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The Dames' Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 38

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The Dames’ Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 38


It's been a hell of a busy week for me. Including today, I'd have spent the past four nights writing Diatribes and I'm getting pretty spent. From Sunday til yesterday, I took the time to write out a complete and through Wrestlemania Diatribe(exclusive to TheSmartMarks.com) and tonight, I'm bringing you your weekly TNA recap. Check out my review of the biggest show of the year and tell me what you agree and disagree with at [email protected]


Before we get right to it though, I'd like to give two quick shout outs. The first goes to the prowrestlingoz.com site for the guys in Australia. As screwed over as you Aussies have gotten with wrestling as of late, some of you are as dedicated as ever as that site shows. I also have to give a BIG shout out to faithful reader Matt Goldstein who came to rescue last week and sent me a tape of last week's Survivor that I missed. Now if anyone has last week's Angel and/or Dawson's Creek...


Yes, I watch the stupid show ok. My ex girlfriend got me into it and Katie Holmes is cute.


The PPV starts out, amazingly enough, with the intro which they haven't done in a while. They focus on one of the guys in the Heel Section, wearing one of their awesome Heel Section T-Shirts. I'm still waiting for mine. They also focus on a WWE Fears TNA sign...


Glen Gilberti is in the ring with the stick and asks D'Lo Brown to come to the ring so he can smarten him up on Jeff Jarrett. D'Lo doesn't show up though and Gilberti lays down the advice anyway. He says that Jarrett is only the "good guy" because he's in his hometown every week. He says that Jarrett is Anakin Skywalker about to turn into Darth Vader. He vows to help D'Lo tonight...when all of a sudden, AJ STYLES comes into the ring and they begin brawling! They fall out of the ring and brawl in the crowd (with Gilberti getting a good chair shot on Styles) until they come full circle and end up back in the ring again. Raven comes into the ring and sits down in one of the corners like he usually does and just watches as AJ and Gilberti continue to battle it out. Security comes out and holds AJ Styles back for a moment, but he breaks away to assault Gilberti one more time before getting taken out by them. Raven goes up to Gilberti after the altercation holding a chair and looks miffed at him. D'Lo Brown comes into the ring and gets in Raven's face until the rest of SEX come out and separate them.


My Two Cents: It looks like Raven is upset that D'Lo Brown is skipping over him for a shot at the World Title and blames Gilberti for booking the match. Styles attacking Gilberti keeps building towards a Styles babyface run, which I'd love. Raven just sitting down and watching them brawl was a nice touch as well. Despite being the courageous babyface, Jeff Jarrett certainly has been acting a lot heelish lately and everything that Gilberti said about him being the "good guy" has been true.


We then go to a sit down discussion between Konnan and Jerry Lynn moderated by Mike Tenay. Konnan starts off by reiterating his whole point...when the luchadors came to the US in 1996, they didn't get the respect they deserved and now they call Lucha Libre the X-Division. Lynn rebuts by stating that he doesn't understand the heat between himself and Konnan because he's got nothing but respect for the lucha style. He and Syxx-Pac watched lucha tapes to get better and ended up admiring and loving the style. Konnan then asks why he had to bring in the luchadors so they could get an opportunity in TNA. Lynn tells him that he loves the luchadors because he knows they'll put on great matches. Tenay then confronts Konnan about the mystery wrestler that attacked Lynn last week and wants to know if Konnan was behind it. Konnan tells Lynn that he now respects him a lot more for admitting the truth about the lucha style and admits that he was behind the attack. He pulls out the yellow costume used last week and gives it to Lynn and tells him that it won't happen again. Lynn is scheduled to face off with Kid Kash tonight for the X Division title and Konnan wishes him luck.


My Two Cents: Excellent segment. Both sides were represented fairly and if this was truly the "blowoff" to this angle, then I liked it. Although the luchadors barely won any matches, Lynn and Tenay basically gave in to Konnan's point. With that being said, I highly doubt this is the end because it came in such a diplomatic fashion and that hardly ever happens in wrestling.


We go to the top of the arena where Goldylocks is with Raven. He tries to talk about knowing his destiny since he was a child and the heavy burden it has been to bear, but he ends up stumbling a few of the words. He starts to get heckled by the crowd and he stops the promo to insult the Nashville fans. "I'll walk through Hell if I have to.....I'll walk through Nashville if I have to." He gets more intense at this point, yelling about his destiny and how he will make sure it happens when he faces Jarrett. It's about time that Raven heels it up on the mic...most guys in TNA don't insult the crowd enough.


West and Tenay introduce a video package on Dusty Rhodes and his problems with David Flair and Brian Lawler.


Brian Lawler (w/David Flair) vs. Chris Harris


Match Background: No real backstory between these two. This is the second week in a row that Chris Harris has a singles match.


The Match: David Flair is with Lawler at ringside with his fathers copy of the NWA Title. The match starts off with Lawler having the advantage but the momentum quickly changes as Harris ducks an enziguiri and nails a left arm lariat. He nails Lawler with a punch sending him up and over the top rope in the most cartoonish fashion possible. Flair tries to distract Harris for Lawler but it doesn't work as he's taken down on his way back into the ring. Lawler misses a cross body block allowing Harris to hit a cross body off the top for a two count. Flair trips Harris up to give Lawler the advantage again and chokes him while the ref isn't watching. A hangmans neckbreaker by Lawler gets two which he follows up with some strikes in the corner. Lawler comes off the top with a double axehandle attempt, but since that NEVER works, Harris is able to come back and gets a few right hands until he's raked in the eyes. Harris charges at Lawler in the turnbuckle and EATS BOOT but he gets a powerslam and a back body drop in retaliation. Harris gets a DDT and goes for the cover, but Flair distracts referee Rudy Charles. Lawler almost runs into Flair on the apron and Harris spears Lawler for two as David Flair makes sure to pull Harris off before the three count. Harris then goes to nail Flair as Lawler charges from behind with the title belt and ends up nailing Flair instead as Harris ducks. Harris rolls up Lawler for the ONE...TWO...NO! They start pulling on the title belt but Harris just picks up Lawler and hits a BRUTAL CATATONIC~! on it but the ref is once again distracted by David Flair! Harris finally nails David Flair but Lawler nails Harris with the title belt as he turns around for the win.


Winner: Brian Lawler


My Opinion: The match was short to begin with and David Flair seems to fail at anything he attempts to do. Lawler going over Harris doesn't do much in the long run for either of them. Lawler's antics still bother me as he's playing a comedic heel in a "serious" faction. I don't think I'll ever like Brian Lawler until he changes that gimmick. Speaking of that, let me know what you think of the new EWR 3.0 and the gimmick system. For those of you who have yet to download it, it's at www.adamryland.co.uk. 3/4*


After the match, Flair and Lawler double team Harris and Lawler gives him a guillotine legdrop. Dusty Rhodes then comes into the ring and clotheslines both men down. His watch apparently comes loose at this point and he gives the WEAKEST Bionic Elbows EVER as he's trying to fix his watch at the same time. These are just pathetic blows and I feel bad that Lawler and Flair have to sell them like death. They leave the ring and Dusty takes the NWA Title into his possession. Flair distracts him as Lawler comes from behind and takes the title back for the second week in a row.


Dusty takes the mic and starts talking trash in his unintelligible speak for a few. He calls Brian Lawler a "Daddy's Boy" as if it was some sort of insult and the Nashville crowd chants it towards Lawler. Dusty says he's going to take the title from Lawler before exchanging silly insults about "posse". Lawler ups the insult ante by calling him an "old man"....and then says that he's an "old...FAT man!" Oohhhh.....


Dusty challenges Lawler to a Bullrope match, but Lawler refuses to play on Dusty's terms. Instead, he says that he'll give Dusty a shot at that title. Dusty tells the producer to give him more time and I'm SUFFERING as this segment is going VERY long. Lawler then challenges Dusty to a Ladder match for the title next week. "I'd pay THOUSANDS of dollars to see Dusty Rhodes try and climb a ladder". Funny, cuz I wouldn't pay 10. Dusty accepts and that is guaranteed to suck next week.


In the back, Goldylocks is with Saturn and Sandman and she wants to know who their third partner is going to be. Saturn and Sandman say that SEX isn't extreme...they are. Father James Mitchell interrupts and tells them that he's offering either Lee or Slash for them to use tonight as repayment for last week. They flatly refuse and Mitchell doesn't appreciate it...I forgot just how bad Saturn's mic skills have gotten until tonight.


Trinity vs. Alexis Laree


Match Background: Last week, Alexi Laree teamed up with Red to take on Trinity and Kid Kash and ended up on the losing side of a Trinity moonsault.


The Match: Both girls are looking exceptionally good tonight and Trinity is once again wearing those flattering ring shorts. Laree shoves Trinity right in the chest before they start the match before they lock up. Laree is playing the heel in this match as she takes cheap shots on Trinity whenever possible. Trinity comes off the ropes with a flying head scissors for the first real spot of the match and Laree bails. Laree runs around the ring and Trinity gives chase only to get kicked upon re entering the ring. Laree hits her with some HARD kicks to the back as she takes over and nails a dropkick to the face for two. Alexis gets a nice suplex for two before unloading with a few more kicks to the gut. Trinity whips Laree to the ropes and she hangs on, leading to Trinity charging at her but falling to the outside when Alexis ducks. Trinity tries to catch a kick but ends up on the wrong side of an enziguiri as the Laree onslaught continues. Trinity is finally able to come back with a dropkick followed by a clothesline and a spin kick. She gets up on the top rope but gets crotched by Laree who attempts a superplex. Trinity shoves her off and goes for her moonsault, but Laree moves out of the way. Raven comes into the ring and sits in the corner like he did during the Styles/Gilberti brawl. Kid Kash walks down the aisle (wearing one of those awesome Heel Section shirts like he promised he would to the guys) as Laree takes over again. Trinity gets a spin kick though and follows it up with a standing shooting star press for the win!


Winner: Trinity


My Opinion: I think these two girls did a decent job in the ring and are probably 100x better than Jackie Gayda for the record. I really hope that Laree stays in TNA and Trinity needs to keep wearing those outfits. That is all. *


After the match, Raven gives Trinity the Evenflow DDT....but Kid Kash just walks to the back, not concerned about Trinity at all. This seriously pisses off the announcers. Raven grabs Laree and drags her to the back...


Goldylocks is in the back with Jeff Jarrett and she says that some people have been saying that Jarrett has changed. JJ wants to know who and Goldylocks replies with "some of the boys". JJ takes offense to Goldy using wrestling jargon and takes it out on her verbally. He grabs her by the throat and tells her that it's not beneath him to beat her ass.


My Two Cents: I can definitely see Laree with Raven if they don her with some heavy make up although Belladonna would have been better. Damn, I miss her. It looks as if Jeff Jarrett is setting up for a heel turn as well as Kid Kash. If Jarrett turns, I doubt that Raven will be the one to unseat him...


The Harris Brothers & Christopher Daniels vs. Sandman, Saturn & ??


Match Background: Last week in the Sadistic Madness match, Chris Daniels and the Harris Brothers were defeated by the Sandman, Saturn and the Disciples of the New Church after the man former known as Mable interfered leading to this 6 man tag. I hope the mystery guy isn't Mable/Viscera. A few weeks ago, The Sandman had a scheduled tag match along with Steve Corino with the Harris Brothers which they lost when Sandman was too busy with the fans to come in and help his partner. By that reasoning, I doubt it's Corino, but if it is...he'll turn on him.


The Match: Sandman and Saturn come out alone and the lights go off. Is it SABU? No...it's New Jack and he's in the ring already! He has a trashcan lid and nails the heels with them until Sandman and Saturn make their way to the ring. The crowd chants for New Jack as Team ECW want the heels to come back into the ring. Saturn starts the match off with Daniels and tosses him around like a rag doll with a release German Suplex. Daniels reverses a Saturn clothesline and leads him to his corner where the Harris' take over on him. Daniels gets the STO and the Double Jump Moonsault which only gets two. Daniels charges at Saturn who just DROPS him with a HUGE sit out powerbomb, following it up with a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Everyone starts brawling after this cover, fighting at ringside and going all over the ringside area. Saturn and Don Harris go back into the ring as New Jack and Ron Harris brawl by one of the exits, which conveniently has two tables set up next to each other. In the ring, Don gets a chokeslam on Saturn, which presumably only gets two as the view switches to New Jack/Ron. Jack puts Ron on the tables and heads to the balcony for his usual spot...but gets shoved off by Brian Lee from behind! He crashes badly though the table and then Lee attacks Ron Harris! In the ring, Daniels is working on Sandman while Saturn gets a two count on Don Harris with a Northern Lights Suplex. Slash comes into the ring and nails Ron with a chair and then Saturn nails HIM, allowing Saturn to hit the DVD on Ron Harris for the pinfall.


Winner: Sandman, Saturn and New Jack


My Opinion: The match was at its best when Daniels was the focus of it. The Harris did their usual brawling as did Sandman and New Jack can't do much without weapons. I like the fact that the Disciples are going back to being tweeners instead of out and out babyfaces. I suspect a three way dance soon with Sandman/Saturn, The Harris' and the Disciples. *1/2


After the match, Mike Barton (Bart Gunn) comes into the ring, wearing a SEX shirt and goes after Saturn, powerbombing him and hitting a Death Valley Driver.


In the back, Goldylocks is with Kid Kash and she confronts him about leaving Trinity in the ring defenseless. He basically states that her place is in the corner, not the ring and she should have known better. She implies that he's ungrateful for her help...and he's offended at the thought of her helping him win anything. He says that she stole some of his spotlight and he's going to make sure she knows her role. Yep....he's a heel now.


Sonny Siaki (w/Desire) vs. David Young


Match Background: Two weeks ago, Sonny Siaki attacked Athena and hit her with Siakalypse NOW leading to DY coming to her rescue. Last week, DY met Sonny Siaki one on one and lost when Desire made her return to TNA and cost him the match. Then, Siaki and Desire handcuffed Young to the ropes as they he hit Athena with a Siakalypse to further injure the neck. That lead to tonight's one on one rematch.


The Match: Before the match starts, TNA officials demand that Desire be handcuffed to the bottom ring rope to prevent her interfering in the match. As Desire is handcuffed, Young uses the ring steps to jump onto Siaki's shoulders and rana him down! He whips Siaki into the turnbuckle and throws him into the ring post. Siaki leapfrogs a charging Young on the outside but gets speared and thrown back into the ring! Young comes off the ropes with a flying head scissors as the announcers marvel at the big mans arsenal. Siaki catches Young and sends him into the turnbuckles with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Siaki with a split legged moonsault (!) for two! They start chopping the hell out of each other before Siaki gets the advantage again with an uppercut. Siaki misses the somersault legdrop but gets a SNAP Downward Spiral on Young for two! Siaki goes to work in the corner but Young comes running out with a sit out powerbomb for two! Desire is just SCREAMING for Siaki to get up...and I get DIRTY thoughts. Young charges at Siaki...who hits him with his own SNAP SPINEBUSTER~! for two! Young comes off the ropes as Siaki ducks his head and gets the Siakalypse on Sonny for two! Young heads to the top turnbuckle but misses a moonsault and Siaki tries for the Saikalypse. Young counters it into a backslide attempt but Sonny recovers and nails him with a dropkick to the knee. Siaki goes for La Magistral cradle but Young shifts his weight on top and gets on Sonny for the pin!


Winner: David Young


My Opinion: The match was decent, but very spotty. If they had given this more time and allowed it to build, it could have been a lot better. These men really do click together. After just one match with each other, it's a little too early to start utilizing the other man's finisher. It's not like they've been feuding for a few months. **


After the match, David Young clips Siaki from behind as Athena comes down to the ring with handcuffs. They handcuff Siaki to the ropes and get the key to the other cuffs from the ref. They uncuff Desire but she ends up slapping Young. He nails her with a spinebuster and walks out. Yound didn't come across looking like your usual babyface though....


We go to a video package of The Truth, including last week's turn on Jarrett. This video package was poorly mixed as the background music drowned out most of the sound clips shown.


Ron "The Truth" Killings vs. Elix Skipper


Match Background: These two men don't have any real issues with each other. However, back in Week 6, Elix and Truth had formed some sort of partnership to take on Monty Brown, who ended up being Truth's first challenger during his World Title reign.


The Match: Damn, I really missed Truth's theme, although he makes his entrance through the crowd. He dances in the ring, but sadly, no rap for us. Tenay talks about Mabel/Viscera, calling him by his real name, Nelson Knight. Truth goes to get the mic, but Elix attacks from behind before he can say anything and goes to work. They do a criss cross irish whip segment which always reminds me of Hogan/Warrior and Truth gets an elbow for two before powerslamming Elix for a second two count. He gets a reverse powerbomb for yet another two count and tosses Elix over the top rope to the outside. Truth comes FLYING over the top with a BEAUTIFUL twisting plancha that hits Skipper flush and gets a deserved replay. Truth heads to the top, but Elix crotches him and Truth somersaults his way to the canvas HARD. Skipper goes on the offense with some kicks to the stomach and a hard forearm to the head. Skipper goes for some sort of F5 variation into a half crab, but it comes out pretty sloppy. Truth makes it to the ropes but Elix starts working on the leg some more. Elix goes for the cover, grinding his forearm across Truth's face as he does so. On the outside now, Truth goes for a kick while Elix is on the guardrail but ends up crotching himself. Skipper throws him back into the ring and hits a picture perfect missile dropkick, landing on his feet for two. Skipper goes for a tilt a whirl, but Killings lands on his feet and hits a suplex into a stunner! Both men down brawl with each other until they get to their feet and Truth just takes over with hard right hands. A suplex gets two and then Truth hits the spinning axe kick! Chris Daniels comes to the ring to tries to interfere, distracting Truth and allowing Elix to get a belly to belly for two. Elix perches Truth on the top rope and goes to superplex him, but Truth stops him and hits a top rope True Conviction for the pin!


Winner: The Truth


My Opinion: Ahh, seeing The Truth back in the ring was a breath of fresh air as he finally had a good opponent. They went back and forth, taking some nice high risk maneuvers and hitting some great spots. There wasn't a real issue between the two but I really could care less. Both men have gotten a lot better in the ring. **1/2


After the match, Daniels attacks Truth with a leg lariat but Nelson Knight comes into the ring and hits Skipper with a Miracle Ecstacy Bomb! Truth stacks Elix and Daniels in the corner for Knight as he charges in and squashes them!


We now go to a video of Eric Watts with a bunch of sports "celebrities". He trash talks Jarrett...that was seriously a waste of about 3 minutes.


West and Tenay pimp next week's show with Dusty vs. Lawler in a ladder match, some NASCAR people coming to TNA (Yawn) and Saturn vs. Mike Barton. Also next week is Sandman's "Armed Asylum" match, Sandman & New Jack against the Harris Brothers with weapons scattered around the arena.


We go to the tale of the tape for the following match.


Kid Kash vs. Jerry Lynn for the NWA X Division Title


Match Background: Before Lynn's problems with Konnan started, he won a shot at the X Division title, but put it aside to face the Mexican superstar and his minions. Tonight, he finally gets the chance to regain the X Title. This isn't the first time they've met in TNA rings either as Kash faced Lynn as part of a Triple Threat match in Week 20 along with AJ Styles and came out on the losing end. This is their first one on one encounter though.


The Match: We get the usual boxing style intros from Borash, but Trinity isn't with Kash tonight, understandably. They lock up and do the usual start to a Kid Kash match leading to the Indy Applause Stance. They do it once again just to seriously get on my nerves. The crowd chants "Jerry" as Kash is selling a knee injury that occurred this past weekend. Kash tries to heel his way back into my heart as he extends the hand for a handshake but pokes Lynn in the eyes when he goes to accept. Lynn comes back with a sunset flip and a backslide, but Kash rolls though and goes for the Money Maker early. Jerry blocks it and gets the Gory Special on him and follows it up with a clothesline. Kash pulls Jerry into the turnbuckles face first using his tights to take over and elevates him up and over the top rope onto the apron. Jerry goes for his usual legdrop to the back of the head on the apron, but Kash pulls his head back and Lynn goes crashing to the floor. Kash gets on the apron and hits a running rana to the floor, selling the knee on the way up. West and Tenay play up his courage, but also play up his cowardliness from earlier. Back in the ring, Jerry puts his head down prematurely and is the victim of a swinging neckbreaker. Kash tries to follow up immediately with the BANK ROLL~! but because his knee is legit bothering him, ends up just sloppily driving Lynn down with an ugly Fishermans Buster for two. That could have killed Lynn. Kash puts on a sloppy ass submission on Lynn where Lynn literally has to shift to make it look decent. Lynn gets back on his feet and takes over in the corner and gets a tilt a whirl backbreaker on a Kash charge. Lynn then charges and he gets elevated onto the top rope. Kash gets a diving splash for two. Kash and ref Rudy Charles get into a shouting match in the corner before going after Lynn again. Lynn charges at Kash in the corner and eats boot, allowing Kash to spring up and hit a moonsault press for a CLOSE two! Kash keeps the advantage for a second but eats a dropkick to the midsection by Lynn on the way back into the ring with a springboard cross body. A bit of a miscommunication spot leads to an ugly spinebuster and Lynn tries to cover with a 2nd rope legdrop for two. Kash goes for a rana but Lynn just SITS OUT and gets a CLOSE two. Lynn picks up Kash again, only to get reversed into a reverse powerbomb by Kash. Kash goes for the Money Maker again, which is once again blocked and Lynn floats over a suplex attempt for a reverse DDT! Lynn goes for a TKO but knocks the ref down with Kash's body accidentally. The masked luchador from last week comes back into the ring, still masked and wearing all black and DDT's Lynn! Kash crawls over and gets the pinfall!


Winner: Kid Kash


My Opinion: This could have been a lot better. They blew a lot of moves and were quite sloppy, which was probably because of Kash's knee injury. At least they're continuing the Lynn/Konnan angle. **1/4.


We go to a video package recapping the events of last week between JJ and D'Lo Brown. They show D'Lo Brown in the hospital getting stitched up. D'Lo, with a bandage over his head, says "Jeff Jarrett...you lied to me. You told me that there was no glass ceiling in TNA. Well, by the number of stitches in my head, I just banged my head against it. But what you fail to realize is that I just busted right through it. Next week...NWA World Heavyweight Championship comes home to me..."


We get a tale of the tape for our main event tonight.


D’Lo Brown vs. Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Title


Match Background: A couple of weeks ago, D'Lo Brown made his debut in TNA with a guaranteed World Title shot in his contract. On his first night, he helped Jeff Jarrett and SEX from a beating after Jarrett came to his rescue earlier on against a Sonny Siaki ambush. The following week, SEX leader Glen Gilberti apologized on behalf of Siaki and told D'Lo that Jarrett is only using him as a pawn to keep his title challengers at bay. D'Lo agreed with Jarrett and kept insisting on his title shot. Jarrett was willing to grant him a title shot last week but Glen Gilberti said that since Raven is the real #1 contender and since Raven is a part of SEX, SEX had the right to make the World Title matches. He then booked the match for tonight with the stipulation being that should D'Lo win the title, he'll join SEX. Later on that night, Jarrett came to the ring with a chair to take out some of the members of SEX and D'Lo Brown got in his face. As D'Lo was walking away, Jarrett turned him around and nailed him in the head with a chair, busting him open and causing some legit stitches. This isn't the first time these men have met, with their most notable encounter taking place at WWF's SummerSlam ’99 when D'Lo Brown lost the EuroContintental Championship to Jeff Jarrett. My personal prediction for this match is that Raven runs in to prevent D’Lo from winning so he can get his shot against Jarrett. This would piss off the rest of S.E.X, who Raven is aligned with and he’d go on his own, where he’s better suited anyway.


The Match: Before we even get the boxing style intros, D'Lo jumps Jarrett from behind in the back and they brawl towards the ring. JJ nails him with another chair to the head while in the crowd, but D'Lo comes right back with a chair shot of his own. He didn't even bother to really sell it. As they brawl past the SEX locker room, Glen Gilberti comes out of the ring and heads to ringside. Finally in the ring, D'Lo hits some right hands, followed by a Farooq-esque spinebuster. D'Lo lays in some boots in the corner before following Jarrett to the outside again. Brown picks up a chair and tries to nail Jarrett as he rests on a ring post, but naturally misses. Jarrett takes over and throws him onto the TNA announce table, throwing a barrage of right hands. He goes for the same chair, but Gilberti grabs it away from him, distracting Jarrett and giving D'Lo the opportunity to DDT the champ on the floor. Back in the ring again, D'Lo puts on a sleeper. West: "Oh, are we going to see a submission!" You don't get submissions off of sleepers, Don. Jarrett gets up, playing the babyface role and hitting a nice suplex on D'Lo to take over. Both men get up and Jarrett back body drops D'Lo and nails a GORGEOUS dropkick! D'Lo floats over a suplex attempt and hits The Stroke on Jarrett for two! Jarrett then hits the Sky High on D'Lo for two! Jarrett goes to the corner to deliver some punches and then knocks the ref down for telling him to break it up. It works against the champions favor as Gilberti comes in and hits a running diamond cutter on Jarrett. D'Lo covers him....ONE...TWO...NO! Brown charges at Jarrett in the corner but meets the champions feet. Jarrett comes off the top with a cross body, but D'Lo moves and the ref gets all of it! Gilberti comes in to hit the Diamond Cutter again, but gets thrown over the top by JJ. MIKE SANDERS~! comes into the ring and nails Jarrett with the NWA Title belt and rolls out of the ring! D'Lo covers as the ref gets back into position.....ONE...TWO..NO! Both men get up and double clothesline each other through the ropes. Then, Raven comes into the ring and sits in the corner like he did twice already tonight. Sanders gets back into the ring and nails D'Lo in the face with a superkick by accident! Jarrett with the Stroke....ONE...TWO...THREE!


Winner: Jeff Jarrett


My Opinion: Too much brawling hurt this match. Their strength is in the ring and they should have been in it a lot more. I'm surprised that Raven didn't directly interfere, but Gilberti and Sanders did, to no avail. This will probably lead to more friction between those two, which will hopefully turn Sanders face. The match wasn't nearly as good as Jarrett/Styles, Jarrett's last major title defense. Let's hope that his match with Raven fares better. **1/4.


After the match, Raven gets in Jarrett's face but they are quickly separated by security. The rest of SEX come into the ring and for some reason...security bails. Raven wants Jarrett alone so SEX leaves as well. As Jarrett and Raven start to tangle, Alexis Laree comes from behind and pulls on Jarrett to get him off of Raven. Jarrett picks up a chair and WAFFLES her as we fade to black....


Overall: Pretty confusing show tonight as both singles champs seem to be making heel turns with no clear cut babyface in sight to oppose them. TNA seriously needs to define the characters better because most people don't even know who to cheer for already. You got Jarrett, the babyface champ, acting like a heel and terrorizing Goldylocks backstage. Kid Kash's turn is a lot more blatant but there really isn't anyone left in the X Division. The Truth just turned last week and now faced two heels tonight. It looks like AMW might be splitting up too. Sadly, the only true babyface left in the company is Dusty Rhodes. They need to do something about that and quickly.


Be sure to check out my Wrestlemania 19 Diatribe and I'm open to any questions or comments on that show's review as well.


'Til next week,


The Dames, Damian Gonzalez


Any questions, comments, hate mail, fan mail, whatever....send it all to [email protected]

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