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Diesel vs Bret Hart (Survivor Series 1995)

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Guest TSMAdmin

Gotta pimp a really cool program on, of all place, the Travel Channel. World Tour Poker has become quickly one of my favorite programs. It airs Wednesday nights 9-11 and it's just cool to watch. I'm a sucker for gambling and casinos in general, but I've never been a big poker player. Blackjack was always my taste.


Well suddenly I've become very educated to poker playing. Makes me want to take a try at Texas hold'em next time I go riverboat gambling or take a trip to Atlantic City. If you have an interest in gambling/poker and you haven't watched this show yet, I recommend watching.


Backlash happend last Sunday and I had no motivation to see it. That's bad coming from me, a guy who doesn't get nearly as bitter or angry at the product as some guys on the Forums get. I don't have any idea how to make things better. It's their job to entertain me, not my job to tell them how to entertain me.


And now, let's get to our Main Event...


Diesel vs Bret "The Hitman" Hart (No-DQ WWF Title Match, Survivor Series 1995)


Length: 24:42


Winner: Bret Hart




Analysis: I have no problem admitting I was a Diesel mark in 94-95. I was also a big fan of Bret Hart. I didn't order Survivor Series, which promised ro be the "rubber match", but I did listen to it on "scramble-vision". Many a PPV I'd listen to while the images were distorted.


I was a lonely teenager.


Anyway, This was the third major PPV match between the two. Their previous encounters at KOTR 1994 and Royal Rumble were inconclusive. This was also the third time they met for the WWF Title (1st time Hart defended, 2nd & 3rd time Diesel defended). It also came around the 1 year anniversary of Diesel's title reign, which had been horribly booked with poor opponents and a watered down nice guy act courtesy of Diesel.


This was a no-DQ match as well, which today would mean brawling all over the crowd, pointless weapon shots and repetitive table breaking. But back in 1995 things weren't as crazy. The match was built up with both men out to prove that they could beat the other. Once again, simple storytelling.


The match itself contains two well told stories. One, is the fact that Bret has to resort to uncharacteristic behavior to stop Diesel. As the commentators point out, Hart can't go toe to toe with Diesel because he's too big and powerful. And Nash gladly supports this by kicking Bret's ass for the first 7 or so minutes. How does Bret turn the tide? By capitalizing on a mistake by Diesel. By using quickness and technical superiority? No, nothing like that.


He bites him.


Hart proceeds to bite Diesel's arm, his head, rake his eyes and choke him. In that order I believe. Call it the FOUR SNEAKY HEEL TACTICS OF DOOM (I know that's not great, I'm not too good with jokes). In their Rumble match Hart threw the rulebook out and attack Diesel with a chair. Amazingly he wasn't disqualified, and he wasn't later when he hogtied Diesel's legs around the ringpost with his wristband tape.


He one ups himself here by taking a microphone cord and TYING DIESEL'S LEG TO THE CORNER POST. I cannot tell you how cool I thought it was to see this when I first saw the match for real in 1996. Sure it's a sneaky heel move but given it's no-DQ, everything's fair. The image of Diesel hobbling on one leg while Hart goes for a chair is so cool. Again, a heelish move but I (and some of the crowd) don't mind it.


The second story told comes at the end. After Hart does a famous crash into the Spanish Announcers table (1st time on PPV)Diesel is about to go for the jacknife. As Hart crumples before him, Diesel hesitates, showing pity. And that costs him because Hart small packages him for his 3rd WWF Title. Diesel quickly forgets about showing pity, giving Hart two vicious jacknifes post match and attack 3-4 officials. He leaves to a mix of boos and cheers and the next night on RAW gave a speech which made him the first "tweener" character I can recall in the WWF. A year and 1/2 before Austin, Kevin Nash who said "cheer or boo me, I don't care."


Six months later both men were gone from the WWF, Hart on extended leave and Nash...nWo. Their cage match at the Feb. IYH in 96 notwithstanding, these two had three PPV matches which built on top of the other one. And the last one, this one, was a doozy.


Other Highlights: Of course, the Spanish Announcers table suffered its first casualty. From then on no ringside table was safe. Of course, the table spot went from just happening in Main Event PPV matches, to other PPV matches, to TV Main Event matches, to any TV matches. I wouldn't mind going back to a time with less or zero table spots. The fewer times it happens, the more shocking and cool it is.


And kudos to Mr. Nash for selling his leg during the match. When Big Daddy Cool was motivated and with the right guy, he could work well. Also, working on his leg allows for a perfect excuse for his slow, limited mobility. However, and this is one of the reasons this match is only ****1/2, is that the leg work doesn't play into the finish. But I give him full points for the effort.


As always I'm looking for suggestions and ideas. Until next time...


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