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The Dames' Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 18

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NWA:TNA Week 18



Welcome everyone to this weeks Diatribe on NWA:TNA. Before we get to the recap, there’s just a few little tidbits I’d like to make.


In my WWE No Mercy PPV Diatribe, I stated that The Ring was one of the creepiest films I had ever seen and that I would be seeing the original Japanese version, Ring(u), today at Lincoln Center. Unfortunately, I’d have to call the original Ring a disappointment, as I was MUCH more entertained by the American version. It really doesn’t have anything to do with the culture difference or the lower budget as much as it does with the differences in the two films. A much shorter, abridged version of The Ring, the original version had plot elements that I just didn’t like. For example, it seemed as if the impending sense of dread found in the remake is practically gone for there were less hallucinations and less of a connection between the video and the real world. It also bothered me how one of the main characters literally had the answer for practically everything. The cursed video was a lot shorter and a lot less creepy. I was going in expecting a movie 10x times scarier than the remake and instead all I got was a film that I almost fell asleep in. I know that some of you who have seen both may disagree and I’d love to hear your points on this, so please, email me at [email protected] I will say this though....the ending of the original is better and left me with a smile on my face.


On the small screen, my favorite show, 24, is back, better than ever. With a pilot that was much more intense than last year’s season premiere and a plot that no one thought a network television show would deal with, I’ll be waiting with baited breath every week for the next new installment.


Now, onto TNA:


We’re at the usual spot, with West and Tenay as we start out immediately with our first match!


Kid Kash vs. Tony Mamaluke


Match Background: The only time they have been in the ring at the same time in TNA was in Week 15 when they were in the 4-man 10 minute time limit Iron Man match as well as later on that night in the Anything Goes X Division Ladder Match. A Kash bodyslam to Mamaluke off of the announce table in that 4 man match may have caused Mamaluke some sort of shoulder injury that night.


The Match: Both men try to gain the advantage on each other with an assortment on armbars and hammerlocks but it results in a stalemate and the Indy Applause Stance without any real applause from the crowd. After a series of counters and contrived near fall attempts, both men resort to hitting the armdrag a few billion times before Kash hits a pescado on Mamaluke. Running clothesline into the corner by Kash leads to a second attempt at one but the former FBI member drop toe holds him into the turnbuckles and gets a neckbreaker off for two. Some brawling leads to Kid Kash taking control again and going for a pumphandle backbreaker....but his knee ends up hitting Mamaluke more towards the shoulder blades and the spot looked awkward. Kash puts on an STF manuever on Mamaluke but he gets to the ropes. Kash is thrown to the outside and Mamaluke gets a baseball slide on him. These guys are moving pretty slow tonight...the crowd doesn’t seem into it. Back in the ring now, Mamaluke takes control momentarily before Kash gets a double springboard moonsault off the top onto a standing Mamaluke for two! Kash puts on an armbar, but Mamaluke drop toe holds his way out and puts on a leg lace. It looks like Kash taps TWICE but its not called. Kash’s facial expressions while trying to get to the ropes border on overselling. Kash out of the hold now gets a double springboard cross body off the top for two! That popped the crowd a bit. Kash with a waist lock now, but its reversed by Mamaluke into a BACK DROP DRIVER~! I don’t think that was intentional! The fans are starting to get into it now... “TNA” chant. Mamaluke with a suplex attempt, but Kash reverses it into the BANK ROLL~!! (Fisherman’s Buster ACROSS THE KNEE!) Mamaluke looks DEAD. The cover....and he KICKS OUT! Ok....now THAT bothers me. A move THAT devastating has been kicked out of twice in the past two weeks. In the 4-way match, Kash pinned Mamaluke with that move but now that they are in a one on one situation, he’s able to kick out? Anyone in the X Division or in any federation for that matter could take that maneuver and make it their #1 finish. Mamaluke tries to fight back (no selling the move) but Kash gets a backslide for two. Mamaluke goes for a backslide as well, but Kash rolls through RIGHT INTO THE MONEY MAKER~!! for the win!


My Opinion: The match was VERY slow to heat up and once the crowd was finally into it, it was practically over. Kash should really stick to one high impact finish and only use the other in cases of extreme frustration because the Bank Roll is just being wasted. Poor Tony Mamaluke hasn’t won a single match since he’s been in TNA. Both guys were pretty sloppy toward the beginning. *


Tonight.....everyone has new graphics! We’re going to have the ¾’s of the first round of an 8 man tournament tonight to determine the number one contender for the NWA World Title.


We go to an interview taped earlier between Tenay and Scott Hall - Hall is attracted to the company because its a “renegade company trying to go up against mega companies out there trying to control wrestling.” I’d say its because TNA is the only wrestling organization besides WWE that would take his drunk ass. Tenay rolls down the credentials and points out that Hall has never been a world champ. “We got young guys just tryin’ to make a name, we got old timers just having fun.” That’s the problem with TNA....the older guys aren’t putting nearly as much effort into their matches as the X Division guys which is why its the star attraction!


Tale of the tape lead us to:


Ron “The Truth” Killings vs. Scott Hall for the NWA World Title:


Match Background: This goes ALL the way back to week TWO. In Week Two, when he was still known as K-Krush, The Truth attempted to cost Scott Hall a match against Jeff Jarrett, but was unsuccessful. The next week, Jarrett and K-Krush was able to defeat Hall and Brian Lawler in a tag match when Lawler turned on Hall. Since then, these two men have not crossed paths....


The Match: The Truth is out first as he steals the STICK~! and performs the same rap verse as last week. He needs some new material. “I AM THE SHIZNIT” says El Truthful One. The Truth states that ‘Pac, Hall and BG James are all claiming that Jeff Jarrett is the masked Mr. Wrestling III, but he doesn’t buy it. “Just like the Immortal Scott Hall says ‘Don’t bring it.....uh, Don’t SING it...Just bring it’”. MAN, he KILLED that line....and what’s up with him calling Hall immortal? Hall takes THE STICK~! but says absolutely nothing important. Hall gets an armbar and slaps Truth in the dreadlocks a few hundred times. Hall actually transitions it into an abdominal stretch, with full leg extention. From there, he puts Truth in a Deathlock plus chinlock (!) before taunting Killings with some more slaps to the dreads. Truth takes over with a few right hands and ducks a clothesline with THE SPLIT~! and a leg lariat. That combo really should be scouted by all of his opponents by now. He MUSCLES him over right into the PELVIC THRUST POWERSLAM! West: “I don’t think Ron Hall, I’m sorry, Scott Hall has ever seen anyone with the speed or agility of a Ron Killings”. It’s not West’s fault that he never saw Ramon vs. Kid....really, it’s not, but when he makes statements like that, it just shows his faults as an announcer and why he shouldn’t be out there. He tries to recover with: “Not in the....uh...In the near past anyway”. Killings with the scissors kick on Hall for two, who sells it in SLO MO. Guillotine legdrop by The Truth gets two, but not before taking the time to taunt with crowd. Hall tries a comeback, but Truth stops that flat with a Downward Spiral. Truth hits THE SPLIT~! and goes for a side kick, but Hall ducks that and hits him with a chokeslam! Hall gets his discus punch in.....where’s the fallaway slam? Ah, there it is....the Contractually Obligated Fallaway Slam! Besides the Razor’s Edge, he really doesn’t have any moves left in his moveset. Backdrop suplex off the 2nd rope by Hall! He signals for the Edge, but Mr. Wrestling III comes out to stop him! Hall gets a few shots in....and removes the mask! It is.....we can’t see because of the camera angle! It doesn’t look like anyone on the roster though....While Hall is distracted, Truth takes the opportunity to hit him with The True Conviction for the pin! Mr. Wrestling III takes the opportunity to put his mask on....and we still don’t know who it is. All we know is that now instead of going after The Truth, he’s going after his opponents when he interferes.


My Opinion: It seemed as if Hall was actually semi motivated for a brief period in the match up. This was a much better match up than Truth-Hennig ended up being. Kudos to Hall for doing the relatively clean job to put over Truth some more. *1/4


We go to a recap of the Jarrett-Hennig feud that began two weeks ago....but the sound is completely inaudible. We go to a live shot of the crowd as they try to fix it.....Tenay says that it’s finally ready, but production values COLLIDE~! as it JUST DOESN’T PLAY! Instead, we get Jeff Jarrett coming to the ring.


After looking at the hair of Mr. Wrestling III, you can be sure that whoever it was tonight wasn’t Jarrett....but you never know who they’ll put in that role. He’s out to tell everyone that he’s thankful for being placed in the tourney for the title. He then calls a bounty on Mr. Wrestling III’s head. Hennig tries to interrupt, but the mic doesn’t work! What is going ON tonight! It’s finally working....and he tells Jarrett that he’s a dumb guy. He asks him if he was “Double J” and “The Chosen One” before. After JJ nods yes, he asks “You weren’t the same guy as DDP? No that’s another story”. What’s their beef? This is the second week in a row he’s talked about him. Anyone know...please let me know. He accuses JJ of being Mr. Wrestling III because he’s never in the same place as JJ. Hennig makes some threats about finding JJ tonight somewhere and beating his ass. Why go through all the trouble when he’s RIGHT THERE?


The Hot Shots vs. Storm and Harris vs. Rick and Chris Michaels for the NWA World Tag Team Title:


Match Background: The Hot Shots and The Michaels’ were both defeated by James Storm and Chris Harris in NWA Tag Title defenses in the past two weeks. In Week 16, after Rick and Chris Michaels were defeated, both The Michaels’ and The Hot Shots ended up attacking them after the match making it a 4 on 2 situation.


The Match: The Hot Shots and The Michaels’ embrace in the ring, becoming allies against the tag champs immediately. The champs come in without their usual gear and just run towards the ring where they are met by O’Reilly and Stevens before being attacked by Rick and Chris Michaels. In a joint effort, Stevens ends up hiptossing Storm onto the exposed concrete on the floor. In the ring, Chris Harris is the victim of a Blue Thunder Bomb and an O’Reilly legdrop. These guys are just doubleteaming both men on the outside. Storm tries to fight back, but can’t overcome both men. Storm and Harris have “AMW” on the back of their tights for some reason. Finally in the ring, Storm is able to get a moment of separation and then a superkick on Chris Michaels. Hot tag to Chris Harris who has evolved into a...HOUSE...EN....FUEGO~!! Flying left arm clothesline on Michaels and a nice bulldog on O’Reilly as well all the way across the ring! His fire is extinguished as he’s thrown to the outside and Rick Michaels DDT’s Storm. He goes for the cover, but Stevens pulls off Michaels....starting a brawl between those two. Stevens gets an ugly handspring elbow (not Torrie Wilson ugly, but not even close to Tajiri) on Rick. As the champs are on the outside recovering, the temporary allies now battle it out in the ring. Stevens almost gets a pin on Michaels but Storm makes the save to keep their titles. Stevens gets a LO-DOWN~! Frogsplash on Storm for two! Rick Michaels dumps both members of the Hot Shots to the outside and hits the Double Shot on Harris, followed by Chris’ top rope elbow for two. Storm elbow Chris Michaels out of the ring and takes control of Rick setting up a Veg-O-Matic. Harris takes care of Stevens and comes off the top with a legdrop to complete the double team for the pin!


My Opinion: The match seemed very disjointed and the crowd wasn’t into it at all. ¾*


After the match....the lights go out and when they come back on Slash and Brian Lee are in the ring attacking Harris and Storm. Father James Mitchell is at the top of the ramp as Evil has Returned! Slash sets up a table at the bottom of the ramp and Lee chokeslams Storm off the stage...but it didn’t look good...and we couldn’t tell if he went through the table with the camera angle. With Harris on a table, Slash comes off the balcony ala New Jack diving onto Harris! Mitchell then cuts a nice promo at the top of the ramp telling us to prepare for the Apocalypse. It doesn’t have the subtlety of “From Beneath you, it Devours”, but I’ll deal with it.



We go to a pre-taped interview with Tenay and Bullet Bob Armstrong who changes the rules in NWA title matches. The title can now change hands on a DQ and count outs. Either this will make for more title changes or stronger champs and better matches...so I like it! He then makes Don Harris, Head of Security, the referee for all of the tournament matches.


The first round is: Ron Harris vs. BG James, Curt Hennig vs. Jeff Jarrett (coincidence?), Sonny Siaki vs. Jerry Lynn in a rematch of last week and Syxx-Pac vs. Brian Lawler.


Ron Harris vs. BG James


Match Background: None. This match is to advance in the NWA title tourney.


The Match: The ref is Ron’s brother Don, as mandated by Bob Armstrong. Harris with some punches in the corner, but Don tells Ron not to use any close fists. This gives BG a chance to sneak in the Shake, Rattle and Roll punches but the last punch is stopped by Don because he doesn’t want him to use any close fists either. Why allow the first three punches in the combo then? This allows Ron to take advantage again.....as the POWER OF SUCKTITUDE~! sucks the life out of any stars! In the back, JJ and Curt Hennig are brawling....and Hennig is “bleeding”. You can pretty much tell this wasn’t a blade job. West can’t seem to grasp the elimination of the tournament calling it a round robin until Tenay corrects him. BG back in control goes for the cover but takes issue with Don’s pinfall counting ability and takes him up on it. This allows Ron to take over again, utilizing the power of suck. In the back, Hennig is being wrapped up, with Goldylocks OVERACTING. Back in the ring, BG is in the middle of 10 punches in the corner when he’s shoved off by Don. Ron takes over again....and Bob Armstrong comes down to the ring firing Don Harris. JJ and Hennig are shown in the back brawling again as Don claims Bullet Bob is just trying to protect his son (BG James). Bob tells Ron to come outside only to tell him that he’s got two seconds to go back in and continue the match. You got a mic, Bob, use it. When Ron comes back in, he’s rolled up by BG for the win as Don clocks Bullet Bob at the top of the ramp. BG goes to check on his pops as we head to the next segment.


My Opinion: Why the hell would Ron Harris get a chance in this tournament? No one gives a damn about any of the Harris’ and I would have been PISSED if he had advanced....regardless of who his opponent is. The whole mess with Don Harris was just boring. DUD


Ace Steel and Mortimer Plumtree vs. Jorge Estrada and Priscilla:


Match Background: Two weeks ago, Estrada brought out his new valet Priscilla. While Mortimer Plumtree was celebrating AJ Styles’ X Title win last week, Priscilla caused one of his clients, Ace Steel to lose to Jorge Estrada in a singles match. This brought out Plumtree immediately, who then doubleteamed Estrada along with Steel. Priscilla, defending her man, jumped on Plumtree’s back to no avail. He shoved her down but was stopped by security shortly after. This all led to the mixed tag match for tonight.


The Match: Before the match starts, Plumtree states that he refuses to wrestle, so he’s acquired the services of someone “more woman than Priscilla”. Please don’t say Bruce, please don’t say Bruce. The familiar theme music comes on as I spew my hated against the TNA booking committee. Bruce, Miss TNA will be taking Mortimer’s place in the match. As they come to the ring, the camera focuses on three fans dressed up as Bruce, Plumtree and AJ Styles respectively. Cool costumes, I might add. Bruce makes me dry heave as he enters the ring like Stacy Kiebler. Estrada and Steel go to start the match, but Estrada goes to yell at Bruce and Mortimer allowing Steel to kick the middle rope into his crotch. Bruce chases Priscilla around the ring and catches up to her when Estrada comes flying to the outside with a Tope Con Hilo in a cool spot! Back in the ring, Estrada gets a flying head scissors on Steel and then the All Shook Up hiptoss/neckbreaker on Bruce for two. Who’s the legal man, dammit! Finally, some order is restored as Steel is considered the legal man, but not for long as Bruce makes a tag and kicks Estrada off of Steel’s shoulders in a nice doubleteam. Oh, did I mention that Bruce is wrestling in a halter top? Estrada reverses an irish whip into a cross body for two. Bruce bends over to taunt Priscilla and tags in Steel. Steel hits a NICE suplex on Estrada. Yes, I liked something Ace Steel did! Steel goes to the top....almost slips off, but is able to make it off just to miss a headbutt. Estrada goes for the hot tag to Priscilla of all people, but Mortimer runs around and pulls her off of the apron. DAMN, I love Plumtree. Bruce and Steel end up miscommunicating giving Estrada a moment to come back. In a spot WAY too damn contrived, made just to piss me off, Steel goes to check on Bruce’s condition and starts selling grogginess all of a sudden as Estrada comes off the top with a cross body on the both of them. Estrada comes at Steel, but is elevated over his head crashing onto Bruce in a way that made it seem like whatever they were trying just didn’t click. THEN, Steel sees Bruce on the apron and runs off the ropes as if he’s going to charge his own partner...only to get tripped up by Priscilla. Estrada gets a VERY sloppy Trip To Graceland for two. He sets up Steel for a moonsault, but Bruce crotches Estrada. Estrada actually falls down giving himself a split-legged moonsault. This is unbelievable. Ace with the Twist of Kane....and IT LOOKED GOOD FOR ONCE! Tag to Bruce who pins Estrada in a powerbomb position, humping him the entire time. After the match, Plumtree gets Steel and Bruce to place Priscilla over his knee and then spanks her a few times.


My Opinion: I HATE watching Bruce’s matches. His antics in the ring take the focus completely off of wrestling. Then factor in two guys who blow a lot of spots being off tonight, antics with managers at ringside and Bruce. -*.


Jeff Jarrett vs. Curt Hennig:


Match Background: Back in Week 15, Syxx-Pac and BG James brought out Curt Hennig to face Jarrett, The Truth and Brian Lawler in a 6-man tag. Although they faced each other in the ring that night, there didn’t seem to be any issues between the two men. However, in Week 16, during Hennig’s NWA title match against The Truth, Jarrett gave him a low-blow which directly resulted in that loss. Because of this, Hennig challenged him last week to this one on one match, regardless of the results of his rematch with The Truth. Although he was unable to wrest the title from Killings, Hennig was able to extract just a bit of revenge last week when he interfered in Jarrett’s match with Hall, costing him his match.


The Match: Hennig stumbles out with the most unrealistic blood on his chest and head before Jarrett attacks him on the ramp from behind with a chair. He throws Hennig into the ring, hits the Stroke for the pin to advance in the tournament. After the match, Jarrett attacks Hennig again and then takes out every member of security with a chair before leaving. Hennig tries to walk up the ramp, selling his injury with some really bad shakes.


My Opinion: When the Match Background is longer than the match, you’ve got problems. This was basically a 10 second squash. DUD.


We go to the back with Lynn and Goldylocks in a pretaped interview as Lynn says that revenge was taken care of last week....now he’s focused to just advance in the tourney. Good promo.


We now go to Goldylock with Sonny Siaki who just makes references about how long he can have sex. Goldy says “NO POBO” to all of his come ons before Siaki leaves the interview.


Sonny Siaki vs. Jerry Lynn


Match Background: After feuding for weeks, Lynn and Siaki finally met in a one on one match last week with Lynn scoring a pinfall off a roll up. Siaki had been working the knee the whole match and after losing, took the opportunity to go after it again. This week, a spot in the NWA title contendership tourney semis is up for grabs.


The Match: God, I hate Jerry Lynn’s music. Siaki goes after Lynn’s knee a few times, but Jerry is able to get out of the way each time. In a funny moment, Lynn proves to Siaki that his knee is fine by doing jumping jacks and doing the jig. It’s little things like that that lead to solid storytelling. Lynn kicks the match off with a tilt a whirl flying head scissors and face plant off the 2nd rope. “Rocky ripoff” chant by the fans. I hope that sends a message to TNA and they change up Siaki’s character a bit. Siaki bails to the outside but gets caught with a dropkick and a somersault off of the apron. With Lynn firmly in control, Siaki finally is able to comeback with a NICE elevated stun gun! Lynn is SO good at selling offense. Short arm clothesline by Siaki is followed up by a legdrop. Siaki starts focusing on the neck of Lynn with elbow strikes and submissions. Lynn comes fighting back and goes for a corner roll up, but its botched. Lynn is actually able to cover nicely and still get a two count out of it. Now THAT is experience! Lynn blocks a scoop slam, goes for one of his own but Siaki floats over and hits him with an Inverted DDT backbreaker (Christian uses that all the time) followed by the Inverted DDT drop (which Christian also uses). Lynn sells the neck as Siaki gets a two count. Lynn goes for a crucifix but Siaki doesn’t fall back so he gets a roll up instead for two. Siaki counters with his somersault neckbreaker. Another “Rocky Ripoff” chant by the crowd. Siaki gets a brainbuster for two. Siaki heads to the top but Lynn dropkicks the ropes to crotch him and superplexes him down.....selling the neck after the impact! DAMN, I love that! Lynn gets a back body drop, a pair of lariats and a DDT for two. Lynn with a TKO for two as well. He goes for the cradle piledriver, but Siaki backdrops him out and hits the Samoan Pop for two! He goes for the Siakolypse but Lynn shoves Siaki off him and into the ref, who is now down! Siaki low blows Lynn and heads to the outside to get a chair....he swings, but Lynn gets his own version of the Van Daminator! He goes for the pin, but the ref is still out. Siaki floats over a suplex attempt and DDT’s him onto the chair! He revives the ref, but Lynn kicks out! Lynn charges Siaki in the corner who drop toe holds him into the turnbuckle and pins him with his feet on the ropes! Siaki advances in the tourney. After the match, Lynn gets a measure of revenge, brawling with him up the ramp and throwing him off the stage the way Siaki did to him in Week 15.


My Opinion: Good match, but not as good as last week’s. The ref bump and unclean finish hurt it, but Lynn’s selling was top notch like always. It looks like this feud is over and the best worker in the 8 man tournament is eliminated in the first round. **1/2


Video recap of the April/Brian Lawler/Syxx-Pac situation from last week. Apparently, ‘Pac dislocated his hip in the match with Styles last week so his match with Lawler will be rescheduled for next week.


Pre-taped interview with Goldylocks, Lawler and April as Lawler compares their love to Romeo and Juliet and Anthony and Cleopatra.


He comes to the ring for a promo but a “fan” starts trouble with him. Lawler flips out, throws him over the guard rail and gives him a bloody nose. Whatever Lawler had to say, he refuses to now because of “assholes like that”. So, basically, ‘Pac couldn’t show up and they wanted to make sure Lawler did SOMETHING on TV. The fans at ringside didn’t buy it...probably because the guy didn’t show up until right before that segment.


AJ Styles (w/ Mortimer Plumtree) vs. Red for the NWA X Division Title:


Match Background: Styles, the first two time NWA X Division champ, has had a perfect record in one on one X title defenses in TNA so far. Red was able to earn this title shot last week by defeating 4 other men in a 5-way elimination match. The only time these men have met in the ring, in TNA, was in Week 15 when the X title was up for grabs in an anything goes ladder match. However, these two men have met before...


In the ECWA Super 8 2001 tournament, AJ Styles advanced to the finals of the tournament by defeating Red in the semi-finals with a Styles Clash off the second rope! Will history repeat itself?


The Match: The match starts out with both men trying to get an advantage with armbars and armdrags before AJ CLOCKS Red in the head with a roundhouse kick. Red gets a drop toe hold but misses an elbow drop, AJ misses a standing moonsault but gets a rollup on Red for two. They exchange near falls and this time Red gets a roundhouse on AJ! Don West is actually pretty fun to hear as he’s completely marking out for Red at this point and negating his duties as a color man. AJ goes for a springboard off the 2nd rope but Red dropkicks him from behind out of the ring. Red gets a NICE somersault Tope Con Hilo on AJ on the outside after faking him the first time! It was almost as nice as AJ’s Tope Con Hilo two weeks ago on ‘Pac! Back in the ring, Styles charges Red in the corner and misses but Red once again channels the spirit of Mortal Kombat’s Liu Kang and bicycle kicks him in the back! AJ comes back with a gutwrench version of the Samoan Pop! WOW! AJ gets a SNAP swinging neckbreaker on Red before just MURDERING HIM with a High Angle Brainbuster for two! AJ irish whips Red and ducks his head for a back body drop but Red tries to go for Code Red. AJ blocks it and goes for a suplex but Red maneuvers it into a Code Red for a CLOSE TWO! Red charges AJ in the corner but gets a mouthful of Styles’ elbow. Styles moonsaults off the second rope and reverse DDT’s Red! AJ goes for a Tilt a whirl backbreaker, but Red turns that into a Tornado DDT for two!! Red tries to irish whip AJ, but he wont budge so he hits him with some stiff kicks. AJ comes back with chops but Red tries a roll up. AJ counters the roll up into a Styles Clash attempt(!) but Red holds onto the ropes. Holding onto him, he pulls Red away and nails a HARD SIT OUT POWERBOMB on Red for two!!! Styles snap mares Red over and gives him a STIFF KICK~! to the back! AJ goes for a clothesline, Red ducks, goes for one of his own but that’s ducked into a Superkick for two! AJ puts a front face lock on Red but he’s able to fight out with some punches. AJ charges him in the corner but EATS BOOT! Red floats over AJ’s back and hits a leg sweep followed by the Red Star Press for only TWO!!! A ‘rana attempt by Red is turned into a Styles Clash attempt but that’s fought off by Red who is able to get the ‘rana after all! ONE....TWO......NO! West is just marking out beyond belief! AJ gets a hold of Red, puts him in a splash mountain position, rolls him over and face plants him for two! AJ tries to whip Red into the corner but he’s reversed into it. Red hits a few kicks and then a STIFF Spinning Enziguiri kick for a CLOSE TWO!! Red whipped to the ropes and is tripped by Plumtree and West is FURIOUS! “DAMN YOU PLUMTREE!!” As Red turns around, he walks right into the discus clothesline by Styles. Styles goes up top for the Spiral Tap but Red is UP! He crotches AJ....goes up top for a ‘rana but its blocked! 2nd ROPE STYLES CLASH~!! attempt but he can’t get it on! Red gets the ‘rana off, but AJ rolls through for the win!!!!


My Opinion: WOW!! I can safely say that the X Division is BACK! This was the best match TNA has had in close to two months! Red was booked strong and AJ is still the unbeaten champ. I would LOVE to see some more rematches with these two guys.


Personally, what I would do with the X Division is have Mortimer get one more decent X Division competitor under his wing (no, Ace Steel doesn’t count) and have AJ run through almost everyone. When the most over competitor in the X Division comes back, Low-Ki, he already has a built in feud with Plumtree and Steel over taking him out. Make it so that he’d have to get through all of Plumtree’s guys to finally get a shot at AJ one on one and when he does, he’s the man that pins AJ clean for the title. That right there would be MONEY. This match: ***3/4.


Next week, matches announced by Don West:


Table Elimination X Division match with the SAT’s, Steel, Kash and Mamaluke.


Estrada vs. Bruce with Priscilla winning the TNA crown if Bruce is pinned.


AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn for the X title ( FINALLY!)


Jeff Jarrett vs. Curt Hennig


BG James vs. Sonny Siaki


Overall: I was down on this show until the last 40 minutes. Looks like the X guys saved it once again. I like the idea of having a tournament for the NWA World title, but with the competitors entered in it, it won’t be very good. West is really showing a desire to learn and an enjoyment for the product, which I can appreciate. The Evil that Returned was a disappointment...but then again the Disciples of the New Church never had anyone that was truly special anyway. Either way, I will return next week with NWA:TNA Week 19. Also, look out for a special surprise tape review this weekend from yours truly as well as the gang bringing you their latest, such as Patrick Spoon's excellent Tough Enough Recaps, exclusive to TSM.


‘Til next week,


The Dames, Damian Gonzalez


Any questions, comments, fan mail, hate mail, whatever....send it to [email protected]


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