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  1. I don't see how they could, honestly., since anyone can edit Wikipedia. Just because he turned out to be right on a freaky coincidence, well, still he didn't do anything illegal. Everything should sort itself out when this breaks in the mainstream news and this guy ends up with his own wikipedia page, complete with vandalizations and all. Poetic justice at its finest. Might even screw with him professionally for a while if this whole story pops up when a potential future employer googles his name and finds this stuff.
  2. Looks like somebody figured out who the wikipedia editor is and corssreferenced the IP's other names through facebook and, maybe, figured out who it was. http://spring.newsvine.com/_news/2007/06/2...e-before-police
  3. The guy who made the wikipedia edit issued a "statement". http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Chris_Benoit_m..._coincidence%22
  4. Absolutely. And the wikipedia.org folks should think about chaning their infrastructure to allow only registered users to edit articles. Would have helped in this case, considering how uninformative vague a single IP address and hostname can be. On MSNBC, Metlzer isn't presenting his side very well. Marc Mero's actually doing a better job right now about the real pressures of being in the wrestling business than Dave is.
  5. Geraldo is such a jackass, bringing up the crippler nickname story. Way to screw that one up. How did he ever get a job a FOX NEWS?
  6. Atlas

    A "Community" Service Project

    For the record, I still have a lot of stuff from the early IGN days stored away in the bowels of an old drive. I've got a large chunk of the Scoop Slam Post, the original threads of the first two years of PPVs, 2001 and 2002 IGNWF Awards, the last ML show, and a bunch of other random things that may or may not be useful. There's also the source code and images from at least three versions of the website that we've had in the past (the original IGN themed one, the terrible orange one that followed it, and the one from about three years ago during my second run. Basically the three I made and, against all reason and logic, tried to maintain. If anybody wants to go through it all and pick out what should go in the wiki, let me know.
  7. Atlas

    State of the SWF, 2007

    Might as well come out of the shadows for this. Don't forget how this whole thing started sporadically as one massive thread. Once IGN gave us a forum, everybody was so excited to be a part of something new that there was a lot of drive to be a part of something special. It was the new thing at the time, and considering the era (end of the wrestling and internet booms) e-feds were hot. We were innovative and creative enough to draw the masses. That isn't the case anymore. E-feds in general are down. Places like IWO and FWLnet.com don't exist anymore, and what does exist isn't nearly as popular. Peoples' attention has shifted since this started. Facebook, Myspace, and Youtube weren't around. The basic idea a of what a blog is was just taking shape. Seven years ago, when message boards (particularly IGN's) were booming, people finally had a channel to express themselves on the internet that didn't involve building a geocities website. There was a novelty to it that made it special. Now the idea of a community on the internet is huge, and very ego-centric. Why would you put in the time and effort to write a 5000 word match when you can film yourself sitting in front of your computer talking to your dog, and get instant feedback and attention? A lot's changed since then. The average age of the active writers here is at least five years above what it was in the beginning. The activity in chat, on the boards, and message boards in general has gone down. There was a time when you couldn't go an hour without checking the board for something new. These days, it's common to see a day go by without a post. Even the popularity of wrestling has been relatively flat since the WCW Invasion debacle, in large part due to a lack of true competition. The quality of writing itself has gone up here, as Divefire mentioned. Why bother when you're hitting singles and everyone else is hitting home runs? But the fed hasn't changed much since the beginning, and the fact that it hasn't adapted to the things that have changes is a large part of what's led it here. People came and went, show names and schedules have changed, and feeder leagues opened and closed. But by and large, the system that worked seven years ago hasn't been altered. That's not altogether bad, but it clearly doesn't contribute to any sort of growth or sustained success. Advertising, moving, building yet another website is no solution. It may help in the short term, but the long term problems will continue to be there. Think about what you would do if you were to start a new e-fed today. Consider everything that the web is now: myspace, wikis, youtube, facebook, blogs, video, web 2.0 in general, etc. Utilize them and form a concept that can be a mold for a new and successful SWF. Take the ideas that have been mentioned like lowering word limits, booking newbies in some easy matches, providing some channels for instant gratification, etc. Retain the foundations of competitive match writing, wrestling knowledge, character building, a forum and an active community. Think outside the boards. If you want this to continue, then use the things that motivated you to participate in this project in the first place, and build something new with them. I'd hate for this thing to go out with a whimper, so I'm happy to help in any capacity. If you're folding up in October, I have a lot of matches, promos and resources archived from the days when this all started that may come in handy. I don't have the time or skill to be active on a weekly basis, but if you're rebuilding the fed or restructuring in some way, I'll gladly lend a hand to that endeavor as well.
  8. If you want to go back to the origin of the original title(s), they go like this: US: Up for grabs in the finals of a tournament at the original IGNWF Genesis on 10/29/2000, won by Outcast over Spike... JL: Contested on 10/29/2000 as well, with Fallout defeating Bobby Riley in another tournament final. On 1/26/04 Landon Maddix defeated Alan Clark and unified the European and World Junior League titles. Six days later, at Clusterfuck, he lost to Sacred and the title was unified with the SWF US title, thus becoming the USJL Championship. Interesting note: In addition to being the last man to win it, Sacred was the third man to hold the JL World title. Later in his career, among other accomplishments, he went on to win the US title over Bobby Riley. ::goes back under his rock::
  9. Atlas

    Who is your god?

    You know, I could have sworn I've seen that title somewhere before...
  10. Atlas


    You feel old? Imagine how I feel. And Sacred. And anyone else who's still remotely around and lurks.
  11. Atlas

    The time has come again...

    That's fine for me... the only thing is, there are but 4 teams in the league (which is head to head this year). That doesn't really make for heated competition, though there were only about 6 people actually playing last year...
  12. Atlas

    theswf.net is offline

    Well when someone throws your one and only rock into the sea, you're left with very few choices.
  13. Atlas

    theswf.net is offline

    I'm rockless! And thus, back.
  14. Atlas

    The time has come again...

    As last year's winner, I feel that it's my duty to defend the Fantasy crown... ...lord knows, it's the only thing i've stuck with and won around here...
  15. Atlas

    theswf.net is offline

    If you guys lost the files, I still have a copy of the site on my comp here. /me crawls back under his rock.