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The NWA TNA Week 44 Preview

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Guest TSMAdmin

This is going top be an extremely short version of the Week 44 Preview.


I think a lot of people were upset with Glen Gilberti becoming the number one contender by virtue of winning the Anarchy in the Asylum last week. I am not one of those people. I don’t know what Gilberti’s new “serious” character was going to amount to…but I do know that it was worthless if they never at least took the chance with him. For the most part, everyone else was already doing their own thing. Styles and Brown have their tag team that’s soaring right now. Sabu has an impending feud with Raven over his run in that cost Raven his destiny. The only semi-viable option that I saw was The Truth…but there have been so many questions about where he’s at and TNA’s booking of him that he wasn’t ready for the shot. Gilberti is the leader of S.E.X. and has grown into the role better than anyone could have imagined. His strength lies in the unknown of just how far his new character can take him…and the known of the legion of people that follow him. Now…this story will likely end with Jarrett defeating Gilberti after surviving the attacks of the entire S.E.X. roster…but at least this time it will be a clearly defined face vs. heel story. For Raven vs. Jarrett they gave the face storyline to the heel…and then ran Jarrett as the face overcoming all odds anyway. They’ve already jump started this feud with Gilberti beating down Jarrett severely last week.


Week 2 of NWA TNA Reconstruction


I’ll give passing marks to week 1 of the reconstruction era…even though I think most people hated it. My theory is that if you only give a shot to the guys who you consider the absolute top guys…no one new will ever get over.


Chris Harris vs. David Young


The story here is that Harris is trying to prove that he isn’t with S.E.X. I’m a pretty big fan of Young, but Harris has left something to be desired in his singles work in TNA. I did like his match with AMW partner James Storm last week.


Mike Awesome vs. Mike Sanders


This is a tables match. They say there is a feud between the New Church and S.E.X. but for the life of me I don’t know why. It’s obvious at this point that S.E.X. is getting the push right now…so I would expect to see Sanders win by some nefarious means.


Amazing Red vs. Chris Sabin


This is for Red’s X title. Sabin won the 4-way X match two weeks ago to become the top contender to the belt. Sabin has made 2 TNA appearances and with the exception of slipping on a springboard off the top rope he has been impressive.


XXX vs. AJ Styles and D-Lo Brown


This is for the NWA Tag Team titles. I guess the same match happened last week (and it was good) but who knows which two members will be playing XXX this week. Last week it was Skipper and LowKi.


They also say that Kid Kash will be calling out Konnan or The Truth because he believes that they are behind the mystery luchadore. I figure at this point it seems that Trinity is behind it…but I wouldn’t say no to a Kash vs. Truth match.


Finally there will be an interview with NWA champion Jeff Jarrett about things like his injuries and his thoughts on Glen Gilberti being number one contender.


Other than that I don’t know. Jerry Lynn has never missed a show so pencil him in for something. I love how his new attitude cost his team the NWA Tag Team titles last week…due to a rule that even I forgot about. I’m interested to see where that goes.


I don’t have a clue what the deal with Raven is at this point. It seems obvious that they want to do a Sabu feud…but I don’t think we’ll see him do anything meaningful again until he signs a new contract.


Overall this week doesn’t have any matches that look like they’ll suck (now compare that statement with the much pricier Judgment Day) but it does lack star power with Jarrett, Truth, Raven and Lynn off in un-booked land. All the matches are potentially good…with XXX vs. Styles and Brown looking best.


Until week 3…find me at [email protected]

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