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Sorry, I had to get that out of my sysem after watching the Married With Children Reunion special tonight. Honestly, 1 hour isn’t enough time to analyze how friggin great the show was, but fuck it, I’m happy with what we got and can’t WAIT for the seasons to hit DVD, yo. On the Simpsons 300th episode, It wasn’t a particularly great one, but hey, it got a few laughs out of yours’ truly, so huzzah, eh?



Since we’re past the half-way point of the NBA regular season, I’ve started looking at possible MVP candidates and really only see 6 guys who qualify for the award(Laker fanatics may hate me for this, but fuck ‘em):


Kevin Garnett – My overall choice

Tim Duncan

Tracy McGrady- Runner-up

Jason Kidd

Dirk Nowinski

Ben Wallace- The longshot of the group. He may not have the offense, but the man is a MONSTER on defense.


Here’s the rationale for my choices: KG has constantly been THE T-Wolves and it’s on his sheer willpower alone they have made the playoffs since he’s gotten there. Similar logic goes with McGrady being my runner-up because without him, the Magic would be a lottery team, especially with the sporadic play of Grant Hill(who should really think about retiring now). Duncan and Kidd tie for 3rd because while they are a real integral part of their teams, both have some reasonably dependable guys as 2nd and 3rd scorers.


On why I left off Kobe Byrant: This may piss some people off and shit, but fuck it, it has to be said. Going on a two week hot streak doesn’t make you a goddamn MVP and it’s baffles my mind seeing people suck him off because of that is ridiculous. Before the whiny shit starts, I think Kobe’s one of the most talented people in the NBA, bottom line. BUT… being the MVP of the league is a whole different animal. As everyone knows, MVP stands for “Most Valuable Player”, which Kobe was not outside of the past two weeks. If he had lead the Lakers to a winning record while Shaq was gone, then sure, he’d be a fucking shoe-in, but he DIDN’T. Plain and simple. It’s sad seeing people trying to hand Kobe the award because he’s “the best player”. Bottom line, he could be the best player, but he’s not the most valuable like Garnett, McGrady, Duncan, and Kidd. That’s the fucking truth right there, people.



On the wrestling side of things, it’s been a pretty slow ass couple of weeks with nothing major happening on any front other than the WWE signing up former indy and TNA talent, Tenacious Z, and the internet getting into an uproar about it. As for my thoughts on it, I think people are getting all up in arms over nothing. I’ve seen most TNA fans cry “sellout”, which is really fucking ridiculous considering it’s been revealed that he’d been in talks with the WWE before wrestling ONE MATCH on TNA. I keep hearing shit about how they’ll ignore “his TNA past”, a thought that’s laughable at best considering that he only wrestled a dark match and one TV match(a real stinker against the ex-Road Mutt), so there’s no “past” to ignore. I know Vince and Co. have made a habit out of doing stupid shit, but what’s to say the same wouldn’t happen in TNA under Russo? Or that after initially screwing up, the WWE finds the right gimmick/push that gets him over with the fans? Hell, to expound on a point that no one seemed to want to address when I asked it in our TNA fourm: What’s the difference between the WWE exploiting Z and TNA doing the same? Being a professional wrestlers means you’re going to be exploited by the company you work for, bottom line. They are trying to make money and/or get TV ratings, so they exploit their workers and push the ones that catch on(most of the time, that is). So crying about how the WWE will use Z and neglect his past is so much horseshit and I’m tired of hearing the same ol’ BS when in regards to indy wrestlers getting signed by the WWE.



Ahhhh, now that we got that bit of venom out, ON WITH THE NEWS!








Unless told otherwise, every item comes from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer.




Rock in ANOTHER movie?


Yep, you got that right, folks. Rocky was a guest on a radio show in St. Louis on Friday and stated that he’s signed up for some movie called Walking Tall(whatever the hell that is), which means apparently, that he’ll be gonzo VERY soon post-WM. Oh, and on the WM thing, the Goldturd talks have seemingly fallen through(thank you, GOD!) and so he’ll be squared off against Steve Austin, which should be a fine match if the reports of Austin being in great shape and motivated are true. And while it would probably be a great match, it better be in the midcard so Brock/Angle is the rightful main event.






Triple H: The Comeback, Part 3


Ahhh, the merry adventures of Triple H and the continuing decay of his knees… Word has it that Trips was looking okay in last night’s Saginaw, Mich. RAW main event. Funny thing is, both he and Steiner had severely limited ring time while RVD and Batista(BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!) carried the match. He’s supposed to have worked both the Kalamazoo and Huntington shows along with the RAW main event with Batista against Steiner and Booker T. Here’s hoping his damned leg doesn’t fall off so that he does the right thing and job to the 4x 4x 4x 4x WCW Champion… SUUUUUUCKKKAAAAAA!!!! For the record, I don’t count the title change with Angle because it was the “real” WCW title then, IMO.






Is that GeezerMania or a roid needle?


Those wacky people at ESPN took a nice lil shot at Hulk Hogan in the Page 2 column in regards to the steroid issue. They also ragged on Larry Brown’s fashion sense(too damn easy) and Howard Cosell’s toupee(c’mon, you knew it was coming…) along with a few other notables. You can read it here.






Well, fools… that about wraps it up here. Sorry for the skimpy offerings, but when really nothing is happening, what do ya expect? Before I go, though, I want to pay my respects to the recently departed Curt Hennig and offer condolences to his family for their terrible loss. It seems that we’re losing people left and right these days and it really does sadden me because it’s now happening to people I grew up watching(Hennig, Owen, Bulldog, Rocko Rock, and Rude) and due to the nature of the business we may have to be prepared for even more sooner rather than later.


Godspeed, Curt. I can’t claim you were the best I’d ever seen, but you DID entertain me, so for that, I thank you.




Byron Vester

The SmartMarks.com

E-mail me at: [email protected](remember to remove the spam-killing x’s)

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