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TSM Music Review: Foo Fighters "One By One"

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Tony Jaymz brings the content baby! It's been almost 2 and a half months since my last muisc review, but I'm back..with style! Okay, enough self absorbed BS..we get enough of that on Raw... today I bring you the review that spanks of brand newness, Foo Fighters "One By One". The band that is the spawn of Nirvana brings back the music that is Rock. No subgenres need apply.


All My Life: The hit new single. Starts out with a guitar intro, with Dave Grohl bring The Sound~. This songs reeks of the aformentioned(big word count:1) rock. I couldn't possibly even begin to explain the lyrics, but F*ck it, they sound great, as does this song.


Low: Back to the low singing. This CD is less ha ha and more...gritty. And on a off topic, when the hell did Dave Grohl take Rocky Maivia's sideburns? Them some manly sideburns. This song is pretty average, not really bad, but it just sounds like background music.


Have It All: Great, great, great guitar on this one. Drumming is egually impresive. Probably the next single, just from the feel of it. I can just see it now...Number One on TRL...take that Backstreet Bitches! Ahem...This song doesn't reach the rockness of All My Life, but it does stand out as a damn good rock song 'bout a girl.


Times Like These: Rule Number One: Always start out with guitar and drums. So speakath the Foo. Damn good song, as Grohl and the boys give us a song about..er...Times Like These. I don't know if it related to 9/11 at all, but it does sound like a song affected by the attacks. Don't quote me though as I've no idea but I can just see this song being associated with the attacks, as it's a pretty motivational song. Sample lyric: "It's times like these we learn to love again, it's times like these, time and time again!" See? Great song, just push repeat for this one.


Disenchanted Lullaby: Trippy...dig? Don't really know how to explain this song. It's very...god can't put my finger on it. Very intriguing song, putting the power of the chord into play.


Tired of You: F*cking Right! You...yeah you...go download this song right now. The intro is great, even better than "All my Life" Slower than the other songs but damn, the lyrics and music go together so well.


Halo: We go from one extreme to another, as the music is louder than the last song and yet keeps the tight lyrics intact. After a while though, gets that background noise stigma to it, but nonetheless, a top notch song.


Lonely as You: Wow...starts off all low and simple, than it rises to the riffs that we all know and love. Lyrically, the band is better on these types of songs, so you know in that aspect it is good. But still...I don't know...it just comes off as forgetable except for the begining.


Overdrive: Good song, lyrics got on my nerves after a while, but thats just 'cause I listened to it three times in a row, so it's probably due to that. Nothing terribly bad about this song, just good rock.


Burn Away: Back to the hard chops baby! Not as fast and furious as most but they bring a good dish to the table with this one. Not much more to say, really.


Come Back: Great intro, again, that's what the Foo has become great at, especially to me at least. Lyrically, I loved this song and this has to be my 2nd favorite song on the cd. Definite download.


And that's that. If you were lucky enough to get the limited edition DVd with the cd, as I was, your in store for some funny shit, as well the All My Life video, which kicks pretty much all types of ass. All in all, Foo Fighters "One By One" gets a 7/10 as it was a good all round effort from the band, but certain points of the CD dipped in quality from other points.


If you want to drop me a line, then, well, email me. I really want to know how much people enjoy Track by Track reviews, as I myself have grown tired of it, as after a while I feel I become boring saying stuff like "good song" over and over.





Tony Jaymz

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