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Promo: A Heavy Burden

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Somtimes it feels like the world's on my shoulders...


Everyone's leaning on me...



As the American Airlines jet passes over the northeartern part of the nation en route to Toronto, Canada, Sean Atlas sits in his upgraded, first class seat by the window. His face is not shown, and the only views of him are from behind, from above him and below the neck. None recognize him without a mask, so he is able to enjoy his solitude in public. A CD player rests by his side, spinning the Eminem disc that Mike Van Siclen left behind in the locker room several weeks ago.


"That little prick. His feeble hands couldn't even lift me up. Asshole drops be on my neck by accident, then gets up and does it again. Now he's running around here wearing MY title, celebrating like he just... ugh! He's more insane than those damn suicidal fucks who blow themselves up for promises of joy, wealth, and 70 virgins. Fucking morons."


Atlas' mind continues to shift randomly from one thought to another as the music from the new academy award winner blares in his eardrum.



But I wanna just take this time out to be perfectly honest


Cause there's a lot of shit I keep bottled that hurts deep inside o' my soul,


And just know that I grow colder the older I grow...



He turns away from the window, resting his eyes for a moment. We see an extreme closeup of his closed eyes, the first sight we've had of his bare face. Black eyebrows and bruised eye sockets draw the attention away from any discernable features...


"Dace Night... Dace Night... What am I supposed to do against this guy? He's bigger, he works a style more technical than mine... Shit, he's the world champion! And now I'm supposed to go out there with a sore neck and not submit? Dammit... I've got to look at his matches. Check out his style more closely; find out about the little things. I can't afford another loss. Having the same ref as last night overview this match isn't much help either... Too much pressure... Not enough time..."



This boulder on my shoulder gets heavy and harder to hold


And this load is like the weight of the world


And I think my neck is breaking should I just give up,


Or try to live up to these expectations?

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Guest Dace59

This is going to be a fun match to read either way.


And I have a pre worked body part. Sweet.

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