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The NWA TNA Week 46 Preview

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Guest TSMAdmin

I have to begin by apologizing for not getting a preview up for last week’s show. I don’t really have an excuse…but it’s not like TNA gave me anything to work with last week. This week is different though as we know upwards of FOUR matches and I can honestly say I don’t hate any of them.


Earlier this week Jeff Jarrett defeated Sting to retain the NWA title AND regain the WWA title. For those of you keeping track…that means Jarrett wrestled more matches for the WWA this month (1) than he has for TNA (0). In fact…Jarrett hasn’t even APPEARED IN THE RING in front of the live audience since the Raven/Jarrett match. One has to wonder if TNA is terrified of what kind of reaction he’ll get as a result of that booking. Will people litter the ring with crap again? Are they trying to wait as long as possible to bring him back out so that people will forget that it even happened? It’s all quite odd.


Last week’s show was pretty weak…which should mean I start the reconstruction clock back to 1…but we’ll just drop that altogether. After the Goldylocks segment…I’m not certain that TNA wants to be reconstructed.


The NWA TNA Week 45 Preview


Kid Kash vs. The Mystery Luchadore


The Luchadore will be unmasked this week. At this point it’s pretty obvious that the identity of this luchadore is Trinity…so don’t be surprised if it isn’t. Russo is just like that. It’s hard to write a preview for a match with an unknown…so we’ll just look at who the luchadore could be. I assume we are supposed to forget that: A: The luchadore originally was against Jerry Lynn. AND B: Konnan ADMITTED that he was behind the luchadore during a sit down interview with Lynn. For storyline purposes none of that ever happened and the luchadore is just against Kash. If it’s Trinity this is like a non-surprise…but I’ll watch the match.


AJ Styles and D-Lo Brown vs. CM Punk and Jason Cross


Styles and Brown continue on their tag road to nowhere in particular. The names Punk and Cross were drawn out of the random hat of booking this week. I’m not going to complain about that since I like all 4 guys and this should work out well. However…it’s weird that Styles and Brown lost in their bid to enter the tag team mayhem tournament (or whatever that thing is called) and STILL get booked as a tag team. THIS is the problem with Jarrett’s sporadic at best title defenses. THERE IS NOTHING FOR ANY OF THESE GUYS TO DO. How’s Truth done since his last title shot? I rest that case.


XXX vs. The SATs


XXX will be played by Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper this week…since Low Ki is hurt. Daniels and Skipper are my favorite pairing of the three when it comes down to it. I just think they compliment each other best. Hey…the SATs are back. It’s been a LONG time since we’ve seen Joel and Jose Maximo in a TNA ring. This should be fun since I’ve already forgotten all of the Maximo’s spots and I’m always thrilled to see Daniels and Skipper.



Raven vs. Glen Gilberti


This match is more important than they’ll probably treat it. In fact…this match may very well be the most important of Gilberti’s career. They really have to make this feel like a Main Event caliber match. That alone would do a ton for Gilberti’s push. Speaking of which…Raven wants a rematch with Jarrett…so I don’t know who’ll win here. This match seems primed for a DQ finish with Jarrett running in. Gilberti would benefit from a win…but I can’t see him winning clean so he probably wouldn’t benefit enough to warrant Raven jobbing. They did a good job building this match the last two weeks…even though Raven and Gilberti weren’t both on the show either week. Go figure.



In addition to this there will be two more Asylum Alliance matches and one more hard ten challenge hardcore match. Let’s examine these separately:


Asylum Alliance: Feuding people on the same team against another team of wacky pairings. Last week the teams of Truth/Don Harris and David Young/Tracy advanced…so you can already tell how much fun it must be. Also…America’s Most Wanted qualified for the tournament…so they’ll probably be in one of the matches this week. I’m not a fan of this tournament…but it doesn’t bother me that much. I don’t know what the point is though.


Hard 10 Tournament: Combines all the fun of shitty hardcore matches…with math. I hate them.


We don’t know who’s doing what in these three matches…so that’s the preview.


As always I’m at [email protected]

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