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The Dames' Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 32

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The Dames’ Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 32


Welcome back everyone to this week’s NWA:TNA Diatribe.


Before we get into it, I’d like to address some issues that some of my readers took up with me based on last weeks’ Diatribe. Basically, it all comes down to this statement I made about the X-Division Champion, Kid Kash, last week:


“The pre-match stats indicate that this is a match of Youth vs. Experience, but when did Kash become a veteran and gain all of this experience?”


Allow me to explain myself. Many of you have pointed out to me that Kid Kash has been wrestling for about 13 years, going under the name David Jericho years ago. However, the announcers have been saying for a few weeks now that Kid Kash is a “young up and comer” and giving the appearance of a relatively young competitor trying to get his big break as part of the X-Division. Then, when paired with Sonny Siaki for the X-Title, he has all of this vast knowledge and experience and that is what will help him beat Sonny Siaki. West & Tenay never made mention of it when he faced Siaki the first time…but of course, Siaki went over that time, so his “experience” sounded like a new revelation to me. There’s another point that I’d like to make on this, but it is just an observation. Kid Kash apparently started wrestling in 1990. Back then, anyone touting the high flying style that the X-Division stars are known for, such as Jerry Lynn & The Lightning Kid aka Sean Waltman, were talked about in small circles and in the Apter mags. It seemed as if Kid Kash didn’t come into the forefront until ’99-2000 with ECW. So…is it possible that he changed and adapted his style in order to try and make a name for himself? If that is the case, who’s to say that he has more experience with the STYLE than someone like Jerry Lynn or a Syxx-Pac. Either way, this is what I love from you guys: Genuine feedback and discussion. Please keep it coming.


Also, one of TNA’s newest and unique performers has already left the promotion. One-legged sensation, Tenacious Z, has signed with WWE earlier this week according to NWA:TNA’s official website. There has been an uproar over this on the Forums as some guys think that he’s only going to subject himself to exploitation by Vince McMahon and other think that Russo would have done the same or worse. Come on in and let us know what YOU think.


Based on the matches signed for this week, Bryan Staebell wrote his usual excellent TNA preview which you can find here. His rant topic of choice this week….AJ Styles.


Last but not least, This Sunday is WWE’s No Way Out PPV and I’ll be covering it EXCLUSIVELY for my site, TheSmartMarks.com, so make sure to drop by sometime Monday or Tuesday night to read it. Yes, I know that I usually have it up that same night, but this is the first WWE PPV that I’ll be covering since I started working full time and I can’t lose too much sleep over it. That and I want to check out the 2 hour series finale of Oz, thank you.


Let’s finally get to it.


Previously on NWA:TNA: Konnan & The SAT’s beat up on Jerry Lynn after Lynn won the right to be the number 1 contender for the X-Division Title. Kid Kash defeated Sonny Siaki to win that title as well. The Sandman and Steve Corino debuted in NWA:TNA and immediately found themselves on the opposite of S.E.X. beatdowns by the end of the night.


We start with a video recap of the Jarrett/Raven/Styles altercations in the past few weeks over the NWA World Title. Very well done. Probably one of their best video packages done to date.


Tenay lets us know that we’re being seen in Australia again this week as he introduces the show.


We go right to the back, where Goldylocks is in the parking lot awaiting AJ Styles who has yet to arrive. He arrives shortly after in a car...with Vince Russo in the drivers seat. He walks into the arena with a concerned look on his face, but Russo is smiling...


Americas Most Wanted vs. The Harris Brothers


Match Background: This is the semi-finals of a tournament to decide the NWA Tag Team Champions. AMW defeated The Rock & Roll Express in the first round, despite interference from Low-Ki, who automatically has a spot in the finals with Elix Skipper as part of Triple X. Low-Ki did successfully cost The Disciples of the New Church their match, however, allowing S.E.X. stable members, The Harris Brothers to win the match and advance in the tournament. This isn’t the first time that AMW have faced the Harris’ in TNA either. AMW won a 3 way dance back in Week 25 with The Disciples & The Harris Brothers. This is the first time these teams will face each other one on one in TNA. The winners will face XXX, who never lost the titles in the ring, in the finals.


The Match: Don Harris starts the match out with Chris Harris and a shoving match erupts into a brawl in the corner. Chris Harris gets a Lou Thesz press and follows it up with a clothesline in the corner. AMW Harris gets a few punches in the corner on Don, but gets shoved off. Don charges at Chris, but the Wildcat holds the top rope down and Don goes tumbling to the floor. Chris Harris beats up on Don Harris on the outside when Ron Harris comes to make the save for Don Harris. I hate matches where three of the four men have the same last name. I’m just going to call them by their first names from here on in, except for Storm. Speaking of Storm, he uses Chris to elevate himself over the top “onto” Ron and Don. In reality, he barely grazed either of them, but they sold it anyway. Storm comes back into the ring and pop the crowd a bit before Ron comes in to bring the pain to Storm. Storm turns an irish whip into a flying head scissors and a dropkick. Storm gets a superkick as well on Ron for two. Chris is now tagged in and he gets a sloppy bulldog for two. Not his fault though, if you get my drift. Don pulls Chris out of the ring and Ron hits a big boot into the chair...into Chris’ face. Sambo suplex by Ron Harris puts Chris down before Don comes in to hit a suplex of his own. The two count is broken up by Storm and he pays for it with a right hand. Don gets a big boot on Chris, tags out to Ron who hits his three running clotheslines in the corner. Chris comes back with a spear out of the corner to Ron and makes a tag to Storm...but the ref didn’t see it. As the ref takes care of Storm, the Harris’ double team Chris in the corner. Double big boot by the Harris’ is followed up by two knees to the midsection, but the third is reversed into a roll up. Ron and Don take over once again, with Don getting cocky and taunting the crowd. He goes to taunt Storm who drops him throat first across the top rope, allowing Chris Harris to get a small package for the pin! They advance in the tournament and will be facing XXX in the finals for the tag titles.


My Opinion: The finish to this match certainly came out of nowhere. It seemed to be the usual tag formula where one baby face makes the hot tag to the HOUSE EN FUEGO~!, but instead, Storm was only in the match for about 30 seconds and Chris Harris not only took the beating, but won it himself. It made the Harris’ look really weak, although they were never a truly credible force to being with. The Harris’ never had a real chance to win this match because TNA wouldn’t dare to a heel vs. heel tag final. Who’d want to see the Harris’ get a title shot anyway? ½ *


Goldylocks is in the back with Vince Russo. Russo blows her off and gets in the Harris’ faces as they walk back to the S.E.X. locker room. Goldy is trying to ask Russo about AJ Styles, but he doesn’t even give her a second look. Russo yells at them and shoves them into the S.E.X. locker room, but they don’t appreciate it and give Vince the evil eye.


We go back to the announce table where Tenay and West are trying to figure out the deal betwee Russo and AJ Styles. Tenay is convinced that Styles is now in Russo’s camp and goes off on how TNA promoted AJ, how he turned his back on the WWE to turn to TNA and says that he repaid them by spitting on tradition. (Note: AJ Styles was offered a WWE Developmental Contract sometime last year, but turned it down due to the lowball figure that they gave to him, somewhere in the $500 a week range. He makes a lot more weekly working several independents.) Tenay: “AJ Styles....YOU...SICKEN ME!”


Russo gets into the ring and takes the mic. He tells Tenay that he’ll tell him what happened with him and AJ if Tenay were to get in the ring. Tenay obliges and Russo tells him that he told him how to beat Jeff Jarrett because he knows him best. He says that AJ is with him and is in S.E.X. because he’s opened his eyes. AJ knows that Russo made Jeff Jarrett. He goes on to then say that he made The Rock, Austin, Degeneration-X and even VINCE McMAHON, calling Attitude HIS idea and concept. Geez, everyone takes credit for that, don’t they? Russo: “I make chicken salad out of chicken shit!”


Dusty Rhodes comes out (to some HORRIBLE music) and gets into the ring with Russo and Tenay. There’s a GREAT sign in the crowd that reads: ”Faces = Feces”! No, the sign wasn’t in the “Heel Section” either. “Russo sucks” chant by the crowd as Dusty acknowledges it and makes a few jokes at Russo’s expense. Dusty rambles on a bit as he usually does, pimping tradition and Jeff Jarrett. Russo then says that he’s been trying to figure out why Dusty hates Russo so much, since they didn’t cross paths until now. Russo says that Dusty Rhodes hates him because of Dusty’s own son, Dustin Rhodes. As “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes in WCW, the fans didn’t care for Dustin Rhodes according to Russo. He says that he created Goldust, which is when he became a bigger star than Dusty. That’s debatable, but then again, Dustin never had the book. He says that HE was the father to Dustin Rhodes that Dusty never was...


Dusty gets UPSET and pulls his belt off and challenges Russo to an impromptu match just for that match. Before it can happen, The Harris Brothers come in and attack Dusty...but VADER~! comes down for the save!!!! Tenay goes INSANE screaming “YOU DAMN RIGHT, ITS VADER TIME!” Dusty then challenges The Harris’ to a tag match next week, which Russo accepts.


My Two Cents: This was a good segment, as it played off on history that even casual fans would know seeing as Goldust is still a current, well known wrestler and the history between father and son was made perfectly clear even on WWE programming a few years back. Not to mention the debut of Vader, who can be a KILLER heel for the promotion if they push him hard. From what I’ve been hearing, he’s been flourishing in Japan and is ready for another good run in the U.S. Next week’s match won’t be pretty, but all I’m concerned with is how Vader can adapt to being back in the US and wrestling the American style.


We go to the TNA girls...and there’s New TNA girl again taking Miss Molly’s place...a black chick with a VERY curvy body. *gulp*


Goldylocks in the back with Jerry Lynn and the winner of an auction to help Goldylocks conduct interviews, Lorenzo Pappa. Hey, it might not be a big deal to you guys, but if you were on TV, you’d like your name included in the recap right? Lorenzo asks him how he feels about Paul London getting his match. Lynn tells him that he’s got unfinished business, so it’s all good with him. Tonight, he’ll be facing The SAT’s and Lorenzo asks him if he’s concerned with the fact that Konnan will be at ringside. Lynn responds by telling him that Konnan can be just as bad as Vince Russo in destroying the X-Division, so he’s going to do his best to kill the “cancer” before it spreads. Personally, as long as Konnan can bring in guys like Juvi, Psychosis, La Parka and other luchadores and keeps his in-ring work limited, he’ll be helping the X-Division to me. Lorenzo seemed nervous and stuttered a little, but still did a decent job. I hope it was worth the money for a 30 second segment.


Jerry Lynn vs. Joel Maximo vs. Jose Maximo (w/Konnan)


Match Background: Last week, prior to the 8 man elimination match to decide the number 1 contender for the X-Title, Jerry Lynn said that he was going to re-establish the division. Jerry Lynn went on win the match, but afterwards Konnan came into the ring to confront Jerry Lynn about his comments. He claimed that the division wasn’t his to establish because he stole lucha libre style and tries to pass it off as his own. Lynn retorted that this stems from jealousy because Konnan was never a high flyer...but the SAT’s then jumped him from behind, turning heel and joining Konnan.


The Match: Konnan joins the announcers at the announce table, but he has technical difficulties with his headset. The SAT’s attack Lynn at the bell, obviously working together in this triple threat match. Lynn comes back with a clotheline and a tilt a whirl backbreaker as Konnan’s headset finally comes on. Jerry Lynn hits a pescado to the outside onto Joel Maximo, but Joel sets him up for an Asai moonsault by Jose. Lynn moves out of the way, with Jose ending up landing on Joel. Tenay tells Konnan that the Asai Moonsault was invented by a Japanese wrestler, Yoshihiro Asai (Ultimo Dragon) and technically isn’t lucha libre...but Konnan says that Dragon invented the move IN Mexico, to which Tenay agrees. Back in the ring, Lynn elevates Jose over his head, knocking Joel back down to the outside. Running bulldog by Lynn for two. Lynn heads up to the top, but gets overcome by the numbers and is superplexed. UGLY top rope elbow by Joel as he hits his knee and hip on the canvas first before his elbow makes ANY kind of contact on Lynn’s body. The SAT’s resort to speaking Spanish to try and get some heel heat from the crowd, but it doesn’t seem to work. Konnan says he’s bringing people in, Latin wrestlers as surprises every week, but refuses to give names. Lynn turns an SAT double team ito a DDT, but Joel gets a powerslam for two. The SAT’s get another double team move on Lynn....a superkick into a German suplex for two, although it looked TONS better when Team Angle did it a few weeks ago. Konnan: “Jerry Lynn – technically sound, charismatically deficient” Hey, EWR confirms it. He’s got a 95 Technical, 30 Charisma rating. The SAT’s get a doubleteam bulldog for two as well. Nice move as Jerry Lynn tries to powerbomb Jose off the top rope, but gets caught by Joel...and he head scissors out of it. Jose comes off the top with a cross body, nailing Joel accidentally and Lynn clotheslines Joel over the top. It looked very awkward as Joel barely was able to get himself over the top and needed an extra push. TKO by Lynn onto Jose gets a two count. Konnan claims that they’re just nervous as Lynn sets Jose up for the Cradle Piledriver, but gets clotheslined down by Joel, allowing Jose to get a two count. They set Lynn up for the Spanish Fly, but Lynn elbows out and drives them both into the canvas. That only gets a two count, but Lynn’s music starts to play. Production corrects the error quickly as Lynn goes for the Cradle Piledriver on Jose, but Joel is up on time to stop it. Actually, he grabs Jose and pulls him off, holding his brother in a Tombstone position while holding him and Lynn dropkicks him from behind...making Joel tombstone Jose! Joel turns around...into the CRADLE PILEDRIVER~! for the win and Konnan is flabbergasted!


My Opinion: This match made the SAT’s look like idiots as well. Lynn beat them both with relative ease. The SAT’s were sloppy as always. ¾ *.


Goldylocks in the back with Raven. He just takes the mic from her. He has “Sandman must die” painted on his chest. He talks about how Lori & Tyler Fullington (Sandman’s wife and son) were a happy family with Raven in ECW before Sandman took them away from him and he’ll never forgive him for that. As this promo concludes, Russo is about to get into a car when he tells Sonny Siaki that he’s the “ace in the hole” tonight. Mortimer Plumtree tries to talk to Russo before he goes to no avail. Russo blows him off, calling him David as he tries to “shoot” on us again.


We go back to the ring where Glen Gilberti in talking about wrestling gimmicks and how gimmicks like Hacksaw Jim Duggan were never realistic. He’s going to introduce us to his first creation...a realistic gimmick. He brings us...Disgraceland. Some fat guy doing a fat Elvis gimmick.


Disgraceland vs. Shark Boy


Match Background: None.


The Match: Mike Sanders is with the announcers at the table...bragging and laughing about the fact that he has a ton of peanut butter and banana sandwiches for some reason. I just don’t get it. If you guys do, please drop me a line. Tenay talks Sanders that real life personalities make the best characters as Disgraceland takes a horrible bump off a Shark Boy dropkick. Disgraceland gets a backbreaker and throws Shark Boy out of the ring. West: “I got to admit, this is pretty humorous”. Disgraceland begins eating a sandwich during the match, not even taking the time to swallow the food before going back to the attack. Disgraceland gets a hard chop, but misses an ugly 2nd rope legdrop attempt as Mike Sanders is just overly hyper at commentary. Whoever this guy is, he’s horrible. Tenay talks about Gilberti’s ideas for WCW, like the Invisible Man and Martian wrestlers and how horrible they were. Point taken, although I really did enjoy one of his proposed gimmicks. It pretty much went like this...there’s a wrestler who is SO concerned with shaking every hand and kissing every baby that by the time he comes down the aisle to make the save or something, it’s too late...and then he celebrates. Almost like what Matt Hardy was doing earlier this year in the initial stage of the Mattitude gimmick. Shark Boy goes for the Dead Sea Drop, but its reversed into an ugly Swinging Neckbreaker for the pin. That just SCREAMS Honky Tonk Man.


My Opinion: DUD. I feel bad for Shark Boy for having to put this crap over. He was barely mobile, couldn’t take bumps and was just out of shape. Shark Boy deserved better, especially after getting his finisher over last week.


Sanders gets into the ring and celebrats with Disgraceland and Gilberti, but Estrada comes off the top with a double clothesline! He goes after all three men, but he’s outnumbered quickly and Disgraceland gives him two swinging neckbreakers. Sanders and Gilberti toss Estrada into the S.E.X. locker room (aka the bathroom) and give him a swirly. That’s funny....I noticed a tattoo on Estrada’s lower back. That’s an inside joke fellas...don’t worry about it.


We’re then shown a video package for Jeff Jarrett and everything he went to in order to win the NWA Title, dating back to his initial altercations with Ken Shamrock and ending with him defending the title across the globe. Footage of Jarrett wrestling Sting & Lex Luger is shown to drive home the level of competition that he has been facing. GREAT idea, to put over the champion as well as the challenger to make this match even more important.


We go to the back and Goldylocks is with JJ Dillon. JJ says that he is disappointed with Styles for going along with Russo. Larry Z interrupts...but he doesn’t know what’s going on with Styles. He’s going to find out though...


Paul London comes down to the ring for his title match using the generic “Born in the USA” music which still haunts my days and nights. I hope I never hear that song again.


We go to a video package of Kash’s win last week. They leave the botched finish intact and even focus on it for a second. There really was no way to edit it out unless they left out the “moonsault” completely.


Kid Kash (w/Trinity) vs. Paul London for the X Division Title


Match Background: Last week, Kid Kash defeated Sonny Siaki for the X-Division Title. Paul London was in the finals of the 8-man Elimination match for a shot at the X-Division Title, but lost to Jerry Lynn despite a strong showing. Jerry Lynn, looking for revenge against Konnan and the SAT’s, has apparently given up his shot for now so Paul London is the next in line for the shot and gets it tonight.


The Match: Man, that theme that was passed down by Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles is just HORRIBLE. Sidenote on Paul London: He looks like Scott Baio to me. Tenay admits that Kid Kash has got 13 years experience as they lock up. Why didn’t you say that before!? They start out feeling each other out and reversing armbars and hammerlocks before trading armdrags and hitting the Indy Applause Stance. Seriously...Kash should know better than to still use that. Kash gets a HARD chop to the chest of Paul London, but London comes back with more armbars. Tenay says that London has been studying tapes of Kid Kash since he found out that he would be getting the shot. London transitions nicely from a missed enziguiri into a snap mare, but Kash follows up by throwing him over the top. Another awkward spot takes place as London is hip tossed over the top and tries to skin the cat, but can’t hang on. He jumps up to get the ropes to do it, but Kash just dropkicks him in the back of the HEAD and London falls down to the outside. Kash hits a NICE springboard cross body block off the top to the outside on London. Kash goes back into the ring and goes for a baseball slide, but London catches him, spins him around and drives him into the ground! Shooting Star Press on the floor by London! Kash told Tenay that he did NOT hit his head last week and he was in control the whole time. Sorry...I watched it in slow motion! They continue to brawl on the outside and Kash goes for his “Smash Mouth” move (throwing a chair at your opponent), but London plays too much No Mercy and catches it, throwing it back at him and hitting Kash in the face with it. Kash, I mean this....stop doing the move. It’s just silly that throwing a chair at your opponent is a “signature” move now but what’s worse is that you debuted it last week, missed the first time and have gotten it reversed on you twice so far. Drop it from your repertoire unless you want a chair thrown at your face every week, ok? London throws Kash back into the ring and springboards back into the ring into a roll up for two. NASTY spinning wheel kick gets a two count for London. Tenay mocks me with Kash’s experience. Kash comes back with a dropkick, sending London to the outside and hitting a NICE Tope con Hilo. Back in the ring, Kash hits a flying clothesline that would make Kane blush. A kick by London is caught, but he flips over and hits a NICE flipping dropkick, followed by the Shining Black for two. Trinity gets the crowd going at ringside as Kash chops the hell out of London again. Kash goes for the Money Maker, but London gets out and hits his twisting neckbreaker for two. They blow an irish whip badly...and then Kash misses a springboard missile dropkick. London slingshots himself back into the ring and takes Kash down with a head scissors. Kash no sells it and comes off the top with a ‘rana for a close two count. Kash and London go through a series of backslides and reversals, ending with Kash getting the Money Maker piledriver for the win! After the match, Kash raises Paul London’s arm to try and put him over as well.


My Opinion: For the most part, the match was fine although there were a few awkward spots and London still seemed nervous to be on TV. Hopefully Kid Kash could bring some stability to the X-Division while he’s on top and try and make other guys look good like he did tonight. **1/4.


We go to the S.E.X. locker room where Goldylocks is with Sonny Siaki. Siaki’s claims that he’s in charge in the back....but no one wants to listen to him. Gilberti: “If Russo were to leave anyone in charge, it would be Sanders!” HA! That’s just great! He tries to rally the S.E.X. troops with cliched sayings....but no one cares. Sanders: “Hey, I got a match tonight with Jonah, you know...the kid that lost? What do I do?” Siaki: “Beat his ass. If he has gold, bring it home to”. This is the greatest S.E.X. skit ever! Did he just say Jonah?? Sanders and Gilberti mock Siaki as they head out to the ring.


We go to a sitdown interview with JONAH~! from Tough Enough III. Well, looks like he won’t be in WWE anytime soon. Hey, Jonah went to Union...my former school’s rival (RPI). He says that he made a promise on the final show, “you will see my face again” and this is step one to fulfill my dream to be a professional wrestler. Wow...is he using TNA or WHAT!


Mike Sanders (w/Glen Gilberti and Random chick) vs. Jonah from Tough Enough III!


Match Background: None. This is Jonah’s first match in TNA.


The Match: Sanders, Gilberti and a busty blond girl come into the ring. Tenay doesn’t know who the woman is. West: “We should GET to know her though!” See...subtle humor can work wonders instead of just going bananas over a woman. Someone tell Jerry Lawler please. Jonah comes down to the ring to a nice pop as West and Tenay talk about how many fans felt Jonah was robbed. They even stated that some people felt that the only reason Matt won is because of the Bob Holly incident. Sanders has THE STICK~! and shows Jonah where the camera is. He calls him a LOSER for losing Tough Enough 3...but he has an offer to make him anyway. He’s going to make him a deal just like Russo made Siaki. He offers up the busty blonde in order for him to join S.E.X. The camera focuses RIGHT on her breasts and they make me happy. Sanders: “She puts the Lollipop Girl to shame” That gets some heel heat from the crowd amazingly. Jonah grabs the stick....and just murders his lines. He has natural charisma...but here it looked like he was just trying not to step over lines that he had memorized. Anyway, he turns down the girl because he wants to do this on his own and so Sanders nails him to start the match. Sanders immediately calls the spots as he sells his ass off of some Jonah hiptosses and armdrags. The armdrags were done well, but Jonah’s selling isn’t good at all. Sanders is carrying this match on his back completely. Snap mare by Sanders leads to a kick to the chest and the dancing knee drop! Jonah bumps well off of a back elbow and then receives a suplex for two. We go to a resthold as Sanders tells him the next series of spots. Jonah rallies back as the crowd chants “Let’s go Jonah” LOUDLY and gets a cross body for two. Sanders comes back immediately with a leg lariat and a HEY~!! but the crowd didn’t see it coming and the reaction wasn’t there. He chastises them for it because Sanders rules you. “Let’s Go Jonah” chant again! Sanders misses a knee drop and Jonah gets a roll up for two. Sanders puts Jonah into position and hits a moonsault off the 2nd rope but Jonah moves out of the way! Jonah gets up and comes back with a few clotheslines and a dropkick! Jonah doesn’t pop up from a dropkick like most people do though...even though he got some nice elevation for someone as muscular as he is. Sanders makes him EAT BOOT in the corner, but Jonah comes back with a MONSTROUS powerslam for two! STF applied by Jonah but the busty blonde gets on the apron and FLASHES Jonah and I am talking FULL BOOBAGE! It was a wide shot and you can’t really see her nipples too well, but that was almost Stacy Carter levels of Flash there! Hell, I would have gotten off of Sanders too...those were just magnificent breasts. Damn my lack of a zoom button. Anyway, Jonah gets off of Sanders and goes towards her...allowing Sanders to sneak up from behind and hit the 3.0 for the pin!


My Opinion: Jonah is VERY green, but he has a great upside. He really does need more in ring work. Sanders totally carried the match. Hey, look on the bright side, he’s had more TV time than Matt & John already. ¾*


We go to The Interrogation w/Sandman this week.


Tenay: Toughest Opponent?

Sandman: Raven

West: Bud or Bud Light?

Sandman: Alcohol

Tenay: Pick a tag partner

Sandman: Don’t want to

West: Cools or Camel Joe (Cigarettes)

Sandman: Non Filtered

Tenay: Steel Chairs or Wooden Tables

Sandman: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my.

West: Piercings or Tattoos?

Sandman: Both

Tenay: AJ Styles or Jeff Jarrett

Sandman: Jarrett

West: Missy Hyatt or Francine

Sandman: All women

Tenay: Word Association....Paul Heyman

Sandman: Character

West: Terry Funk

Sandman: Walking Living Legend

Tenay: Vince Russo

Sandman: Don’t know him

West: Hardcore Wrestling?

Sandman: Sandman

Tenay: Raven

Sandman: Sandman.


Wow....that was lame. He refused to give a straight answer to practically anything.


The Sandman & Steve Corino vs. Raven & Low-Ki


Match Background: While The Sandman and Raven have issues going as far back as 1996, this match is a direct result of what occurred last week. Steve Corino, the self proclaimed “King of Old School”, battled Low-Ki to a DQ after Low-Ki gouged the eyes of the referee in order to save himself from being pinned. Later on that night, Raven took on The Sandman in a Falls Count Anywhere match which saw Low-Ki involve himself in the third match of the night and cost The Sandman the match. This brought out Steve Corino to try and even the odds, but S.E.X. came down to the ring and took over on the former ECW World Heavyweight Champions. Tonight, Corino & Sandman team up to take on another former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Raven, as well as the former X-Division Champ and most recently, former NWA Tag Team Champion, Low-Ki.


The Match: Sandman and Corino come out together, drinking beers at the top of the ramp. They go into the crowd, like Sandman would in ECW, but Low-Ki and Raven head over there to try and cut him off. Sandman ends up diving over the balcony onto the both of them first though. They brawl in the crowd, beating up on Low-Ki mostly. Funny moment as a little kid gets in front of the camera and starts jumping up and down, but he’s pulled away and West can’t help but laugh at that. Corino nails Raven in the head with a trashcan and gives one to Low-Ki as well. A trashcan is placed over Raven’s head...and they hit it with a trashcan. Raven and Low-Ki takeover again....and Raven hits a piledriver on Sandman through a table. Corino nails both Raven and ‘Ki with trashcan lids and they head back to the ring. Corino nails ‘Ki in the corner and hits a superkick on Raven before ‘Ki comes back with a cartwheel kick. Sandman starts crawling towards the ring as ‘Ki and Raven hit a new twist on Total Elimination on Corino....a leg sweep with a running clothesline for two. Raven gets a suplex and opens up a chair in the ring. He goes for his drop toe hold into the chair maneuver, but Corino tries to do it to him instead. This doesn’t work either as Raven holds on....closes the chair and nails him with it. Sandman gets back into his corner with a trashcan and starts beating on it to get the crowd back into it as Corino draws blood from his already mutilated forehead. Corino hits a Nova-like move, hitting a Stunner and DDT on both Raven and ‘Ki at the same time. Corino gets to the corner and makes the tag..and Sandman starts nailing both ‘Ki and Raven in the head with the trashcan. When did this match become No DQ? Drop toe hold into the garbage can by Sandman. He wedges the can in between the turnbuckles and ‘Ki gets a drop toe hold into it. Raven nails Sandman with the trashcan...but Corino clotheslines Raven over the top. Raven trips Sandman in the ring and ‘Ki fakes diving at Corino...only to get Sandman’s cane-assisted Russian Leg Sweep, which Low-Ki sells like a MASTER for two. Raven from behind gets the Evenflow DDT for the pinfall.


My Opinion: The match was mostly brawling and garbage wrestling with a clean finish. The match wasn’t a no DQ finish, but Sandman can’t really “wrestle”, so I guess that’s allowed. ½*


We now go to the BEST VIDEO PACKAGE EVER DONE IN TNA . It’s a black and white package on AJ Styles....with AJ Styles reminiscing about the night he won the X-Division Championship. He talks about Ricky Steamboat raising his hand....Steamboat then said to him in the back “Kid, you’re gonna be great. I paused for a second...looked at him and said ‘I’m already great’, RICKY...I’m going to be the GREATEST.” Clips of AJ are then shown with a graphic that reads “Phenomenal”. He names men such as Flair, Race, Funk and Rhodes. He says that they were all Great....but they weren’t Phenomenal. AJ then looks ahead and says: “Tag Team Champion....done it. X-Division Champ...twice. Jeff Jarrett, you’re standing in the way of greatness...” He looks at the camera...”MOVE!”


AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Title


Match Background: This has been the most anticipated match in TNA since Jeff Jarrett squared off against The Truth in Week 21 for the NWA World Title. The former 2-time X-Division Champion and first ever title holder for that title, AJ Styles made a statement in a big way at the end of Week 24 when he attacked Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett was in the middle of a confrontation with S.E.X. leader Vince Russo when AJ attacked from behind as the show went off the air, leading viewers to think that AJ Styles had joined S.E.X, but that was not the case. When approached the following week (Week 25) by Bob Armstrong, AJ made his purpose clear. He is done with the X-Division and feels he is good enough to be the World Heavyweight Champion, but he’s not aligned with anyone. Week after week, AJ would take the opportunity to jump Jeff Jarrett from behind, with most of these occurrences taking place while Jarrett was busy with the S.E.X stable, raising doubt in people’s minds whether or not he was a lone wolf or not. On his road to the title shot, AJ faced a former NWA World Champion, Ron “The Truth” Killings, to try and prove that he belonged with the big boys. He defeated The Truth, through nefarious means of course, immediately demanding a title shot. This brought out former AWA World Champion Larry Zybszko, who told Styles that he hasn’t earned a title shot because he hasn’t paid his dues yet. Styles then got in his face, slapping him and saying that he’ll beat him and show the world that he DOES deserve a shot. In Week 28, AJ Styles defeated Larry Zybszko with his feet on the ropes, but Jeff Jarrett still refused to give him a title shot. That week, however, Raven debuted in TNA and stole the World Heavyweight Title belt from Jeff Jarrett. Week 29 came and AJ made a plea for a title shot once again, but this time it was answered by Raven. Raven told AJ that he needed to go through him in order to get a shot, seeing as how he had the belt in his possession. This lead to a brawl between the two men, but Jeff Jarrett came into the ring, attacked both men and got his title back! With AJ down, Larry Zbyszko came to the ring in his wrestling gear and made a match between himself and AJ with a major stipulation. Since AJ claimed that he could beat him twice in 10 minutes, if he did…Larry would demand that AJ get a title shot, but should he not be successful, Larry would become the mentor of AJ Styles. AJ was able to get one pinfall, but time ran out and Zbyszko became AJ’s mentor despite all of Styles’ wishes. At the end of the show, however, AJ attacked Jeff Jarrett once again and took the NWA World title belt for himself! Jarrett retrieved the title the following week, after engaging in a war of words with Larry Z, who now demanded a shot at Jarrett’s title on behalf of Styles. With Jarrett in possession of his title once again, Raven and AJ brawled over who deserved the shot more when Raven dislocated AJ’s fingers. AJ recovered and attacked Raven in the backstage area last week. Amidst all of the commotion, it was announced last week that AJ Styles would FINALLY get his shot at the World Title and Jeff Jarrett Tonight! A Styles win here would break a lot of barriers and open many doors for Cruiserweight wrestlers. Bryan “Bps21” Staebell made a lot of great points about this in his NWA:TNA Week 32 Preview found here.


The Match: Styles is out first and he’s not with anyone...no Zybszko, no Plumtree, no Russo, nobody. The champion comes out last of course. Boxing Style intros from Borash, which I absolutely adore. The ref gets booed when introduced for some reason. They lock up in the middle of the ring, but Jarrett has the power advantage and Styles backs off. Styles gets a go behind, which is reversed by Jarrett and they end up trading hammerlocks. Jarrett counters with a drop toe hold, but AJ comes back with a hammerlock..but Jarrett gets a few fireman carries and a clothesline. Styles gets the advantage with a kick to the midsection and after a few leapfrogs, catches Jarrett with a nice dropkick, followed by a spinning wheel kick for two. Front dropkick gets two as the crowd is solidly behind AJ Styles. AJ goes for his discus elbow, but Jarrett nails him in the face with a right hand to come back. Jarrett gets a dropkick and sends him to the outside with a clothesline. Jarrett comes up and over the top with a pescado and it’s so impressive that it gets a replay! He throws Styles into the guardrail...but Styles then throws HIM into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Styles gets a running swanton for two. Styles gets a running clothesline and looks to the crowd...who is VERY pro Styles tonight. “AJ” chant by the crowd...but Jarrett comes back with a sit out powerbomb! West points out that AJ will be the first Triple Crown champ, should he win tonight. Jarrett elevates Styles and gives him a SUPER Atomic Drop! Larry Zybszko comes down to the ring. Styles goes for a Tornado DDT, but Jarrett keeps on spinning and places him on the top for a superplex. Larry holds onto Jarrett’s foot, allowing Styles to get a sunset flip powerbomb off the top for two! Tenay and West are baffled as the match continues. Styles charges at Jarrett, but ends up on the apron. Jarrett goes for a superplex, but Larry holds onto Jarrett’s foot and Styles lands on top for a two count! Jarrett sends Styles into the corner, but Styles floats over and hits an enziguiri. With the ref distracted, Larry Z nails Jarrett in the head with brass knuckles! ONE...TWO....NO! JJ Dillon and NWA Refs come out to remove Larry Z from ringside! Jarrett just looks limp in the ring....so Styles goes for the Figure Four, (almost tripping too), but Jarrett sits up and rolls him up for two. HARD shot by Styles to come back. Styles springboards off the 2nd rope and gets a sleeper, although it looked awkward. It puts Jarrett down...but of course, he’s back to life by 2. Upon Jarrett’s reawakening, AJ comes off the ropes with a flying forearm, but accidentally nails the ref! AJ goes for his quebrada/reverse DDT combo, but Jarrett sidesteps the quebrada and hits THE STROKE~! There’s no ref....but ref Andrew Thomas rolls in for the ONE....TWO....NO! Jarrett tries to kick Styles, but he gets sweeped..and Styles puts on the MUTA LOCK~! Jarrett powers out though! AJ goes for Jarrett’s legs, but gets monkey flipped over...and into the ref, knocking the 2nd one out as well! The Harris Brothers come into the ring and hit the H Bomb on Jarrett! Vader and Dusty come down and they brawl to the back! AJ covers....ONE....TWO....NO! Jarrett goes for a knee to the midsection, but AJ rolls him up...and turns it into a Styles Clash attempt! Jarrett escapes, but Styles puts it back on...and hits it! ONE...TWO.....NO! Styles comes off the top, but Jarrett clotheslines him down. The spot really didn’t look that great. Sonny Siaki comes in and gives Jeff Jarrett TWO Siakolypses as Desire has the ref distracted and tells AJ to cover him! AJ instead attacks Sonny and hits the Styles Clash on him! He climbs to the top...but Jarrett nails him from behind! THE STROKE~! off the 2nd rope....ONE...TWO...THREE! Jeff Jarrett retains his title!


My Opinion: Well....the match itself was building nicely. Somewhere towards the end it began to spiral downwards, probably after the ref bumps. All of the interference really wasn’t necessary and the crowd definitely wanted to see AJ win the title. This match wasn’t as good as Jarrett/Truth with is highly disappointing to me because I figured that this match could have gone at least ****. What bothers me most about this is the fact that AJ Styles as champion could have done so many different things for the promotion. Read Bryan Staebell’s commentary on TSM and you’ll see what I mean. Hopefully, they’ll have a rematch in the future. ***1/4.


Right after the finish, we’re shown a video with Vince Russo addressing Jeff Jarrett. He says that he is only 50 feet away from his home and he is going to go in and wait for him along with Jarrett’s family so they can work out their differences.


End of PPV.


Overall: Once again, as I’ve said before...the last thing you see is what gives you the most lasting impression for the show as a whole and what I saw was Vince Russo putting himself over the match that we were all waiting to see. Hell, he didn’t even bother to comment on it or anything...no “great win there” or an excuse or something. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett was a solid bout, but not the spectacular match that I was anticipating and everything else was just bad filler to me. I’m sorry to say, but TNA dropped the ball with this one.


Remember, this Sunday...WWE No Way Out, EXCLUSIVELY at TheSmartMarks.com


The Dames, Damian Gonzalez


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