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Man, I hate my life sometimes, anybody else feel the same way? I swear, I just came off one of the worst weeks I’ve EVER had. To draw it up for ya, I got a severe case of allergies from mowing the grass last Friday when my family reunion started(Yeah, I was feelin’ bad about it too… heh), my face, in particularly my eyes, swelled up to like 2 times their normal size, I literally felt like I was in a 15 round barnburner with old school Ali. Then, on Saturday, I was feeling better and my face stopped looking like the goddamn Stay Puft Marshmellow Man, I made another brilliant move and played a couple of games of b-ball in which I: twisted my ankle something fucking fierce, tore my favorite pair of Khaki shorts all to hell, and the real kicker, I landed wrong on my bad knee(tore the cartlidge while playing football in HS) and IT started to swell up. Gee, don’t you just ENVY me right now?


Okay, so I am now the walking crippled(like HBK or Triple H) and I make my decision to play basketball look like the fucking Theory of Relativity when I go bowling with some cousins. Oddly enough, I won the first game, but by game 2, I was finished. I honestly was hobbling around like a fucking old man and damn near in tears because of the pain. And it got WORSE on Sunday. It took me A FUCKING HOUR(no lie) to get out of bed because I was in so much pain. About the only GOOD thing this lead to was me getting to skip out of church and just show up at the family dinner scheduled after service(WHOOO HOOO!!!). I’d go into detail about the rest of my wretched week, but I think you wouldn’t give a flying fuck about hornet stings, my PC fucking up AGAIN, and almost getting a concussion from a 2X4 being swung by a dumbfuck.



With that said, LET’S GET ON WITH THE NEWS!!!!







If you weren’t aware, Smackdown! Checked in with a 3.1 again, which like I’ve said many times, must be fucking with Vince McMahon’s head. Of course, the presence of Stephanie McMahon MAY be a contributing factor since the fans got tired of her act over a year ago… or maybe this whole GM thing is just really fucking stupid and the WWE has finally managed to insult the intelligence of even the most strident WWE marks. And while I’m on the subject of the GM angle, these trades/signaways/whatever the fuck are REALLY irritating now. Hell, at least triple H’s made some sort of sense, but what did Eric Bischoff ever do to Brock Lesnar, Eddy Guerrero, and Chris Benoit to warrant their jumps? On the same token, what about the Un-Americans, a.k.a. Team Canada, and Chris Jericho as it relates to Stephanie? Man, you’d think that Vince wouldn’t cater to the lowest common denominator at times, especially when, despite the improvement on the shows, they are still losing viewers(well, just Smackdown)…


Please credit Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer and Nielson Media Research








Good Ol’ J.R. booted up his latest Ross Report and as usual, he rarely had anything worthwhile to say aside from the WWE’s continued attempts to get more legitimate amateur wrestlers involved with the business, citing the popularity of Kurt Angle and Brockberg as examples(must.. hold back… laughter….).


He also spoke on the situation surrounding the release of several talents from their farm system and the dropping of HWA(Heartland Wrestling Association) as one of their two big developmentals. That’s right, Jimbo… releasing Mike Sanders while keeping talentless hacks like Godfather, Bossman, Bull Buchanan, and Rikishi on the roster is VERY smart… I mean, hell, don’t they need more cruisers for the Cruiserweight Title anyway? I know Sanders isn’t 6’4, 290 pounds and all, but damn, they could have put him on Velocity like they did Shannon Moore just to see if he could hang with them. Bleargh…


Please credit WWE.com and Jim Ross








Jeremy Borash posted his latest column on the NWA:TNA site and he had a few interesting tidbits concerning the next show:


There will be three main events on the show this week. Jeff Jarrett vs. the undefeated Apolo, Shamrock vs. The Truth for the world title, and the Triple Threat match between AJ Styles, Low Ki, and Jerry Lynn. This week looks to have a very strong lineup.


Ricky Steamboat will be back this Wednesday night. He represents the company well and will continue to be a pivotal character on the program.



And here’s a snippet talking about some of the promotional help they’ve been getting lately:


The alliance with the NWA continues to go well. We've even had other promotions outside of the NWA jump on board, including our friends at IPW in Florida who have been helping us with some unique promotion both at their live events and TV shows. We've always felt that getting the word out on a grassroots level is the real key to our success. I think you will start seeing NWA titles showcased on TNA defended all over the land.


We continue to get great coverage from lots of great wrestling websites on the internet, including www.wrestlingoutlaws.com, www.wrestlingdaily.net, www.info-lutte.com, www.lonewolfwrestling.com, www.3StrandWrestling.com, www.ringsidenews.com, http://www.wrasslin.com, www.wrestleview.com, www.thewrestleronline.com, and www.wrestlingdotcom.com just to name a few.



There’s also some discussion about the death of Jim Cornette’s mother and a few of the indy talents that have been impressing the Jarretts enough to get dark matches, so head on over to www.nwatna.com to read the entire log.


Please credit Jeremy Borash of NWATNA.com






That’s pretty much it for now, folks. Sorry once AGAIN for being tardy, but dammit, the real world never cuts my big ass some slack, ya know? I plan on doing some Pop Culture stuff for the site, namely DVD reviews of the first 3 box sets for Robotech, NOW: Back in Black, and Stone Cold Steve Austin: What?, so be sure to check it out and tell me how much I suck at it and should stick to crappy news updates, okay?


Damian will be hitting you off tomorrow with the Top 5, also be sure to peep RAW from JHawk’s Beak on Monday, and the esteemed Dr. Tom for your Midweek News.


Now I’m off to play another 15 hours of Final Fantasy X(Yeah, I know, I’m a loser, so sue me…) and sleep off this massive hangover, so later.



Peace out, beeeyoootches!



Byron Vester

The SmartMarks.com

E-mail me at: [email protected]

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