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Sting vs Cactus Jack (Beach Blast 1992)

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After recycling my initial Smark Krew column for my debut on the main site, I've decided to do a brand new Analysis for column #2. I'm very open to taking any and all suggestions. Eventually I'll do "the ladder match" and Steamboat/Flair, but feel free to offer any suggestions, as I have over 200 videos so I should have most suggestions (limited to the last 15 years of the big 3).


Looking at recent wrestling for a second, I caught my first glimpse of NWA: TNA a couple weeks ago. I have to say it's a nice alternative to Vince & Co. current monopoly. Not enough for me to pay 9.95 EVERY week, but I'll keep my eye on it and if a week comes up with an interesting show, I'll order it.


And now, let's get to our Main Event...


Sting vs Cactus Jack (Falls Count Anywhere, Beach Blast 1992)


Length: 11:24


Winner: Sting


Rating: ****1/4


Analysis: What is it with Mick Foley and good looking, charasmatic babyface champions?


In his two memoirs, Have a Nice Day and Foley is Good, Mick Foley stated that the best match he ever wrestled in was against Shawn Michaels at Mind Games. Few will argue with that (including me). But until that match he considered this match his best (I disagree, his brawl with Vader at Halloween Havoc 1993 was better).


To watch this match today is to see a prototype. The formula this match followed would be copied in ECW and then refined into the WWE Main Event brawl that until recently was the standard style for most WWE Main Events. The weapons, the mixing of wrestling and brawling, the fighting into the crowd. I'm not saying that this match was the first to do these things, but I think if you watch it and compare it to the various ECW, WCW and WWF/WWE matches that followed, you'd see its formula being followed.


As it was a 'prototype', the match isn't perfect. First of all the match had no blood. I realize this came during a period where blood wasn't around much, and by no means does blood automatically make a match better but given the intensity between Sting and Cactus, a little crimson mask would've been nice.


2nd, and this is probably WCW's fault, and I can't say for sure as I wasn't watching WCW TV at the time, but the match doesn't have much story to it. I mean, I know Cactus and Sting had been fueding since the fall of 1991, but Cactus was always treated as a hired goon in this fued. Luger hired him initially, and even in this match Jim Ross and Jesse Ventura play it up as Sting being softened up for his match against Vader at the next month's Great American Bash (which must've been a good plan cause Vader won the title in a match I have yet to see, IF YOU HAVE THE EVENT OR MATCH PLEASE SEND ME A COPY!)


Finally, the match is just too short. Foley's match with Vader and Michaels went longer. Now sometimes a match doesn't need to be long (example: Cactus/Maxx Payne vs The Nast Boys only went 10 minutes, but they did twice as much in less time than in this match). But I would've liked the match more if they'd been given an extra 5 minutes to work with.


Now, basically what we have here is a great **** brawl with some sick bumps for the time. Cactus and Sting let their bodies smack concrete several times(I guess I'm a masochist for wanting them to go longer given the enviorment). The extra 1/4* comes for the ending. Now it kind of comes out of nowhere, but I loove that top rope chlothesline onto the elevated ramp. It's a cool visual and just cause it comes on that cool ramp, I bump it up a notch(I always loved those ramps WCW had).


Other highlights: The best part about this 'falls count anywhere' match is that FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE. Too many times have I seen streetfights or FCA matches that don't take advantage of pins outside the ring. Well, this match barely goes in the ring and if I remember correctly no pinfalls take place inside the ring. Also I love the beginning. Sting steps out onto the ramp, sees Cactus, takes off his jacket at the start of the ramp and runs down to attack Jack. Great, intense way to start things off.


Don't get me wrong, I like this match and it's one of Foley's (and Sting's) best. It just had a lot wilder, bloodier and better to follow. But that don't mean you should overlook this one.


I hope I get some interesting requests, I'll leave it up to you readers to make the choice.


Until next time...


Send request/response to: [email protected]

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