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Guest nWoScorpion

WWF Wrestlemania III

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Guest nWoScorpion

This is the Boxed Set version of Wrestlemania III, so im hopig its not clipped to hell like my Wrestlemania VII.


The Tape first shows promos for Wrestlemania 1-XIV, and some other tapes of Mick Foley, Taker, Sable and Best of survivor series.


Wrestlemania III

Pontiac Silver Dome

Pontiac, Michigan

March 29, 1987


-We start with Aretha Franklin giving anice rendition of America The Bueataful to a nice reaction.


-Opening Match: Can-Am Connection (rick martel & Tom Zenk) Vs. "ace Cowboy" Bob Orton & Maginificent Muraco (w/ Mr. Fuji)

1 year later we see Muraco a "beloved" face managed by former champion Billy Grahm, Rick Martel gets his ass taken out by Demolition for about 8 months, Bob Orton i have no clue about.  and Tom zenk becoms the Z-Man in NWA/WCW. Did Mr. fuji ever age?! he looks the same as i watched Wrestlemania X just last night. The Connection look almost identical. Muraco starts the match with Zenk, stall central. Muraco takes Zenk to the corner and unloads with a few punchs, Zenk with a hip toss ands a nice manuever (later known as the hurricanrana) to a hugh pop. Martel with th blind tag followed by a double monkey flip. Zenk back in and Orton takes down Zenk with a shoulderblock but runs into a scoop slam followed by a arm drag and an arm bar. Zenk rams him into the turnbuckle and repeats the last set of moves. Orton lock in the full nelson but Muraco clobbers his own partner by mistake for only a 2 count. The faces are in control the entire match except for aobut 30 seconds. Muraco with the flaiur flip and a pier six erupts. Martel and Zenk reverese the doubnle irish whip and Orton isa sent out via a dropkick. Muraco whips Martel into the ropes, but he comes back with a cross body as Muraco tumbles over Zenk for the pinfall at 5:36. **1/2. Good opener and the crowd popped for everything. Too bad the Can-Am's broke up in about 3 months or so following this. Ventura bitches after the match about the double teaming.


-Recap of Haynes/Hercules fued, Hercules attacks Hayes and lock him the full nelson.


-Gene is with Bobby Heenan & Hercules who ramble about Billy "jerk" Haynes. Hercules rambles about Rome and shit.


Billy Jack Haynes vs. Hercules (w/ Bobby Heenan)

Its the battle of the full neslon. In otherwords, its gonna be shitty. Niether men have theme music so i fast foward. Butting heds to start. Yeah, makes me excited to. Colar elbow tieup and Hercules lays in a some knees into the midsection of Haynes. Monsoon was in his prime supposivly in 1932. Haynes with a sweet Body Press but cant lock on the Full Nelson. I like the bowl haircut haynes has going. Haynes lays into Herc now with chops and some taped rights, but Hercules nails his power-clothesline, his only move he does good. Thank god he shaved the fro from WM 2. Hercules with a slew of offense doesnt really catch my attention except he works on his back. Hercules nails a nice snap suplex, when Hayes tries it his abck gives out.Ok, Boss Man at RR 93 sold a back injury and suplexed Bam Bam Bigelow. Sheesh talk about over selling. Herc. loxcks in the full nelson and Hayes is tapping! But its 1987, so we are 10 years away from establishing the rule. Haynes come sback with the inverted atomic drop and some shitty chops and leg drop. Haynes locks in the the full nelson to a hugh erruption but Herc taks them both to the outside. Guess what happens? Haynes with a hugh Slobber comin gout of his mouth as they are BOTH counted out at 7:52. *3/4. Not that bad but nothing really good.


-Afterwards, Hercules dos the chains job to Haynes and he blades right on camera. Im starting to wish he wrestled as Black Blood here.


-Geno is with King Kong Bundy, then we cut to Hillbilly Jim and his partners.


Hillbilly Jim, Little Beaver, Haiti Kid vs. King Kong Bundy, Lord Littlebrook, Little Tokyo.

Im guessing they all represent diffeent countires. Bob Ueker is in the Comnmentators booth for this one. God i hate this one, but since Its only 4 + minutes, i think my sanity will sustain this kind of blow. The midgets lock up for most of the match with a double criss cross, then the faces go into the row boat. The midgets lock up in all the matches possible, but it still sucks. Bundy takes a shot by the beaver so he tags in, followed by Hillbilly Jim. Jim nails some clotheslines and  shitty elbow drop. RIP Wrestlecrap.com. Beaver runs in AGAIN, but this time Bundy catches him slams him, and drops a big fat elbow for the disqualification. DUD #1 of the night. Hillbilly's team picks up the win at 4:23.


-Mary Hart is with elizabeth who is cut of by Randy Savage who rambles on while Hart tries getting a Liz interview.


-Fued recap of JYD vs. Harley Race. JYD wont bow to Race because hes the king, so this is his match for revenge after Race & heenan force him to bow down.


-Gene is with Race, Heenan & "Queen of Wrestling" Fabulous Moolah


-Humiliation Match":

Junkyard Dog vs. "King" Harley Race

No disrespect, but I dont feel like making fun of someone who passed away. race has the king music which is recycled for for King Haku & Jerry "The King" Lawler in years to come. JYD's theme is Grab them cakes, which is not as good as Another One Bites the Dust.


-Junkyard Dog interview between interviews, god this is pissing me off.


JYD dancs on the apron for a few seconds and for memorable moment, hes the seconds person to bring a chain to the ring this year. Shitty Match. Brawling galore, JYD chases Heenan, punch punch punch punch headbutt. Race misses a headbutt off the apron. Race gets slammed and locked into the abdominable stretch, but turns the tide with a belly to Belly Suplex for 3. DUD #2. 3:20 but im positive JYD got the shoulder up. JYD bows to Race, but then decides to nailhim with the weak chair shot of doom. Next match i forgot whos in so lets find out.


-Hulk Hogan promo in which Vince is like "what the fuck is he saying?". Brother count tonight is 4. The Man count is about 187.


-Scheme Gene is with Brother Bruti, Greg Valentine, Dino Bravo and Johnny V.


-Rogeau Brothers (Jacques & Raymon) Vs. The Dream Team (Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine) (w/ Johnny V & Dino Bravo)

Dino isnt the roided up loser he is......well not today. Lets say 1988. Brutus is NOT announced from parts unknown surprising. Brutus starts with Raymon, wiith a nice hammerlock, Ray reverse with a backflip into a atomic drop. Double dropkick by the rogeau's and Hammer tags in. KJnee to the cut of Jacques takes the advantage. Raymon takes him down with a cross body block. Again, Valentines endurance is mentioned. Beefcake with a hugh Body Press turned into a side back breaker. Valentine locks the figure four on Jaques but ends up making the hot tag as Ray gos nuts on Hammer. Beefcake gos for a double axhandle but naiuls Valentine and the rogeaus nail the Rogeau Bomb. Bravo comes in with an elbow to Jaques gut and Valentines picks up the pin at 4:03. **. Too quick to do anything really good. I hear these two had way better matches before this. Brutus's face turn happens as the NEW Dream Team leaves him strande din the ring.


-Fued recap. Orton, Muraco & Adonis take out Piper, he rturns and demolishes the Flower Shop then procedes to kick Aonis & Jimmy Harts asses.


-Roddy Piper interview


Roddy Piper: No retreat and no serender!!!!


Crazy man


-Adrian adonis gives a WHACKED OUT Promo.


Hair vs. Hair Match:

"Hotrod" Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. "Adorable" Adrian Adonis.

Man, this is the 5th man on this PPV so far thats dead The others ar eif you didnt figure are Mr. Fuji, Joery Moerella, JYD, Andre The Giant. Piper WALKS to the ring the first person to do so all night. Piper goes apeshit on Adonis with his belt and Adonis gets some of his own shots in as well. I never heard the bell ring. Were gonna have a bald scott or Humpty Dumpty. Adonis with the flair flip out after Piper reverses an irish whip. Double nogginknocker on Hart & Adonis. And Piper throws Jimmy into Adonis sending both men over and out of the ring. Piper throws Jimmy off the top rope again into Adonis. Hot match so far.Adonis takes control bck  with stomach akes, punches and some crappy clotheslines. Good Night Irene is applied, but after 2 ge lets go!! Beefcake comes in the ring and revives Piper, who lokcs in his SLEEP HOLD OF DEATH for the submision win at 6:06. Piper pounds on jimmy some more as Beefcakes does a clip job. On Adonis, not this tape. Some nut jumps Piper and hugs him, afterwards security beat the shit out of him to my delight. *3/4 for a shitty match, but great heat.


-The Fink introduces Jesse Ventura t ringside and JImmy Hart is ALREADY BACK in another suit!!!?


-Mene Gene is with the Hart Foundation & Danny Davis, followed by British Bulldogs & Tito Santana


Hart Foundation (Bret Hart/Jim Niedhart) & Danny Davis (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. British Bulldogs (Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith) & Tito Santana (w/ Matilda)

Bulldogs start of by tossing Davis right over the top rope on the Anvil. And Tito gos to work on Bret Hart, who gets thrown on his face. anvil tags in as does Smith. Power v. Power here. Double noggin knocker to the Hart fpundation and Dynamite & Smith double headbutt the Anvil. Tito tags in and works and armba, but get stuck in the opposite corner. smith tags in and kicks and punches anvil and scores a big backdrop, in Monsoons words. Dytnamite tags in and Bret does the corner bump for god messure. Heabutt gets a 1 count. Bret works on Dynamite in the corner, as the Anvil apllies a looooooong rear chinlock. Bret nails an elbow across the "asofagus?". Davis tags in, lays two kicks in and tags bret. Kid is literally crippled the month before, and he plays ricky Morton, my god. Davis repeats his last tactics. Bret with some punches knocks down Dynamire. Dvis gos for a slinghsot splash by Dynamite gets the knee up as Tito just punches the shit out of Danny. Backdrop , anvil down, bret down. Fyling Forerarm! Mouting punches. Figure Four leg lock is broken by Anvil. Smith tags in. Oh no........Hugh Clothesline. headbutt by Fynamite. Tombstone piledriver!!!Stall Suplex by Davey Boy!!! Running Powerslam follows!!! Danny Davis is legally dead fopr about the next 30 seconds. Davis gets the megaphone and clocks him with it getting the pin at 8:51. *** Great Match. Bulldogs & Tito just about kick the shit outta Dvis for a good 2 minutes. Good enough for me.


-Gene again is with Bobby Heenan & Andre The Giant.


Koko b. Ware (w/ Frankie) vs. "The Natural" Butch Reed (w. Slick)

Slick is dressed like a grasshopper here. Im wornout from the last segment so this is gonna be quick.Ventura says Koko's middle name is buckwheat and claims he has a brother who wears a durby called Stimey. Reed & Koko trade some punchs for a few minutes until Reed rolls through a crossbody press for the three count at 3:39. 1/2*. tito comes in and rips Slicks clothes off after the match.


Randy Savage/Ricky Steamboat recap. Savge destryed Steamboats larynx in november 1986. Steamboat came back 3 months later, getting a rematch after he had Steele kidnap Miss Elizabeth and using it as blackmail.


-Randy savage promo, followed by a Rick Steamboat interview.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match:

"Macho Man" Randy Savage © (w/ Elizabeth) Vs. Ricky "The Dragon" Stamboat (w/ George Steele)

Wow, we have gotten EVERY ring entry and EVERY promo up until Craig DeGeorge is in one. If you havnt heard of this match you can go to hell. Thank god the following 2 matches suck so i dont have to do anything longer then this match. Liz is a 9 on the duable meter. Savage with a co behind but Steamboat reverses it to a takedown. Stamboat has a lot of throat to Ventura. Steambaot with a series of dep arm drags and a guilotine choke (see WM 2 & VII). Savage with an axhandle to stemabot and a kick to the ribs. Randy uses the ropes to clothesline Steamboat and nails a few bionic elbows. Steamer with a leveraged rist lock and an arm ringer across the top rope. Savage with a elbow to the face taks the advantage and slings him over the top rope. Savage with an elbow across the throat. Savage kicks Seamboat in the back of the head sending him to the floor. Snapmare backin by savage and some more elbows between the eyes for a 2 count. (1). Knee drop gets 2 (2). Stembaot blocks the turnbuckle shot and unleashes some right hands. Savage is tied in the ropes so Steamer unloads on him. Steamer witha  high cross body for 2. (3). Shoulderblock gets 2 (4). Savage with an elbow to the back. Savage witha  clothesline sends Steamer over and out. Savage throws Steamer right into the bell table and into the crowd. Steele is Alberts long lost father!! Tune in to Raw this monday on more details. Savage takes Steamer and again tosses him over the top, followed by a double axhandle off the top rope. Savage nails another inside the ring and a running elbow for 2. (5). sling him over the top rope for 2. (6). Atomic Drop gets 2 (7)Suplex by Savage gets 2 (8)Gutwrench suplex by Savage gets a 2 (9). Steamer reverses a atomic drop and tosses Savage now over the top rope. Steamer nails the fyling chop to the head for a 2 count (10). Stemaboat with the double chop gets a 2 count (11). Chops to the head send Savage outside. Sunset Flip gets 2 (12). School Boy gets 2 (13). Double leg pin gets 2 (14) Small Package gets 2 (15) Slingshot into the buckle gets 2 (16). Steamer with a reversal gets 2 (17) reversed by Savage gets 2 (18). Savage pillars steamer to end the hot segment of 2 counts. Ref Bump as Savage takes down Steamer with a clothesline. Fyling Elbow!! Count of 1.....2........3..........4.........5..........6.........7.....8 and Savage goes outside for the ringbell. Steele takes it but Savage gets it back. Steele heave Savage off the top rope, allowing Steamboat to connect with an inside cradle for the 3 count and the Intercontinental title. 14:36 (19). ***** Easy. Hot match, great great great segment nearing the end. Steamboat sadly went to lose the title 2 months later to the Honky Tonk Man and Randy Savage went on and turned face.


-Mene Gene is with Jake Roberts & Alice Cooper; clips of Honkytonk Man attacking Roberts wit his guitar on the snake Pit. Honky & Hart rebut Jakes comments.


Jake "The snake" Roberts vs. Honky Tonk Man

Jake unloads with some stiff shots before he takes off hisd elvis suit. Knee lift sends HTM going to the outisde. Left & right combos by Jake as he chases down honky tonk. Slam on the floor gets a nice pop followed by some more sitff lefts and rights/ PREPARE TO FAST FOWARD! Jake Roberts goes for the DDT, but Honky Tonk Man escapes it and pins the Snake with some assistance from the top rope for leverage to get the win. 7:02. Way toooooo lnog for a post Savage/Steamboat match. We will go...................* 1/4. Aftrmath...Jake and Alice double team on Jimmy Hart and rap Damion around him, making his dry cleaner a rich man.


-Mene Gene announces the new indoor attendance record at 93,173 fans jamp-packing the Pontiac silver Dome, and breaking the Rolling Stones record.


Killer Bees (Brian Blair & Jim Brunzell) (w/ Jim Duggan) vs. Iron Shiek & Nikolai Volkoff (w/ Slick)

How jobberful to put this match before the main event. Duggan runs in and prevents Volkoff singing the Russian National anthem. Short and Sweet. The Heels work of Brunzell after he nails a sweeeet dropkick, but walks into the wrong corner. Pier six brawl errupts and Shiek locks in the Camel Clutch. Duggan chases Volkoff into the ring and procedes to nail shiek with his trusty 2x4 DQing the Bees. Atlwast that didnt have to aay I QUIT. 5:42. *. Shitty Match, but atleast the crowd was into it. Had its moments for the first.............45 seconds. Time for the main event BABY!


-Andre concludes the promo we saw about 1 hour and a half ago.


Hogan/Andre recap: Andre cngradulats Hogan on winning the world title. Hogan later on saves Andre from a KKB, BJS beating, leading up 2 a tag team match on a SNME. Andre then ould recieve a trophy for his 15 yrs. undefeated, but Hogan gets a BIGGER tropghy for bein champ for 3 years. Andre & Hogan on Pipers Pit: Jesse Ventura brings out Andre with Hogan, who then Challenges Hogan at WM3. Piper asks Hogan if he will accept the match, YES OR NO. HOGAN: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!! Didnt these two guys hate each other 2 years ago? Eh, forgive and forget again.


-Gene is with Hulk Hogan for a promo. Brother count is a total of only 1(!).


-Bob Ueker comes out to be guest ring announcer and Mary Hart is announced as the gust time keeper.



Andre The Giant

Height: 7'5"

Weight: 525 Pounds

NECK: 24"

CHEST: 71"

BICEP: 21"

HAND: 16"

WRIST: 11"





Hulk Hogan

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 294 pounds

NECK: 21"

CHEST: 58"

BICEP: 24"

HAND: 18"


FOREARM: 13 1/2"

THIGHS: 30 1/2"



WWF-World Championship Match:

Hulk Hogan © Vs. Andre The Giant (w/ Bobby Heenan)

Most famous staredown ever. Andre shoves Hogan, Hogan shoves andre, punch punch punch Slam........Andre falls on him for a 2 count. Andre lookes pissed now. Andre with a club to the back, and another and aknee lift and body slam on the champion. Another slam follows followed by some irish whips into the turnbuckle, trying to injure Hogans back. Andre with some shoulder thrusts to the midsection of Hogan. And Some BUTT splashes follow. Hope to god he doesnt shit on him. (see Brown, Bad News) Hogan comes back with some stiff right hands and a big roundhouse, an elbow and some chops across the chest of andre. Turnbuckle SHOTS OF DOOM. Andre with a low big boot takes back the advantage. Andre gos to the BEARHUG OF DEATH To kill some time. 1 hour time limit btw......god, imagine them 2 for one hour?!?! Andre rams his own head into the ring post by accident and Hogan gos for a piledriver!!! on the concrete. Andre, in the worst rversals ever, sloppily drops Hogan so wrong, im not surprised hogan stiffed Andre a few tiems afterwards. Hogan fights back and clothesline andre down hard!! Hulkamania is running wild. Body Slam!!!!!! Hogan with the Leg Drop!! 1....2......3 Its over and Hogan retains the title. 10:12. *1/2 Not that bad, but it still was almost the hype that made this match a classic. Hogan poses with the belft for a few minutes and the show ends with Hogan leaving in the mini cart.


that raps up Wrestlemania III.


Hollywood Scorpion

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