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Guest raptor

11/20 Comic Reviews

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Guest raptor

The Truth: Red, White, and Black

Creators: Robert Morales, Kyle Baker

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Auxiliary Facts: 1st Original Captain America

Comments: Okay, so just in case we all don’t know what this is, I’ll synposize (is that a word?)

In 1941, The United States Army entered World War II after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. American scientists were thus given a nigh-impossible task: create the fabled super soldier serum. The Truth is the story of three African-American men, one of which will become the first Captain America. This story hinges on the belief that the U.S. would never have an All-American boy like Steve Rogers be the first test subject in such a dangerous experiment.


Now, on to the story itself. I was a little dissapointed, but I somewhat expected that. The opening issues of hyped stories like this are all dissapointing, since the creator has the un-enviable task of trying to deliver on the hype while supplying the exposition.


I have to say, though, that my interest is definatley piqued. We already have three great choices for the original Cap, all of which would take the series in an appealing direction.


Star Rating: ****


Other Stuff I Bought:



Daredevil #39: An incredible courtroom drama that falls apart at the end. *** (Mildly Reccomended)


The Filth #6 (of 13): Disturbing on so many levels, that it was hard to read. In a good way, though. **** (Reccomended)


New X-Men #134: Definatley interesting, but something probably read better in a TPB. There are some neat things going on, but they aren’t really good as cliffhangers. *** (Mildly Reccomended)


Ultimate Spider-Man #31: Very fun. After a lacking couple of issues, Bendis has hit his stride again. Seems to be a trend, actually. ***** (Uber-Book of the Week ****)

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Guest Sassquatch

Thank God this bullshit storyarc is finally ending.


But oh wait, next up is Ultimate VENOM~!


I pray for the youngins.

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