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WWE Confidential November 16, 2002

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Guest TSMAdmin

WWE Confidential November 16, 2002


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the week from hell. Honestly, I was going to type this up Monday afternoon, but I felt bad bogging down Dr. Tom/CJ’s House show report and the Survivor Series review. Little did I know that on Tuesday night I was going to get home from school at 4:15, only to go back later on for the better part of the evening. Then came Wednesday, where I had THREE in-class presentations to do IN A ROW. I got out of school by 3:30, but had to buy stuff for a business class until 5:00. At 7:00 I tutored a girl in math, which just happens to be my worst subject. Go figure. Thursday was another late-night ordeal. I slept through most of Friday, so here we are today. Lucky you, for this weekend there shall be a CONFIDENTIAL DOUBLE-SHOT. WOO-HOO!! Also, congrats to Dames for being praised by the NWA TNA’s own Jeremy Borash. Kudos. And yes, I’m sure Mean Gene will drop my name one of these days.


Highest Rating: 1.5 (May 25, 2002)

Lowest Rating: 0.5 (June 29, 2002- Rerun of May 25, 2002 @ 8:00PM)


Last Week's Rating: 0.6


The show starts off with a sit-down interview with Scott Steiner. Scotty believes that EVERY wrestling fan should know who he is. He also doesn’t think of himself as a loose cannon because he always knows exactly what he is doing. Since WCW was bought out he has been getting bigger and stronger each day. Hmmm…He doesn’t say which brand he will join. He wraps this pointless tripe up with, “Be afraid because the shit is on.” And why exactly am I wasting the little free time I have typing this shit? Oh yeah, because I love my adoring readers.


Segment 1: 0/1


A couple of weekends ago, the inaugural Kurt Angle Classic went down. Kurt essentially put together an amateur wrestling card with wrestlers from the US taking on wrestlers from other countries. It seems like a lot of big names came to this event, so kudos to Kurt as well. Angle still wants to stay involved in the sport, so this was his way of giving back to it. Some wrestlers talk about what amateur wrestling is all about. Originally, Kurt was against joining the WWF. Once he did it, other amateurs resented his decision. Kurt doesn’t consider joining the WWF to be selling out. It was taking another career path; reason being the WWE has nothing to do with the actual sport of wrestling. It is pure entertainment. Kurt wants to see more amateurs in the WWE, but some of them are too instinctual. The main reason he would like this is because there aren’t too many guys in the WWE who can go with him besides Eddy, Benoit and Brock. Good segment, as are just about all of the ones that include Kurt. A couple of the amateurs also showed some charisma and energy.


Segment 2: 1/2


The third (and fifth) segment is devoted to Bubba Ray Dudley’s life on the road. I’ll try to break this down into a simple format.



10:45 PM – Bubba and Spike leave the State College. (Damned if I remember what state it was)



1:30 AM – Bubba and Spike hauled ass for 200 miles and have just arrived a Marriott. Bubba uses his Marriott Gold Card.

11:07 AM – Bubba wakes up. He talks about how wrestling affects relationships, for he is engaged. 45 minutes of cardio follow.

2:26 PM – Eat.

6:18 PM – Packs his stuff up and leaves for Philadelphia. On the way he high fives fans driving next him. That was rather crazy. He checks the matchlist and talks to Booker T about what they will be doing. He does a Bubbaroonie, which was a success.

10:45 PM – Leaves the show and returns to the same hotel as the night before.



9:39 AM – Drives with Tommy Dreamer to the next show in Hershey. They make it to a rest stop where “The King of the Crane Game” Tommy Dreamer spends $3.00 and wins FIVE stuffed animals. No wonder Beulah married him.


11:26 AM – Arrive at Hershey. That night he works with Y2J. Afterwards his flight to Cincinnati is delayed. Finally he arrives at the hotel after 12:00 AM. Don’t worry folks, coming up later we see what Bubba does at Raw.


Segment 3: 2/3


Bruce Prichard and Gerald Briscoe discuss the history of the Survivor Series. Bruce starts off by saying that the Survivor Series was originally created as a way to have Andre the Giant fight Hulk Hogan again on PPV. See that…you really do learn something new everyday.


New Beginnings

1990 – The Undertaker debuted. This would be Prichard’s favorite moment because he (Brother Love) was the ‘Taker’s manager that night.

1996 – Rocky Maivia debuted. Prichard claims that as soon as everyone saw the Rock at MSG, they all knew he would become a HUGE STAR. Riiiiight

1999 – Kurt Angle debuted. Not much is said here.


Bitter Ending

1997- Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart. You all know the story there. Moving right along.


Vehicular Disasters

1999- Stone Cold got ran over. Please. That is NOT one of the most memorable Survivor Series moments. Nor is the next clip…

2000- Stone Cold drops HHH from a forklift while in a car.


Seriously, those were the greatest moments in Survivor Series history??? What about the Undertaker winning the Title from Hogan. Or Backlund winning the WWF Title from Bret Hart? How about one of the greatest matches ever in Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin? The Rock turning heel? Or even when the WWF killed off WCW for good? I guess that is why the WWE doesn’t hire me to write Confidential.


Segment 4: 2/4



12:41 PM – Drives into Cincinnati for Raw. Bubba is thankful that the WWE has agents like Arn Anderson.

4:40 PM – Bubba talks to Spike about their segment.

9:00 PM – Bubba is one of the few guys that doesn’t cover his ears for the pyro. Afterwards, Bubba says that all the agents loved their segment.

11:55 – Bubba hits the road.


Unlike the earlier segment, this one was way too short and very boring.


Segment 5: 2/5


The same Elimination Chamber that had been airing for weeks airs yet again. I guess that was the “Sneak Peak” Gene promised us last week.


Gene mentions that Jesse Ventura may replace Donahue on MSNBC.


Next Week: A special look at Anthology.


A Rey Misterio video promotes Anthology.


Segment 6: 2/6


Well, that sucked. Hopefully tonight’s show will be better. Sooner or later I’ll wrap up that comp tape.


Drop me a line, take a look at my Archives, and check out my Amazon Wishlist.

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