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Remember kids, I’m like Herpes....you think I’m gone for good and then Boom!...I’m back. Just like ex-girlfriends...who ironically may have herpes.


How great was that Angel season finale? Screw The West Wing, screw...okay not screw but forget 24... Angel is THE best show on TV today. Write that down.


I was originally was going to review the Daredevil soundtrack and the All-American Rejects but I can’t find the discs! I just bought them yesterday!


So instead, I’m going to do a little rant. Most fans of the site wouldn’t know it, but I’m a huge wrestling fan. Yeah, I write for a wrestling site but how many wrestling related articles have I written? Point being, my name and wresting go together like spaghetti and meatballs. But lately, specifically when it comes to the WWE, I’ve been doing more complaining than anything else. It got so bad that last Monday night, I verbally berated the WWE. My brother in the next room came in and simply asked me: why do you still watch?


Why do I still watch wrestling?

With all the politicking, all the homoerotic brawls between has-beens, and of course the WCW feel to everything these days, why do I still watch? It seems I do the same thing every Monday night. I log onto the internet, goto the TSM message board, and exchange witty remarks with fellow smarks. Doesn’t this seem a bit futile? Pointless? Yup, so I’m through with it. The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. So now I begin my great voyage, trying to find that greatly sought after number two promotion.


The NWA:TNA was my first choice, and having watched it a couple of times before, figured I’d shell out some more money. I gotta say, they’re doing alright for themselves. Remember when everyone said they’d fail...well they would have if it weren’t for Panda...but the point still stands. They’ve got something for everyone. I saw some great cruiser action and a pretty entertaining hardcore match. And I ask you to find someone who doesn’t like a good Royal Rumble-like match. Plus, unlike the real Royal Rumble, this turned out to be quite unpredictable. Disco In...I mean Glen Gilbertti= your number 1 contender. He’s always been solid in ring and on the mic, so it’s enjoyable but I don’t know if he will be able rid the stigma of the Disco Inferno. NWATNA also has the best tag teams I’ve seen in a long time: Triple X, The New Church, and America’s Most Wanted are the breakout teams of the year. Plus, we can’t forget the “Phenomenal” A.J. Styles. Oh yeah, and they’ve made Erik Watts entertaining...yup Erik Watts...yup the guy with the terrible dropkic...and yup, entertaining. I miss the midgets though...midgets rule!


Then there’s the Indy revolution going on in the East Coast...where I happen to preside in . The Philly scene is quite the hotbed, with 3PW, XPW(though they may be D.O.A), and the Smark’s Favorite, ROH. Even the minor league federations like MEWF, MCW, etc. are experiencing a boost. Hell, MCW is becoming my favorite little federation. With their training facility, Bonebreakers, and their own TV show, they have been giving relatively unknown, but talented, folks like Chad and Dino, The Brusier, etc. a chance while at the same time giving established stars like Danny Doring and Chris Chetti the ball. And, I won’t fail to mention the good things I’ve heard from MLW. In fact, my first DVDs from them are on my way.


Then, for the folks who have become too discontented, there’s always the good ole’ days. SMW has been having a revival of sorts, with their DVDs becoming ever so popular. And the insider commentary just makes them that much cooler. Then there’s the cheap 20 bucks for four dvds deals. I got these at a local shop. Basically each has 3-4 old matches from a stars rookie years. While these aren’t five star matches...nor three star matches, it’s fun to look back in the day. Then there’s always the mon and pop shops, who always carry Coliseum Videos. And porn. Seriously.


And that wraps up this rant. Moral of the story is, look and you shall find. Actually, that’s corny, here’s something better: Worrying is like a rocking chair: Gives you something to do but it won’t get you anywhere.


Tony Jaymz


P.S. Check out Nik Johnson’s fan-fucking-tastic column http://thesmartmarks.com/artman/publish/ar...;here

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