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Promo: Shattered Challeneges.

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Lungs breathing foulness

Anal intellect fills rooms

Cigar smoke and the stench of cheap wine

Smothers my children's innocence

The blind and boiled misery sets sail

Ship wrecked souls don't buckle up

You won't survive



The view fades into a scene of a park. Snow falls onto the benches and monkey bars, as children recently let out of school frolic in the white powder dropping form the sky. Slowly, the scene expands as we zoom out, revealing the back of a man's head. A wider shot shows him sitting on a bench, smoking a cigarette.



"They booed me. I finally returned, and they booed me. Such a terrible way to live; coming back to a place with such history, and getting treated like shit... But can I blame them? They don't know who I am. They don't know me. All they know is who I used to be - the last decade. All the memories I left them with, the work I did, the awards I won... And it all amounts to nothing. Nothing at all."



From the ashes of nothing

Rises something

Never to forget

So if you offer this challenge

Oh yes my blood will rise

Attitude is the engine that drives

The force through hollow eyes

The blind and boiled misery sets sail

Ship wrecked souls don't buckle up

You won't survive



Sean takes a drag of his cigarette. We aren't graced with a shot of his face, but it is clear that the mask he wears is not on, and thus, no one recognizes him here, which is still New York on the heels of last night's Wrath event...



"It's a test. All of it, has to be a test. I chose this path, and dammit, this is the way it's going to happen. If I have to spill blood, then let it flow. If I have to tear skin, then rip the flesh from my bones. Barbed wire, glass, metal... throw it all in. Everything and the weedwhacker. I'll take it. I've done it before."



This stab skin stabbing your God's

Messenger I will skin you just a little

Stab skin stab skin over and over

Again again again again

So I accept your challenge

Tear down your thin disguise

Kamikaze your conceited ass

With no compromise

I fight your power with raw power



Sean rises off the bench and throws the remains of the cigarette away, watchingn as it melts the snow around it. During his gaze at the burning cig, a small handball comes rolling towards him from a nearby group of kids. Sean picks it up, but simply walks away to the sound of the children's yelling. He passes through a door in the chain link fence and walks away, playing with the ball in his hand. As he paces down the street, he looks up to see a church in the distance, hard to see through the falling powder.



"I've taken out many a men before you. They came with their challenges, and left destroyed. You've taken a fall to me once before, and no sharp metal or broken glass can save you a second time. Just like the others, you can come with hopes high and threats loud..."



Stopping in place, Atlas rears back and throws the ball away, directly at the house of worship...



"...and leave with hopes shattered."



The scene fades and in the darkness comes the sound of glass breaking.




I fight your power with raw power.




Thursday. Atlas. Night. One on One. Deathmatch.




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Guest Dace59



This is gonna be one fun match.


And Atlas kicks ass at Promos.

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