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Guest nWoScorpion

Survivor series 1989 rant

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Guest nWoScorpion

-Before I get to the show, this was 1 of 2 on a tape that I purchase don ebay, and it appears WWF didnt hack this one to death like the 2 previous years.


I did a rant on this a while back, but wanted to do a refreshed version.


WWF Survivor Series 1989

Rosemont Horizon

Chicago, IL

November 1989 (date please?)


-Tape starts with a WHACKED Warrior promo about not smoking. Was he chewwing the cigarettes?!!


-Royal Rumble 89 on video 2/8/90. WHY THE FUCK 1 YEAR LATER!?.


-Thankfulness time. UUUUGH.

Hogan: Happy, Healthy, Time for Families, His Hulkamaniacs.

Dibiase: hes rich, and your not! nahahahahaha

Jake Robert: Damion & DDT

Demolition: They dont have to fight each other.

Savage: Only worthy of being maco king.

Duggan: Livin in the US of A tough guy.

Bravo: I got the big earthquake on my side.

Rhodes: (in full gaymode) What What I'm thankfully for thanksgiving? For my Polka Dots!

Bossman: Justice he serves.

Beefcake: Wrestlin, Struttn & Cuttin.

Model: My Good look.s

Rude: The most ravishing body in the WWF

Piper: ?

Genius: Being worlds smartest man

Perfect: GUESS

BushwhackerS: English?

Heenan: spending thanksgiving with the Heenan Family.

Warrior: Nothing. He says Thanksgiving is every day.


The Ultimate in Team Competiton:

Warrior, Niedhart, rockers Vs. Andre, Haku, Busters!

Piper, Snuka, Bushwhackers vs. Rude, Perfect, Rogeaus!

Duggan, Hercules, Garvin, Bret vs. Savage, Hammer, Bravo, Earthquake!

Rhodes, Beefcake, Tito, Rooster vs. Bossman, Brown, Martel, HTM!

Hogan, Roberts, Demolition Vs. Dibiase, Zues, powers of Pain!!




-hosts Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse Ventura, whos dressed like a Pillgram.


Opening Match:

"American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, Brutus "The Barber" Beecake, Tito Santana, Red Rooster Vs. Big Boss Man, Bad News Brown, Rick "The Model" Martel, Honky Tonk Man. (w/ Jimmy Hart & Slick)


JIVE SOUL BRO RULES! I'll try to be impartial. Slick is picking Jimmy's pocket! Beefcake, Rooster & Chico show unitedness coming out together. Dusty gets his own entrance with Boss Mans Nightstick (that ssssick freak) and hat. Shane O' Mac with a bowl haircut is the outside referee. Tito & HTM start. I need to hear Ventura during Rhodes entrance at WM VI. You know, the weight conspiracy. Honky with some rights. Tito with some of his own. Scoop Slam. Fist drop. Armbar! This is a main event?! Buy rate is like -0.9 i guess. Chico eats foot and Martel tags in. They exchange rights. Side headlock by Santana. Martel with a sweet dropkick. Martel headlock. Atomic Drop BLOCKEd. Santana gets his own and a school boy for 2. Everyone but brown come sin the ring. Both men reverse some hammerlocks. Elbow by Rick and Bossman ib. Armdrag by Tito. Rhodes in. Bionic Elbow! Jabs! Armbar. Bossman knee lift and punches of his own. Another Rhodes elbow. Beefcake in. Axhandle! More armbars, Bossman with a thumb to the eye. HTM slaps him a bit. Bossman back rakes. See! Hogan WASNT THE ONLY 300 pounder to do that. Honky in. Kneelift and elbows to Beefer. Fist drop misses. Beefcake with some shots down stairs. Martel in. Backbreaker and some knees to the kidneys for 2. Beefcake headlock. In comes Rooster. More punching. HIGH Backdrop. 2 count. Martel with the boots to the kisser. honky in. Bossman in. nothing notable goin. More punches. Thrust to the goblet. Bossman knocks him out worse then todd Bridges did Vanilla Ice. Martel kick to the midsection.  Snapmare. Knee to the throat. Small Pakcage by Terry for 2. Sunset flip by Rooster for 2. Honk with punches. Both men collide heads. Martel & Santana in. Dropkick by Tito! And another! Scoop Slam!! Axhandle to the neck. Backdrop! Figure 4 reversed. Slam by The Model. Elbow misses. Roll up by Tito is reversed by Martel for the 3 at 9:16. Monsoon drys although Martel didnt hook the tights. Rhodes in. HEY ITS SAPHIRE! Too bad Akeem wasnt in this. He was a rip off OF Dusty. dusty with a dropkick for 2. Beef in. Elbows to the shoulder of martel. Stomp to the face by Bruti. Rooster in. (i go to sleep). Side headlock reversed by Martel. Bossman in. Elbow send him down. Bearhug of Doom by Bossman! Rooster headbutts out. Brown is tagge din unwillingly. Rooster pulls him in. Boot! Knee Lift! Brown with a fist to the back. Rooster its buckle. Headbutt by Brownie and some fists to the throat. elbow grind to the neck! Is that Mike Chioda!? Brown beats the shit out of Rooster man. Bossman comes in and accidentally hits Brown. So what? Brown walks out on his team at 15:26. BeefcKE IN VS. bOSSMAN. Brutus with some fists but gets caught by an elbow. Honky in. Who da thought bossman would STILL be around? Befcake swings at air. <snoring.> Beefcake ifghts back with some punches. High Knee! 1....2......3! honky is gone at 17:23. Clean Job by Honky?! <sarcastically> NOO!!! Martel in. Elbow to the throat and some choking follows. chinlock is no osld and broken by the dicyple. Martel back to work on the ribs. Sunset flip on the outside by Beefcake gets 3 to elimanate Martel at 20:12. Its 3 on 1! Bossman sneak attacks Beefer. Rooster in. In short, Boss Man Sidewalk Slam gets 3 at 20:57 elimanating the bird. Bossman attacks both rhodes & Beefer. Funky punches by Da Dweam. Beefcake in. knee to the gut. Tag to Big dust. Slaps. Clothesline ducked, Body Press by Rhodes! Pinfall at 22:02 with dusty & Brutus being the survivors. Beefcake no sells the nightstick shot until the camera pans on him and proceds to beat down Rhodes who is handcuffed to the ropses. Beefcake makes the save with his hedge clippers. Pyscho. Trying to stab  aPolice Officer. Match wasnt bad but nothing great. **1/2. Bossman calls Dusty Fat Boy.


-Sean Mooney with bossman & Slick. Slick calls Rhodes a Fat Man also.


-Mean Gene is with the King's Court. Why couldnt it have been Windham and not Quake? An when did Valentine start to talk? Bravo speaks english!? Oh my god i was stoned in 1989.


- "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, "Rugged" Ronnie Garvin, Bret "Hitman" Hart, Hercules vs. "Macho King" Randy Savage, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Dino Bravo, Canadian Earthquake. (w/ Jimmy Hart & Sensational Queen Sherri)


4 x 4's run out with 2x4's. Bret sunk to a new low here. Duggan fucks up their synchronized performance. As Does Garvin i think. Who wants Garvins shirt? It doesnt even reach the crowd the weak sissy. Savage, along with Hogan & Warrior from 1987-1990 hae won atleast 3 survivor series matches each. Sheesh. Hercules with a clothesline to Savage. Press Slam!! Hammer in. Boiota and punches exchanged. AtomicDrop by Hercules. Valentine looks like he ahs to take a shit. Bret in. Punches to the shouldr.Arm Drag. The Excellence of Execution!! Duggan in. Shoulder to the buckle by Duggan. Garvin in. slaps to the chest. Sleeper Hold! Garvin goes down and Bravo tags in. Stomps to the neck & face. Inverted Atomic Drop. Elbow msses. Hercules in. Punches galore. Knee Lift by Herc. Clotheslines! Herc its buckle. Quake in. the Tremers! Ass Splash! 3 count at 3:57.Herc ate alot of dick their. Duggan in. Oh god this match is going down fast. Duggan shoulderblock does nothin. And another. HOOOOOO! A third, plus Bret standing behind quake, sends hi down. Garvin in. No Chance in hell of a pin. Bravo clobbers Garvin. Eyerake with the boots. bret doesnt go for the chase in the ring distract ref move. Hammer with a headbutt to the midsection, He turns the hart breaker around. Figure 4 Reversed. School Boy for 2. Bret MISSES a tag by just an inch. double Axhandle by Savageis popped for 2. Bravo in. Kicks to the shin. Backsldie by Garvin gets 2. Hammer boot. Savage inb. I love them jabs of is. Hammer in. HEAVY DUTY chops. Slap/Chop fest exchanged. Duggan in. 3 Point Stance for the 3! Hammer is gone at 7:31. Bravo in. Thrusts to the face?. Headbutts by Dino. Savage in. Kicks to the midsection. Leverage move by jumping ver the ropes, dropping Duggans neck on the ropes for 2. Quake in, pounding away. Elbow misses. Savage is literally falling in trying to tag. Garvin in. Chopsewy. Bravo in. Garvin Stomp! The Worst finisher since Andres "Suplex". Stomp his balls dumbass!!! Bravo acts crippled the best he can. Sharpshooter (b4 Bret used it) is reversed. Bret & Savage in. HUGE pop. Savage eye rake and Bret sends Savage to the buckle. Inverted Atomic Drop! Stomp the midsection by Bret. Bravo in. We nee dmore Bret in their. Fuck Garvin. Bret acts like hes stabbing Dino with punches. 2nd rope elbow for 2. Garvin in. DAAAAH! Bravo side suplex!!!! Garvin eats pin at 11:17. Bravo for 3 secnds was my favorite wrestler. USA! USA! USA! Duggans in you guessed. quake in. Jesse says the Fans can support ya, but they can;t pin anyone., 4 Punches of Doom b yDuggan. He yells to the ref get off my ass. Bret in. Double clothesline knocks him down. Savage in. YES! Bret dares Savage to come off the top on him. Savage walks  into Duggans corner. Savage with some shots. Hes tied in the ropes! Savage eats a Duggan elbow and choke. Duggan acting innocent fails to Ventura. "Hes got an honest face.". Savage misses a knee drop. Bret with a backbreaker for 2. Inside Cradle by Bret for 2. Savage eats boot. 2nd rope elbow misses hard. Bravo in. Scoop Slam. Elbow CONNECTS?! Bearhug by Dino. Quake in. Guillotine Choke! Fat Elbow gets 2. Bravo in again. Bret takes down Bravo but eats a foot in the mouth. Savage with a choke in the corner. Savage accidentally knees Bravo and Bret makes the tag FINALLY. Duggan clothesline to savage, and another. He tags Bret in. The Schmuck!!! He gave him rest for 0:30. Bravo beats on Bret who eats post. Shoulderbreaker. Savage tags in. flying  Elbow puts Bret away at 19:05. Dugganmanhandles the entire team but gets pounded on. Savage tosses him out where Quake drops an axhandle on him for the count-out at 23:22. Survivors are Randy Savage, Quake & Dino Bravo. Duggan, the sport he is chases em with a 2x4. Very boring match I'll go *1/2. basically for Bret & Savage alone.


-Sean mooney is with the Million $ Team.


-Mean Gene updates us on "Dusty's" "Injuries".


-The Genius with a Thanksgiving Poem. Oh god he sounds gayer then....................alot of people.


-Hulk Hogan, Jake "The Snake" roberts, Demolition Vs. "Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase, Zues, Powers of Pain (w/ Mr. Fuji)


M$T doesnt even get an entrance for crist sake. The Faces all get seperate entrances. Heels keep em out of the ring til Jake uleashes Damion. I guess his demotion (punishment) of wrestling Andre The Giant is over with. 3/4 of the Hulkamaniacs have titles. Jake has the Million Dollar Belt in the next month. Hogans whole team has Thining Hair. Jake and Zues starts, but hogan tags in before anything happens. 6 of these guys are decked in black. LOL. Like it matters. Shoving Match. Shoulderblock by Hogan send hismelf down. Bott b yhogan. Punches no sold. Clothesline. Eye Rake and Slam also no sold. Boot to the head by Barbarian. Zues with some chokes. Hogan selling is fun. Zues chokes more and shoves the ref for a DQ at  3:23. More choking. Jesse is pissed off at the referee and continues to jerk fun from this. Dibiase beats down hogan who is dead. whoda thunk it that Hogan would still be around mnd you he wasnt from 1993-2001. Dibiase with some chokes in the ropes. Slingsot back to the cente rof the ring. Hogan eats buckle. Hogan with a boot to the face and tags in roberts. Jabs to the face and sternum. Clothesline to the outside. Dibiase eats post. Ax in. He hammers away on Dibiase. he sparkling. Smash in. They both hammer Dibiase now. Dibiase tastes more buckle. Irish whip into Ax's boot. Hogan in. He, and Demos Hammer on Dibiase. Ventura bitches about triple teaming. 10 punches of doom by Hogan who no sells the previous masacre. Elbow by Hogan and Dibiase falls on his face. Monsoon with the classic line "I dont care if you got a Z on your head or not. Thats not legal.". Ax in. Clothesline for 1. Dibiase with a spining elbow. Warlord tags in. I was watching an old AWF show and this guy looked very NON Muscualr. It was July 1995 btw. Barbarian headbutt to Ax. As I rant, I plan on reviewing that show.


The matches were:

Chris Adams(?) & Konnan 2000 Vs. Samu & Tama (SST)

Bob Orton (w/ Oliver Humperdink) Vs. T-Rex

Sgt. Slaughter Vs. The Terrorist (ironic no?)

Warlord & Jeff Gaylord(?) vs. Mr. Hughes & Hercules


BAck to this match. Barbie with a shoulderblock. Elbow drop misses.  Warlord in. He eats an elbow. Clothesline. Fuji trips Ax and Warlord drops an elbow for 3 at 9:50 taking Ax out. Smash in and unload son Warlord. Fist to the midsection. He eats Hogan boot. "here we go!". Hogan's punches, Clothesline. Scoop Slam. Roberts in. Smash in. Warlord drops down and eats a fist. Slam doesnt work and eye rake breaks the hold. Warlord punches to the neck. Barbarian in. Smash does the same he did to Warlord. Smash catches a boot and takes him down but misses an elbow. Dibiase in. Heavy chop. Fist Drop And an Elbow for 2. Rear chinlock. Dibiase misses AGAIn the 2nd rope blind elbow drop. Eye rake to Smash. Smash catches him and drops him in the ropes. Barbarian clothsline off the top to Smash elimanates him at 13:42. Roberts in. DDT Revrsed into a back body drop. Warlord in. Hard Irish Whip. Jesse calls hogan the chump. Barbarian in. Side Backbreaker and Warlord tags in again. BOOOORINg. BOOOORING. More Warlord offense. Jake misses a punch and collapses, the drunken fool. Dibiase in. Hogan tagged in.....by Dibiase. DOH! Dibiase Piledriver gets 2. PREPARE TO FAST FORWARD! Barbarian misses the headbutt. Hogan tags in!!!! Punch to Barbie. He knocks em all down. Barbie eats buckle. clothesline! Elbow! And another for 2. Suplex by Hogan for 2. Warlord & Barbarian doubleteam. Clothesline knocks both Powers of Pain down by Hogan. Spike Pile Driver by POP! Hebner calls for the bell. Both men have been Disqualified at 19:47. "Hes saving Hogan again!?" "Not once no.....but twice!" "He disqualified Zues for beating up Hogan, and he disqualified the powers of pain, cause they're beating up on hogan tooooo". Dibiase locks on the Million dollar Dream on hogan. Jake breaks it up at 2. "How come roberts wasnt Disqualified!?". Dibiase lcoks it in again. Hogan breaks it and tags in Roberts. Jake slingshots Dibiase in the middle rope. Knees to the back of the neck. Hogan is still down and out. "The referee will find someway to help hogan". Virgil coems out and takes a DDT. Dibiase with a fist drop to roberts for the 3 at 23:50 with his feet on the ropes. Hogan, Roberts, & Virgil are all down. Only Dibiase is up. Al the comments in "  " are by Ventura i hope you know. Dibiase locks on a sleeper hold. Hogan hulks up. Elbow! And another! And another. Shoulderblock, Double Clothesline! Atomic Drop by Hogan blocked and Dibiase nails a back suplex. Hogan hulks up again! 3 punches! Big Boot! Leg Drop! 1......2......3! Its over at 27:31. Hogan is the sole survivor after elimanating only 1 guy from the opposing team. Iffy match. I'll go *1/4.

Hogan celebration! woo-hoo! I am a Hogan mark and damn proud of it.


-Sean mooney with Randy Savage, Zues & Sherri. They hype No Holds Barred: The Match & The Movie.


-Mean Gene is with Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake. Zues & Savage attack and a host of wrestlers break it up. Bravo, Hitman, Hercules, rooster, Garvin, Paul Roma & Horowitz are noticable.



Warrior, Niedhart, rockers Vs. Andre, Haku, Brain Busters!

Piper, Snuka, Bushwhackers Vs. Rude, Perfect, Rogeaus!!


-Sean Mooney is now with The Rude Brood. I guess thats where they got the name of Gangrel, Edge, and Christian's gimmick team name from.


-Mean Gene is with Roddie's Rowdys. A bunch of Cannibals minus Piper who is just plain nuts.


-"rowdy" Roddy Piper, "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, Bushwhackers Vs. "Ravishing" Rick Rude, Mr. Perfect, Rogeau Brothers.


-Monsoon with some Genius being Gay jokes. Rogeaus theme so rules. I hope this is fast an painless.Perfect attacks Luke. Scoop Slam. Butch in and bites his leg. Piper in and bites his arm. Snuka in and bites his arm. Luke in and bites his ass. Snuka in and is Jacque who shows off flippin in the ring. Jacque with a kip up. Snuka does that "woo" thing. "I know you cant do either of those moves." "Well I..." "You gotta be kidding me! You expect me to believe that for a minute!?" Jacque screms like a girl. Snuka with a flying headbutt. Snuka shakes his ass. Slam. elbow drop. AnotherScoop Slam. superfly splash gets 3 at 4:02. Rude in. Snuka punches. snuka headbutt. Perfect in. Rude pulls on ropes and Perfect acidentally falls out. Double noggin-Knocker! Piper in. Kneelift. He eats buckle and a right fist and Luke knee. Luke in. Snapmare amd fist drop. Butch in. Snuka in. Cresent Kick to the ribs. Luke in. NEck biting. Butch in. More punching. Piper in. Atomic Drop. Raymon in. Slugfest won by Piper. Sunset flip for 2 by Piper. Cresent kick to the chest by Ray for 2. Piper Piledrivermocking Rude for 3. Ray is gone at 7:39. Perfect in. Eye poke by Piper. Perfect necksnap for 2 by Perfect. Neck twisting thing. More slugging. Perfect slingshotted into post and Butch in. Fist to the ehad for 2. Boot the nec for another 2. Luke in. Neckpoke. Perfect with a boot. Piper in. Piper with some boxing moves. Huge ro8ndhouse tright with a 360 spi nby Perfect. Butch in. Punches to the ribs. He bits his ass. Perfect rols him up at 10:46 to elimanate Butch. Piper roll up gets 2. Snuka in. Chops to the neck. Luke in. Perfect with a hard eright and rude tags in. Rude eats a fist off the top. Face Biting by Luke. Rude Awakening out of nowhere gets the pin on luke at 12:15. Snuka & Perfect in. Snooka eats a kneelift. Rude & Perfect just beat the hell out of Snuka. Perfect with a choke. Rude in the corner choking Snooka ass well. Dropkick by Poifect gets 2. Rude sleeper is broken but rakes Snukas eyes. Perfect in. Small package by snuka for 2. Diving headbutt by Snuka. Both men collide heads. Rude & Piper enter. Slugfest with Piper killing Rude with a flurry of punches. Piper attacks both men. Action pills to the outside for a double count out at 18:36. Snuka eats turnbuckle by Perfect. Shoulderblock by Snuka and a series of hiptosses and a dropkick by Perfect. Snuka with a series of pins for 2. Perfect reverses a cros body for 2. Perfecr Plex egts 3 at 21:26 with Perfect as the sole survivor. Snuka attacks Genius afterwards. ** i believe.


-Sean mooney w/ The Rude Brood.


-Mean Gene is with The Ultimate Lunatics. Niedhart & Rockers sound equally as crazy as Warrior. Can1  of them pass the bong and the whiskey please? Warrior is NUUUUTZ.


-"Main Event"

Ultimate Warrior, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, The Rockers Vs. Andre The Giant, Haku, Arn anderson, Bobby "The brain" Heenan.

Ok, this certainly shows whos gonna win. Fuckin Vince fucked up this by firing Blanchard. Andre is BARELY able to walk right about now as he is continously leaning on the top rope. Rockers dropkick Haku. Andre with a double nogin knocvker to the Rockers ad he chokes out Anvil. Warrior with 3 clotheslines to Andre send him out of the ring for the count out at 0:26. This match is over. Theirs no way Heenans Team can win. Warrior slingshots Haku & AA in. Anderson gets beat on the whole Warriors team. Anvil in. Elbow to the chest. Shoulderhtrust by anvil as Warrior goes nuts on the apron. The Rockers stomp on Andre for no reason. Anvil cobbers AA from the outside. Haku in control now with some forearms to the face. Eyerake and tag to Double A. anvil eats buckle. Heenan chokes Anvil as AA distracts the ref. Haku nails Anvil with a cresentkick to the back of the head for the 3 at 3:30. Michaels in now. Eyerake by Haku. sideheadlock reversed, shoulderblock by Haku. headbutt mises. Jannetty & Shawn tag in and out with armbars. Warrior shoves Jannetty& shawn off the top onHaku with a axhandle. Nut. shawn in. Haku clothesines shawn and catches Marty, but a shawn dropkcik knocks him down for 2. Anderson in. Axhandle to the back. Haku tags and a double suplex is stopped and the rockers nail a cresent kick on both men. Dropkick to Haku for 2. Warriori in. Chop city. Eyerake by Haku and chops of his own. Warrior backslide but misses an elbow. Anderson in. Armbar reversed by Warrior. Jannetty in. Yaaaaawn. Arn reverses a armbar but Marty re-reverses. Haku in. Headlock by Marty. Shoulder thrusts and chops in the corner by Haku. Hena with a boot to jannetty and tags in AA. Arn with a knee to the kidneys for 2. Heenan in. He drops a few boots and a knee onhim for.......3!?!?! wholy shit. Martys gone at 8:48. Arn & Warrior in. Warrior with a bearhug. Bearhug to Haku now. Inverted atomic Drop. Michaels in for 2. dropkick gets 2. Haku tosses Shawn to the floor. Warrior THROWS shawn in. Nut Case. Anderson gets caught and has his face thrown and rubbd dinto the canvas. Warrior in. double fist. shawn in. Slam by Warrior who launches Shawn onto Arn for 2. Haku in. He misses a body press. Shawn with a cross body press with a Warrior launch for 3 at 12:50. Heenan with some punches to shawn and Arn in. michaels is sent out and for a few moments Heenan thinks hes Rey Mysterio Jr. Sunset flip by Shawn gets 2. arn yells at Heenan for not tagging and he replays "you werent close enough": which is true. Heenan knee to the sternum and gets punched by shawn and tags AA. Both men collide heads. Both men fight on their knees. Arn catches Sawn with a AWESOME Spinebuster for 3 at 15:37. DAMn that ws tight. Anderson trys taking on Warrior but gets creamed with shoulderblocks. Hes thrown through the ropes. gorilla Press Slam and Big Splash ends Arn's night at 18:17. Heenan is in TROUBLEEEEE. Warrior sneaks up on Heenan and Jesse calls hima  coward just about. Heena flair flop is messed up so he trys it again and 360's over and out. Warrior throws him back in the ring, nails a shoulderblock, Big Splash and its over at 20:27. Warrior is the sole survivor. Warrior celebrates and runs Heena  over in the aisleway to end the show. Not that bad. Ill go **1/4


-ACTUALLY ythe tape ends with Still;d shots of the action that took place.


Pretty Decent Show. Nothing Spectacular. Thumbs in the middle on it.

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Guest Jericholic82

Good Job!  I bought this tape six months ago, despite the fact that both your original rant and keiths rant trashed it. But silly me. Hey if you are a wrestling fan and you go to a video store where they are selling pre-used tapes, you splurge (it only cost 4 bucks anyway).  How is your copy, is it good. My used one is ok, but I'm very careful and nervous about it (lol).  Anyway, I always liked your rants and they helped me decide on tapes to buy (like wrestlefest 94, which i got used-great tape like you said).

BTW, I think the Rumble Tape ad was for 1990's rumble. back in the day, coliseum would have the home video out mere weeks after the event.  How did they do that lol.

And Piper said, "I'm thankful cuz I aint Ricky Rude" and I belive the bushwhackers said they were happy that they had sardine stuffing with their turkey (ewwwwww).  Yes I am now the offical bushwhacker to english translator


and yes, the warrior was chewing on the cigarettes (does this point to the fact he chews tobbacco? tune in to raw to find out)

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Guest nWoScorpion

Thanks for the feedback. I try not to trash the show but eh, shit happens. It was 1989 RR. It showed Demolition fighting, and clips of Savage, Hennig, Brown, Warlord tossed out, and alot of others for a about 5 seconds.

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Well they were advetising the concept of the Royal Rumble there, more specifically the 1990 Royal Rumble cassette. Keep in mind that the 1990 Royal Rumble PPV had yet to take place when the 1989 Survivor Series was released on Coliseum Video, so they could only use rumble footage from previous years.

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Guest nWoScorpion

Damn i feel like an idiot. Warlord sucked and lasted what? 2 seconds?

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Guest Drury37

HAHA,that's funny,shouldn't it have said what year the WWF Royal Rumble was they were advertising for during the advertisement.


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Guest Drury37

That might hurt,we should play it by ear,HAHA,oh man that wasn't really funny,but much more corny.


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Guest MiloMahoney

I like just saw this show!! It's one of my favs. actaully with th eRude's Brood/Roddy Rowdies match being my Fav. God Perfect was the man back in the day. And yeah Warrior looked out of his mind in that Commercial. "All american boys, all american boys. From monterial to memphis we arem somethingsomethign whoo!"

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Guest Drury37

I am actually really curious to see this now,I love crazy Ultimate Warrior interviews,especially when he is talking about his introgolatical skeltonial heroful masters,yeah that sounds like something the Ultimate Warrior would say.


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This for me personally is by far and away my fav Survivor Series....no reason in particular..just is. This is remembered most for Vince giving Warrior a shot at the main event in what was obviously a test run to see if he was on Hogans level, or at least close to it. I'm guessing it was right after this show where they made the decision to put the belt on Warrior at WMVI

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