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The NWA TNA Week 42 Preview

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It’s that time of week again…and if you’re reading this you probably know that this week is more important than other weeks. The argument can be made that this is the single most important week in the history of NWA TNA. I have to say that it takes balls to spend weeks building up to a specific match when you want people to pay for the show every week. Is it a good idea? Who knows? I do know that this will be the most purchased week of TNA ever. Should you purchase this week’s effort? Well…in theory wanting the answer to that question is why you clicked the link.


I’ll start by saying that I didn’t think last week was one of their better efforts. I think what hurts it the most was how much I enjoyed the two weeks before it. I was really entertained for the first hour and 20 minutes or so…then I felt like they just ran out of gas. The Trinity/Kid Kash stuff was pretty incredible though. Talk about match heat…I dare say Raven vs. Jarrett will have a tough time reaching what they accomplished. The show started out fast and continued on until someone forgot to tell Lynn and Red they were supposed to have a spotfest. AMW vs. XXX was good as always though. I thought for sure (and I think everyone did) that Harris was going to turn on Storm. It was set up just like every other turn…and I was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t happen…and they still lost.


I don’t really have anything to rant about this week. As a Buffalo Bills fan I am still in shock over our first round draft pick. The way I see it we weren’t going to get a starter at our spot at any position except Tight End…and this at the very least gives me entertaining sports talk radio for the next few months. He could never play a down and I’ll still like the pick for the excitement of it. How’d your team do? That can either be rhetorical or you could actually email me if you want and we’ll do football talk in the TNA column for no apparent reason.


I’m kicking around a couple of ideas for columns right now that I want to write…but…you know…lazy. I’m pretty happy just doing this one write up a week…even if it is often times generic and shallow. I’d probably have written one of the two ideas I have out by know if I didn’t have the two ideas at the same time. I hate when that happens. I can’t get too far into one without wanting to switch to the other one. Let me put it this way…you will see these articles eventually…but don’t hold your breath. In case anyone is actually curious the ideas were for a TNA column and a column on the end of the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Oh…crap…I just remembered an idea for a column I had months ago.


Anyway…let’s just get on with it:


The NWA TNA Week 42 Preview


America’s Most Wanted vs. New Church vs. Harris Brothers vs. Saturn and Justin Credible


They’re calling this a four-team grudge match. Ok. The New Church is feuding with Saturn and Justin Credible…but that’s about it. America’s Most Wanted may have a grudge against each other. The Harris Brothers may have a grudge against whoever hands out the talent. There…it all makes sense to me now! It doesn’t say that this is an elimination match so we’ll assume that it is not. I’ll put this as simply as possible: The only team that has no business winning this match is the Harris Brothers. I have more than just the usual reason for that this time. There will be more people watching than ever before…you can’t put over the Harris boys and expect those people to be happy. Saturn and Justin Credible have the most name recognition…so they should win. Plus…if the ECW crew is now on Raven’s side they should look strong anyway. As for the match…I don’t know. I actually like three of the teams (well…I like Saturn) and they have brought it in the past. It should be wild enough to be entertaining.


Jason Cross vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Shark Boy vs. Chris Sabin


This is an elimination match and I for one love the idea. When you think X division you think about Lynn and Styles and Low Ki and Red…but you don’t think of these guys. They’ve got a shot to make themselves a new X division star here. All of these guys want to become regulars on TNA, which is what I like about TNA bringing in new people. I think it’s obvious who should win here. We’ve only seen Sabin once and he made an impressive debut. Putting him over here could vault him to the next tier in the X division. Should be fun.


AJ Styles and D-Lo Brown vs. Sonny Siaki and David Young


Styles and Brown are still feuding with S.E.X. Styles has somehow had a good matches with Glen Gilberti for the last few weeks. Gilberti…I don’t like the name but I love the attitude. This time they’ll be in the ring with Siaki and Young. This match has some potential as a show stealer. I know that sounds nuts on a card with Jarrett/Raven, a 4 way X match, an X title match and ANOTHER X division match…but…wait…that does sound nuts. Anyway…this is my dark horse match for this week. Styles and Young know each other inside and out. Brown is solid and Siaki…well…he has a great character. Actually I don’t think Siaki is bad in the ring…sometimes he just doesn’t look like he cares. Perhaps tag team matches will be a good change of pace for him.


Kid Kash vs. Amazing Red


This match is for Kash’s X division title. If you remember (and no one will blame you if you don’t) Red and Kash have an unfinished feud that should finally be blown off here. They were feuding over the fact that Trinity constantly helped Kash win. I don’t think we have to worry about THAT anymore. Last week Kash became the biggest heel in TNA for slapping her around all over the arena. The heat should be off the charts for this and I think we might see the title switch. They’ve had matches before and they weren’t really spectacular…but I think they can turn out something good here.


Jerry Lynn vs. Christopher Daniels


Did you know (and someone tell me if I’m wrong here) that this will actually be Christopher Daniels FIRST singles match in TNA? The closest he has come was back when XXX faced Jarrett one after the other in a type of gauntlet match. This will be his first straight singles match in the company. I’m really looking forward to this. I have to give kudos to TNA for putting this on the card with Raven vs. Jarrett. People who are tuning in because of Jarrett/Raven should be treated to a good wrestling match here. Everything Daniels does turns to gold. This Lynn guy is no slouch either. Potentially the best singles match TNA has ever done. I just hope it gets time to shine. I believe they will.


Jeff Jarrett vs. Raven


This is for Jarrett’s NWA title. Raven has a destiny and he finally gets his shot tonight. For reasons unknown team Extreme (Saturn, Credible, New Jack and maybe Sandman) joined Raven’s cause last week. Alexis and Julio are his apostles (coughflockcough). Pretty much everyone wants Raven to win. The match has been built up for so long that I think Jarrett retaining would be a big disappointment. I don’t think he can retain…but I also thought that Styles would win the title last time we went through one of these big defenses (and I maintain that he should have won then). There are too many people watching this match to see Raven win for them to go another way. That doesn’t mean that Raven will win…just that he should. All that being said…I’m not sure who I want to win. Sure a change would be nice…but I really dig Raven’s character. His obsession with his destiny is terrific. As a fan of this storyline…part of me wants to see what Raven’s character would do if his destiny went unfulfilled. I recognize that this would be a bad business move…but I actually feel it is the logical progression of his character.


This is what I would do (not that it matters…or that anyone cares). Raven should win this match. Next week someone should cost Raven the title in his first defense. Having lost his prize Raven would be completely consumed by revenge and we have a feud right off the bat. Later on, after Raven becomes a face…his quest to regain the NWA title that was snatched from his grasp would get fans behind him big time. That’s just the way I’d do it…and I’m just some guy who writes previews for the real show.


The only other thing of note is that the Truth returned last week and pulled Konnan aside for a chat. I’d imagine that this will lead to a racist angle of some kind. I am not a fan of racist angles…but I am a fan of the Truth. If it gets him back on my TV…cool.


This is probably the most matches I’ve ever gotten ahead of time for the preview. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the final card since I envision the Main Event going over twenty minutes. This week is special and they know it. I’d expect to see a lot of time for matches and maybe some more Raven/Jarrett build up early. This should be a great week for TNA. I give it my highest recommendation to order.


Until next week you can find me at [email protected]

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