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The NWA TNA Week 38 preview

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Guest TSMAdmin

I think that I wanted Truth to turn heel more than anyone…but if I had known that the deal involved bringing in Mabel the red flag in my head that is there solely to alert me of the possibility of seeing Mabel wrestle would have gone up…and I would have passed.


Last week’s show was unmemorable as you’ve probably already learned from Dames’ Diatribe.


I really don’t have much to rant about this week. Last week was disappointing, and doesn’t inspire me to a long discussion. This isn’t a WWE column so my “Fuck [insert HBK, HHH or Goldberg here]” would be out of place. This column hasn’t gotten feedback in weeks so nothing to cover there. I considered throwing out some kind of offensive anti-something rant just to get said feedback…but…meh.


The NWA TNA Week 38 Preview


This week’s show has three announced matches and already shows signs of some variety.


Ron and Don Harris & Christopher “how in the hell do I keep getting booked into these matches” Daniels vs. Saturn, Sandman and ???


I swear that ??? is the most overworked wrestler in the company. Saturn popped up last week to join the New Church and Sandman in their match against the Harris boys and XXX. This week it looks like they’ll be doing the same match only without the New Church and Elix Skipper. One look at the names Ron and Don and Sandman and you pretty much know what this match will look like…no matter how many Christopher Daniels are involved. Who will ??? be this week? I still say its Bull Buchanon. He’ll work for food, you know.



Kid Kash vs. Jerry Lynn


This is for Kash’s X title. After beating Konnan last week, Lynn will finally take his promised X title shot this week. Kash has been feuding with Red for the last month and if he is still in the country I’d imagine he’d get involved. Konnan will still be around too…as well as whoever the masked man who attacked Lynn was. Here’s something I learned from years of watching wrestling: When a match is going to take place that has multiple storylines running through it…none of which actually have anything to do with the match…the match will be overbooked. Until that point it should be a better than usual X match because Jerry Lynn is in it.



Jeff Jarrett vs. D-Lo Brown


This is for Jarrett’s NWA title. No that’s not a typo…Jarrett is wrestling tonight. I am very pleased to see this match take place now. Raven seems to be the top candidate to eventually supplant Jarrett as the champion…so this match should get done and out of the way allowing everyone to move on to other things. In a side story to the match…if D-Lo wins the title he has to join S.E.X. I’ll be honest with you…they spent ten minutes explaining why that is, but I still don’t get it.



Everyone else is where they usually are. Not that we know where that is…


Truth will be in action this week and will have some promo time to tell us what his deal is. I WAS looking forward to that Truth promo until Mabel lumbered to the ring last week. He did hit an impressive powerbomb on Christopher Daniels…but all my credit for that goes to Daniels because he isn’t Mabel.


Styles has a feud going with S.E.X. so we could see him finally get his hands on Disco. After last week I would kind of like to see a rematch with Mike Sanders instead.


Don’t know if Raven will be back this week. He took last week to sell the injuries from the Styles match and will get his title shot sooner than later (coughwhenTNAisoninAustraliacough).


They may have started the dreaded inner-turmoil storyline with America’s Most Wanted. I am a big fan of both guys…but I really don’t want to see them break up anytime in the near future.


I guess we’ll see the bitter second generation semi-superstars appear in some form. By the way…it was really cool to watch JJ bury Watts and this angle in his sit-down interview last week. I approve when people bury really BAD and UNOVER things.


Also “Ace in the Hole” Sonny Siaki and David Young started a feud the last couple of weeks that I think can help both guys and if the beginning of their very short non-finish match last week is any indication…should be fun to watch as well.


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