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HELP! Anyone know who to recover files

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Ive just deleted some vital files by accident. They are all .jpg, and ive emptied them from the re-cycle bin.


Does anyone know how to recover them?


I posted here as I thought i would get a quicker response than in the tech folder.


I dont want to turn off my pc incase that worsens the situation.


please help if you can.



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Guest oldschoolwrestling

found this on the net. Not sure if it will work:


If you continue to use your hard disk, the file may disappear permanently.


Click Start/ShutDown.


Select Restart the computer in MS-DOS mode, and then click Yes.


When you reach the DOS prompt go to the directory where the file used to be.


To allow the undelete utility to access the disk directly, type lock c: (The c: is dependent on which drive the file was) and then press Enter.


Type Y and then press Enter to accept but don't worry about your HDD (Hard Disk Drive) being locked for long.


Now type undelete and press Enter. Then follow the prompts to restore your file.


When you have restored the file and are back at the DOS prompt, type unlock c: to prevent further direct disk access.


Then type exit to return to Windows.

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