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Wassup, freaks? I know this should have been up yesterday, but I was on my way back from out of town when we(me and my brother) got into an accident that delayed us for like 3 hours. Boy, do I hate Highway Patrol men... those cockless fucks. Anyways, I get back in town around 2 am and am completely wiped the fuck out to the point where I was knocked out just as soon as I sat on the couch. Of course, I missed EVERYTHING that went on yesterday from FOOTBALL~! to Armageddon(of which I got a tape of from afriend and will watch soon enough), so I'm kinda mad, but fuck it, I needed sleep.


On the Alabama front, I'm still amazinged that Mal Moore would try and get a hack like Mike Riley to coach the Tide when he's proven that he just can't build a program(look at his Oregon State run) and since Riley just used to job offer to make UCLA sweat a bit before turning them down outright, I think it's safe to say that it was big waste of fucking time. Personally, I'd have tried to get Mickey Andrews from FSU since not only does he have ties to the program, but he's probably been wanting to be a head coach for YEARS now.



I really don't have much to say because I have to rush to do something in a couple of hours, so we'll get to the quickie Newsflash...



The TSM Weekend Newsflash


Due to time restraints and a general lack of anything noteworthy, everything read here is from Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer...




Rock 'n' WHO???


Rock wa son some Dallas radio station and he brought the idea of him and Bill Goldturd facing off for WrestleMania and apparently, Goldturd has been presented with the idea as well, which means that the end of the world maybe be upon us. I *really* don't want to see Goldturd in a WWE ring and I *REALLY* don't want to see Rock's star power wasted on a piece of hairy cowshit like it was for this year's WM with Hogan. Can't they find something , y'know... PRODUCTIVE for Rock to do besides pulling out all these useless "dream matches"? Fuck, run Rock/Austin, Rock/RVD, Rock/Booker T, Rock/Jericho, I don't care which, just as long as Gold turd is never seen in a WWE-owned ring EVER.





Stern Takes A Shot Too


In a funny bit, Howard Stern was pissed because of the WWE wanting Dawn Marie promote Armageddon, so she literally got no time at all to say anything other than that her tits were fake and THE LAMEST SMACKDOWN ANGLE EVER is the first time she ever kissed another woman. Apparently, Stern got irritated when some caller explained the angle and he found out that they weren't going to pay it off with anything meaningful(gee... whatta shock). Bra-fuckin'-vo, Howard! My opinion on Stern just went up about 80 notches there.





They did WHAT?


To show how pathetic things have gotten for the WWA after losing most of their talented guys to TNA, Sting just became the WWA champion after beating Luger and Malice. Man... I really thought Sting would have been smart enough to just stay away, but what can I say? Also, what the hell is up with GeezerMania runnin' wild this year? Shit, Hogan, Taker, and Sting have all been world champions this year, throw in a fluke win by Flair sometime within the next couple of weeks and it's a fucking grand slam.






Yes, that's all the news for over the weekend, kiddies. And they said that the monopoly was a GOOD thing.... Anyways, I'm out til this Sunday. Be sure to check in for The Midweek News with the esteemed Dr. Tom. Again, sorry about the pitiful amount of content, but I guess nothing happens even when the wrestling world is falling apart at the seams, eh?




Later, bootches!




Byron Vester

The SmartMarks.com

E-mail me at: [email protected](remember to remove the spam-killing x’s)

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