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The British Wrestling scene in 2003

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So 2002 was quite a year for the British Wrestling scene.


The FWA recruited top Indy stars for their shows, and broadcast an event on TV. They hold their biggest show to date at the York Hall and recieve rave reviews.


Hammerlock goes on tour with ex wwf legend Jake Roberts, and score them selves a tv deal (so it is rumoured).


Seen as we are going into 2003, how about we post our thoughts on the last year in Britain, and how we wold like things to go in 2003.


I became a big Indy fan this year, and also a huge FWA fan. I saw their 2 biggest shows, and some excellent matches.


FWA relaunch after 5 years this year, and claim that they will have something that will set them apart from all other promotions in the UK, and will help secure them a national TV deal.


Heres some word from Alex Shane on 2002


(courtesy of alexshane.com)


These are random thoughts and Observations of the World of Wrestling from The Showstealer Alex Shane.


The Re-launch is putting the FWA management into a creative spin. So many creative Ideas are being put forward but the final decision will be made at the FWA Management's First meeting of 2003 in London on 3rd of January. Expect some major rules changes that will make the product a lot more believable but still maintaining a Sports-Entertainment approach in regards to storylines and angles.


The Idea to go for a more realistic approach stems from talks with several TV companies about making a product that stands alone in terms of in-ring action, thus giving it a very British feel but still keeps the soap opera style that makes the US scene so popular. A change in colour scheme has also been suggested, possibly going for Red, White and Blue. Mark Sloan has put forward the idea of changing the name from FWA to just Frontier Wrestling. The company is currently torn on that decision at present. I like the idea although I would still prefer to keep the initials until we are established on TV as I feel the letters FWA are a lot more marketable. The other big debate is whether or not to move up to the 20' by 20' ring? The 3 main problems are - Retraining our roster to get their timing correct, which would take some time to do, being detrimental to the next couple of shows which at this point in time is something I feel we can not afford to do. Secondly, I am concerned that it will really show the difference in size between our roster and their America counterparts. This to me is actually worse than our ring looking to small. Finally, it will restrict the use of several of our venues, such as Broxbourne. These could become financially unviable to run due to the loss of seats in the Gold ringside area, which a bigger ring would cause. All the major news from the 3rd of January meeting will be in next week's Shooting Gallery.


The new FWA Commissioner should be confirmed and signed next weekend. There are several chooses but seeing as my first choice is a reasonably large name in British wrestling circles, this signing we take some time to finalise, Although the plan is for him to be signed in the next 10-14 days. He will still not be unveiled until New Frontiers on the 8th of February at Walthamstow.


The Main Event for New Frontiers will not sadly but definitely be Chris Daniels Vs Jerry Lynn. We were contacted by Chris, several days before Season's Beatings. He informed us that he will not be able to make the Walthamstow date, having just booked for New Japan. Even though we had booked him for the 8th of February back in October, he couldn't understandably turn the New Japan Tour down. This lead to the last minute booking change in the Round Robin Tournament at Season's Beatings, resulting in the Double pin finish to give us somewhere to go until we can rebook Chris again, hopefully for March 16th. On a side note, I'm still very determined to book Chris Daniels Vs Jerry Lynn, because it'll be a dream match.


We are currently trying to book a second American for New Frontiers. The Original plan for the Main Event was the Jonny Storm, Doug Williams & Jerry Lynn 3way Dance. Although if we can get the US star we have in mind then Jonny will be taken out of the 3way and face the American. If this is the case we will go with a Williams and Lynn Main Event, it will be given an Ironman or 2 out of 3 falls stipulation. If we do go with the 3way, I am tempted to go with a ladder match for the #1 Contender's contract; I feel the Williams/Lynn/Storm 3way Ladder match would be an absolute blinder.


Was over the moon with the Power Slam top 50, Doug Williams at 21 in the world can only benefit British wrestling. It's about time that my favourite British wrestling Magazine gave the Brits a bit more coverage. I was also very happy with the reason they put for me not being added this year (the injury) as I really did imagine seeing 'Alex Shane was kept out of the top 50 because Fin Martin finally saw him work and well…He Sucked!'


I am planning on flying to Philly to meet with XPW and ROH. There is huge potential for great deals with both of the these companies offering different benefits. Although, there seems to be a case of us or them developing. This is something I would like to iron out as I would very much like to work with both companies, hopefully if the right deal is successfully negotiated then not only will all 3 companies benefit but also will the fans.


Work is currently in progress to get together on the FWA Fan Club. The current idea is a year membership, which gives the fans the following - FWA Unseen matches Video - Featuring Jonny Storm Vs Flash Barker from Hotwired, Doug Williams Vs Jody Fleisch Vs Chris Daniels from London Calling. Plus many other highly requested but as yet unreleased bouts, As well as an unreleased FWA Music CD featuring currently unavailable tracks, An FWA Limited Fan Club T-Shirt, 10% off merchandise discount card, 24 hour advanced ticket hotline number, giving members the chance to purchase their tickets early, As well as invites to the FWA News Pre/Post Event Press Conferences - Which only Press and Club Members will have access to. I am toying with the idea of £50-60 per year for the membership with all the money going right back into buying new equipment for the FWA. Any Fan Forum feed back will be appreciated before we go ahead with this idea.


Now for some 'predictions' from 'The ShowStealer'… - Look for many new tag teams to surface in the coming months in the FWA and a new and improved Tag Team scene to begin shortly.


- Expect Birchall to be a huge name on the British scene this year and his push to be continued to the moon and beyond.


- Expect to see a lot more of Simmons in the coming months as a wrestler and also, I have a feeling, as a total cult idol. Ditto with The Family as well as a new leader to give them a bit more star power.


- Expect to see the first ever Brit Fed Vs US fed feud leading to a huge one off show in the middle of next year.


- Expect to see Nikita used to gain much national publicity for the FWA in the Coming year. And no, that doesn't mean she id getting naked…sadly.


- Expect to see the return of the Pitbulls with a new hardcore image. And no, they we not be getting naked either…I hope!


- Expect Flash Barker to finally make it in the US this year, there is interest in him from several companies and I feel his new Shoot gimmick will be the icing on the cake for him.


- Look out for the King of England 2 before the end of the year.


- Expect The Zebra Kid's fan following to grow rapidly with recent trips to America and something tells me his title reign will be a long one.


- Look out for some Big FWA name returns in the near future.


- If all goes well expect to see the FWA at the 4,000 seater Coventry Skydome, although several BIG names will have to be brought in.


- Don't expect to see Ulf Herman using venue dustbins.


- Expect to see former UWA & UCW assistant booker Kenny McBride to begin stage managing for the FWA in the near future.


- Expect to see the release of FWA videos to become quicker and more efficient.


- Expect to see a few more women appearing in the FWA in the coming months.


- Possible US names to see this year include - Syxx Pac, Low Ki, The Amazing Red, American Dragon, Super Crazy, Taka Michinoku and the return of Steve Corino. And also regular trips from Jerry Lynn and A.J. Styles. And if British Uprising is anything to go by a return visit from Balls Mahoney.


- 2003 to be the year FWA gets a national TV deal & shed it's reputation of Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy & replace it with Doug Williams and Jody Fleisch.


- And finally expect Shane's Shooting Gallery to continue to me into trouble, telling the things that aren't meant to be told. For those FWA wrestler and managers that have a problem with my Shooting Galleries there are two things you can do about it…That Nothing and Like it or Read it and weep! You decide.


Until next time,


Take care,


Alex Shane


I know the FWA isnt the only promotion in the UK, but the way I figure it, if they continue to produce the quality of show that they have been producing, then good things will come their way.



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Guest TheyCallMeMark

Looks to be a good year over in England. Anywhere you can direct me to pick up tapes?

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Guest BAR

I wouldn't mind picking up some FWA tapes too. I've had enough bullshit with SST, though. I've seen British Uprising for sale at the FWA website, but I've heard of alot of order problems that people have been having with that.

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It does look like a good year indeed. :)


Good news on the tape front is that SST are rumoured to have lost the FWA contract. Basically, FWA got pissed of at not making much money from videos because SST offered such a crap service. I don't know how much fact there is in that rumour though.


Look out in the new year for the new dealer of the FWA tapes.


As far as British Uprising goes, your right, there have been problems. I paid for my ticket at the December 15th FWA show (seasons beatings) and they guaranteed me that it would be delivered for Christmas. Its now the 5th of January, 21 days later, and I still havent got my tape. I heard, via another forum, that there were problems in production.


On the positive, I think it is certainly worth getting some FWA tapes. Their last 3 shows have been outstanding, and when the new dealer is set up, it should be a good place to get quality british wrestling shows.



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British Uprising tape was delivered this morning :)


I havent had a chance to watch it yet, but the VQ looks outstanding, plus you seem to get some added bonuses. (Like the guys entering the arena from thier limo's).



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Guest Anorak

Do any of you know exactly what's going on at SST? No update in over 2 months and I recently recieved a b&w Benoit comp tape and Best of TAKA Michinoku Vol 2 when I had actually ordered volume 1! With them having no ROH, possibly no exclusive FWA from what i've read here and Puro reccomended & avaliable elsewhere (can't remember the site name offhand but its been reccomended here) I might not have to bother with them again anyway.


A national tv deal for the FWA would be brilliant, with a good combination of the best overseas workers and young homegrown talent this years shows should be excellent. I haven't even seen the last few shows as I've been too busy getting ECW, Puro and old WWF stuff but I'm definately going to make up for that this year if their shows are going to be easier to get your hands on.


Watched any more of your tape yet Chunk?

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I've just finished watching the Britisch Uprising tape (gotta love those extended Uni holidays :))


I loved the show the first time around, and the tape is pretty good. The video quality is excellent, and the show seems to have been taped on about 4 different cameras, so the action cuts from one camera to another to give you the best view. Cameras were also stationed on the balconys, so you get an excellent arial shot every now and again.


The extra features I mentioned, run throughout the whole tape. You start with The Old School's entrance from their limo, and then you get promo's from Drew McDonald, The New Breed, The Family and Jonny Storm, between every match.


The tape features the first 5 matches of the night:


James Tighe Vs Jack Xavier Vs Raj Ghosh


The Zebra Kid Vs Hade Vansen


The Pitbulls Vs The New Breed


Drew McDonald Vs Jerry Lynn



For only half a show, I think it works well. It lulls in the middle a bit, after the excellent triple threat start, but then picks back for for a sort of main event in Lynn/Williams.


The commentry kind of sucks throughout though. You've got Tony Giles, who doesnt do too bad a job. Accompanied by Nick London, who I didnt really like that much, his voice sounds too Bogus.


I highly recommend the tape, but it doesnt seem tohave the same impact as the live show, and it may be worth waiting and getting both parts and watching them all at once.



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Guest BAR
Do any of you know exactly what's going on at SST? No update in over 2 months and I recently recieved a b&w Benoit comp tape and Best of TAKA Michinoku Vol 2 when I had actually ordered volume 1! With them having no ROH, possibly no exclusive FWA from what i've read here and Puro reccomended & avaliable elsewhere (can't remember the site name offhand but its been reccomended here) I might not have to bother with them again anyway.

Dude, I had the exact same problem...


Ordered Misawa 5* Bouts, that was fine and ECW Ballroom Blitz. The ECW show is 2 tapes. He sent me two copies of tape 1!


I emailed him about sending me my tape 2 but of course, no response.


So I sent the shit back yesterday and hope he'll send me tape 2 this time!

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