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WWE Confidential October 19, 2002

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Guest TSMAdmin

WWE Confidential October 19, 2002


“Better late than never”

- Crucifixo Jones


It’s been one of those weeks… A combination of being sick, having a lot to do at school and some family related stress is the reason for this being a little late. I was considering skipping this week altogether, but then I decided against that seeing how this episode was the least-watched Confidential EVER. That’s right, the old record of 0.7 has been shattered with a 0.6. Also, expect Part 2 of that tape review I’m working on to be up in the near future.


Let’s get right down to business…


Cover Story

The show kicks off with a History of the Intercontinental Title bit. Essentially the clips are the same as the ones that aired on Raw last week, so I’m just going to emphasize on the wrestler’s comments. Gerald Brisco thinks that Patterson was the best choice to be the first IC Champ. Patterson set the standard for the champions that followed. Edge particularly liked Patterson’s boot camp match with Slaughter and his Cage match with Backlund. Edge remembers that Patterson always told a great story in the ring. When Kurt Angle first won the IC Title, he felt it was just as important as winning the WWF Title. The first time Edge won the IC Title (house show in Toronto) he put the title on his TV stand and stared at it for a couple of hours. Matt Hardy’s favorite IC Title matches are Hennig-Hart from SummerSlam and HBK-Razor from WrestleMania X. Kurt Angle, Edge, Matt Hardy and Gerald Brisco are all against losing the title. Matt wishes that he won it and used it as a stepping stone for bigger things. Yeah Matt, maybe you can follow in Jeff’s footsteps. Patterson was unavailable for comment because of an injury he suffered at the hands of Rosie and Jamal.


Segment 1: 1/1


As I’m sure many of you already know, Saliva has created a new entrance theme for Chris Jericho. The segment starts with a clip of the band performing at WrestleMania X-8. Saliva records their songs in upstate New York. The WWE’s Jim Johnston joined them in New York for Jericho’s song. Salvia first worked with the WWE for the XFL and later for the Forceable Entry CD. Chris Jericho owns Saliva’s debut album and thinks they are a good band. Saliva thinks that the new song is a perfect fir for the WWE. Personally I disagree, I think the song is a little too slow for an entrance theme. Johnston adds that he would choose Saliva for any upcoming project.


Segment 2: 1/2


Confidential Flashback

In retrospect, the Big Show-Bossman cemetery angle was rather funny. Big Show praises the Bossman’s heel work leading up to this escapade. Show thought that the fans sympathized with him throughout those few months. Kerwin Silfes describes exactly what went down at the cemetery. In a nutshell, The Bossman crashed Show’s father’s funeral in the Blue’s Brothers car. The Big Show jumped on the hood of the car, broke the windshield and fell to the floor. He was out long enough for the Bossman to chain the casket to his car. As the Bossman is driving off with the casket, Show lunges onto it and snaps the chain. I would imagine the drive-off was reshot because that isn’t exactly how it went down on TV. The Big Show told his family that it was a very serious angle, yet they all laughed at it. At first, this made him angry, but then he saw the comedic value in it. The Big Show adds that if anyone should have been offended by this angle, it should be him because it was his father they were making fun off. Kerwin Silfes ends the segment with, “The most tragic moments in life make for the best comedy.” Not always Kerwin, not always.


Segement 3: 2/3


John “Big” Gaburick joins Gene in the studio. Once again I wonder what Big’s qualifications are and why he is one of the Tough Enough judges. He has never wrestled before to my knowledge, so why is he here? I’m sure that if I actually watched Tough Enough I would know the answer to that question, but I don’t, so there you go. Anyhow, supposedly TE 3 will be tougher than the first two and this time all of the competitors will be “real athletes”. Just like Jackie Gayda I’m sure. The selection process was changed this year in order to keep the show fresh and so we could get more intimate with the people auditioning. Big and Gene hype an Exclusive Tough Enough segment that will air next week on Confidential. They also hint that there will be one troublemaker in the group of 13 that gets on Big’s nerves very soon.


Segment 4: 2/4


This next segment features a profile of sorts on Booker T’s store. One LOP reader, Jason LeBlanc, who was at Booker’s store during the filming for Confidential, was kind enough to send in this live report.


Anyways, the basic idea of the shoot was to promote Booker T's store "Jam Zone" I actually had no idea what was going on until I went inside the store. I got to the store about 1:30. I saw Booker and some WWE technicians, a few employees, and a couple of other customers/fans. I just kinda blended in and they didn't say anything, so I just wondered around the store. The director...Jason, I think his name was...came up to me, some girl, and some older woman. He asked us if we would do him a favor and participate in the shoot. We asked what they were doing it for. He said it was for Confidential. We all agreed to play "customers" during the shoot. The first shot was Booker coming into the store. Then they shot him introducing his store. He then came to the shoe section (where I was sitting checkin' out a pair of shoes) He then just went around the whole store talkin' about each section...the CD's, clothes, etc. I think after that they went to the back to shoot his office. The next sequence is supposed to show how he multitasks at his store. He started off by vacuuming near the clothes...then the phone rang so he answered it...then I interrupted the phone call to ask where the shoes were...then he went around to the register to check some lady out and get her "cold, hard cash." After that he showed off his clothes collection. It took a while to film that cuz he had to change about 3 times...plus a crowd started to gather outside which got kinda loud...but he put a stop to it quickly and told 'em to be quiet. Hell, when a guy like Booker speaks to ya, you're gonna listen. Anyways it was about 3:30 by then, and we had to reshoot some of the scenes because they noticed the lighting was bad when they played back the footage. The WWE staff was getting a bit frustrated because they had to be back at the arena for Raw in a few hours. But it was wrapped up pretty quickly. They interviewed myself and a guy that worked there, and left. The rest of us just hung around the store with Booker until about 4:30. He really is a cool guy and it doesn't take much to crack him up. You should've seen him when I did my spin-a-roonie attempt. Jeez, I hope they cut that out of the show. Anyways, just thought I'd give ya a little insight to what went on. Later!


Most of what Jason said was what actually aired, so I won’t bother to recap it. Jason may have been the guy who was talking with Booker near the cash register. I’m not really sure, but that would be my best guess.


A montage of Superstar entrances follows. Even Gillberg (!) and the SHOCKMASTER (!!!!!!) are featured. Some favorites include Steve Austin, Shawn Micheals, Gangrel, Undertaker, Goldust, Hurricane, Kane, Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle. The sole purpose of this was to hype the WWE Entrance DVD, which is by the far the stupidest idea for a DVD. 12 entrances that last 30 minutes is definitely not worth however much they are charging.


Segment 5: 3/5


And to cap off the show, some British soccer player did the Spinaroonie to no reaction after scoring a goal. He was fined for inappropriate celebration or some shit like that. Like I care.


Gene hypes the Confidential Exclusive next week.


The Intercontinental Title video package from Raw ends the show.


Segment 6: 3/6


Decent show this week. It surely doesn’t deserve the rating that it received, but I really could care less at this point.


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