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The Dames' Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 30

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Guest TSMAdmin

The Dames’ Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 30



Hello and welcome back to another EXCITING edition of Dames’ Weekly TNA Diatribes. Last week, I told all of you that I was going to start a new job this past Monday and so far, it’s been great. I’m sure you don’t give a DAMN about all that though, so I’ve just got one question to ask of all of you. I’m trying to get my diatribes done quicker so I don’t have to feel like a zombie in the morning, so for those of you who have been reading my stuff for a while, I would really appreciate it if you could email me at [email protected] and let me know if the quality of my reports have fallen at all.


Also, this weekend I’ll be covering the WWE No Way Out Pay Per View....exclusively on my site TheSmartMarks.com....check it out. (Note: Wow....I must be on some GOOD crack or something because No Way Out isn't until the 23rd. Where in the world has my mind gone???)


Let’s get right to the recap!


After the shows intro (complete with new theme), we pan the crowd like always and our sign of the week is: “Evolution is NOT a Game”. HA! There’s an old lady in the Heel Section! That’s just...great. We finally get a shot of the ring and Larry Zbyszko is in it, holding the NWA Title! He talks about how in recent weeks, he’s seen AJ hold his own against Jeff Jarrett and how he’s come to respect AJ’s talent and ability. Larry demands that Jarrett give Styles a shot at the World Title! Jarrett interrupts, of course, and says he’ll give Styles a shot if he comes to him and asks him for one face to face, but not until and then demands for Larry to give him his title belt back..or else. Zbyszko doesn’t respond well to threats and Jarrett walks down to the ring prepared to TAKE it back, when Styles attacks him from behind! Larry tries to pull Styles off, but he won’t have any of it! Larry once again tries to get Styles to stop, giving Jarrett the opportunity needed to come back with right hands and take Styles down! Larry tries to pull Jarrett off of Styles...and gets a right hand for it! Jarrett picks up his title and gets on the turnbuckles to pose for the crowd when a bunch of guys in fatigues come in and start beating the hell out of him! No, it’s not The Initiative...its just S.E.X. dressed up in black masks and fatigues for some reason. They put a hood over Jarrett and drag him outside the building!


We go right to out first match....


Jorge Estrada vs. Glen Gilberti


Match Background: For two weeks, Mike Sanders kept trying to “recruit” Jorge Estrada into the SEX faction...or so it seemed. Last week, Sanders offered Estrada the opportunity to come in, but was turned down and they began brawling. At this point, the man formerly known as Disco Inferno came into the ring and jumped Estrada from behind. Sanders introduced him as Glen Gilberti (his real name) and named him the Director of Talent Development.


The Match: Jorge Estrada’s “Flying Elvis” music is gone, replaced by a generic theme, although he’s still dressed as one. Gilberti is wearing fatigues, but with blue fatigue pants, unlike the rest of the group. Tenay then tells us that he’s invited MIKE SANDERS~! to the announce table for commentary during this match! He’s the only S.E.X. member not wearing fatigues...hes wearing a grey uniform of some sort though. The match starts with Glen getting a few right hands and knocking Estrada to the corner, but Estrada knocks him down and hits a very sloppy quebrada for two. Tenay asks Sanders about Jarrett and Sanders hits him with the “You can’t handle the Truth” line. The crowd goes “HEY!!” for Sanders....and gets nothing in return again. Estrada gets a springboard dropkick for two. Sanders tells Tenay that SEX is interested in the Flying Elvis character....just not Jorge Estrada, claiming that Jimmy Yang and Sonny Siaki carried the group. Funny moment as Gilberti goes after Estrada (who’s on the apron) with a right hand and Estrada tries to block it....only for Gilberti to poke him in the eyes with his other hand. Estrada gets a guillotine to come back and goes for an Arabian Press ala Sabu, but eats knees. Sanders dubs the man formerly known as Disco, “The Gift” Glen Gilberti on commentary as he gets an atomic drop (that LOOKED like it missed) and a clothesline. He then does the old Honky Tonk Man’s dance quickly for some reason before following up with a swinging neckbreaker on Estrada. He does the HTM dance again before going for a choke. Swinging neckbreaker by Gilberti (with a BIG STALL) gets a two as Sanders tries hyping him up some more on commentary. He says that Gilberti is going to show him “character development”. Hard irish whip into the corner by Gilberti gets another HTM dance. The crowd is just SILENT. Glen is on offense for a little more, doing some more HTM dances as Sanders talks about how Gilberti helped him break into the business. He then goes for the “Village People’s Elbow”, where he does a YMCA motion before doing the rest of the move, but Estrada moves out of the way. He gets a crossbody block for two. Estrada knocks Gilberti down and then DOES hit the quebrada for two. Estrada then puts his head down too early and gets a DDT. Gilberti goes for a Stunner (Last Dance when he was Disco), but gets shoved into the corner and rolled up for two. It didn’t even look like he got a good grip on the attempt either. Sunset flip by Estrada gets a two count, but Gilberti is up first. Stunner attempt is reversed into a backslide and Estrada gets the pinfall. Sanders and Gilberti attack him from behind and strip him (literally) of his Elvis costume, resulting in a “You are Gay” chant by the lovely crowd in Nashville.


My Opinion: Wow...this was probably the worst opening match I’ve seen in quite some time. It was mostly a squash, with Gilberti taking his time between moves, dancing and Estrada as sloppy as ever. With the stripping of the Elvis Costume, I have a feeling that Gilberti will try and show up Estrada’s use of the gimmick....which probably won’t be good. ¼*.


We go to the back with Goldylocks, who is just ON tonight with the way she’s addressing the situation, really selling the gravity of how Jarrett could be hurt. Bob Armstrong, like always, talks to her like he’s on PMS before stating that he’s made some phone calls and help is on the way. Bob: “Why the hell am I talkin’ to you? I got somethin’ to do!”.


The S.E.X. faction gets their own video intro before the lights go out and Russo’s voice comes over the mic. He says that he’s got Jarrett, he’s going to take out the army...and then take out the fans! He then says that he’s doing this because he is Jarrett’s friend. He LOVES him, he says. He calls himself the uncle to Jarrett’s kids...any verification of that? If so, email me because I’m curious. He then talks about Character Development. He talks about Jarrett’s career in the WWF and all of the various stages that Jarrett was in, with the only one getting any reaction being the women hater angle. He then tells Glen Gilberti to go and “develop the character of Jeff Jarrett.” Russo says he wants Jarrett cursing, telling the fans to go screw themselves, only thinking about tits and ass...and to screw tradition.


As Glen heads to the back, Dusty Rhodes attacks him and then heads to the ring. Russo then gets Glen out of there and sends him to talk to Jarrett. Bullet Bob called Dusty apparently and he’s here to stop it. Dusty: “This bullshit gotta stop!” I CONCUR! He calls out AMW, Red, Truth and Jerry Lynn and they come to the ring. He hypes them up to monstrous proportions, calling AMW the best tag team in the World and calls Truth one of the best talents in the history of the NWA. He says he’s going to leave the building...and tells the five of them to take care of it while he’s gone.


My Two Cents: New feature...whaddya think? Anyway, the Russo promo was absolutely terrible. He talks about character development and how Glen Gilberti is going to give Jarrett some...I bet that went over half the crowd and most of the people watching at home. And of all people to show Jarrett about character development....Disco Inferno? The guy hasn’t developed his character in YEARS and even in his current incarnation is still doing silly dances and moves that aren’t over with the crowd. Also, Dusty comes to the ring and hypes these guys up beyond BELIEF. Are we supposed to believe that Americas Most Wanted are the best tag team in the WORLD after seeing the Smackdown Tag Tourney a few months ago? He then tells them to take care of the building while he’s gone...why leave!? If the NWA is in such trouble, wouldn’t you want to be there to make sure things don’t get worse?


Sonny Siaki (w/Desire) vs. Red for the NWA:TNA X Division Title


Match Background: This match was scheduled to take place back in Week 27, but was postponed due to Red staying in Japan for some extra training. These two men met once before back in Week 13…coincidentally, that was one of four shows that I never saw so I can’t tell you what the finish was. Either way, Siaki came out on top that night and hasn’t faced Red since. Red, however, has gone the distance with former X Division Champions Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles and has come VERY close to winning the title. Could the third time be the charm for Red?


The Match: They lock up with Siaki driving Red into the corner. A second lock up and Siaki tosses Red across the ring. He then mocks his size by getting on his knees and pretending to lock up from that position. Red just kicks him in the back of the head and gets Siaki to chase him, doing a 619 move to get Siaki to fall out of the ring, just like Angle/Rey at SummerSlam. Red with a somersault Tope Con Hilo! Back in the ring now, Red goes for an elaborate head scissors sequence, but its blown...they then recover nicely and he gets a head scissors out of it anyway. Bicycle kick by Red gets a two. Front dropkick off the top rope by Red also gets a two. Red goes for a crossbody, but Siaki gets a firemans carry slam for two. The X Champ follows it up with a stun gun and gets a few two counts out of it. Bearhug by Siaki, but Red fights out after about 30 seconds and gets a roundhouse kick. Red knocks him out of the ring and teases another high risk move, but he just fakes him out. He dives off the apron to rana Siaki down, but gets caught and swung into the announce table in a variation of one of Siaki’s favorite maneuvers. That gets a small “SEX” chant, started by Desire as Siaki slams Red into the X title, lying on the table. The crowd is silent with Siaki on offense and he’s just taking his SWEET time between moves. Somersault neckbreaker by Siaki also gets a two as Siaki shows a bit of fire for the first time in this match. Surfboard stretch by Siaki for the second resthold of the match. “Go Red Go” chant by the crowd. Red goes for a comeback but it gets cut off by a Siaki knee to the midsection. The crowd goes silent as he’s then dropped over the top rope with a suplex. Don West really should go into full Red mark out mode because the fans just aren’t into this match and he usually gets them into a frenzy with his antics. Siaki sets Red up for a superplex, but gets shoved off. Red hits his swinging Downward Spiral for two and follows it up with CODE RED~! as that wakes up the crowd for a close two count. Desire trips Red up and that allows Siaki to get the Siakolypse, but is taking his time to cover. He finally does and Red kicks out at two! The announcers really should have played it up more as it was his full time finisher up until about three weeks ago, but at least the credibility of the move wasn’t destroyed with the stall. Siaki runs into a Red boot in the corner...leg sweep, RED STAR PRESS~! gets a two count! Red climbs to the top, to go for the InfraRed, but Siaki pulls down ref Rudy Charles, allowing Desire to crotch Red on the top. Why Rudy Charles didn’t DQ Siaki there, I don’t understand. Siaki picks Red up and hits the SIAKOLYPSE NOW~! for the pinfall. As Red stands up, Desire shoves him for some reason and Red shoves him back. Siaki attacks him, but Trinity and Kid Kash come down for the save. Wow....Kid Kash looks SO MUCH like old school LionHeart Chris Jericho from behind with those bright blue tights he’s wearing tonight.


My Opinion: I’m not too sure why this match didn’t go as well as it should have, but it was definitely much slower than I anticipated it to be. Siaki on offense had too many restholds for a match that was only about 6 or 7 minutes. I really believe that Red should have gone over here as the X Division has gone completely stagnant with Siaki as champion and what was once great is now being shoved aside for the all encompassing S.E.X. angle. Kash and Trinity getting involved at the end of the match makes it seem as if the issue between the two pairs isn’t over, but if Kash couldn’t defeat Siaki in a one on one match with Trinity in his corner (Week 27), Kash doesn’t seem like the next legitimate contender for the title. *1/4.


We go to a video package of Konnan’s attacks on X Division stars in the past few weeks, followed up by the pre-taped interview between Mike Tenay and Konnan. Tenay asks him point blank why he’s attacking them and Konnan told him that he was the source of all of his problems. Konnan states outright that he will not be played for like a fool, like Russo was in his sit down interview, and will terminate the interview if he sees fit. Konnan then asks some questions to Tenay....who drew the largest wrestling gate in Mexican history, who was in the main event for the AAA promotion when they were outdrawing the WWF and WCW in markets such as San Jose and Los Angeles, who helped produce AAA TV and who was the biggest crossover star in Mexico, to which Tenay all answers: Konnan. He then asks him if he felt that WCW used him to his full potential to try and attract Latino fans. Tenay says “Not at all”. Hell, WCW didn’t use their full potential EVER. He talks about the soap opera he was on and how much attention it garnered (Volver A Empezar, Spanish for Begin Again). Hey, I watched it. He then brings up the AAA’s When Worlds Collide PPV, which according to him, he helped book and how Tenay got his shot in WCW after doing that PPV. He then says “Then how can you sit there like a corporate kiss ass as they rename our lucha libre style X Division? They stole our style just like they stole everything else”. He calls all of the wrestling promoters racists and then brings up prominent hispanics in sports. He states that most baseball teams have Latino players and besides Mike Tyson, boxing’s biggest draws are Oscar De La Hoya, Fernando Vargas, Felix Trinidad and more. “Wouldn’t you think that WWF and TNA would try to capitalize on that same demographic, the same people that are paying those PPV dollars to buy boxing or go to baseball games and draw wrestling fans?” He states that the wrestling promoters would rather lose money by not working with them than making money with them. Tenay then says that he thinks it would be great if the luchadores would come into TNA, but its no longer 1996 WCW, its 2003 TNA. Konnan then says that since ’96, no Latino’s have gotten into any positions of stroke in the business because guys like Tito Santana, Chavo Guerrero, Pedro Morales aren’t road agents, producers, bookers or anything due to their ethnicity. Tenay then states that TNA’s X division has borrow a lot of the lucha style but they have advanced it. Konnan then states that he is there to make sure that Latino’s aren’t held back and cast aside. “I’d rather instill fear than invoke thought. I will do whatever it takes to make sure we don’t get f*cked over again.”


My Two Cents: I’ve never liked Konnan in the ring and to be honest, I don’t really want to see him wrestle in TNA. I’ve also never been fond of his mic work, especially in his later years in WCW where all he would spit out were grocery lists, stupid catchphrases and gang speak. However, with that said, that was probably the best sit-down interview TNA has done to date and Konnan spoke VERY well. He came across very intelligent, eloquent and with a great knowledge for the business and probably served more to put him over than anything he’s done in years. Also, as a proud Puerto Rican man, I was very pleased with a lot of points that he made as I have always been bothered by gimmicks like Savio Vega and Los Boricuas, who were never taken seriously and stereotyped. I hope that this could result in bringing guys like Juventud Guerrero and Psychosis to TNA and help enhance the X Division because they sure need it. I’m left with one real question though...why was NWA Promoter Burt Prentice coming out every week to remove Konnan from the building? He was never addressed.


In the back, Goldylocks is back with Bob Armstrong, who gets confronted by his son BG James...but the audio cuts off, so we can’t hear what’s said until Bob responds. He tells him that his match is next and he’s got a surprise for him.


BG James vs. Tenacious Z


Match Background: Tenacious Z has garnered a lot of attention as of late as he is a one-legged wrestler. He wrestled a dark match last week at the TNA Asylum and impressed the crowds and officials so much, they’re giving him a shot on PPV. Check out TheSmartMarks Forums for more information on Tenacious Z. Why against BG James? No reason given.


The Match: Tenacious Z comes limping down to ringside, wearing windbreaker pants. At ringside, he pulls them off...pulls off his prosthetic leg and throws it to Athena! Tenay tells us that he’s been wrestling for less than a year and that he lost his leg at the age of 8 due to cancer. I’m just SHOCKED at the way this all looks. We’re not talking a stump up to the knee...I’m talking just ONE LEG. BG can’t believe it...and attacks him from behind. BG nails him with a few right hands as Tenacious Z uses the ropes to get up. He’s irish whipped (hopping instead of running) and BG elevates him into the air...and gets DROPKICKED! In one of the oddest visuals you’ll EVER see....he holds onto the ropes and kicks BG a couple of times in the corner! He stands on the turnbuckle and gets a few punches, before BG shoves him down and Z takes a nice bump. James comes at him, but Z flips over him! BG clotheslines him down. Tenay then tells us that Z was visited by Hulk Hogan when he was in the Make A Wish Foundation and since then, he’s wanted to be a wrestler. BG hits the Shake, Rattle and Roll punches, but misses the third...and Z hits a leg lariat, sending him to the outside! ONE LEGGED ASAI MOONSAULT! He actually lands on his FOOT! I just can’t believe I saw that! The crowd comes alive! That gets a much deserved instant replay. BG comes back in and kicks him a few times. He goes for the cover, but slaps the ref, his brother Scott, after the two count. BG gets a vertical suplex and goes for a cover, but BG pulls him up at two...and the focus goes to BG vs. Scott Armstrong. Scott slaps him and Z rolls him up for two! BG charges at Scott, but he ducks and nails him with a kick to the groin again! Tenacious Z with an inside cradle for the pin! The crowd was really into the kid. Raven enters the ring and attacks him briefly before Scott Armstrong pulls him out of the ring and he’s helped to the back.


My Opinion: Well, the stories are true...the kid does wonders with one leg. With that being said, they really should have chosen a better opponent for him than BG James. The fact that his feud with his brother almost took center stage during this match cheapened his debut even more. Scott Armstrong’s interference also made Tenacious Z look weak, not being able to win on his own. I’m conflicted as to whether or not I should rate this match, but I figure hey...why not. ¾*


Raven takes the STICK~! and stars spewing some of his usual cryptic rhetoric. He then calls out AJ Styles as he wants the NWA Title belt, despite the title belonging to Jeff Jarrett. Styles comes out wearing the NWA Title and it looks good on him. Raven then says: “AJ Styles...you say you have beaten everyone, but you have beaten no one until you’ve taken a walk through Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun, you arrogant little pussy! Quote the Raven, Nevermore!”. AJ runs into the ring and Raven takes over immediately. AJ fights back, but Raven bails. They begin brawling at ringside for a bit before coming back into the ring. A Raven clothesline bends Styles in half, but Styles comes back with a few rights hands, a clothesline and a spin kick. Raven gets a low blow and then breaks AJ’s fingers, just like he did to Tommy Dreamer in 1995 in ECW! Larry Zbyszko runs into the ring with a chair as Raven leaves with the title belt! Security help AJ to the back who is really selling the injury...


My Two Cents: I liked this little angle as it shows that the NWA Title is something that Raven will maim for and AJ is willing to fight for. Raven going back to his hardcore roots also showed that he’s willing to do anything. Zbyszko running in with a chair was the best part to me as it shows the bond that he’s beginning to have with Styles and is now willing to come to his defense if its needed.


Goldylocks is in the back with Bob Armstrong....who just DOESN’T wanna hear it from her! He’s with the New Church, but AMW interrupt and demand a tag title shot. Father James Mitchell tells them that they’ll get their shot after they win the titles tonight. They practically go it right then and there, but Armstrong doesn’t care, he’s just pissed off and says that AMW will get the shot next week despite who wins as long as he’s left alone.


Video package for the next match....


Jerry Lynn vs. The Truth vs. David Flair vs. Mike Sanders


Match Background: This 4 way came about mostly because of the miscommunication between Ron “The Truth” Killings and Jerry Lynn that they’ve had for the past 2 weeks. Standing on the side of tradition, Lynn & The Truth teamed against B.G. James and Don Harris back in Week 26, but the match went to a no-contest when the master of the HEY~!!, Mike Sanders debuted and joined Russo’s SEX faction, attacking both Lynn and The Truth. The following week, Week 27, David Flair attacked The Truth in a match he had against AJ Styles, while Lynn defeated Mike Sanders in their first one on one encounter that night. Of course, there was a tag match in Week 28 as Lynn & Truth teamed against Sanders & Flair, who defeated Lynn & The Truth with David Flair’s Bag of Tricks. Following the match, Sanders (the man in charge of SEX Talent Acquisitions) then told Truth that the roster was full and his request (which we never saw) was denied, to try and make it seem as if Truth is defecting to SEX. Last week, things got hairy between Lynn & The Truth as Truth “inadvertently” nailed Lynn in the head with David Flair’s Bag of Tricks during the Lynn/Flair match and caused him to lose. Later on that night, Truth faced Sanders. Flair came to the ring with his Bag O’ Tricks, but was quickly cut off by Lynn who takes it from him and then tries to come into the ring. Truth kneed him in the gut, knocking Lynn down, but was distracted enough for Sanders to roll him up for the pin. Truth & Lynn got into a shoving match. Tonight, all four men will go at it in a 4 corners elimination match. Lynn and Truth haven’t faced off since they traded wins in Week 12 & 13, defending their X Division and World Titles respectively. Look for Sanders and Flair to work as a unit tonight….and possibly a Truth heel turn.


The Match: David Flair comes to the ring with his Bag O’Tricks. “SOL” chant by the crowd (probably the Heel Section) as the match begins. Sanders and Lynn lock up first with Lynn getting a head scissors and swatting away a Sanders dropkick. Series of armdrags by Lynn, so Sanders tags out to Flair who gets armdragged as well. He abuses Flair physically before tagging Truth HARD. He comes in and gets his split, leg lariat combo for two. Flair comes back with a right hand and tags out to Sanders. Still no HEY~!! Truth gets a drop toe hold and sets up the spinning scissors kick. Flair starts taunting Lynn on the apron, who starts creeping towards him when Truth is whipped into him, ala Bret/Owen from Survivor Series ’93. Lynn just gets knocked to the floor and Sanders hits a leg lariat on Truth to take over. Flair and Sanders doubleteam Truth as they seem to be on the same page tonight. Vertical suplex by Flair gets a two count. Sanders back in and Truth gets whipped into the corner. Lynn comes in to attack Sanders, who ducks....so Lynn clotheslines The Truth! The ref gets Lynn back into the corner as Flair and Sanders doubleteam Truth some more. Flair works over Truth in the corner (as best as he could). The fans are just sitting on their hands. They need a HEY~!! Lynn is in with Sanders now and he back body drops Sanders and gives him a sit out powerbomb for two as West steps ALL OVER HIS WORDS! Lynn puts Sanders in a perfect Boston Crab, which is broken up by Flair. All four men come into the ring, but Truth gets tossed to the outside by Sanders. Lynn works over Flair in the corner as Jorge Estrada comes off the top with a front dropkick on Sanders and Lynn covers him for the elimination! Flair takes over on Lynn after the pinfall, but Lynn gets a dropkick. Flair holds onto the ropes on Lynn’s second attempt. He starts to work the leg, goes for the figure four, but gets rolled up for the elimination. The first thing that happens as Truth and Lynn square off is that Truth goes for a flying forearm and goes FLYING right into the ref as Lynn ducks. Lynn goes for an irish whip, but its reversed...David Flair hits him in the head with the Bag O’ Tricks in CLEAR VIEW of The Truth and he hits the True Conviction for the pin...and the win! After the match, Lynn gets up and gets into a shoving match with The Truth. Truth tries to defend his actions by stating that its an elimination match...but Lynn is upset and walks off.


My Opinion: There’s no way that Sanders should have been eliminated first. Flair, the weakest worker in the match, should have been eliminated first and then Sanders could have been eliminated with Estrada’s interference leaving Lynn & Truth alone together. Too much Flair in the ring to begin with. After Flair’s elimination, the match didn’t last more than a minute before the finish. The teased dissention between The Truth and Jerry Lynn is coming across very well. Truth doesn’t seem like the type to fit in with NWA “Tradition” anyway and seeing as how Russo directly cost him the World title, it shouldn’t make any sense for him to go to SEX. He should be his own man, looking for the title ala Styles. The match itself wasn’t great at all. *1/2.


Goldylocks is in the back with Elix & Low-Ki, wearing the tag titles. Goldylocks calls their tag title victory a robbery, to which Elix takes exception to. He then talks about S.E.X. being a family....singing “We Are Family” to illustrate his point. Low-Ki with his deep ass voice gets some mic time as I quickly remember why he shouldn’t be in the “Sports Entertainment” faction. Desire then comes in and gets into a confronation with Goldylocks. Desire tells her that she has the worst boob job of all time as her nipples don’t even face the right way. How can she see them and we can't? Goldylocks comes back with the most childish insult I’ve ever seen. She blows on her thumb until her middle finger comes out and then calls her a bitch.


Desire (w/Sonny Siaki) vs. Trinity (w/Kid Kash)


Match Background: In Week 27, Sonny Siaki took on Kid Kash for his X Division title in Week 27 and Kid Kash made sure to bring Trinity to ringside to try and nullify Desire’s interference. After the match, Trinity came into the ring and took care of Desire before she and Siaki took off to fight another day. In Week 28, after a successful “title defense” against both Athena and Chris Vaughn, Desire wanted Sonny Siaki to dish out some more punishment to Athena, but Trinity ran down to make the same for her. They then faced each other in a mixed tag lasts week, where Trinity pinned Desire after interference from Athena.


The Match: Trinity starts the match off with a dropkick and Desire bails immediately, but backs into Kash and slaps him. This draws his ire, so she runs around ringside with Trinity chasing her....until Siaki superkicks the HELL out of her. She gets back in the ring, still hurt and Trinity just goes for a cover and gets a two. Desire isn’t doing much of anything except for a stomp every 5 seconds or so. They botch a clothesline spot as Trinity tries to duck, but gets caught on the top of the head for two. We hit the chinlock already as Trinity might be hurt. The crowd is basically sitting on their hands as Desires offense is in slow motion. Trinity comes back with a springboard cross body for two. She gets a headlock take over but Desire gets a headscissors, showing that they at least learned the basics. They botch some spot as Trinity runs into her and Desire just goes for the pin for two. She throws her out of the ring as Siaki puts the boots to her. Kid Kash proves worthless as he does nothing about it. More Desire offense gets a few two counts. Desire chops her against the ropes as I wish this match would just END. Trinity comes back with chops that don’t even look like they connect. Siaki trips her up for Desire to make a comeback with a dropkick. Siaki blames it on the cameraman as the crowd chants “Where’s Athena?” Once again, she’s thrown to the outside where Siaki works over her and throws face first into an open chair. Kid Kash is a horrible guy to have in your corner, let me tell you. This match....WON’T DIE. Trinity comes back with a VERY Quick counter to a clothesline and a Northern Light Suplex for 2. Trinity then hits an enziguiri and leg lariat for two. Desire whips her into the corner and goes for a monkey flip, but Kid Kash holds onto the back of Trinity’s tights and she falls down. Trinity hits the moonsault for the pin.


My Opinion: This was torture. Pure torture. Desire on offense is just TOO DAMN SLOW and they botched a couple of spots. The two nice spots that Trinity did made the match just a little better. Oh, and if I ever needed back up, Kid Kash is NOT the man I’d turn to. –1/2*


Low-Ki & Elix Skipper vs. The Disciples of the New Church (w/ Father James Mitchell) for the NWA Tag Team Titles


Match Background: The issue between these men began last week as Elix Skipper cost AMW a match against the Rock & Roll Express and AMW’s fiercest rivals, The Disciples of the New Church, came down to ringside to make the save. They beat up on Elix…and this week they get a chance to regain the NWA Tag Team Titles. These teams work two completely different styles, so lets hope for the best.


The Match: Where is my Belladonna!? I guess she’s no longer a part of the stable now that they’re not full fledged heels. I miss her already. Upon the bell ringing, the begin brawling on the outside, with Slash pairing off with Elix and Low-Ki with Lee. Ki gets thrown on the announce table...Slash sets up the ringsteps and dives onto him! Elix is slammed on the announce table as well! Tenay and West are scared as hell! Slash with a Michinoku Driver on the ramp! Skipper and Lee brawl in the crowd as Ki and Slash go at it. Skipper and Lee FINALLY get in the ring as the brawl breaks down. Lee gets a double underhook overhead belly to belly suplex on Elix and tags out to Slash. Low-Ki comes in and starts chopping the hell out of Slash in the corner. Slash with a gorilla press slam on ‘Ki for two. Slash with a HARD ASS chop on Low-Ki! Ki gets out of the ropes and goes for a springboard roundhouse...but lands badly on his knee! He’s down! The ref and Slash go towards him, but ‘Ki knocks the ref into Slash and then hits the springboard roundhouse as he was only playing possum. Skipper comes back in and nails a hard clothesline for two. Quick tags by Triple X as they work over Slash in the corner with stomps and chops. Elix goes for the cover, but Slash gets to the ropes. “Lets Go Evil” chant....hahahaha. Low-Ki works on the legs, but Slash fights out of the corner. Slash goes for the Slash and Burn, but Low-Ki wriggles out of it and gets the Dragon Clutch! Low-Ki transitions into a cross armbreaker! Skipper comes in and puts the same move on. Skipper with a suplex for two before hitting a chinlock. Low-Ki is bleeding from his mouth as we get a close up and Tenay sings the cameramans praises for a minute. Slash reaches for a tag, but Elix has his legs hooked and ‘Ki jumps ¾’s of the way across the ring with a stomp off the top! Elix and Low-Ki with a double clothesline as the ref tries to restrain Lee. 3 KICK COMBO~!, but the 3rd kick misses....but he scores right after with a front dropkick. Slash with a quick comeback...Slash and Burn! He makes the tag to Lee! He tags in Elix and Slash makes the LUKEWARM tag to Lee who starts cleaning house. Big boot on Elix, Press Slam on Low-Ki! He goes for the chokeslam, but Low-Ki fights him off and is able to manuever himself onto the top rope! He’s perched up there, but Father Mitchell holds him, allowing Slash to go for a chokeslam again. Elix with a chair to the back as the ref is distracted and Low-Ki covers for the ONE....TWO....NO! Elix puts the chair in the ring and sets up a powerslam, but Slash floats over and hits the Eye of the Hurricane on it for two! Low-Ki with Slash now...sets him up for the cartwheel kick (Tidal Crush) in the corner, but gets caught and thrown....into the ref! Elix with a tag title, but he’s cut off by one of the Disciples. Elix heads up to the top....but Slash catches him! Neckbreaker! Elix is tied in the tree of Woe! Lee with a powerbomb attempt, but Low-Ki rolls through for a cover. The ref has his arm up, but he’s not counting! Elix is FINALLY off of the Tree of Woe...a second ref in....the count together....ONE....TWO...THREE. Double pin! Wow...that was very badly done as the ref counting Brian Lee’s shoulders had to wait at least 5 seconds before he could count. Ref Scott Armstrong then declares that the titles are held up.


My Opinion: Dammit...they had to go and ruin the best match of the night with a stupid, overdone and BLOWN finish? This is the 2nd time that the NWA Tag Titles have been held up! There have only been 4 Tag Team Champions and they’ve done this TWICE? Looks as if it was only done to make it a 3 way dance for the tag belts next week with AMW in the mix, but if that was the case, they could have just screwed The Church and made next weeks match a 3 way. **1/4.


AMW hit the ring and start brawling with Triple X as SEX comes to the ring, still dressed in fatigues. Jerry Lynn comes down to help too. This is the slowest brawl I’ve ever seen...


Mike Sanders comes to the ring, still dressed in his grey uniform and mask and attacking Jerry Lynn. Estrada comes in and gets beaten down. SEX throw all of the faces into their locker room and padlock the door. This brawl just WONT END! Trinity runs down and goes after Desire, who’s also wearing fatigues. Red comes down too. Bob Armstrong marches down....and starts throwing some right hands! He throws better punches than most guys on the roster! The mask is off and he’s attacking BG James! Raven comes to the ring with the title in his hand and some rope. All of the faces are thrown into the SEX locker room where they padlock the door.


Russo then takes the mic and stands in the ring. He asks for Colonel Sanders and Corporate “Disco”, who are in the ring. Russo then says that now he’s going to go after the crowd. “You wanted a war, you gotta war”. Doesn’t have the same effect as when Hall did it. He then tells Glen to tell the crowd that Jarrett is ok....that all he did was tweak his character a little and that he wasn’t hurt. He gives the mic to him, but he just nods. Oh, that’s Jeff Jarrett under there...can you make it more obvious? If it was Glen Gilberti, he would have said a word. Of course, as I say that, Glen Gilberti walks down the ramp, stripped of his clothes. “Glen” then takes his mask off, revealing himself to be Jeff Jarrett, nails Sanders and goes right after Russo.


My Two Cents: This whole brawl took about 10 minutes and was about 8 minutes too long. This started at about 9:45 or so and TNA definitely could have squeezed in one more match instead of giving us this crap. Instead, this is our main event. Hell, I prefer an interview! I just really hope that TNA takes a look at the feedback they're getting because after this show, I'm sure they'll be getting a lot of it.


End of PPV.


Overall: I can’t believe it....that was probably the worst show TNA has put on in a LONG time. I can honestly say that 10 bucks spent on this is 10 bucks wasted. The one good match on the card was marred by a horrible, overdone ending and the SEX storyline has run its course with me. They need to kill it and quickly. When the highlight of the night is a sitdown interview with Konnan, you need to take a step back and reevaluate the situation. Some of the matches tonight were just a chore to watch and Russo’s “character development” storyline made little to no sense whatsoever. I DARE Vince Russo to respond to that one. Anyway....don’t bother catching a replay for this one.


I’ll be back next week for NWA:TNA Week 31...


‘Til Next Time,


The Dames, Damian Gonzalez


Any questions, comments, fan mail, hate mail, anything....please send it to [email protected]. Keep in mind that I don’t accept attachments there, but I will answer each and every one of your emails.

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