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David Blazenwing

Silence is Golden

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NOTE: This is a promo! I forgot to add PROMO to the top line... sorry for any confusion :lol:




Flash... Crack-ka-boom!


A bridge... shining in the darkness, illuminated by the crack of lightning behind it... a soul. A soul, lost in darkness, not knowing how to find his way back... images of gold bearing birds, masked men and old style grapplers haunt his dreams. There are three of them... only one of him. A woman stands by his side... but even she is powerless to stop the onslaught of evil permeating from this horrific scene... a woman screams!


WRATH! The time has come! The end... IS NOW!!!


David Blazenwing jumps out of bed, shocked. He is drenched in cold sweat. He gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom. The light is turned on and the sink’s handle is turned, causing water to wash away from the inside of the pipes. After splashing his face with cold water, David looks up and takes a long, hard look inside the mirror. The person looking back at him... that isn’t him. Is it? The person in the mirror looks so much different than the person he remembers from a few months ago. Hell... up until a few months ago, David’s look had never changed once. But now... the hair, the face... even the disposition... was so... unfamiliar. Who was this person looking back at him? At this point, even he didn’t know.


There are so many questions that are left without answers. What would have happened if David had managed to defeat Omega Storm in his SJL debut match, the opening round of a tournament for the Television title? What would have happened if he had beaten John Duran for the TV title? Charlie “Grappler” Matthews for the TV title? More recently, what would have happened had he defeated the SJL World Champion, Crow? The questions are endless... but they don’t matter.


The fact of the matter is, David DIDN’T defeat Omega Storm. He DIDN’T defeat John Duran. He DIDN’T defeat Charlie “Grappler” Matthews. He DIDN’T defeat the SJL World Champion, Crow. And he won’t defeat anyone else, either. David WON’T defeat John Duran, Charlie “Grappler” Matthews and Viktor Tarakanov on Wrath. He WON’T beat any further challengers, either.


This is fate.


It is David’s fate, and others... to fall. To lose. To be defeated. To be vanquished.


But can fate be altered?


Can it be challenged?


Can it be changed?




Only time will tell. But... it is impossible to surrender to fate. It is only then that Fate becomes unchangable.


It would do several people well to remember that.

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Guest Powerplay

Interesting little promo. Fate vs. Choice. You know, as long as he doesn't kill his father and make love to his mother (I hope you guys get the reference) while trying to escape it, this should be interesting in a good way.

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