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The Dames' Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 40

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The Dames' Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 40


After last week's debacle....I'm not even going to write an intro. If I don't get any sound this week, I don't think I can handle it...


The show starts with a video package of last week....and I HAVE SOUND! THANK GOD! I honestly don't know if I'd be able to keep doing the show if I couldn't hear anything. Well, doesn't look like I missed much in terms of promos, but I always miss West doing his "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" catchphrase.


They pan the crowd and a few people have pro-Raven signs, reading "14 days, Jarrett" and things like that.


Raven begins cutting a promo from the top of a staircase. He calls Julio Dinero and Alexis Laree his apostles. Raven is sporting new Rico-like pork chop sideburns. He cuts a promo on Jarrett, hyping his match for the title on the 30th. He pulls out the "Raven Effect" catchphrase for the first time since his days in the WWE and we segue right into the first match.


Raven (w/Alexis Laree and Julio Dinero) vs. D'Lo Brown


Match Background: D'Lo Brown has made an enemy of the SEX faction ever since he lost in a World Title match against Jeff Jarrett due to their interference. He definitely wants another shot at the title and Raven happens to be the number one contender for the World Title and a member of SEX (although that's easy to forget these days). Other than that, there is no real history between these two wrestlers, TNA-wise. They did have a good Heat feud going on in the WWE before Raven departed, but I don't believe they even bothered to mention it on Raw.


The Match: Damn, can Alexis Laree get any cuter? D'Lo comes out sporting another new T-shirt and that's already 2 more shirts than he had in the WWE. The fans are solidly behind D'Lo as the match starts up. They exchange shoulder tackles...and Raven then mocks D'Lo's head shake, which just doesn't look right or fit with the Raven character. D'Lo gets the advantage and sends Raven to the outside. He hits a suicide tope to the outside onto Raven and both of his followers before getting the number 1 contender back in the ring. D'Lo charges at Raven, but he receives a drop toe hold and falls out of the ring to the outside. Raven quickly brings him back in and takes over with a knee to the back of the head and a running knee lift. Raven signals for the Evenflow, but D'Lo counters and hits a Diamond Cutter, ending with both men down. Raven gets up first though, but D'Lo gets the Shaky Shaky Legdrop for dos. Raven gets up and goes for a punch, but it's countered into Matt Hardy's Side Effect. D'Lo hits the Lo Down off the top, but the ref is distracted by Alexis Laree, naturally, allowing Dinero to come in and superkick Brown! Raven with the roll up....ONE...TWO...NO! Dinero sets up some powder as the ref is bumped by a D'Lo calf kick. Dinero throws the powder into D'Lo eyes and Laree gets into the ring. Blinded, D'Lo Sky Highs Laree! Dinero gets in now....but D'Lo hits the Sudden Impact on HIM and goes for the cover, thinking he's Raven! Raven picks him up and hits the Evenflow DDT (now called The Raven Effect by Mike Tenay) and there's the pinfall!


Winner: Raven


My Opinion: Although this match was short, it accomplished what it needed to. Raven needed a big win over a top guy to give him some momentum going into the Jarrett match. It also let the fans know what Dinero and Laree are about without hurting D'Lo's credibility at all. With Dinero, I think a name change is in order now, though. The match itself wasn't anything to write home about as they just got their major spots out there and didn't really try to build on anything. *1/4.


We go to the EXACT SAME Video Package they did a couple of weeks ago, hyping the Raven/Jarrett match and the "Destiny" theme. The only difference was that a graphic was added at the end to make sure everyone knows the title match is on April 30th. It's still a great package and the money shot in it is just a thing of beauty.


Ahh, West & Tenay run down the card and I actually missed their voices. Tenay dubs Red & Lynn the X-Division Dream Team while talking about the tag title match. Personally, I think Lynn & Styles is the X-Division Dream Team or even Red & Styles, the tag champs in Ring of Honor.


In the back, Goldylocks is in the SEX locker room with everyone as Glen Gilberti is motivating everyone. He seems to be in a good mood tonight and compliments everyone there. Gilberti then talks about AJ Styles and the upcoming street fight while he tapes up his wrists. He doesn't think it's a big deal that he was beaten in a "rasslin' match". "I got no time to do any of that MTV reject Jackass exhibition flying crap!" He tells Ron Harris to wrap a towel around his own hand and punch him (Gilberti) in the head. He obliges...although he strikes lightly. Gilberti then SLAPS him in order to get Ron to hit him even harder...and he does. He then insults him even further, resulting in a harder punch! Gilberti is now ALL fired up and ready to go out and face AJ Styles! The troops are definitely inspired now.


Glen Gilberti vs. AJ Styles in a Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight


Match Background: When AJ Styles faced Raven in a Ladder Match in Week 36, Glen Gilberti helped out his SEX partner by powerbombing Styles off the ladder through a table at ringside. This cost AJ the match and he was naturally upset by this. He went after Gilberti in following weeks, brawling with him and defeating Mike Sanders on the way to a one on one match with Gilberti, which took place last week. AJ won that match relatively clean, although his feet were on the ropes during the pinfall. The referee, who had called Gilberti for putting his feet on the ropes just a minute prior, failed to see this and went through with the pin, infuriating the SEX leader. He attacked the ref for that and apparently, asked for a rematch tonight against AJ Styles. This time, it's going to be a street fight though.


The Match: Both men are in street clothes, which is appropriate for this match. They start with a slugfest in the middle of the ring, although neither man makes much contact. AJ gets the advantage and hits a snap German suplex before putting the boots to Gilberti. Gilberti comes out of the corner with a clothesline and gets off a few hard rights, sending AJ to the outside. He throws him into the steel steps and then also throws him over the guard rail and they begin brawling in the crowd. He then throws AJ into the steel hand rail for the steps as Gilberti is just dominating on the outside. AJ is able to counter a hiptoss attempt on the floor and charges after Gilberti, opening the SEX locker room accidentally with his fist. Mike Sanders appears and begins to wail on Styles! Gilberti throws him into a chair and AJ is busted open! Gilberti, still dominating, takes Styles to the other side of the arena and attempts a clothesline. AJ ducks and gets a superkick as Tenay really puts over Gilberti's new focused persona. Gilberti gets back up and attempts a powerbomb on the concrete, but AJ reverses it into a snap suplex! Sanders comes from the back to put AJ down, but D'Lo Brown goes after Sanders! Gilberti goes back to ringside as AJ is still lying in the crowd...but Styles gets up and hurdles over the guardrail to tackle Gilberti! Styles now has the distinct advantage and they go back into the ring where he hits his VICIOUS pumphandle stomach buster! Snap side suplex by Styles before he goes to get a chair! Styles goes for a chairshot, but Gilberti ducks and nails him with a right! Gilberti goes for the Last Dance (Stunner), but AJ pushes out of it and hits a roundhouse kick! AJ wedges the chair between the top and middle turnbuckles, but Gilberti counters and goes for a catapult! AJ is able to stop his momentum from crashing into the chair and slams Gilberti into it! AJ gets the chair and nails him across the back! Gilberti gets up after selling the chairshot for a second and AJ goes for another chair shot, this one to the head! Gilberti kicks AJ in the midsection and hits the Last Dance, with AJ's throat getting nailed by the top of the chair on the way down! Gilberti over for the cover....ONE...TWO...THREE!


Winner: Glen Gilberti


My Opinion: I normally don't like brawls as opposed to wrestling matches, but this one was highly entertaining. It worked on several levels as Gilberti's strengths were defined as being more of a brawler, which is why AJ was able to take over almost every time they were in the ring. AJ really put over Gilberti's brawling skills by blading and selling each right hand like he was getting shot in the face. Gilberti was really put over as a tough wrestler and I can unequivocally state that the Disco Inferno is dead. The finish of the match was a thing of beauty as well as he was able to hit his finish, but did a hell of a lot more damage with the chair, capitalizing on AJ's mistake. This also helped to put over Gilberti's resourcefulness in this environment. I was quite surprised at AJ jobbing clean in the middle, but it really did a hell of a lot to enhance Gilberti and this feud. I'm looking forward to even more matches between the two. With that being said, there was one major flaw in this match that needs to be stated. The stipulations were Falls Count Anywhere, which suited Gilberti perfectly, but neither man attempted a cover. There was no point to the match being called a Falls Count Anywhere match, a NO DQ Street Fight would have been just fine. Kudos to whoever has been booking these brawls of late. With Saturn/Barton from last week and this match, it seems as if someone is really getting with the psychology of brawls in the back and using it to TNA's advantage. **1/2


In the parking lot, Goldylocks gets a word with Dusty Rhodes, who's looking and waiting for Jeff Jarrett after he was hit by a chair by the paranoid champion to close last week's show. Eric Watts walks by (wearing a shirt that reads "Jeff, You're Dead") and they get into a little verbal spat. Dusty channels Bret Hart and actually calls himself "The Best There Is, The Best There Was and the BEST There Ever Will Be". Dusty basically tells Watts that he's not even important to him at all and walks away and Watts retaliates by throwing his gym bag at him, which looked pretty empty. Dusty falls down, selling it like it's death and Watts opens the bag to reveal the replica NWA Title inside. Oh come on. Even if that thing weighed 20 pounds, it had so much room in the bag to move around and shift that Dusty is just overselling this one. Watts threatens to continue the beating, but is held back by security as Goldylocks squeals.


Mike Sanders vs. Kid Kash (w/Trinity) for the NWA X Division Title


Match Background: There's no real history between Mike Sanders & Kid Kash....or Sanders & Trinity for that matter. This is Sanders first shot at the X title...and any title in TNA, although he doesn't wrestle the X style. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure why he's going after it, unless TNA has decided to treat the X Title like a midcard title.


The Match: Kid Kash gets some new, custom, music and it's MUCH better than the sad theme he had before. Kash gets on THE STICK~! and begins to talk to Trinity. The crowd chants "Trinity", but it sounds more like "Trin-AH-ty". Kash apologizes to her for his treatment of her in the past few weeks and admits that she's helped him a hell of a lot to gain and keep the X-Division Title. He tells her that he'll stand by her, just how she was there for him. He ends pleading his case....with a kiss. She accepts and they do their pose like they used to.


Sanders heads to the ring and he looks VERY angry. "You stole from my mama" angry. He gets in Trinity's face and Kash turns him around to start the match. Kash gets a flying head scissors off the ropes, followed by a few armdrags before clotheslining Sanders to the outside. On the floor, Sanders gets up and pie faces Trinity before getting into the ring. Sanders drops Kash onto the top rope, but it looked a bit sloppy. Sanders stays on offense for a few before Kash goes for a twisting flying head scissors in the corner. Sanders uses the momentum and spins halfway across the ring, dropping him down with a side slam! "TNA" chant and deservedly so as Sanders get a few two counts off of that. Sanders gives the Heel Section a "HEY~!!" before continuing his offense and getting some more two counts off of it. Almost a botched finish as Sanders goes for a two count and Kash's left foot BARELY grazes the bottom rope at the last second, stopping the count, although I'm sure he was supposed to lay it on the rope itself. Kash just seemed too far away. Kash comes off the ropes and Sanders nails a HARD clothesline and the crowd pops! Kash gets a sunset flip to recover for two, Sanders gets a roll up for two and both men go down HARD with "serious ass impact" as they nail each other with clotheslines at the same time. Trinity gets on the top rope, looking to moonsault, but Sanders crotches her and she falls back down to the floor. Kash goes for a wheel barrow, but Sanders counters it into a slam para dos! Kash, up now, comes off the top with a somersault for two! Sanders gains the advantage again with a dropkick to the knee of Kash and the X Champ crumbles on the mat. The ref goes to check on him, leaving Trinity wide open to interfere and she does! She hits a cross body on Sanders, a spinning roundhouse kick and a moonsault off the top before running back to the outside! Kash gets up and goes for a rana off the top, but Sanders catches him....and drops him hard with a powerbomb! ONE...TWO...NO! Trinity trips up Sanders off the ropes, allowing Kash to nail him and keep him down. Kash goes for his Van-Terminator like somersault dropkick across the ring, getting the pinfall and retaining his title!


Winner: Kid Kash


After the match, Trinity gets in front of Kash for their pose, but the Harris Brothers come in from behind and Kash gets out of the ring, leaving his valet behind. Sanders gets up and grabs a hold of her....and Kash doesn't care! Kash just leaves as the Harris Brothers hit a HUGE H-Bomb on Trinity!


My Opinion: The match was alright, as Sanders seemed to be on offense a lot and while I mark out for the guy, most of his offense is pretty generic. My guess is that they had to cover for Kid Kash's leg injury and did a pretty decent job of it by keeping him grounded. Mike Sanders shouldn't have even been in this match for reasons I already stated, but for what it was worth, it was just there. The storyline was key in this match as Trinity was doing all she could for Kash to win and after he did, he left her out to dry, turning him completely heel. *1/2.


In the back, Goldylocks is with the New Church and Father James Mitchell. He makes a amusing few jokes about Sandman's face catching fire. He talks about being rejected by Sandman and Saturn and how he doesn't take rejection very well. He says that Saturn is the reason why Sandman didn't join the church with his "ECW" rhetoric...so he's going to dig into his "Extreme" past and pull out a "flesh eating dragon" for Saturn to face.


Saturn comes to the ring for his match, with new music. It's a ripoff of "Kashmir". Could you imagine just how much hate mail I would have gotten if I had said "Come With Me"? The Disciples theme comes on to reveal his opponent for tonight.....Mike Awesome!


Saturn vs. Mike Awesome


Match Background: Father James Mitchell just introduced Mike Awesome as a member of the Disciples of the New Church, claiming that he got someone from Saturn's past to turn. However, if I recall correctly, I don't think that Saturn and Awesome were ever in the same federations at the same time besides the WWE.


The Match: For those of you keeping score, Awesome has long hair again, but no mullet. Awesome gets in the ring immediately and back suplexes Saturn. Saturn gets up and back suplexes Awesome as both men just no sell them. They begin brawling for a sec before Mike hits a clothesline to take Saturn down. Saturn comes back with a clothesline of his own and only gets a one count out of it. Saturn gets a T-Bone suplex and gets a table from under the ring, but Awesome comes off the apron with a double axehandle. Awesome charges at Saturn, but gets elevated up and over the guard rail....almost knocking over a few fans. Mike Awesome is a big guy, you know. Awesome gets a shot in on Saturn and dives over the safety rail to take down Saturn. Awesome sets up the table at ringside and goes for an Awesome Bomb at ringside, but Saturn fights out of it and throws him back into the ring. Saturn gets a leg sweep, followed by a cross armbreaker, which Awesome rope breaks out of. Saturn places Awesome on the top rope, but he comes back with a springboard shoulder tackle as Saturn comes off the ropes for a two. Awesome back body drops Saturn...but it looked MIGHTY sloppy before putting on a chinlock. Saturn gets out and gets a release German suplex out of the corner. He hits a second....this one being a lot more vicious and then hits Awesome with a springboard dropkick. Awesome gets the advantage again and comes off the top with a top rope clothesline for two. Awesome sets up for the running Awesome Bomb, but Saturn slips out and hits a superkick for a close two count. Saturn goes for a powerbomb of his own, but Awesome picks up Saturn and dumps him. Awesome with a splash off the top and that only gets two as well. Awesome signals for an Awesome Bomb to the outside through the ringside table, but Sandman and New Jack run in. The rest of the Disciples come in and actually clear the ring against the faces, outnumbering them 3 to 2.


Winner: Mike Awesome (via DQ)


My Opinion: After last week's amazing performance with Mike Barton, Saturn and Awesome put on a lackluster contest that lacked selling and consisted of just power moves and sloppy ones at that. It's nice to see Mike Awesome back, especially after being mistreated in WWE, but if he's going to put on performances like that, he should just be used in a bodyguard capacity. 3/4*


In the parking lot, Jeff Jarrett is in the back of a loading truck, throwing random weapons and items onto the street.


We go to a sitdown interview between Mike Tenay and Americas Most Wanted. Tenay asks Harris to explain his request for singles matches as of late. He says that it isn't anything regular teams haven't done over the years, have singles matches and stay a cohesive unit. Tenay then asks why Harris was in the S.E.X. locker room last week....and Harris says that he was just hanging out with the guys because a lot of guys are friends outside of the arena. Storm takes an issue with this as he says that Triple X are the enemies as long as they're the tag champs and with S.E.X. Harris says that's correct when they're in the ring. Tenay then talks about Storm having a singles match tonight and Harris says that he'll support Storm tonight 100%. If they're going to turn Chris Harris heel, it looks like tonight might just be the night. With this storyline going the way it is though, don't look for Storm to win his match tonight.


We now go to an interview in the back between Goldylocks & David Young, who's with Sonny Siaki and Desire. Goldylocks wants to know why Young turned on Athena. Siaki interrupts and says that it isn't her business. Young will face Storm tonight, apparently, but it was originally supposed to be Siaki in the match. "Ace in the Hole wrestling tonight? Against a nobody? Do you know what my schedule is like?" Young finally interjects himself and for a few seconds just talks trash to James Storm about what he's going to do to him tonight before Siaki cuts him off. Siaki lets him know that HE does all of Young's talking. Siaki says that "Ace in the Hole" is now a corporation.


David Young (w/Sonny Siaki & Desire) vs. James Storm


Match Background: Last week, David Young turned and joined Sonny Siaki and Desire for reasons to be explained. Storm is having a singles match in retaliation to his partner Chris Harris having so many singles matches as of late and not trusting him. Young and Storm don't really have much history in TNA.


The Match: Storm and Young hook up and Storm hits a monkey flip to start out. He gets a rana, but Young throws him over the top. Storm holds on and skins the cat as Young goes for a baseball slide to Storm's back, following it up with a plancha to the outside. On the ramp, Storm gets a flying head scissors, but Young is able to get a powerslam on the floor! They get back into the ring and Storm tries a small comeback, but Siaki gets on the apron to stop that. Young clotheslines Storm and follows it up with a nice dropkick for two. Young and Storm go for a few roundhouse kicks but each are ducked until Storm is able to hit Storm with one. Young in the corner, flips up to the top (taking FOREVER) but Storm crotches him with a superkick! Rana off the top by Storm! ONE..TWO...NO! Storm gets a swinging neckbreaker and comes off the top with a crossbody, but Young rolls through for a quick two! Storm goes for the Swinging Noose, but Young blocks it and hits a top rope Diamond Cutter for a CLOSE two! Storm comes back and hits the Eight Second Ride but the ref is pulled out at the last second! Siaki blames the interference on a fan as Storm goes for the Eight Second Ride again. Desire comes into the ring and low blows Storm, leading to a David Young SNAP SPINEBUSTER~! and the match!


My Opinion: Well, this match just didn't click for some reason. Some of the moves were mistimed, others looked pretty damn choreographed. It doesn't really mean much in the ultimate scheme of things though. *1/4.


We go to a video package reviewing the Disciples/Sandman & ECW guys feud.


Sandman and New Jack are in the back playing CHESS of all things. Goldylocks interrupts and asks if they're getting along after everything that happened last week. Sandman and New Jack pretty much say that they're cool with each other. New Jack gets some mic time and just CRACKS me up. "I ain't here for no belt. I don't want no belt! If I get a belt, I'll go and pawn it!" Sandman checks New Jack, but New Jack claims he cheated.


The Disciples of the New Church (w/ Father James Mitchell) vs. New Jack & Sandman


Match Background: Three weeks ago, The Disciples teamed up with Perry Saturn and The Sandman to take on The Harris Brothers and Triple X and were victorious. The following week, Saturn and Sandman were scheduled to face the Harris Brothers and Christopher Daniels in a 6 man tag team match and turned down the assistance of Father Mitchell and the Disciples, deciding to tag with ECW alum New Jack instead. This didn't sit well with Father Mitchell and the Disciples interjected themselves into the match. This lead to a three way dance last week with the Harris Brothers, New Jack & Sandman and The Disciples, which was won by the Harris Brothers after New Jack left Sandman alone in the ring to do his balcony dive. Sandman got into a heated confrontation with New Jack over this, but received a fireball to the face by the Disciples as well as a beatdown, leading to this match.


The Match: New Jack actually comes to the ring with a SICKLE. Jack goes into the ring to face the Church alone as Sandman drinks beer with the fans. Sandman comes back in and helps to get the advantage. Heinekenrana by Sandman! Jack and Lee go to the outside as Sandman comes off the top rope with a legdrop onto Slash, hanging on the top rope. Pretty generic brawling for a while as they make their way through the arena. All 4 men eventually come back into the ring and Slash hits the Airplane spin drop for two as Lee takes over on New Jack. Wow....this is pretty boring. More brawling. Slash puts New Jack on a table at ringside and gets on the top, but Sandman uses the cane to crotch him. Father Mitchell gets in the ring to distract Sandman, which works as Lee nails him with a big boot. Father Mitchell gets a fork and uses it on Sandman, bringing Saturn into the match. New Jack comes off the top with a chair shot on Slash and goes for the cover, but Mike Awesome comes in and breaks it up. AWESOME BOMB through the table at ringside from inside the ring on New Jack! It looked like he hit his head on the ramp pretty damn hard too! I guess this match is no DQ with all these run ins. Awesome throws Jack back in and Slash gets the pin.


Winner: The Disciples of the New Church


All of a sudden, the lights go out and Justin Credible is in the ring with a cane! He starts caning everyone from the New Church until Saturn, Sandman and New Jack are safe in the ring!


My Opinion: What a BORING match. Most of this was pointless brawling until the massive run ins at the end. Justin Credible...as a babyface? I don't think that'll work whatsoever. I'll still give it a chance though as he's probably the best worker out of the bunch he's in. 1/2*


In the back, Jeff Jarrett is arguing with the ring crew about constructing something in the ring when Eric Watts comes from behind Jarrett. JJ grabs a garbage can and throws it at him, but no punches are exchanged while they're separated.


Triple X vs. The Amazing Red & Jerry Lynn for the NWA Tag Team Titles


Match Background: Last week, Red & Lynn pinned Triple X in the finals of a great 4 team elimination tag team match to earn a shot at the tag team titles this week. Regardless if Red & Lynn win tonight or not, they'll be facing each other next week to determine the number 1 contender of the X Division title.


The Match: Red comes out wearing a freakin' CAPE for some reason. Tenay plays up the fact that Red is the only wrestler in this match who's never had a title in TNA. Jeremy Borash gives us the Boxing Style intros. Oh, I'm sorry....its not a cape, it's a long vest. I would have preferred a cape. Lynn & Daniels start the match out exchanging hammerlocks. Lynn is able to get a flying head scissors on Daniels and a tilt a while backbreaker and Elix comes in. Lynn tags Red in and Red counters out of a lot of Elix's stuff to a pop. Red also gets a flying head scissors and the 718, but gets caught in a midair springboard by Daniels. Red goes for another flying head scissors on him but turns it into a complicated submission (THQ's Six Second Magic) instead. All 4 men in the ring now and Red ranas Daniels as Lynn legdrops Elix to the outside. Elix and Daniels are able to recover and Daniels hits a leg lariat on Lynn. Elix hits a slingshot twisting plancha on Lynn for two, but Lynn gets a roll up out of the corner for dos. Elix with an AMAZING move as he ducks a Lynn clothesline, climbs the ropes in the middle of the ring and back flips off the top rope! Sure, it didn't really go anywhere, but impressive none the less. Skipper reverses Lynn and turns it into a reverse suplex for a close two count! Daniels comes in, but Lynn makes a double clothesline and tags in Red! He comes shooting off the top with a front dropkick on Elix (getting MASSIVE AIR) and a spinning enziguiri on Daniels! All 4 men in the ring now and Lynn sends Daniels and Elix to the outside crashing! Lynn flies over with a springboard somersault plancha! Red with a GORGEOUS somersault tope con hilo to the outside as well! Back in the ring, Red goes to work on Elix, but Daniels sneaks in and hits a NASTY clothesline on him, turning him 360! Daniels gets the most BEAUTIFUL Arabian Press EVER for a two count on Red and follows it up with a double team legdrop by Elix. Red gets a two count as the fans are cheering for him. Red gets a rana, but Elix bridges out of it! Red maneuvers himself into a CODE RED~! for a CLOSE two! Elix slams Red down with a spinning firemans carry and puts on a single leg crab and tags into Daniels. Red actually fights out of the corner, but falls victim to a double team pancake and Daniels puts on a Koji clutch submission hold. Lynn breaks it up, but Red is able to nail both members of Triple X with enziguiri kicks and get enough separation to tag in HOUSE...EN...FUEGO~! Jerry Lynn! Lynn goes to WORK and gets a Tornado DDT on Elix for the ONE...TWO...NO! Daniels heads to the top, but Lynn catches him and puts him on his shoulders. Red ranas him down after a springboard and Lynn covers for the ONE...TWO.....NO!!!! Red goes to the top...the Masked Luchador shoves Red off the top! Single Arm DDT on the outside to Red! Daniels rolls up Lynn, feet on the ropes....ONE...TWO....NO! ANGEL'S WINGS~! (Spinning Sit out Pedigree) to Lynn! ONE...TWO...NO!!


"You've got to be KIDDING me!" says West. Sez I, too.


Elix tags in and they nail Lynn with a big time doubleteam move, but Mr. JL STILL kicks out! Elix sets Lynn up in a powerbomb position as Daniels heads to the top, but Lynn catapults Elix into the corner, crotching Daniels. Lynn with a pin and a bridge....ONE...TWO...THREE! Lynn and Red are the NEW Tag Team Champions!


Winner: Lynn & Red - New Tag Champs!


After the match, Triple X strikes and leave the new champs laying!


My Opinion: Pretty damn good match between these 4 men. It was held together by Triple X as Red's tendency to go all spotty was kept in small doses due to being the face in peril. Lynn's hot tags were handled perfectly and Triple X were great as the confident champions. I wonder if Low-Ki will be upset when he returns. Next week, Red & Lynn face each other! ***1/2


Jeff Jarrett comes down to the ring and clears it, sending Triple X scattering. He gets on the mic and tells Raven that he's setting up Jeff Jarrett's Clockwork Orange House of Fun! He challenges Dinero and Laree to this match instead of Raven!


Jeff Jarrett vs. Julio Dinero and Alexis Laree in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match.


Match Background: Alexis Laree joined Raven's camp 2 weeks ago after he grabbed her and took her to the back. Later on that night, she went after Jarrett while he was going to brawl with Raven and he nailed her with a chair. Dinero joined Raven's camp last week, but didn't interject himself until the match with D'Lo earlier on. Jarrett just challenged them to Raven's signature match, although I doubt they'll go through the trouble of setting up stacked tables.


The Match: Jarrett heads towards the SEX locker room, but can't get in. He turns around....and Alexis Laree appears behind him! She nails him with a trashcan lid and goes for a second shot, but Jarrett takes it away and nails HER. Dinero walks out of the locker room only to eat a trashcan lid shot as well! The ring crew are setting up the ring in the House of Fun style as Jarrett throws a bunch of chairs at Julio. Laree nails Jarrett with a low blow and they work over Jarrett as they walk through the crowd. They make it to ringside where Dinero hits a somersault off the guard rail. Alexis jumps off the steel steps to nail Jarrett with the trashcan. In the ring now, Alexis hits Jarrett with a baseball bat while Dinero hits him with a cane! Laree hits Raven in the head with a trash can and Dinero puts on an ab stretch. Laree grabs the cane and hits him SQUARE in the ribs! Dinero takes over for a while and they whip Jarrett into a piece of a steel cage in the corner. Jarrett turns it around and sends Laree into the cage! Jarrett hits a low blow on Dinero, putting him on all fours. Laree uses his body as a springboard and goes for a rana, but Jarrett powerbombs her onto his BACK! Jarrett nails Dinero with a few weapons and then canes Alexis! He hiptosses her into the piece of cage and Dinero gets it as well! Jarrett picks up Laree....running powerslam into the piece of cage! The ref was bumped as he was near there, checking on Julio. Jarrett puts Alexis on the table as well as Dinero. Jarrett gets on the top rope....but Raven runs in and superplexes him THROUGH THE TABLE WITH DINERO AND LAREE ON IT! Julio gets on top of Jarrett.....ONE...TWO...THREE!


Winners: Julio Dinero & Alexis Laree


Raven gives Jarrett the Raven Effect to end the show!


My Opinion: This match was much better than it had any right to be. Alexis Laree is so damn cute, but she's damn tough to take all of the abuse that she took in this match. Jeff Jarrett definitely came across as the aggressor with no morals, but Raven got the last laugh. *


The show closes with a list of Xplosion local carriers. Sadly, Cablevision in the Bronx isn't one of them. Don't worry though, because Josh Lowmon is covering Xplosion for TSM. Check out his first Xplosion recap, put up sometime yesterday.


Overall: While not as good as last week's, still a very solid effort as Raven/Jarrett approaches. The Tag Title match was a great, as were a few of the contests in the beginning of the show and as long as TNA can keep up this consistency, it'll get a thumbs up from me.


'Til next week,


The Dames, Damian Gonzalez


Any questions, comments, e-mail, hate mail, fan mail, ANYTHING...send it all to [email protected]

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