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WWF Wrestling Superheros

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WWF Wrestling Superheros


Sean Mooney welcomes us from the WWF control center and he promises that this video will be the most exciting hour in World Wrestling Federation history. We’ll see about that.


WWF Tag Team Title/Handicap Match

Demolition (champions) vs. The Powers of Pain & Mr. Fuji


This is the Wrestlemania 5 match here. Good god, they are recycling stuff all ready, and not even good stuff either. The original commentary from Ventura and Monsoon is thankfully not dubbed over. Gorilla lets us know that this is the first time the tag titles have been contested under handicap rules. Fuji does his salt ceremony before the match begins and Jesse thinks it’s nice to see the tradition. Warlord and Ax lock-up to start and Ax takes control quickly, hammering the Warlord to the mat, before quickly tagging in Smash. They double-team the Warlord before Smash takes over nailing the Warlord with his best shots. Quick tag to Ax now, and he controls the big man with a crappy looking headlock. Tag to Smash again and both members of Demolition pound on the Warlord. Smash gets overpowered into the heels corner and the Barbarian gets the tag in. He and Smash trade blows, and Smash tags in Ax again. Ax slams the Barbarian before tagging out to Smash who hits a nice elbow. Ax tagged back in now and they cut off the ring, keeping the Barbarian in their corner. Smash gets another tag and hammers away on the Barbarian again, who turns the tide with nice chop to Smash. Warlord tags in but gets dragged to Demolition’s corner and Ax is back in the ring. Double clothesline on the Warlord drops him, but Ax is taken out shortly after with an illegal shot from the Barbarian. Warlord stomps on Ax in his corner, allowing Fuji to choke Ax with his foot. Fuji tagged in now, as Ax is hurt enough for his old ass to enter the ring. He hits a chop and a headbutt before tagging out to the Barbarian. Big stiff boot from the Barbarian and he tags out to the Warlord. He pounds on Ax, and gets a two count. Barbarian back in and he hits bodyslam, tagging in Fuji during the process. Fuji to the top rope and Ax moves out of the way of Fuji’s ugly top rope leg drop. Both men are slow to get up, but Fuji gets the tag first, bringing in the Warlord. He runs in quickly, nailing Smash outside the ring, taking away any chance of a tag. Bodyslam on Ax by the Warlord, who misses a clothesline, allowing Ax to hit one of his own. Tag made to Smash who fires away on the Warlord. Barbarian in and Smash controls both men easily. Hotshot by Smash gets two before the Barbarian breaks up the count. All five men into the ring now, and Ax and the Barbarian bail to the outside with the referee following. Warlord is holding Smash and Fuji goes into his tights for the salt. Smash ducks and the salt hits the Warlord in the eyes, sending him to the outside. Clothesline on Fuji by Smash, who quickly tags in Ax. Ax climbs to the second rope, while Smash holds Fuji. The elbow from Ax finishes Fuji off at 8:54. Huge pop for Demolition’s win from the Atlantic City crowd.




WHY: Not a very good tag title match at all. The crowd was dead for most of the match (except the finish) and that was due to the punch, kick, and hammer offenses of both teams. Fuji was pretty much useless in there, and didn’t add anything to the match that he couldn’t have done standing outside the ring. With the match being under handicap rules, the WWF should have booked the Powers of Pain to win this one. Instead they came off looking weak.


Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka


This match is from Saturday Nights Main Events and your special guest referee is “Rugged” Ronnie Garvin. I believe this match is from either June or July of 1989 and originated from Worcester, Mass. Garvin was feuding with Valentine at the time I believe so this match probably has little to due to Snuka. Valentine attacks from behind and works over Snuka with a series of chops. Jesse Ventura and Vince McMahon are on commentary here, and they mention that Jimmy Hart is not in Valentine’s corner due to him taking a guitar shot during a Hogan/Honky Tonk Man match that took place earlier on the card. Valentine chokes Snuka and Garvin makes sure to bitch him out. Valentine punches away at Snuka and then sends him to the ropes. Snuka flies back with a chop and then a quick headbutt. Snuka goes to second turnbuckle and tries a headbutt on the fallen Valentine, but The Hammer gets his legs up and Snuka headbutts Valentine’s shin guard. Three elbows by Valentine and that gets a two count. Valentine sends Snuka to the outside and Garvin begins the ten count. The Hammer stops Snuka for getting in the ring by nailing him with a knee. Snuka tries again, but gets the same results. Valentine with another cheap shot and Garvin is fed up. He shoves Valentine and both men argue, causing Ventura to nearly have a heart attack in the process. Snuka climbs to the top turnbuckle behind Valentine’s back as he continues to argue with Garvin. Garvin hits the Hammer with a right hand and Snuka flies off the top rope with a high cross body, which is good enough for the three count at 3:14. Ventura is really pissed now. Post match antics see Valentine try to take a run at Garvin but he gets dumped quickly to the outside.




WHY: This match was a quick TV bout that was nothing more than a way to further the Greg Valentine/Ronnie Garvin feud. Solid work from both wrestlers, but way too short to give it a higher rating.


Steel Cage Match

“Ravishing” Rick Rude (w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper


Shit, there’s a lot of R’s involved in this match. Gorilla Monsoon and Hillbilly Jim are on commentary from this match, which looks to be taking place in Madison Square Garden. The match can be won by pinfall or escaping the cage here. Rude attacks Piper to start the match and he clubs away on Piper. Rude quickly tries to put Piper into the cage headfirst but Piper blocks. Rude gets a thumb to the eye to keep the advantage on his side. Roddy is still wearing his T-shirt and kilt as he is getting pounded on. Irish whip by Rude is reversed by Piper and Rude takes a nasty bump to the cage back first. Piper whips Rude with his belt, and then wiggles his hips like Rick Rude. Belt buckle punch to the face of Rude and then Piper begins biting Rude. Rude slows gets to his feet and staggers around the ring. Piper just watches him as he starts to slowly climb the cage to escape from the angry Scot. Piper stops him with a wedgie and then rams Rude into the cage headfirst. Rude looks to be busted open all ready. Piper begins climbing out towards Heenan, but gets crotched on the top rope and then twitches on the mat in agony. Heenan shouts for Rude to go through the door but Piper grabs and ankle. Rude hammers away on Piper and gets a two count. Rude crawls to the door and Heenan grabs Rude, while Piper has ahold of his boot, creating a tug o war. Rude almost makes it to the floor but Piper grabs a handful of tights and drags him back into the ring. Rude’s tights are about halfway down his ass at this point. Piper fires away on Rude, but Rude quickly hits the Rude Awakening, and both men are slow. Rude is unable to see properly because of the blood in his eyes so Heenan tries to lead him to the door. That doesn’t work as Piper grabs another handful of tights exposing more of Rude’s ass. Rude shoots Piper into the ropes and both men knock heads sending them both to the mat. Both men get up and both begin climbing the cage on the same side. Once they are at the top they see each other and begin trading punches. Both men race down the outside of the cage and hit the floor at the same time. Rude gets a chairshot on Piper while on the outside, and both men get back into the cage. Rude controls Piper once back in and he snapmares Piper to the mat and then drops a knee on him. Rude climbs to the top of cage now and hits a fist drop from about 15 feet up. Piper sells the shot amazingly and starts to seizure in the middle of the ring. That took a lot out of Rude to though. Rude crawls over for a cover but gets a long two count. Piledriver by Rude and he climbs to the top of the cage again. Rude gets crotched on the top of the cage, and gets hung by his legs. Piper goes for the door but Heenan slams it back into Roddy’s head, sending Piper crashing hard to the mat. Rude back inside and he gets a two count. Piper is back on his feet and Rude his a back suplex on the Hotrod. Heenan goes into his pockets on the outside and passes some brass knuckles into Rude. Piper hits Rude before he can use the foreign object, and nails Rude between the eyes with the knuckles. That allows Piper to escape the cage through the door at 12:56.




WHY: This was a surprisingly good match between Piper and Rude. Piper sold great, Heenan played a perfect heel manager from the outside of the cage, and Rude took some wicked bumps here. The crowd was hot for the entire match, but it was an MSG crowd after all.


WWF World Title Match

Hulk Hogan (champion) vs. Hercules Hernandez (w/Bobby "The Brain” Heenan)


We get Ventura and McMahon on commentary again so I’m guessing this is another SNME match. Test of strength to start and Hercules takes Hogan down to his knees. Hogan gets back to his feet quickly and Hercules cheapshots Hogan with a boot to the midsection. Hercules shows his power by picking up Hogan and dumping him in the corner. Hercules fires away with forearms and elbows and tries an Irish whip to the opposite side. Hogan reverses and charges in with a clothesline. Hogan is wearing blue kneepads here for some reason. High knee by Hogan takes Hercules to the mat and he exits the ring the chases Heenan around. Heenan runs through the ring, jumping over the top rope and landing on his feet amazingly enough. That looked awesome. Hogan takes control again with a big boot on Herc. Bodyslam on Herc and Hogan misses and elbow off the ropes. Irish whip sends Hogan to the corner and he goes down. Hercules pounds on Hogan’s back, and then locks in a bearhug. Ventura notes that referee Dave Hebner took a beating in the last bout and has no place in the ring for a title match. Backbreaker by Hercules and he begins acting way to cocky for a jobber of his status. Torture Rack by Hercules and Hogan doesn’t submit. Hercules argues with the ref claiming to have won the match. He tries a pin but only gets a two, as Hogan kicks out with authority and begins Hulking up. Herc fires away and the shots have no effect on Hogan. Hogan punches away on Herc, knocking him down. Hogan rams Hercules’ head into the turnbuckle several times and then hits another big boot. Hogan drops the big leg for the victory at 6:24. Post match posing from Hogan follows and the fans eat it up.




WHY: Typical Hogan match here as Hercules dominated for most of the bout, only for Hogan to comeback and win. The announcers noted that this was the first time a wrestler hasn’t submitted to Hercules while in his Torture Rack, so here was a good example of Hogan killing someone’s finisher. The only reason I would suggest seeing this match is for Heenan’s over the top rope jump, which was breathtaking.


“Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. The Ultimate Warrior


This match is from Madison Square Garden and took place in February of 1989. Lord Alfred Hayes and a someone who I can’t recognize are on commentary here (if anyone knows who commentated this match with Hayes I would appreciate an email). The Warrior is the IC champ at this point so it’s champion vs. champion, as Savage was a few months away from dropping his World title to Hogan. Savage attacks before the bell and before he has a chance to take his own robe, sunglasses and headband off. He tries to take the Warrior to the corner but Warrior blocks and nails Savage into the turnbuckle. Shoulderblock takes Savage down and he bails to the outside. Warrior follows and press slams Savage back into the ring. Savage bails out again with the Warrior following and then Savage attacks the Warrior as he chases the Macho Man back into the ring. Savage off the top turnbuckle with high cross body but gets caught and dumped into the tree of woe position in the corner. Warrior argues with the referee, and fires back on Savage hitting several very weak looking punches in the corner. Warrior misses a charge in the corner and Savage hits a knee to the back to dump the Warrior to the outside. Savage off the top turnbuckle to the outside across the Warrior’s back. Both man back inside now, and Savage clotheslines the Warrior over the top rope. Savage gets a couple of two counts and then goes to a sleeper. Savage chokes the Warrior on the mat, and gets another two count. He locks on a reverse chinlock, and the Warrior starts to Hulk up. Warrior off the ropes and gets hit with a clothesline. Savage goes to the outside and hits a double ax handle that doesn’t even get a one count. Warrior suplexes Savage and Rick Rude appears at ringside trying to distract the Warrior. Atomic drop by the Warrior gets a two count before Savage gets his foot on the bottom rope. Big splash off the ropes by the Warrior is blocked with Savage’s knees, and the momentum turns again. Savage pounds away on the Warrior and he start to Hulk up yet again shaking the ropes. He no sells Savage’s offense, and clotheslines Savage down to the mat. Powerslam by the Warrior and he turns his attention to Rick Rude. A chase ensues and Rude slips while running allowing the Warrior to kick his ass outside the ring. The ref is counting as Savage hits a double ax handle across the back from the top rope to the outside. He quickly rolls back in to beat the count and Savage gets the count out victory at 9:34 thanks to Rude. Rude and Savage shake hands and hug after the bout, but the Warrior tosses Savage and begins a beatdown on Rick Rude.




WHY: Wrestlemania 7 this was not. The Ultimate Warrior was in the midst of his feud with Ravishing Rick at this point and this match was just used to further it. Savage bumped and worked his ass off as usual, but the Warrior’s no selling, and crappy offense dragged this match down.


Sean Mooney wraps things up.


OVERALL: This is another pretty crappy tape in the Coliseum Video series. The best match on the tape was the Piper/Rude cage match which is about the only thing on this tape worth seeing. Standard Warrior and Hogan matches, along with typical Coliseum Video recycling make this tape a disappointing one.


Thanks for reading and please send any and all feedback, questions or comments to [email protected].

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