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Guest EI Cubano

Anyone else use the noment network?

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Guest EI Cubano

When I moved into my new place they didn't give me the option, they just force you to pay $40 a month for the Noment Network, probably the least reliable internet high speed network I have ever encountered. It is out way more often than it actually works. Here is a somewhat funny email my brother sent them...


To : Noment High Speed Internet Providers


I am writing to report a problem that has recently come to light with your high speed internet service.  It actually appears to be working.  I've never encountered this issue, so I figured I'd give you the heads up.  It's the wierdest thing, I went to log in and the system actually allowed me to do so.  I figured I'd inform you so that you can crash the systems and once again correct the problem.  I'm a busy college study and I don't have the free time to deal with the hassle of a working high speed internet service.  Thanks in advance for correcting the problem, and I'm sure in an hours time I can depend on the situation returning to normal.  

- Ken Anderson


Anyone else use this system?

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