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Guest Maven's Eyebrows

-----+++++nWo UPDATE!+++++-------

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Guest Maven's Eyebrows


The following is an official record of the nWo's recent activity:


*Nash and Hall are sitting on a beer-stained couch with stuffing coming out in several places. Hogan is lying on the floor, which is littered with Dorito bags and used doobies. Hogan is naked except for a filthy undershirt, while Hall and Nash are in their tighty whities, schlongs hanging out.*


Hogan: (picking crumbs out of pubic hair) Hey, how do you, like, get chicks?

Hall: (trying to stick finger up his ass) I dunno. I guess, you, like, talk to her.

Hogan: Then what?

Hall: I guess you, like, grab her ass.

Hogan: Can't you like, get arrested for that?

Hall: (grunt)

Nash: Will you guys, like, shut up? I'm trying to read.

Hogan: Whatcha reading?

Nash: Like, pictures of naked chicks.

Hogan: (sits up, reaches for magazine) Cool, can I see?

Nash: (pulls it away) No, faggot.

Hall: Hey, you guys, I'm gonna go take a dump (leaves the room)


*Hogan and Nash fight over the porno rag. Hogan accidentally kicks over his Tequila.*


Hogan: Fuck, you spilled my beer, fuckin' faggot.

Nash: You spilled it yourself, fag-wad.

Hogan: (gets down on his hands and knees and licks up the beer)


*They hear loud grunting coming from the bathroom, followed by squirting sounds*


Hall: Damn, that's a big one! It kinda looks like a fish, or something. It's got, like, white spots on it... ew, there's like, hair coming out of it. Nasty. Ugh, it smells like crap... it's all hard and bumpy... tastes like shit... (spits)... now it's all over my hands. Ugh.


*He returns from the bathroom, naked rubbing his hands on his legs, smearing them with poop. Hoganand Nash are lying peacefully on the floor, smoking crack. The porno mag, encrusted with jizz, is lying on Nash's face. Hogan scratches his nuts.*

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Guest Kotzenjunge

You're still here? I thought you got banned or something.


Oh yeah, and this wasn't very funny.

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