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The very short NWA TNA Week 31 Preview

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Guest TSMAdmin

First and foremost I’d like to send my sympathies to Curt Hennig’s family. Although I didn’t care much for his time in TNA, Hennig was one of my favorites growing up as “Mr. Perfect”. I’d expect TNA to have some sort of a tribute to him on the show tomorrow, as he was competing with the company just one short month ago.


If you clicked the link to hear me rant I’m going to have to apologize to you now. I put off writing the preview in hopes that TNA would let us know some actual matches (until Meltzer said there was an 8 man X division match I only knew of ONE match). And now I don’t have the time or energy to rant on anything.


Dames’ review on last week’s not very good show is right here:


Outside of Konnan’s interview and the thought that Siaki might actually lose the title…not much excitement last week. The Low Ki and Elix Skipper vs. New Church match was pretty good though.


The very short NWA TNA Week 31 Preview


Sonny Siaki vs. Kid Kash


This is for Siaki’s X division title. Kash and Siaki have been feuding for weeks now, which would make Kash a very good choice to finally end Siaki’s terrible title reign. However, in this feud Kash and Trinity (his valet) have gotten the better of Siaki and Desire (Siaki’s valet) just about every time…so Siaki’s reign probably won’t end here. The last time they wrestled it was a short but good match that left me wishing they had been given more time. They’ll get more time here…but I get the feeling that as much focus will be on the women as on the men. If they can work together as well as last time this should be a good match, but not up to par with the X division we used to know and love.


8 man X division match


This is one of the things that irks me about TNA. They don’t actually tell us who the 8 people are (or if it’s an 8 man tag or an all out 8 man spotfest) because they probably don’t know even know who they will be yet. There’s a very good chance that this match will feature the debut of Paul London, which would be fantastic. Tony Mamaluke and Jimmy Rave are also probably returning this week. Other than those three possibilities the only X division guys I can think of that aren’t tied up elsewhere are David Young, Red and the SATs (also Jason Cross if his hand is ready to go yet). Either way the match will be a spotfest that at some point (likely after the match) will see Konnan run in and cane people to further his storyline.



Although that’s all I can do for an actual preview…I can look at the various feuds and storylines that should be represented in some form.


Jeff Jarrett/Raven/AJ Styles: Sooner or later they’re going to have to give us some kind of a title match. I find it funny that TNA went through 27 weeks or so with only one real challenger for the title at a time…and now that they have two legit contenders they refuse to have the matches. It seems that they will go with JJ/Styles first…but when that actually happens is anyone’s guess. Why don’t they just have Styles vs. Raven in a #1 contenders match?


Rhodes/Koloff: Dusty Rhodes has been around but Nikita Koloff hasn’t been. I don’t know when or if they’ll get back to this.


Lynn/Truth: The feud is coming. It’s a good idea for a feud too…but they don’t seem to want to blow feuds off anymore. They’ve spent a month facing David Flair and Mike Sanders, so I don’t know where they go from here. I do know that they could have a huge week when they eventually get around to blowing off JJ/Raven, Konnan/X division, AMW/XXX, Rhodes/Koloff and this.


The tag team title situation: I would imagine they took the belts off of Low Ki and Skipper because they were about to run into some scheduling conflicts. I can understand not putting the belts on the New Church since it would be bad to make XXX look weak…but the stupid titles are held up AGAIN. AMW and the New Church will be in the hunt. Unfortunately the Harris brothers probably will be too. If XXX is around than they and teams like the SATs and Divine Storm (where’d they go?) could be used too. That being said…I don’t know what they are going to do to crowd new champions…or when they are planning on doing it.


Until next week throw me an email at [email protected]

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