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The NWA TNA Week 35 Preview

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Guest TSMAdmin

Short Preview this week, as I am not feeling well. I am working on the semi-in depth look at TNA’s talent and the future…but it’s nowhere near complete yet. I enjoyed last week’s show and felt it had some nice variety. Dames Diatribe is up on thesmartmarks.com for a more detailed recap than that.


And now since I’m probably going to fall out of my seat soon:


The NWA TNA Week 35 Preview


AJ Styles vs. Raven


This is a number one contenders match (and one that they should have had about 6 weeks ago to be honest). The thing that has baffled me the most about TNA recently is the absolute refusal to defend the NWA title on the show. Again this week we see that Jarrett has no match…and yet has a few challengers still waiting. Raven has a destiny. Styles has a quest. Russo has some weird idea about keeping the NWA champion out of the wrestling ring. Odd. As for the match itself…it has gotten weeks and weeks of buildup. It was inevitable that this match take place as both guys are gunning for the same thing…the NWA title. I would guess that Raven would win here and then finally get his title shot next week. I wouldn’t be shocked to see some kind of non-finish though…just because. Oh yeah…and there’s probably a clash of styles here (pun semi-intended). Styles worked a pretty entertaining match with Sandman two weeks ago (as in…entertaining for a Sandman match)…so if this match goes hardcore Styles can hold his own. The question mark that I think we’ve all been waiting for is whether or not Raven can still go with a real wrestler. I’m also interested to see how this match unfolds. With the hardcore vs. X division build up it has gotten they’d be foolish to not work that into the match story. Since Raven beat an X competitor and Styles beat a hardcore Icon will they revert back to their default moves or will they try to out do each other in their own style? The latter would certainly make the most sense storyline wise…and could be pretty entertaining too.




XXX vs. America’s Most Wanted


This is for the vacant NWA tag team titles. Basically the titles were held up because TNA couldn’t get 2/3 of XXX (Low Ki, Elix Skipper and Christopher Daniels) in at the same time…but booked them to be champions anyway. It may be stupid…but when it comes time for the match I’m really not going to care about the backstory…I just want to see these guys beat the hell out of each other like last time. Although we don’t know which two members of XXX it will be I would guess it would be Elix Skipper and Low Ki…and that is honestly the best pairing for this match. Christopher Daniels is IMO the best wrestler of the three…but Skipper and Ki are more violent…and that’s what this match needs. No matter which two it is the match will be a good one, as AMW is now having good matches with a team like the Hot Shots…something I thought was impossible. XXX>Hot Shots. ‘Nuff Said.





Kid Kash vs. Red vs. Johnny Storm


This is for Kash’s X title. I don’t know what Red did to earn another title shot after losing clean last week…but I’m not complaining. Then again…I really don’t know what Johnny Storm did to earn the title shot since this is his first appearance in TNA. I’ve never seen Storm wrestle…so I don’t know what this match will look like. If I had to guess I’d say a somewhat contained (in that there are no Maximo’s in it) spotfest. Two people in a match with Kash should mean we’ll see many of his impact moves, which I like…but can’t name. I’d say either Kash retains or Red pulls a win to set up another Kash/Red match soon. Probably Kash retains though.




Jerry Lynn & Mystery Partner vs. Luchadores


Here’s the skinny on this:


1. Konnan is somehow involved in the best angle in the company.

2. The last two weeks Juventud Guerrera and Super Crazy have faced Lynn is some real good matches.

3. Jerry Lynn is the only person that we know is in this match.


That being said…I can’t help but look forward to this match. We don’t know who 75% of the participants are…and I think that makes it better. Lynn is maybe the only guy on the roster that could get away with a match with 3 mystery people and still have me looking forward to it.




Sandman and Steve Corino vs. Harris Boys


hmmm…they always try to slip one in on me. Well…I like Corino. Sandman entertains me. The Harris Boys absolutely blow. Match will be bad. Harris Boys will win (they don’t even job to Vader and Dusty Rhodes remember).




Other goings on include:


The debut of a new star to TNA who claims to have a guaranteed title shot in his contract (If they get this title shot before June I’ll be shocked). I don’t know who it is. Could be someone like Shane Douglas. D-Lo Brown really isn’t a big enough name for the role but he would still be a better choice. I could be down with some Brown vs. JJ. Yeah…I said it.


Truth is hanging out in the rafters.


Jarrett is too busy dealing with ERIK WATTS, DAVID FLAIR and BRIAN LAWLER to remember that he’s the NWA champion. As the weeks go by the ball they dropped not putting over Styles for the title gets bigger and bigger.


Didn’t see Vader last week. Want to see him again.


Dusty Rhodes is also supposed to show up and speak out against the terrible trio (Watts, Lawler and Flair). I like Dusty’s promos about tradition…but this whole angle can be nothing more than a waste of time. Maybe Nikita Koloff will show up.


Russo “retired” from wrestling last week. Just remember…even if it only last this one-week…it’s a week without Russo on the show. He’s still booking it though.


Sonny Siaki, Mike Sanders, Disco Inferno and whoever else is in the S.E.X. locker room will surely be around to further the life after Russo story. Siaki is growing on me now. All it took was finding him something that better suits him and not forcing him.


For some reason Jorge Estrada is on my screen every week. He needs his Elvis gear back. In just shorts he looks…strange.


There’s always someone or something that I forget about that shows up or happens. So…um…expect that.



Well…I’m already looking forward to 4 matches this week…and I can’t remember the last time that happened. I’m also curious to see who the new wrestler is.


Sorry about the shortness of the preview. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program next week.

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