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Ask the Professor!

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Guest Slapnuts00

From NWATNA.com


Let's start things off by updating you on several of the most frequently asked questions. We're still working on bringing NWA/TNA PPVs to England, but there's nothing definite to announce. Sting returned to wrestling late in 2002 for the Australia based WWA and his 12/6 match against Lex Luger in Glasgow, Scotland aired on U.S. PPV on 2/9/03. We're making progress with our weekly, syndicated Xplosion show (see answer to third question below). You can help us by contacting your local television stations and ask them to carry the show. Keep those e-mails coming to [email protected] Let's get to the questions:



Where will you be hosting the TNA Girls Search Contest? We are two Hooters Girls that want to attend and compete.


ANSWER: Join the TNA Crew on Tuesday nights at BAR NASHVILLE.


FROM: William Garrett

Does TNA have plans to tour Australia and does Jake "The Snake" Roberts still wrestle?


ANSWER: No news yet on live events in Australia. Jake Roberts has wrestled fairly recently in England.


FROM: Tw874109

What is the chance of TNA bringing in old timers like Jack Brisco and Dory Funk to wrestle?


ANSWER: Brisco is retired in Tampa, Florida. Funk, who operates his Funkin Conservatory Wrestling School in Ocala, Florida, has appeared on several of our PPVS as an NWA legend and even wrestled in a tag team match (with his top student Adam Windsor) that was taped for TNA Xplosion, our syndicated show. By the way, in addition to airing on Urban America TV Network on Tuesday (10pm ET) and Saturday (Midnight), you can check out Xplosion on KHPK (28) in Dallas, Texas on Tuesdays (9pm CT), WDRL (24 & 54) in Roanoke/Lynchburg, Virginia on Wednesdays (11pm ET) and WYLE (26) in Florence, Alabama on Saturdays (6pm CT).



What happened to Ivan Putski and Tito Santana? Are the Valiant Brothers still alive?


ANSWER: Putski and Santana are both retired from the ring. Ivan was a backstage regular when WCW visited his hometown of Houston, Texas. Of course, his son Scott Putski wrestled for World Championship Wrestling. WWE aired a video package on Santana that showed him teaching school in New Jersey. Johnny Valiant is trying his hand at stand-up comedy in New York. Last I heard Jerry Valiant was living near Indianapolis. Jimmy Valiant still wrestles on the independent circuit and operates a wrestling school in Virginia.



Who are the top contenders for the NWA World, Tag Team and X Division Champions?


ANSWER: World's Champ Jeff Jarrett has A.J. Styles and Raven in hot pursuit of title shots. And I understand that a new star will debut this Wednesday (3/12) who has already been guaranteed an NWA Championship match as part of his NWA/TNA contract. Also this Wednesday, new NWA Tag Champs will be crowned when the top two teams, America's Most Wanted and Triple X, square off for the belts which have been held up. X Division Champ Kid Kash had another successful title defense on March 5 against top contender Amazing Red and the fighting champion is ready to put the belt on the line this week again.



What ever happened to Bill Dundee?


ANSWER: I hear that The Superstar owns a night club these days that bears his nickname. Bill's son, Jamie, wrestled on our Xplosion syndicated show that we taped this past Wednesday as The Convict J.C. Ice.



Wasn't Chris Harris in a music video?


ANSWER: Yes, Chris was prominently featured in Clay Davidson's country music video "I Can't Lie To Me".



Do you plan on trying to get Vampiro?


ANSWER: While I think he'd make a good addition to the roster, Vamp is currently living and wrestling extensively in Mexico.



Did Curt Hennig have a family? Wasn't his father in the same sport?


ANSWER: Curt was survived by his wife and four children. Yes, he was a second generation wrestler, the son of Larry "The Axe" Hennig.



Where's former WCW TV Champ Perry Saturn?


ANSWER: After being released by WWE, Saturn has wrestled in the Orient for New Japan Pro Wrestling. He also appeared on the WWA PPV from Scotland that aired in February.



How is Bobby Heenan?


ANSWER: The Brain is doing well after recovering from throat cancer. He recently completed a media tour of the Northeast promoting his book: Bobby The Brain Wrestling's Bad Boy Tells All.



I have really enjoyed the X Division vs. Lucha Libre. Who are currently some of the top stars in Mexico that have never been on American television?


ANSWER: Shocker, Rey Bucanero and Ultimo Guerrero (all from EMLL promotion) are among the best that haven't been associated with a national promotion in the U.S. By the way, EMLL and AAA airs on Saturdays and Sundays on Galavision which is available on many cable systems.



Why is Rey Misterio Jr. allowed to wear a mask in WWE? I thought you could never wear a mask, after you lost it, no matter what organization you join.


ANSWER: It was the WWE's decision to have Rey put the mask back on and I think it was a good move. In Mexico, the commisions are much stricter on allowing wrestlers to resurface with the hood after losing a mask versus mask or mask versus hair match.



Where is Mike Awesome?


ANSWER: After his release from WWE, Awesome has been competing for All Japan Pro Wrestling under his old ring name, The Gladiator.



What ever happened to Steve "Mongo" McMichael?


ANSWER: Mongo was a member of the NFL Chicago Bears radio broadcast crew.



Why wasn't Tony Schiavone signed to be an NWA/TNA commentator?


ANSWER: From what I understand, Schiavone declined the offer after appearing as the S.E.X. interviewer for one show. Tony is a sportstalk radio host for WSB in Atlanta.



If you had to pick a wrestling match between an NWA wrestler and a WWE wrestler who would you choose?


ANSWER: Amazing Red versus Rey Misterio.



I have been an indy wrestler for 8 years. How can I get a try-out with NWA/TNA?


ANSWER: We currently are accepting video tapes, but because of the volume of submissions we aren't able to respond to everyone who sends them in. Keep in mind that we are a PPV company and will only consider people who have had previous experience and are ready to be placed in a PPV program. The address to send your tape is: TNA Entertainment, 209 10th Ave. South Suite 302, Nashville, TN 37203. Good luck.



Will the NWA/TNA hire former XWF wrestlers like The Demon?


ANSWER: Our open door policy means we consider wrestlers from all organizations. The Demon, Dale Torborg, is currently in Spring Training in Florida as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Florida Marlins. His dad, Jeff Torborg, is the Marlins manager.



What are your thoughts about Ring of Honor?


ANSWER: I've enjoyed watching tapes from the Philadelphia-based promotion that has featured Low Ki, A.J. Styles and Steve Corino among others. Paul London has already shown he belongs in the X Division mix.



Is Erik Watts going to be a permanent fixture in TNA?


ANSWER: Judging by his attacks on Jeff Jarrett (along with other second generation wrestlers David Flair and Brian Lawler), I'd say that we'll be seeing more of him in the future. The son of longtime wrestler/promoter Cowboy Bill Watts was a member of the WCW and WWF rosters and most recently appeared for Dusty Rhodes Atlanta-based Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling.



What do you feel is more effective, a two or three man announce team?


ANSWER: Obviously my response would be predicated on who the two or three announcers would be. But, in general, I prefer a two man team. Often it's too difficult for three to mesh without stepping on each other.



What does "La Raza" mean?


ANSWER: Direct translation: the race (as in a person's descent). Konnan's "Viva La Raza" is his exclamation to the Latino community.



What happened to the WCW Cruiserweight Blitzkrieg?


ANSWER: We've received several inquiries about Blitzkrieg. No, he's not Amazing Red for those of you that asked. While I'm not exactly sure of his whereabouts, I did hear that he retired and is now working outside of the pro wrestling business. I thought he had a very bright future when he appeared in WCW.



Where is Brad Armstrong?


ANSWER: Retired from wrestling and living near Marietta, Georgia, with his family.



Was Battle Cat in the old WWF Dean Malenko?


ANSWER: No, it was Dean Peters who wrestled as Brady Boone, Fire Cat and Battle Cat. Peters was one of four members of the 1976 Robbinsdale (Minnesota) High School class who became pro wrestlers. The other three were Curt Hennig, Tom Zenk and Rick Rude. Peters was killed in a car accident in late 1998 shortly after joining WCW as a referee.



Is Angelo Poffo the father of Randy Savage?


ANSWER: Yes, and also the dad of former wrestler Lanny Poffo. Angelo makes his home in the Tampa, Florida, area where he is a neighbor of Bobby Heenan.



Will NWA/TNA give dark matches to independent talents like Johnny Storm?


ANSWER: Johnny Storm is set to debut on the NWA/TNA PPV this Wednesday (3/12). I've enjoyed watching his matches on videotape and look forward to seeing this young man from England in person for the first time. He should be a great addition to the X Division.



Is Eddie Marlin involved in the daily aspects of running NWA/TNA?


ANSWER: No, but Eddie, longtime wrestler/promoter and grandfather of Jeff Jarrett, is in attendance almost every Wednesday at the TNA Asylum.



Are you told to discuss the storyline of the show during the matches more than the matches themselves?


ANSWER: No, in NWA/TNA, the decision to call the match or recap or preview a storyline is up to the announcer. I think Don West and I concentrate more on the in-ring product than any other broadcast team.



You said that the history of the NWA goes back to 1948. Doesn't the name go back to 1905?


ANSWER: The NWA that we know today, The National Wrestling Alliance, was formed in 1948. There was another NWA, The National Wrestling ASSOCIATION, that came into being in 1929. You are probably used to seeing the printed list of NWA Champions that has a lineage to 1904.



What ever happened to Don Callis of ECW?


ANSWER: Callis is currently wrestling for NHB (No Holds Barred), a promotion located in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Callis also writes a regular wrestling column for the SLAM! Sports website.



Where is Ron Killings from?


ANSWER: The Truth is from Charlotte, North Carolina, where he was trained by former two time NWA World Tag Team Champion Manny "The Raging Bull" Fernandez.



Could you give me some stats and info on the Russian guy that attacked Dusty Rhodes?


ANSWER: Nikita Koloff, The Russian Nightmare, was a former tag team partner (The Super Powers) of The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. The two joined forces in 1986 after Dusty's tag partner, Magnum T.A., was involved in a serious auto accident. Nikita, who retired after a neck injury in 1992, was a two time NWA World Tag Team Champion with Ivan Koloff and also held the U.S. and TV Titles in the NWA.



Is the new NWA/TNA star Disgraceland the former TCW talent Luther Biggs?


ANSWER: Yes, the one and the same. Luther also wrestled in WCW. You might remember him from WCW Saturday Night TBS programming as the student to Coach Buzz Stern (aka Ray Lloyd and Glacier).


Please understand that due to the large volume of e-mail, we can't answer everyone personally.


Mike Tenay

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Guest oldschoolwrestling

I like that Mike is very candid in his answers and not just trying to put down WWE.

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Guest j.o.b. squad

yeah i also have enjoyed tenays ask the profesor collumns a nice blend of hints toward future developments and where are they now pieces

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Guest bps "The Truth" 21

He balances shill for the product and honest answers as well as anyone I've ever seen. The fact that he openly answers questions dealing with other promotions and stars is part of what makes him transcend the common "This is the greatest thing ever" play by play guy, IMO.

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