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  1. Interesting tidbit on this for those who don't know....the snake actually died the next day b/c of some sort of infection. Oh the irony
  2. muda345

    Hulkamania 6

    how could they leave the legendary Zeus off this tape?
  3. muda345

    Survivor series 1989 rant

    This for me personally is by far and away my fav Survivor Series....no reason in particular..just is. This is remembered most for Vince giving Warrior a shot at the main event in what was obviously a test run to see if he was on Hogans level, or at least close to it. I'm guessing it was right after this show where they made the decision to put the belt on Warrior at WMVI
  4. muda345

    WWF Wrestlemania III

    Mr Fuji is alive and Dino Bravo is dead
  5. muda345

    This site blows now

    This site blows now..enough said
  6. muda345

    Let's Talk About...

    I say two years and he's dead
  7. No I knew what Brody meant lol.... I guess the reason I was confused is b/c I have no links to any of the music..i just see "next" and "next one." Oh well
  8. does anyone have a clue as to what he's trying to get at with this?
  9. muda345

    Hogan/Andre bodyslam

    I had always wondered about the spot where Hogan tries to slam Andre early in the bout and Andre falls on him and the whole "was it a 3 count or not" was brought up. My question is was that spot planned, or did it happen by accident and the WWF figured why not just run with it and use it as a storyline to further the Hogan/Andre feud into WMIV?
  10. Who in your opinion was the best and worst at giving promos in wrestling history Best: Ric Flair Worst: Ken Patera, with Tugboat coming in a close second
  11. muda345

    The imitation thread

    Some think Hercules Hernandez was a rip off of Bruiser Brody
  12. muda345

    Rick Rude

    On this the 10th anniversary of Rick Rude's death, I'd like to get anyone's thoughts on where he ranks as far as the all time greats go.
  13. muda345

    Fact or a myth?

    Was Dino Bravo really murdered over his involvement in black market ciggarette smuggling or was it something else? And also why did the WWF never really give any tribute to him or VonErich, at least that I know of, right after their deaths (which were 3 weeks apart)
  14. muda345

    Tugboat vs Steamboat

    As far as I know the match was always supposed to be Taker vs Snuka. Taker squashed Tugboat on the WM preview show "Superstars and Stripes Forever" a week before the PPV. The strange part is I could have sworn I remembered Taker being able to tombstone Tugboat then when I watched the match again for the first time a few years ago on video Taker finished him off with an elbow from the top rope. Not to make too big a deal out of it because it is Tugboat here we're talking about, but check out the video below. Gorilla is talking about the WMVII matches that had just been signed and does indeed mention Tugboat taking on Undertaker. Plus I'm almost 100% positive WWF magazine listed this as one of the matches. I actually read that they had changed the match to Snuka b/c the WWF was afraid Taker wouldn't be able to get Tugboat up in the Tombstone, which they really wanted to put over at WM. Oh well like I said it's Tugboat, and no matter who is opponent was going to be they were losing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHJCdHQXxbY...PL&index=31