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The NWA TNA Week 48 Preview

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Guest TSMAdmin

As I’m sure anyone who reads this column is aware, next week marks TNA’s one-year anniversary. I don’t know how many people are surprised that TNA is still around…but I’ll guess that it’s somewhere around 100% of everyone in the world...ever. I suppose I could make this column (or next week’s) all about the obstacles that TNA has tried to overcome…the near closing of the doors after only 12 weeks…the future of the company with or without a TV deal…etc, but that’s not going to happen because I really don’t know all that much about those things. It sure would make for an interesting read though.


What I do know is that TNA has been treating the anniversary show as a “big event”. The last time TNA staged what they considered to be a “big event” they fumbled away the Raven/Jarrett blow off. Somewhere forgotten in that mess of a finish is the fact that the rest of the show was pretty darn solid. Why is it we were so quick to forget about the hour and forty-five minutes of entertainment? Because the last ten minutes absolutely sucked. There’s clearly a lesson here…but has TNA learned it yet?


We still have no idea what TNA has planned to main event the big show…but if this week is any indication it must be huge. They’ve chosen to stage a three way for the NWA title between Jarrett, Raven and AJ Styles this week. That match could have easily finished off the anniversary show…and yet we’re getting it here. It makes one wonder what they have planned for the big finish next week.


The first thing that truly strikes me as odd is the fact that this will be the second week in a row that the NWA title will be defended. One would have to assume that the anniversary show would also have an NWA title defense. Many people interested in TNA have really been looking forward to seeing Jarrett finally drop the title…and I would have to imagine that those people will get there wish within the next eight days.


The one-year anniversary has to be looked at as a new beginning of sorts for TNA. People who don’t order the show every week will be more likely to order next week since the card should be stacked (more on that in a bit). What they find when they order is obviously very important. It’s not very often that you get a second chance in this business. Good timing seems to have afforded TNA that very opportunity. It’s no understatement to say that people were turned off at the finish to Raven/Jarrett. TNA now has one chance to make up for that.


If you’ve been watching TNA for the last month you’ve probably noticed that the product has slowly been shifting its focus towards Raven. If Raven were to grab the belt he would have no shortage of challengers. Styles and D-Lo were attacked by him last week (he, in fact, cost Brown the match between the two), Gilberti and what’s left of S.E.X. is after him, Russo is against him and even Red (in an unforgettable finish to the show a few weeks back…which will sadly be forgotten anyway by the time Red gets back) has a can’t miss match upcoming with Raven as well. In fact…they’ve gone out of their way to put Raven on an island.


Will we finally see Raven take the gold? If so will it be this week in the three-way? What about AJ Styles…whose the actual #1 contender. If Jarrett retains is he still in line for a one on one shot later? Where does D-Lo Brown figure in since he’s technically feuding with all three men in some manner right now? These are questions that we’ll have a far better idea about at this time tomorrow. One thing seems for sure…the anniversary card should be great. Some combination of Jarrett, Raven, Styles and D-Lo has to be figured into the main event (maybe two of them…maybe all of them). The winner of the tag team tournament will get their title shot (unless something goes horribly awry this will mean AMW vs. XXX). We’re also likely to see an X title match (If Paul London is back then we’ll get Sabin vs. London…if not then who knows). Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible will probably end up facing off as well.


But that’s next week. This week isn’t quite as bright:


The NWA TNA Week 48 Preview


Ron “The Truth” Killings and Konnan vs. The Harris Boys


I wonder if this is the blow off match in the feud. I can’t envision this being any good. They continue to throw the Truth out there with no hope of anything good happening. The only thing of interest is how each week you can actually feel the window closing on any chance of using Truth in a meaningful way ever again. The Harris boys hate Truth and K-Dogg because they are minorities. That’s it. That’s the storyline.


Chris Sabin vs. ???


??? man is back this week. The story is that Paul London is the #1 contender…but he’s overseas so they’re forcing Sabin to defend against someone else. It could be pretty much anyone. I don’t expect to see Sabin lose…but you never know.


Sandman vs. ???


??? man is working double time! Just like last week we don’t know who one participant in the Hard 10 tournament will be (this being the last match of the first round). They say it’s a former WCW hardcore champion…so of course everyone guesses Norman Smiley. No matter who it is Sandman will win…they told us as much last week when they continued his feud with Sonny Siaki…who he’d face next round. These matches suck.


America’s Most Wanted vs. David Young and Tracy


Unless some terrible joke is played on us…AMW wins.


D-Lo Brown vs. Julio Dinero


This should actually be pretty good. Brown has been on fire lately. This match is happening because Brown wants revenge on Raven and his “gathering” coughflockcough for costing him the #1 contendership last week. I’m curious where Brown is going to end up on the anniversary show. We could see Raven vs. Brown and Jarrett vs. Styles as two separate matches…or a 4 way for the title…or…well…who knows.


Jeff Jarrett vs. Raven vs. AJ Styles


This is for Jarrett’s NWA title. This is obviously the main selling point of an otherwise uneventful lineup. We could see anything from title change to screwjob non-finish here. Enter with caution.



As for the Sports Entertainment aspect of the show we have the following:


Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible will be on the Interrogation segment. I’d imagine this is to build their feud through their ECW history together and then announce a match for the anniversary show. There are far worse ways to build a feud.


Glen Gilberti, fresh off his title loss last week, is looking for Vince Russo for answers as to why he double-crossed him. Should be a hoot and a half.


Kid Kash and Erik Watts will also be doing something…probably not wrestling though. This might end up on the anniversary show too…since both are so over right now (and I actually mean that literally…scary, no?) and there segment came off real well last week.


No XXX again this week? This is starting to piss me off. Week in and week out you can always count on exactly 3 people/teams to have good matches: AJ Styles, D-Lo Brown and XXX. Last week XXX, Jerry Lynn AND X champion Chris Sabin were ALL DOING DARK MATCHES (later airing on TNA Xplosion in some markets). I’m all for putting stars on that show since people can see it for free and it’s a good advertising tool…but that’s ridiculous. I paid 10 bucks last week and didn’t see any of them. This week only Sabin appears to be in action.



Overall this is one of “those” shows. Will it be good? There is really no way of telling. Anyone interested in the NWA title picture will certainly be interested in the main event (and where the story takes us for next week). The match should be good…but you just don’t know what kind of finish we’ll get…or how much over booking. D-Lo vs. Julio should be solid…but I don’t know how much time they’ll get. The only other match with potential to be good is Sabin’s X title match…but we don’t even know whom he’s facing.


So we could have three good matches (certainly worth 10 bucks) OR we could have an overbooked main event a short D-Lo squash and Sabin facing Shark Boy. Like I said…it’s one of “those” shows. I’d like to have a little more confidence going into a pay per view. That’s something they should work on…you know…for next year.


Until the “big” one…email me at [email protected]

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