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Guest TSMAdmin

Wassup, freaks! I’m doing this kinda late because I just got back from seeing The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and I have to say that it’s probably one of the best movies I’ve ever personally seen. From Gollum, to Frodo, to the battle at Helms Deep, the Two Towers was, IMHO, visually and emotionally stunning. But, to be fair, I couldn’t write up a better review of the movie than our esteemed Dr. Tom has here, so if you’re wavering on going to see it, then just click the link, amigos.



On the football side of things, my Jags just get worse and worse as we got slaughtered by Tennessee and I’m starting to grow really tired of Tom Coughlin’s mismanagement of the team and think it’s time for a change of command before the franchise ends up being the Arizona Cardinals of the AFC. The big problem is that there’s not exactly a dearth of great coaches, college or otherwise, to choose from at the moment, so unless management can lure someone good, we may end up stuck with Coughlin for the long haul. Sigh…



Alright, got the real life stuff out of the way, now ON WITH THE NEWS!




TSM Weekend Newsflash



Because of time considerations(and the fact that I’m really fucking worn out), all news comes from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer.







Funny how nowadays when the media gets a hold of either Vince or Linda about the recent downfall of the company, they always feed them the usual line of bullshit about how 2003’s going to be “better” with all the various activities they have planned like a WWE cartoon show(BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!), a lame WWE wireless phone, developing movies(what the hell happened to that anyway? LOL!), and touring overseas countries. Oddly enough, I’m sure that they won’t be so welcome back in Austrailia again after all the recent crap they and the Aussie TV Networks pulled down there and lord knows that selling out India and sundry other Third World nations will save their asses from the fact that business in the U.S. has been pretty dreadful. That Vince… whatta genius.








Amazingly enough, Smackdown’s ratings are UP from last week at 3.3, but still way below what they were pulling in beforehand. I guess the Hoss-ilization of Smackdown has succeeded, BRAVO, VINCE! And while I’m at it, why the fuck is everything on the show revolving around either Paul Heyman and the horrible Dawn/Al/Torrie storyline THAT NEVER ENDS!? It’s like they’re fucking TRYING to tank all the good things about the company lately with the Fat Fuck/Albert pushes and the neverending story that is the Love(?) Triangle(hey, after necrophilia, doggie murder, geezers main eventing the main show, why be shocked if Torrie starts to *REALLY* love her dad…). Le Sigh…







Shockingly enough, the Royal Rumble from Boston’s Fleet Center is actually sold out! Maybe all the Boston fans think that the WWE will pull out another miracle like in WM 14 when the company had been in the shitter then and the PPV helped propel them to #1 four years ago… Really, there’s not a whole lot to look forward to other than Brock Lesnar’s eventual Rumble win(c’mon, didn’t you hear how fucking OVER he was at Smackdown?) and the Showdown of the Gassed-Up Has-Beens for the Triple H Vanity Title. Maybe they’ll throw Benoit/Angle on there, but really, they’ve burned the living hell out of that match and should really give it a rest, but hey, they might as well try and squeeze the last of the juice out of the rotting corpse, eh?







Well, folks… I’m outta here for the week. I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas(except you, Adam, obviously) as I will be at the house with an insane amount of family members running around doing this and that and begging for a swift, merciful death. I leave you with one warning: Do NOT watch RAW on Monday, I beg of you. Unless you like torturing yourself for fun, RAW should be avoided at all costs. There, that’s my good deed for the year, fuckos, so you better enjoy it.





Later, bootches!




Byron Vester

The SmartMarks.com

E-mail me at: [email protected](remember to remove the spam-killing x’s)

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