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WWE Confidential February 22, 2003

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WWE Confidential February 22, 2003


With No Way Out coming up in a few hours, I’ll offer my predictions. Just for the record, I will not be watching the show tonight. Instead I’ll save my money for “the big one”.


Triple H d. Scott Steiner – Originally I figured Steiner would go over here and the two would blow off this feud once and for all at WrestleMania, but with Booker’s potential push it seems like HHH has to retain the title. Expect HHH to win by interference, a post match beatdown follows and Booker makes the save.


Brock Lesnar/Edge/Chris Benoit d. Team Angle – I’ve actually been keeping up with the Edge’s injury. Supposedly the WWE wants him to appear at next week’s SmackDown! in Canada because he is mega-over there. Therefore, they would want the injury angle to take place in a city that would guarantee a lot of heat. Because of that, I do not think Rhyno or anyone else will be subbing in for Edge. Instead he will just not get very involved in the match. Maybe they will have him get knocked silly early on and stay down for a while. Either way, based on how previous tag matches between a champion and contender have gone down, the challenger should go over. And one last note that is sort of related to this match. I really hope Rhyno doesn’t end up on SmackDown!. Reason being, they have signed just about every new wrestler in the company. The list after tonight may consist of Kendrick, O’Haire, Austin (?), Kanyon, Nathan Jones and now Rhyno? That’s fucking absurd. If the WWE actually expects Raw to improve, why not give them some new faces to work with?


Undertaker d. Big Show – Show is injured, so this will (hopefully) be the end of that feud.


Steve Austin d. Eric Bischoff – Well there is no way in hell Austin would lay down for Eazy E his first night back.


The Rock d. Hulk Hogan – The plan now is for Hogan to fight McMahon at WrestleMania and this IS Montreal… do I really need to fill in the rest?


Chris Jericho d. Jeff Hardy – I highly doubt Shawn Michaels will show his face tonight. Jericho will probably go over clean and add a little insult to injury afterward. He may even go as far as to say that HBK didn’t have the balls to show up and challenge him to match at WrestleMania.


Lance Storm & William Regal d. Kane & Rob Van Dam – I’m torn on this one. Personally I would prefer to see the heels retain and based on RVD going over Storm on Raw, the heels should go over. In a perfect world, RVD and Kane will split after tonight.


Matt Hardy d. Billy Kidman – Kidman has beaten Hardy quite a few times by now. In my opinion, Matt has to go over in order for this feud to progress properly.


Overall the show will either out and out suck or if its lucky just be alright.


I also got quite a bit of feedback based on last week’s Rerun review of Confidential. I found some of it humorous, so here you go.


Neddd23 writes:


the nWo is the best gimmick ever, it carried the WCW forr 88 weeks!! Yeah the WCW fucked up and a lot of that show was right on, but You and all the writers who dislike Hogan and criticize him ar fuckin nuts. Hogan=Wrestling.......always has, wherever he goes, he is the Icon!!! The WCW was a lot of fun!!! You probably loved it


Yes Neddd, “I ar fuckin nuts”. I’m sure many other ignorant marks also found the WCW to be fun. Especially during those epic nWo Black vs. nWo Red wars. Lastly, I did not love WCW. I actually stopped watching it from 1997 to the end.


Robert Green writes:


You said you were marking out watching this....


Didn't you realize that it was a repeat? In fact the show is already on the Best of Confidential tape put out three weeks ago. Are you that behind the times?


Another courteous and kind e-mail from my fanbase. Robert, when the show is a rerun I am simply REPOSTING the original review. I don’t alter it at all. Considering that there have probably been 10 reruns by now, YOU are the one “behind the times”.


The Don Socrates writes (BTW, this is the best one yet):


Retro Rob.. or whatever you call yourself. You are one huge WWE Mark.. a fuckinghuge one.. And I know you stated that shit at the beginning of it. But what thefuck? Why would you talk so much shit about the nWo. Just cause for 3 years WCWwas above WWF? The reason WCW didn't fucking put WWE out of business is poormanagment (Which you probably already know). The New World Order changedeverything you fuck. Ask anybody, ask the best columnist in Lop, Mr. Tito. You goon and say fucked up things like your someone important. You say something like a bitch after everything. Your not worthy of being at Lords Of Pain.net. If I ran that website and saw you post something like that, your bitch ass wouldn't be writing anymore. Hmm, maybe thats why your doing reviews. nWo was apart of the First backstage segment. They created it. And now thats alllll WWE does. Let Me guess.. you think D Generation X was the best thing ever. They ripped of nWo.. they had to start a s!

table like WCW had so they would get some fans. 1996-1999 were the best wrestling years ever in WCW.. WWE couldn't touch them. The very end of 1998.. when Goldberg lost his title, is when WCW started going down. They were the best, you never knew who was gonna win, the matches were brilliant. Wrestling was Wrestling. Get a life and quit talkin shit about history. Punk ass Bitch. The Don Socrates


I always wondered, why do *I* attract all the idiots? Why don’t the mentally competent readers write to me? For people like The Don, who may not understand the term “mentally competent”, it means smart. For any further clarification feel free to contract Mr. Tito. And just to go full circle with this one… punk ass bitch cunt cocksucker motherfucker piece of shit get a life and shut the fuck up thank you very much.


Then there was ONE…


Stephen Oliver writes:


Hey there...


Your Confidential recap (on the demise of WCW) was easily the funniest thing I've read in a long time. The comments from Bischoff and Hogan, trying their hardest to smell like daisies in a mountain of dogshit were funny as hell, but nothing compares to your smart alec remarks to their comments.


Bravo, bravo, bravo...keep up the kickass work!


I'd kill to see what you'd accomplish if you put such attitude into a Raw recap...lord knows that's a stinker show! LMAO!


Take care!




Just when I was about to give up on the IWC, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Stephen and all the other great readers that wrote me. I appreciate sharing ALL of your comments with the rest of my readers.


This week on Confidential the WWE Superstars comment on the life and times of Curt Hennig.


Cover Story

Shawn Micheals- He first asked how and why this could happen to Curt at such a young age.

Eric Bischoff- He felt numb when he heard because of how young and healthy Curt was.

Ric Flair- Was surprised because Curt was not depressed, he had it all.

Fit Finlay- Talked about how Curt came from a wrestling family.

Gerald Brisco- Adds to what Finlay said. He also said that Curt possessed that natural instinct that all great wrestlers have.

Edge- He had the whole package; the Perfect look.

Ric Flair- He was one of the few guys that had both the talent and the charisma.

Bruce Prichard- He will always remember the great Shawn Michaels-Curt Hennig matches for the Intercontinental Title. Including the one from SummerSlam 1993.

Shawn Michaels- Curt is actually the guy that came up with the "Heartbreak Kid" moniker. He gave Shawn an identity as a singles wrestler.

Steve Lombardi- Calls Curt the greatest Intercontinental Champion ever.

Billy Kidman- Hennig never had a bad day.


A few of the guys discuss some of his ribs and his relationship with other wrestlers from Minnesota.


Brock Lesnar- Saw sides of Curt that many other people didn't. They became very close friends, both coming from Minnesota and all. He was always talking about his family.


Everyone agrees that Curt was a great family man.


All of the footage shown here was from his initial WWF run. There was also some home video of his family included. Very emotional piece right here.


Segment 1: 1/1


Since injuring her neck, Lita has been volunteering at a local animal shelter. She was completely miserable until she started volunteering. She cleans cages, helps with shots, sings to the animals, and makes people laugh. She's never standing around doing nothing. Her hair is interesting, red with blond streaks. At first the workers thought she would just be a ditzy celebrity, but she has inspired everyone. Her favorite part is the poop and scoop. She also enjoys cleaning the floors with a squeegee. Well someone has to do those jobs right? She may as well like them. There is a quarantine room for the biting dogs. The worst facet of volunteering is putting the dogs to sleep. This is the only positive part of her injury. Shockingly OK segment. Well, I like dogs so that shouldn't be all that shocking, although usually I can't stand Lita, but she was alright here.


Segment 2: 1.5/2


Bradshaw and Ron Simmons shot a pilot for their own fishing show. No good can come out of this. The idea here is "Bikinis, Beer, and Bass". Bradshaw believes fishing shows are boring because most fishermen freeze up on camera, so this is a fishing show with an edge. They will have guests on each week. Some professional fisherman is hosting with them for the first show. They also have a "town/fishing drunk" on the show. On top of that they have a "lure babe" that walks around in a bikini. Simmons’ family used to fish for food in order to save money. Bradshaw had fishing in his family. His older relatives used to make lures. Bradshaw catches a fish, but snaps his pole. Bradshaw feels that a network will pick up the pilot. TNN probably will. I mean just take a look at their current lineup.


Segment 3: 1.5/3


Ric Flair and Arn Anderson talk about how great Tully Blanchard was in the ring, they didn't get along as well outside the ring though. Tully never retired. You see he failed a drug test for the WWF. Due to this test, WCW refused to rehire him. This pissed Tully off BIG TIME. That night he said, "Jesus take over my life." Immediately he felt calmness and peace. He used to drink and smoke cocaine, but that all stopped. None of the people he knew in wrestling ever checked up on him during his 14 months of unemployment. He had to sell most of the expensive stuff he bought in the 80's. He went to work for Champions of Life, which is a recovery center for drug users and people who were just out of jail. This whole group of athletes and celebrities would visit jails and preach to the inmates. No one could believe the kind of person he turned into. He's no longer involved with wrestling because the lord has a different plan for him. Why didn’t he go into his return to wrestling in both 1993 and 1996? Maybe his communication lines with Jesus became disrupted or something.


Segment 4: 2/3


YAY!! Another segment devoted to a commercial. This is the one with Stephanie McMahon and Carrot Top promoting a WWE/AT&T sweepstakes. What is the point of showing us this shit? Is it supposed to be interesting. Well I'm sure you all have seen the commercial, so there is really nothing for me to add. I do need to note though that Carrot Top seems to have been pumping iron, which sort of takes away from his dorky persona.


Segment 5: 2/5


Gene relates a Hennig story about an announcement he heard at a casino, "You just missed Mr. Perfect, and he didn't leave you with much".


One last tribute video dedicated to Curt is shown, with more comments from the wrestlers. Shawn Michaels states that Curt would actually do all the things we saw him do on the videos. He adds that Curt could do them all in one shot. That’s not the story I heard. From what I know, the segments were a running joke in the back because Curt would be playing basketball or golf ALL DAY before he FINALLY hit that one shot that they needed. Either way, Curt was a great guy and will never be forgotten.


Segment 6: 3/6


Pretty bad show this week besides the two Hennig segments. I’m currently working on a WrestleMania 2 review that will most likely be finished by the end of the week. That’s all for now; try to enjoy the PPV tonight.


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