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WWE Confidential October 26, 2002

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Guest TSMAdmin

WWE Confidential: October 26, 2002


If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Part 2 of my latest tape review HERE. Also keep an eye out for Crucifixo’s Velocity recap. And to think, usually I’m the fashionably late weekend recapper.


Mean Gene welcomes us and attacks Kelsey Grammer right off the bat. Did the WWE really have to go as far as to dig up the ugliest picture of Kelsey Grammer that they could find? He looks like a fucking conehead with a retarded grin on his face. Either way, Fraiser is still more entertaining than Raw has been in months, so fuck off McMahon. Now to the actual segment.


Cover Story

Once the WWE announced that the Tough Enough 3 house would be in Malibu, Kelsey rallied up some neighbors and got them to sign a petition against TE3 locating there. The city council agreed with Kelsey and friends, but MTV fought the decision. Some clips of the TE3 staff voicing their opinions on the situation follow. It seems like most of the meeting consisted of the council demeaning the “World Federation of Wrestling”. Al Snow thinks Grammer has lost touch with reality. What I don’t understand is why the loss of this house means so damn much. If you ask me, the WWE sounds like a whiny bitch when they say that this could have meant the end of the contestant’s dreams. Seriously, there of millions of other places TE3 could have been set in, so who gives a shit if Malibu doesn’t work out?


Segment 1: .5/1


Before They Were Superstars: Brock Lesnar

Ok, this segment already aired back on August 24th. I have no idea why the WWE is re-airing considering it wasn’t exactly enthralling the first time around. Here is my original summary of it. Brock Lesnar grew up on a farm in South Dakota. I didn't know people actually lived there, nonetheless a future WWE Superstar. Brock takes a walk to the barbershop, where we meet Tony the barber. Tony lets us know that if he was there live at SmackDown! two weeks ago, he would have helped Hulk Hogan. Brock, "I never trusted too many barbers, but I like Tony." I don't think Brock resides in South Dakota anymore, so we can't hold Tony responsible for the abomination on Lesnar's head. Although judging by the old pictures, Brock has always been sporting that strange cut. Must be a South Dakota thing. Tony starts singing about a boy in Arkansas. Brock strolls around the farm he grew up on. Brock was 9lbs. 9oz. at birth and was dubbed Pork Chop. He was aggressive and out-doorsy as a kid. Justin Gaikowski, Brock's best friend, remembers calling him Broccoli. He would then string together mean sentiments like, "Hey Broccoli, you got bad tastes." Justin, your last name is nothing to ride home about either. Justin seriously thinks that Brock was afraid of him back in the day. Brock was always an exercise freak. At age 5 he started wrestling. Brock lost a lot of his matches. He couldn't lose weight easily, so his coach kept feeding him that way he could wrestle as a big man. In high school, Brock started to win more matches, but he never became a State Champion. This is what motivated him to wrestle for the University of Minnesota, where he went on to win the NCAA Finals. Brock concludes by saying that he gets the same high wrestling for the WWE as he did wrestling in college.


Segment 2: 1/2


Mean Gene talks about the current TE house. He mentions how ironic it is that while in the house, you can look down on Malibu. Ivory takes us on a tour of the house’s interior. She informs us that it is so private in Woodland Hills that people used to shoot porn up here. Oh that Ivory, she knows all sorts of interesting information. She raids the refrigerator. Shockingly JR’s BBQ sauce is nowhere to be found; only those dastardly competitors like Jack Daniels. Ivory fools around with a handheld massager. She adds, “I know what you thinking…I’m thinking it too.” Time to tour the bedrooms. Ivory plays with the bidè (sp?), which ends up shooting her in the face. Yawn.


Segment 3: 1.5/3


In preparation for the 500th episode of Raw, Confidential will take a look back at Raw’s history. This week we get Rooftop Raw.


Back in the day, Raw used to have an opening video where the wrestlers would be fighting on the roof of Titan Towers. The “Rooftop Raw” was originally filmed on September 7, 1995. The guy that directs the theatric elements of the WWE like commercials, and lately the Katie Vick stuff, is David Sahadi. Sahadi mentions that this was the WWF’s first non-wrestling production. It took a day to get the Raw set up on the roof. Some clips of Razor Ramon and Bret Hart talking about it follow. At first the Undertaker thought this was a waste of time and energy, but once it was over he appreciated it. The Stamford Fire Department wouldn’t allow the WWF to use pyro, so they compensated with a live crowd. The town called the cops that night, but fortunately the WWF had six members of the Stamford Police Department involved in the shoot, so that bought them some time. Shawn Michaels remembers that he was asked to jump from the highest part of the roof into the ring. He says that it wasn’t humanely possible to jump that far, yet was flattered that the WWF has so much confidence in his abilities. Trick photography was used to make it seem like Shawn made the jump. Best segment of the night and it wasn’t even all that great.


Segment 4: 2.5/4


In tradition of Halloween, we take a look at some costumes WWE Superstars have donned on in the past. Let’s see, you got DX as the Nation, Dr. Tajiri, the Big Show’s impersonations, Bischoff at the wedding, Los Conquistadors, nWo as the Horsemen, Doinks, midgets and Goldust as various different people.


Segment 5: 3/6


The Hell in a Cell is the largest structure that the WWE has ever built. Originally it took 2 weeks to build. The designers never thought wrestlers would fight on top of the cell, which explains why it gave way during the Foley-Taker match. Supposedly, the Elimination Chamber will not look like a HIAC.


Gene updates us on Pat Patterson. Pat will be undergoing 4 weeks of intensive therapy in the hopes of avoiding shoulder surgery.


Next Week: Rerun.


Segment 6: 3/6


Dull show this week, yet it was still better than Raw, so I can’t complain.


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