wrestler unless they plan on making a trade. Really, I'd like to see the NWO or Brock to go to Smackdown because once the Booker T/NWO angle is over with, there's really nothing else they can do on RAW and since the group can't draw and they have no more interesting feuds left to attempt. In Brock's case, I think he needs some younger, more agile opponents than Buh-Buh Ray and since Heyman will be booking Smackdown, I really don't see a reason for Lesnar to remain on the RAW roster.


Please credit Dave Meltzer of WrestlingObserver.com







- Something that strikes me as interesting: Apparently, Scott "Raven" Levy is dabbling his hand in the world of comics by writing the Spider-Man's Tangled Web issue #14. The issue is due out this Thursday and you can read up about Raven's exploit and hear from a few of the guys behind the issue in the latest RAW Magazine.


Please credit Areacode212 of TheSmartMarks.com







- In an odd bit of news, Dan Severn was stripped of the NWA Title today so that the Jarretts could crown their own champion. Now far be it for me to bitch, but why couldn't they just book Dan to lose on one of the shows? I mean, fuck... the NWA Title is alreadly considered insanely bush league due to all the crap it's been through since Corino first won it and all, but wouldn't it be a sane move to actually have someone beat Severn instead of pulling this WCW-level bullshit move? It's not exactly fucking brain surgery, y'know. Dan shows up with the title and defends it against some and goes over, the guy the Jarrets REALLY want to hold the belt attacks him afterwards and challenges him to a match for the next show and beats him then. Simple and to the point. If you WANT people to buy the shows(I still think the weekly PPV idea is fucking STUPID), then you gotta legitimize the challenger by having him beat the ACTUAL CHAMPION! I swear, it's seems like every promotion is having a serious attack of diarrhea of the brain these days... Here's a press release taken from 1wrestling.com concerning the stripping the the title:


The following was just sent out by the National Wrestling Alliance:




The NWA Board of Directors announced today that by unanimous vote, it has stripped the NWA World Heavyweight Title from current champion Dan“The Beast” Severn. Mr. Severn had been offered an opportunity to appear on the first NWA-TNA Pay Per View scheduled for June 19th 2002. Unfortunately Mr. Severn could not accept the booking due to a previous “shoot-fight” commitment. Dan Severn is a two time NWA World Heavyweight Champion having recently defeated Shinya Hashimoto in Japan.


"We regret that Dan Severn could not change his schedule to appear on the first NWA-TNA Pay Per View," said NWA President Jim Miller. "Dan Severn represented the NWA well during his two reigns as champion and proved with his difficult decision that he is truly a man of his word who could not honorably cancel a previous booking even if it meant losing the NWA World Heavyweight title. We look forward to having a new NWA World Heavyweight Champion crowned in Huntsville on 6/19/02."


NWA TNA: Total Nonstop Action will premiere at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville , AL on June 19, 2002 . The first ever PPV broadcast from Huntsville will air live nationwide on cable and satellite providers at 8pm EST / 7pm CST .


Tickets are on sale now at all Ticketmaster locations and at the Von Braun Center Box Office. Tickets are available for $35, $25 and $18.


NWA TNA: Total Nonstop Action will broadcast every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on national cable and satellite providers with an encore presentation scheduled for the following Sunday at Noon ET (time approximate). The suggested pay-per-view retail price for each event is just $9.95.



Please credit Dave Meltzer of WrestlingObserver.com and 1wrestling.com







- In keeping with the NWA stuff, the NWA: TNA has announced the signing of Jerry Lynn and he should debut on the initial PPV show on 6/19. Now, Lynn is a good signing, but unless they get some more of the great indy talent who can deliver around him, it'll be just a fruitless as when the WWA(remember them?) and will ultimately lead to the same fate as well. If I were the NWA, I'd try to strike a deal with the Ring of Honor promotion so that I could use some of their awesome talent to improve the match quality and garner some instant recognition. They need to do what the WWA and the rest of the failures DIDN'T do and that's get the potential fans interested in the product by putting on good-to-great matches. The storylines can come later once you've secured a strong enough fanbase and gained more publicity.


Please credit Dave Meltzer of WrestlingObserver.com







--Ring of Honor announced the C block for their tournament on 6/22 will have American Dragon vs. Biohazard and Jay Briscoe vs. Doug Williams with the two winners meeting later in the show. I'd say that means Dragon vs. Williams, and that's a match worth seeing.


--The Irish Whip Wrestilng show scheduled for 6/15 in Dublin is currently expected to have Michael Modest, Doug Williams, Tatanka, Justice Pain, Zandig and possibly Blue Meanie. Josh and Chris from Tough Enough were advertised but neither is going to be there. (thanks to Andrew Ryan)


--Carconsumer Pro Wrestling on Sunday in Brawley, CA: Ronnie Reed (and now, he's not Buddy Colt) b Juvenile, Corporal Striker b Topgun Talwar, Taro & Buddy George b American Wild Child & Streetstyle, Kid Xtreme b Profeta, Matt Sinister b Johnny Love


--Last night in Gloucester City, NJ for a show broadcast live on the local Wrestle This radio show before 100 fans: Jim Molineaux (ECW ref) b Crocky, Monica Mansfield b Robert Pigeon, Cindy Roberts b Nick Phoenix. Noted that this show was promoted by Larry Sharpe's Monster Factory, and that Pigeon and Phoenix were his students.


--Mountain Wrestling Association Sunday in Georgetown, KY: Tiny Tim b Phillip Daniels, Tuffy b Psycho Sam, Patriot b Prince Justice, Justen Idol b Dregen, Roger Ruffen b Mr. Hayes & Syren


- One final ROH tidbit, the promotion is testing the waters for a bus trip from Toronto to Philly for the nest show on 6/22. If you're interested, then e-mail [email protected] for all the details. If the interets is high enough, the trip will be planned, so if you're a ROH fan and know some friends who are also, then get up on it, ya'll...


Please credit Dave Meltzer of WrestlingObserver.com





Well folks, that's about all from me for now as I'm still riding high off of the Kings' Game 5 win. Game 6 is on Friday, so I may be either cheering my ass off or be bitter as hell throughout, so don't miss it! Now, I'm off to watch ESPNews and catch a picture of Shaq's confused look when he fouled out so I can use it as a wallpaper(WHOO-HA!), so til then...






Byron Vester


e-mail me at [email protected]

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