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WWE Confidential January 18, 2003

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Guest TSMAdmin

WWE Confidential January 18, 2003


Well, two weeks in the New Year’s resolution is out the window, which is more than some people could say. Seriously, a combination of a cold, finals and midterms is the reason for this being a week late. Last night’s show was a rerun. I’ll probably have it posted sometime tomorrow.


This (Last) week on Confidential; Terri takes us behind the scenes of Raw X, the Booker T-LeVon Kirkland segment is recycled, and Andre vs. Big Show in a Fantasy Match.


Gene welcomes us and talks about how great the Raw Anniversary was, besides the fact that Mae Young couldn’t keep her hands off him. Thanks for the visual.


Backstage at Raw X, Terri asks about people’s wardrobes. Many clips follow.


Favorite Raw Moments:

Jeff Hardy: Getting speared by Edge on the first Raw on TNN.

SpikeDudley: 1-2-3 Kid beating Razor Ramon.

D-Von Dudley: Rocky “This is Your Life”


Favorite Superstar:

Jeff: Steve Austin

Spike: Steve Austin


More clips are shown as the guys discuss how it doesn’t really feel like 10 years and how no one expected the show to last this long. Fortunately there wasn’t actually footage of the Anniversary Show. As it was, this segment was bland, but still better than the debacle itself, which I’m shocked that they actually reran last night. I don’t understand Vince’s logic. Honestly, if only mid-carders returned for Raw X, I would have been happy, but as it was the show utterly sucked.


Segment 1: .5/1


Sweet, a Royal Rumble segment. Some of memorable moments like Maven dropkicking Taker, Rock beating Big Show, and Vince dumping Austin are featured. Pat Patterson thought of the Rumble based on his participation in many battle royals. At first all Vince had to say about the concept was, “Oh boy, that would be a project.” Dick Ebersol from NBC fucking loved the idea, so they did it as a USA special. The reason that the Rumble was given away on free TV was so the WWF could screw the NWA out of getting a decent buyrate for the Bunkhouse Stampede. It was so popular that it became a PPV. A nice amount of time is spent on the 1992 Rumble. After the match, Patterson remembers Flair crying. Patterson believes that #30 has the best chance to win. Sadly, history doesn’t agree with him. Pat considered HBK winning it as #1 an accomplish, yet when HHH won in 2002, he made an impression since he was injured. Pat hypes this year’s Rumble. I thought this year’s Rumble was the best one since 2000, although the Final Four bit was quite depressing.


Segment 2: 1.5/2


Fantasy Match: Big Show vs. Andre the Giant

Of all the ridiculous segments this show has thought up of, why did they have to keep this one? It is completely asinine. Steve Lombardi, Jeff Hardy, Maven, Tommy Dreamer, Johnny Stambolli grace us with their opinions on this hypothetical matchup. They go through all the different attributes like strength, experience, size, agility, and popularity. The clip of Andre doing his sit-down splash off the top is fucking insane and well-worth ½ a point. It’s unanimous, Andre is the winner.


Segment 3: 2/3


Stacy did a photo shoot as the Statue of Liberty. The pictures will be used for posters and advertisements for The World. The WWE continues to steal from TNA as we get a little “Tale of the Tape” feature comparing Stacy to Lady Liberty. Maybe if the WWE also steals the X-Division from TNA, they would have a shot at speeding up the progression to the next “Golden Age”. Stacy was honored to have been chosen for this shoot. I’ve seen worse…


Segment 4: 2.5/4


Remember at Raw X Chris Jericho was supposed to present the nominees for the “Gimme the Mic” award, but instead just gave himself the award? OK, I don’t blame you for blocking it out of your memories, but it did indeed happen. Since the guys at Confidential love us all so much, they decided to show us just who the nominees actually were.


Steve Austin, “Gimme a Hell Yeah!!”


DX, “Two Words For Ya!!”


Kurt Angle “It’s True, It’s True” Kurt looks so strange with hair. He delivers one real whammy here; “I tear my quad all the time. Hell, I just tore it this morning. I’m here; I’m walkin’ around.” And that ladies and gentlemen is why HE deserves the award. Not that ungrateful, piece of shi… nevermind.


Mick Foley “Cheap Pops” Mick also has a winner “Mankind doesn’t like having his testicles grabbed by other men. I didn’t like it as an alter boy and I didn’t like it last week.”


Mr. McMahon “Don’t Cross the Boss” “Life sucks and you die.” Amen to that, brother.


The Rock “The Rock Says…” Due to the latest bit of Rock-news, I’m considering writing a rant on him and a few other people/events in the wrestling business.


Segment 5: 3.5/5


Taken from my October 5, 2002 review:


Levon Kirkland AKA the football player that marks for Booker T, gives the Book a tour of the new Philadelphia Eagles training facility. Levon watches Raw over Monday Night Football. More power to him. Levon is a long-time Booker fan. Booker was surprised when Levon recalled the Ebony Express. Levon’s teammate, Tom Kanavy, is also a WWE fan. They are practically the only two on the team, as was demonstrated when no one knew what the hell Levon was doing the first time he did the hand thing. Levon turns down the opportunity to do a Spinaroonie.


Segment 6: 3.5/6




Relatively good show this week I guess. I’ve come to expect very little, so I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll be back tomorrow with last night’s episode.


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