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Dames' Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 46: He Returns...

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Guest TSMAdmin

The Dames’ Diatribe on NWA:TNA Week 46



Please pardon me everyone as I’ve got a slight cold and a headache and am thus not my usual jovial self.


Before I start with this week’s Diatribe, I’d like to thank all of those who have sent me submissions for the Heat and Velocity positions open on my site, TheSmartMarks.com. I haven’t gotten a chance to look at all of them, but eventually I shall. Please keep them coming. For more details, check out my WWE Judgment Day Diatribe…it’s one of the first few paragraphs in.


Thanks to Bob Barron for supplying the tape of tonight’s show as usual.


The PPV starts with a video package (which Bob actually recorded), of course, like always, centered around Raven and his actions of the last two weeks. They completely omit the beatdown from Red at the end of last week’s show, however.


We now cut to The Gathering heading towards the entrance of the Asylum when they’re confronted by Glen Gilberti. Glen tells them that when they went back to Raven, they made a choice….so Gilberti is going to take on Raven tonight and kick his ass. He then DEMANDS for them to go and tell Raven what he said.


NOW we get the opening intro, which I haven’t seen in a few weeks, before heading to the ring for the first match.


CM Punk & Jason Cross vs. AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown


Match Background: This is an odd match up as these two teams have had no interaction whatsoever. As a matter of fact, CM Punk has never teamed with Jason Cross in TNA and faced each other in last week’s 4 way X Division match, resulting in Cross pinning Punk. AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown have been feuding with various tag teams in the S.E.X. faction and Triple X caused them to lose in a tag team match to Americas Most Wanted last week.


The Match: As D’Lo enters the ring, he’s dropkicked out by Cross and he follows it up with his twisting somersault tope con hilo to the floor to start the match! On the outside, AJ Styles jumps over the guardrail and superkicks a charging CM Punk, but gets caught with a (blown) dropkick to the midsection. Finally back in the ring, AJ Styles takes on both men and goes for his Quebrada/reverse DDT combo on Cross, leaving him exposed to a running knee to the face by Punk. Cross tags back in and hits a HARD, RELEASE Dragon Suplex for two! They set Styles up for a cool double team as Punk slingshot sentons himself onto Styles while he’s in a backbreaker position put on my Cross. Punk then lands his DEVIL LOCK DDT~! on Styles, but D’Lo comes in to make the save and continue the match. Cross lands a dropkick to Styles’ knee, dropping him down and flips over him INTO the Unprettier for a two count! Styles gets up and starts fighting back with MASSIVE rights and lefts, like Cross stole something from his mama! He clotheslines Cross to the point that Cross flips onto his FACE! He tags out to Punk as D’Lo comes in with his HOUSE..EN..FUEGO~! offense! Suplex into a Stunner on Cross! Sky High/Neckbreaker combo by AJ & D’Lo onto Punk! Cross tries to springboard into D’Lo…but AJ gets on the ropes and shoves him into a D’Lo powerbomb! That just needs to be SEEN to be properly explained! AJ & D’Lo both motion that they’re going to fly as Cross and Punk are layed out next to each other…


D’Lo comes off the top with the Lo’ Down as AJ comes in with a springboard 450 Splash! They go for the pinfall at the same time…ONE…TWO…THREE.


Winners: AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown


My Opinion: Although it was a very short tag match, it was highly entertaining. Punk and Cross showed decent chemistry together, but AJ and D’Lo have certainly become a polished tag team. Sadly, both men deserve singles pushes more than they deserve tag team victories. CM Punk continues to impress and I think he’s a keeper for the X-Division. Other than a blown dropkick to the midsection early in the match, (which wasn’t really his fault either as Styles was just too far away on the dive back in) Punk hit all of his spots beautifully. Styles showed a great fire in the ring with his flurry of punches and he needs to be put back into the World Title scene and pronto. *1/2


Post match, D’Lo takes THE STICK~! and tells AJ that that was just a sample of what they can do as a team. However, he came to TNA to gain respect…and the way to earn it is to be the World Champion. He says that he finds it funny how they were in a qualifying match and this week “we’re in a preliminary match with two jobbers!” That’s not very nice…He then says that the man with the stroke around here is our “no good, son of a bitch Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett”. That gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. D’Lo draws a ton of “oohh”s with this gem. “The one thing I’ve found out in my short time in TNA is that in the locker room…Jeff Jarrett is The Game!” The crowd actually starts chanting “Triple J”! Oh, they’ve just GOT to turn him heel now. D’Lo tells Styles that the buck stops here and tonight is the straw that broke the camels back (being in a prelim match). AJ takes the mic and tells him that if he wants to fulfill his dream, he’ll have to go through Glen Gilberti or Jeff Jarrett (eliciting a lot of boos) or D’Lo Brown himself, he will. So, the team has to end right now to fulfill their dreams. They end it like they finished it…with a handshake and a hug.


My Two Cents: Well, that was most interesting. I’m glad that they actually split ways amicably and are focusing on the World Title, because they need to shake up the title picture right now. I found D’Lo’s comments about Jeff Jarrett to be quite fascinating because they’re obviously playing to the net crowd who knows about Triple H’s manipulations and the frustration over the result of Jarrett/Raven is finally being expressed by the crowd. They’re tired of Jarrett as Champion and they want someone knew…and they suspect politics. I look forward to the inevitable Styles/D’Lo match as it should be a good one and if these two continue to stay on good terms, storyline wise, it should have a clean finish, yet still benefit both men.


Tenay and West run down the card for tonight. After they’re done, they hit us off with a video recap of Jeff Jarrett’s latest tour in New Zealand & Australia and wrestling at the WWA PPV against Sting. Jeremy Borash makes sure to state that TNA is the only wrestling on PPV that Australians are able to watch. They got royally screwed by WWE. At the end of the package, a graphic shows up stating that Jarrett vs. Gilberti for the NWA Title will occur NEXT WEEK and NOT at the 1st anniversary show as originally thought.


Jarrett heads to the ring and takes THE STICK~! He openly acknowledges the boos on the mic and says “you think that Raven should be the NWA World Champion don’t you?” The crowd cheers and chants Raven’s name, so Jarrett responds with “Well, life sucks and then you die!”, effectively turning him heel. He calls out Raven and tells him to come into the ring to confront each other and get things off of their respective chests. Raven enters the ring to a bunch of cheers as half of the crowd does the crucifixion pose along with him and the announcers acknowledge his fan favorite status. Jarrett gives the mic to Raven…and a small “Raven sucks” chant breaks out. Raven has a few choice words for Jarrett and compares him to another guy who he claims had it easy, Diamond Dallas Page, but “at least he worked hard.” Raven calls himself the best because he’s become a “perfect killing machine” and actually gets cheered for that. Raven makes a comment about Jarrett joining him in the “Clockwork Orange House of Fun” and see who survives.


Jarrett responds with “On your best day, you couldn’t beat me on your worst day”, starting up the “Triple J” chants again from the crowd. Jarrett tells Raven that he’s lived his life to be the Champion, while Raven was caught up in alcohol and drugs. Raven actually smiles and nods at the crowd, who cheers on the alleged alcoholism and drug addictions! Jarrett calls him a disgrace and tells him that he’ll agree to face Raven one on one again at a later date…but until then, he’s going to protect Raven in order to make sure he’s in one piece for their eventual rematch. Raven gets in Jarrett’s face, but someone in a three piece suit walks up and hands Jarrett a yellow envelop that reads “Confidential”. Jarrett looks it over and heads over to Mike Tenay. He asks him if he knows anything about a suspension. Tenay says no as he directs us to the back…


Gilberti is in the back with S.E.X., proudly boasting about the fact that he got RAVEN suspended from TNA! Gilberti berates Triple X for losing last week and Sonny Siaki for his interaction with Raven last week. He tells Siaki that he’s going to have to prove himself tonight by going out there without S.E.X.’s help at all. The only person he does praise is Mike Sanders for beating Brian Lee in the Hard 10 match last week. Sanders: “Beat FakerTaker’s ass all over last week!” Gilberti tells Young that he doesn’t care in the least in his match…that’s a running joke for all of you who don’t keep up.


Gilberti then summons the Harris Brothers to go fetch him Chris Harris because he’s got something to tell him that Chris Harris is going to LOVE.


When we come back….SOMEONE had their signals crossed as they say that Gilberti had Jeff Jarrett suspended, which makes a hell of a lot more sense.


The Sandman and Sonny Siaki vs. ??


Match Background: For the past two weeks, The Sandman has been feuding with Sonny Siaki and faced him in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match. There was no clear cut winner, however, as Raven ended up DDT’ing both men. As part of the Asylum Alliance matches, these two men are now forced to team together to take on a mystery team.


The Match: B.G. James’ music hits and he makes his return to TNA! He heads into the ring with THE STICK~! and announces his partner…Konnan! I would have thought it was Syxx-Pac.


Tenay says that B.G. James was associated with S.E.X. before his disappearance, but now returned wearing a TNA t-shirt and coming out of the NWA ramp way! Siaki starts the match off with Konnan and K-Dawn gets his rolling clothesline early. Siaki goes to the corner, but Sandman drops to the floor and refuses to tag in. B.G. comes in and Siaki regains the advantage before succumbing to the Shake Rattle and Roll punches. B.G. hits the Crazy Legs Kneedrop and Siaki rushes to the corner again for the tag that never came. Siaki turns around into a right hand from B.G. but gets a swinging neckbreaker in retaliation. Siaki COMPLETELY misses on a somersault legdrop, but B.G. sells it anyway. Siaki goes over to Sandman and slaps him on the chest to tag him in…but Sandman hits him in the head with the cane instead and walks away! B.G. with the Humphandle Slam and the pinfall for the win!


Winners: B.G. James & Konnan


My Opinion: Well, this was barely a real match. Konnan’s involvement in the match was kept to the first 30 seconds of the match and Sandman never came in. Considering that 90% of B.G.’s offense consists of right hands….this match gets a DUD from me.


In the back, Goldylocks is with New Jack who’s takes a water drum out of a water cooler and throws it off the balcony onto a table, breaking it. New Jack has Slash in a Hard 10 match and cuts a babbling promo where he actually says “I’m going to put my hand in your ribs and rip something out!” Boy, that wacky New Jack. All of a sudden, Shark Boy appears from behind Goldylocks…and offers to play Chutes and Ladders with him! New Jack doesn’t want anything to do with him….but Shark Boy offers again and New Jack agrees.


Side note: Isn’t it ironic that I originally miscalled Candyland as Chutes and Ladders last week and now, that’s what they’re playing? Hmmm….


They play a video package on the Hard 10 concept, interspersing clips of last week’s bad Hard 10 match between Mike Sanders and Brian Lee. This thing is conceptually flawed in so many ways, it hurts my head.


New Jack vs. Slash in a Hard 10 Match


Match Background: Brian Lee took on Mike Sanders last week in a Hard 10 match and this week, his tag team partner gets a shot at the tournament. New Jack has faced Slash in the past as part of the Extreme Revolution/New Church feud, but never one on one. This match seems to be tailor made for New Jack as he normally doesn’t use any wrestling holds anyway.


The Match: Mike Sanders comes to the announce table to color commentate and immediately goes into overselling mode, cracking me up in the process. Slash and New Jack begin brawling on the outside until Slash gets a trashcan lid and smashes it over New Jack’s head for one point. Tenay hilariously asks for Sanders’ expertise in Hard 10 matches to which Sanders replies: “Well, If you get hit, its in your best interest for you to run like Hell!” New Jack returns the trashcan lid shot and it’s 1-1. New Jack gets a trashcan shot on Slash, but Slash returns fire and it’s 2-2. Sanders: “Hey Mike, how about that Goldylocks asking about my Hard 10 last week? That chick is ALL over me!” West: “Was she talking about your album collection?” Sanders: “She was probably talking about your baseball card collection!” New Jack blocks a chair shot and hits a running chair shot off the apron to make it 3-2. They head back into the ring where Slash nails Jack with a trash can lid…and it’s 3-3. Another shot and its 4-3, Slash. Slash tosses a trashcan at Jack and nails him again, making him 6-3. They head to the outside and Jack nails Slash with a trashcan to make it 6-4. Slash actually uses SOME sort of psychology, by blocking a trashcan lid shot with his hands and Jack doesn’t get another point for it. Slash nails Jack with two more shots and its 8-4, Slash. Jack ducks a shot and nails Slash with a chair to make it 8-5. New Jack collects some weapons from the fans and places a cookie sheet on Slash’s crotch before wailing on it with a 2x4! A few more shots and it’s 8-8. Both men continue to trade blows until it’s 10-10, but the rules state that you must win by at least two. Slash nails Jack one more time and it’s 11-10. Jack retorts and they trade again, even nailing each other at the same time, making it 13-13. New Jack heads up to the top, but Slash follows and it looks like they’re going to fall to the floor. New Jack steps down onto the apron and slams Slash through the table to win the match 18-13.


Winner: New Jack


My Opinion: Like I said last week, this match doesn’t require any WRESTLING and none was used, so it won’t gain any stars from me. I guess the only point of this match is to emphasize that you must win by at least two. I wish it didn’t last so damn long though. Mike Sanders was hilarious on commentary and that is the SOLE reason to watch this stinker. DUD.


We now go to the back with a sit down interview between Mike Tenay and Triple X, namely Elix Skipper and Christopher Daniels (who’s actually wearing some GQ-ish clothes). He said that Triple X being the tag team champs was a foregone conclusion because they’re the best in the world. Skipper talks about the fact that he’s done kickboxing, a form of martial arts (Muy Thai (sp?)), is a former WCW Cruiserweight Champion and ½ of the 1st ever WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions. He beat Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio…and he wrestles in Japan, both the “little guys and the big guys”. Daniels talks about his worldwide experience as I get a “Smallville” Lex Luthor vibe from him from the way he’s dressed tonight. Tenay goes to talk about tradition, but Daniels cuts him off and goes on a beautiful rant on how the tradition propaganda leaves out all of the politics that wrestlers have to endure in order to kiss the feet of Jeff Jarrett and Dusty Rhodes. He just keeps going on about how Sports Entertainment has allowed them to be top guys in the promotion to the point that Elix has to tell him to calm down. Elix makes one last comment about TNA being his house…and we’re out.


For those of you who still weren’t sold on the mic skills of Christopher Daniels, that is a prime example of what he can do. It’s a true shame that he’s never truly been given a higher platform to showcase his many talents.


In the parking lot, The Harris Brothers chase after Ron Killings, but its an ambush and Konnan and Killings take out the evil twins.


Meanwhile, Goldylocks is with the SAT’s, who haven’t been in TNA for a while. She talks to him about Red…and ask what they thought about him taking the fight to Raven. Jose says that they support Red in everything that he does, Joel says some words of encouragement as well…and they’re out! That makes little sense as they had actually turned on Red prior to their last appearance. Erik Watts comes into the picture and whispers into Goldylocks ear…and walks off with her to continue their newly discovered sexual escapades. Yes….Goldylocks is sleeping with Erik Watts according to the storylines.


Triple X vs. SAT


Match Background: It’s been quite a while since the SAT’s have been in TNA and one of their last appearances was a six man tag team match against Triple X along with their cousin Red which tore the house down.


The Match: The match starts out with Triple X attacking the SAT’s at the start and double dropkicking Jose out of the ring. Daniels takes it to Joel in the corner and plants him with an STO. Skipper comes in and they double suplex Joel for a two count. Skipper charges at Joel in the corner, but he EATS BOOT and Joel gets a cross body for two. Skipper actually Matrixes out of it and spin kicks Joel down for a two count of his own. They put the boots to him in the corner, working in quick tags and simply dominating them. Joel makes a slight comeback with a roll up and La Magistral cradle, but Skipper stops that dead with an AWESOME neckbreaker-like take down. Daniels comes in and plants Joel with a Rock Bottom and follows it up with a double jump moonsault for two! They set up Joel horizontally on the top rope and Elix legdrops him on the back of the head! Joel is able to get some separation with a kick to the midsection and tags in his brother Jose and his mini HOUSE…EN…FUEGO~! rage is stopped quickly. However, Joel comes in and they double bulldog Daniels down. Elix goes for a Stratusfaction like bulldog on Joel…but gets draped on the top rope and is held there for a Jose moonsault! That looked REALLY botched and it looked like Jose’s knee hit the side of Elix’s head! Daniels is able to break up the pinfall, but gets sent to the outside of the ring. Jose dives off the top onto Daniels on the outside and goes back into the ring to set Elix up for the SPANISH FLY~! Daniels interrupts though and Joel moonsaults onto him, leaving Jose and Elix on the top. Daniels gets up and hits the Angels Wings on Joel as Jose knocks Elix down to floor. Daniels turns around into a Jose cross body for a close two count! Jose sets Daniels for a Tornado DDT, but Daniels plants him on the top rope and Elix does his walk rope rana and covers…for the ONE…TWO…THREE!


Winners: Triple X


My Opinion: I was VERY surprised that Triple X got the clean win, but at the same time, very pleased with it. They need to really establish themselves as a dominant tag team that CAN win instead of cheating each and every time. The SAT’s were the perfect candidates to do it against as they’re still remembered by the crowd and aren’t over enough to the point that their credibility would be damaged. The ending was very crisp and unique and puts that maneuver over as a legit finisher for them. Skipper and Daniels were their usual crisp self and the SAT’s weren’t nearly as sloppy as they can be, but were off the mark occasionally nonetheless. *3/4.


After the match, Raven comes into the ring and DDT’s Joel and Jose! It’s obviously payback for the attack from last week from their cousin Red!


We’re back in the S.E.X. locker room this week as Gilberti wants to know where The Harris Brothers are. TRACY~! barges into the S.E.X. locker room and is confronted by Desire for doing so. Tracy wants to talk to David Young to prepare for their Asylum Alliance tag team match next week…but Desire won’t let her so Tracy slaps her and Desire returns fire. Mike Sanders holds David Young back as the two girls begin brawling in the locker room! They actually irish whip each other in the back, killing all suspension of belief for a moment until Desire literally forces the locker room door open and it falls off the hinges! They begin brawling towards the ring and finally end up in the ring, where Desire gives Tracy a Downward Spiral and a Rock Bottom! Tracy eventually gets up and avoids a charging Desire, allowing her to spear her down to the mat and head up to the top rope! Tracy comes off with a Lou Thesz press…and David Young comes in and SNAP SPINEBUSTERS~! her! He comes to Desire’s rescue and takes her to the back…


As officials and security check on Tracy, Mike Tenay throws it back to Goldylocks…with Erik Watts!


Erik and Goldy are obviously doing something, but we can’t tell what. Goldylocks shoves him off and tells him that she thinks they’re making a mistake because she doesn’t feel comfortable in a janitorial closet. He says that she was comfortable last week for an hour and a half…but she didn’t appreciate their affair being broadcast on PPV last week (in a throwaway comment). Erik sweet talks her…but she says that she doesn’t trust him because he’s a “frickin’ wrestler!” Erik says no…he’s an “entertainer”, so it’s ok. He says that he has something special for her before kissing her and walking out to a LOUD “Watts” chant!


We go to a video package on Kid Kash’s problem with the Mystery Luchador setting up tonight’s match.


In the back, Kid Kash is waiting for Trinity, who’s no where to be found. All of a sudden, a never before seen female in a skimpy nurses outfit tells him that she’s there for his pre-match exam. She says that she’ll take care of any problems he may have…personally. Kash tells her about the swollen testicles he received at the hands of Tracy two weeks ago and asks for an oral examination. She goes to comply, but Kash pulls her back and accuses her of working with Tracy. He says that he’s going to use her to send a message back to her, but before he can do anything, the nurse knees him in the groin and smashes a clipboard over his head!


Kid Kash vs. The Masked Luchador


Match Background: A few weeks ago, Kid Kash had a match with Trinity where he beat the living HELL out of his valet. He suspended her the following week and he lost his X Division Title to Red because of the interference of a masked luchador in a black costume. At the time, this contradicted everything that the masked luchador had been doing with Jerry Lynn and Konnan, but TNA apparently dropped that storyline in favor of this one. It became apparent due to the body shape of the masked luchador that the person was obviously female, so Trinity is the odds on favorite to be said luchador. The masked mystery luchador once again struck during a match between Kid Kash and Ron “The Truth” Killings, allowing The Truth to get the win and last week, cost Kid Kash a tag team match against David Young and Tracy. The mystery luchador promised to reveal his or herself tonight and face Kid Kash in a one on one match up, so we may be looking at Kash/Trinity II.


The Match: Kid Kash’s music is completely different… AGAIN, as he limps to the ring while holding his crotch. As Kash walks down the ramp…SLOWLY, The HEEL SECTION~! (www.heelsection.com) give me an AWESOME shout out with a sign that reads “Proudly Sponsored by The Dames!” You damn right guys…you damn right.


The masked luchador takes THE STICK~! and reveals herself to be, who else…Trinity, of course! She nails him in the crotch and send him to the outside before going over the top with cross body. Trinity then jumps off the steel steps and they blow a rana, but they recover quickly as the SECTION~! holds my sign up PROUDLY. A “Trinity” chant starts as she missile dropkicks him in the ring and follows it up with a roll up for two. They trade pinfalls until Kash is able to apply the old school iron claw on Trinity! Don West says that Kash told him to call that move the Hand In Your Face as Kid Kash officially has the most named moves this side of Nova. Trinity escapes with a shot to the crotch and blows a moonsault roll up. It looks like the costume is really hindering her performance tonight. She drops him HARD with a powerbomb and heads up top. She goes for the moonsault…but they completely blow that spot altogether as it looked like Kash was trying to catch her and just couldn’t. He picks her up and nails a Fire Thunder Driver (Rikishi Driver) for the pinfall.


Winner: Kid Kash


My Opinion: This match was pretty damn bad compared to their first encounter. Too many blown and botched spots and there were times where they could have been seriously injured. I understand putting Kash over Trinity clean as right now, Kash is a hot heel and Trinity doesn’t have much elsewhere to go. ½*


Post-match, Kash gets THE STICK~! and says that he hopes she’s ready to finish what they started…because he’s going to KILL her. He walks away….to kill Trinity another day.


In the back, Jeff Jarrett defies the suspension and attempts to come back in. He refuses to leave the building…


Back in the S.E.X. locker room, Gilberti meets up with Chris Harris. He says that Harris is a friend of S.E.X. He says that since James Storm isn’t around tonight, Harris doesn’t have to wrestle alone tonight. He’s got X Division Champion Chris Sabin tonight…and Harris agrees as long as he doesn’t get screwed.


We now get the brackets for the Asylum Alliances matches as Ron Killings & Don Harris face Tracy and David Young next week and in the other semi final match, B.G. James & Konnan face the winner of tonight’s match up, Chris Harris & Chris Sabin (subbing for James Storm) vs. Jerry Lynn & Justin Credible.


Chris Harris & Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn & Justin Credible


Match Background: Chris Harris and Chris Sabin just got together due to the skit that just occurred, but Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible have never gotten along in wrestling rings. Back in ECW, Jerry Lynn defeated Justin Credible for the ECW World Title and faced each other numerous times afterwards. Chris Sabin faced Jerry Lynn in a three way match for the X Division Title and ended up winning the title in that match due to the interference of Triple X.


The Match: Interestingly enough, Chris Harris came out of the S.E.X. locker room for his entrance. Chris Sabin starts the match with Lynn and they start off trading hammerlocks and countering each other. Sabin goes for his Catatonic into a backbreaker, but Lynn lands on his feet and gets a German suplex for a two count. Sabin tags out to Harris, who gets taken to the mat with a side headlock by Lynn. Lynn eventually tags out to Credible and Harris armdrags Credible a few times before nailing him with a left arm lariat. He heads to the top and gets a cross body for a two count. Credible gets a reverse DDT on Harris for a two count and tags out to Lynn. Lynn fakes his corner roll up, but Harris doesn’t fall for it and nails a faceplant on him. Harris goes for a spear, but Lynn leapfrogs over him. Lynn bounces off the ropes and gets his hair pulled by Sabin, prompting Jerry to nail him and leave him open for a spear by Harris! Sabin comes in and doesn’t go for a pin, deciding to unleash a barrage on punches on Lynn instead and some clubbing blows. Sabin gets a head scissors and an enziguiri on Lynn for two. Sabin and Harris actually use some doubleteam maneuvers quite well as they control the match up with Harris putting a chinlock on Lynn. Harris gets a back elbow on Lynn for two and tags out to Sabin for another doubleteam! Sabin puts on a unique leg submission, but Lynn gets to the ropes. Sabin elevates Lynn onto the mat and gets a basement dropkick before tagging out to Harris, who uses a stalling suplex…and WALKS with Lynn before dropping him for two! Sabin once again comes in and they go for a double clothesline, but Lynn rolls underneath and tags in Justin, who goes to work on both men! Credible whips Sabin into Lynn for a TKO and double clotheslines Harris over the top! Lynn sets up Sabin for the Cradle Piledriver, but Justin Credible is the legal man and tells him so. He sets Sabin up with That’s Incredible…but Sabin is able to roll him up for the pin!


Winners: Chris Sabin & Chris Harris


After the match, Justin Credible and Jerry Lynn get into a shoving match that turns into a slugfest! They continue brawling several times as security can’t separate them properly!


Jerry gets on the mic and says “Just like ECW, I’m going to kiss your ass, asshole!”


My Opinion: The best match of the night so far, which isn’t saying much about tonight’s broadcast. Lynn was in the ring most of the time, helping to sustain the quality of the match. Sabin was ON tonight and Harris did his thing as well. I like the fact that Sabin was given the clean pinfall over Justin Credible…he needs the credibility. Now this will drive how the separation of AMW even more when Storm comes back next week and Harris has to choose between Sabin and Storm. **1/4


Tenay goes to send it to Goldylocks…but it’s Eric Watts instead! He calls tonight’s main event as “Gi-nourmous”! He turns around…and there’s Raven! Raven: “Watts, I ought to rip out your eye balls and use your sockets like a latrine, but I won’t….because you make me laugh”. Eric Watts says that while he can be funny, he can also be serious and gets down to earth with Raven. He tells Raven that he’s aware he’s tired of the bullshit and the politics. He says that he’s just going to sit back and watch Raven kick ass.


Raven vs. Glen Gilberti


Match Background: Ever since Raven hooked up with Team Extreme, Glen Gilberti has had a problem with Raven. Raven was once a member of S.E.X. and Gilberti, feeling almost betrayed, manipulated Raven’s Gathering into being his backup for a week until Raven returned with a vengeance. Gilberti, now the number one contender for the NWA Title, will face the man that many fans feel was cheated out of the NWA Title…Raven.


The Match: A “Raven” chant breaks out as the match starts and Raven backs Gilberti into the corner. Gilberti leaves the ring and attempts a chair shot, but Raven ducks and attacks Gilberti. He whips him into the safety rail and quickly head towards the stands where he completely dominates Gilberti and suplexes him on the floor. He whips Gilberti into the side of the building several times before ramming a chair across the throat of Gilberti, ala Undertaker. Raven sets up Gilberti, but Gilberti is able to fight back and they head back towards the ring. He grabs a chair and comes back in, but Raven cuts him off with a knee lift. Gilberti regains the advantage with a boot to the midsection and some offense in the corner, but Raven recovers and hooks on a Cobra Clutch! Gilberti backs Raven into the corner to break the hold and does so, but Raven quickly reapplies it. Gilberti is able to escape and gets an ugly ass clothesline to get some separation. Raven gets up and gets his licks in again with some right hands…and reapplies the Cobra Clutch! Gilberti drops down with a jawbreaker and sets up a steel chair for a drop toe hold into the chair, but Raven is the expert at it, so he blocks it, folds up the chair and hits Gilberti with it. Raven throws the chair right between the eyes for a second two count. Raven sets up the chair and does the drop toe hold into the chair himself. Raven gets the 10 punches in the corner (putting his kilt over Gilberti’s head), but when he drops down, the Harris Brothers are in the ring and charge after Raven. The Gathering come in on behalf of Raven…but Alexis is given a HARD Spinebuster by Ron Harris. Julio is able to knock down both Harris’ but they dispose of him quickly and head to the outside with them. Gilberti clips Raven after all of this and works over his knee with a chair and continues to work on it with stomps. Gilberti puts an anklelock on Raven and he’s pulled back before he can reach the ropes. A “Raven” chant starts again as Gilberti reapplies the anklelock, but Raven is able to get an enziguiri! A “Lets Go Raven” chant begins as both men are down, but Raven is able to get up and gets a discus clothesline and a running knee lift! Raven sells the leg and bulldogs Gilberti down for two! Raven goes for a clothesline, but its ducked into a Stunner attempt by Gilberti, which is also blocked and Raven gets the clothesline after all for two! Gilberti gets up and nails Raven with a knee to the midsection as Sonny Siaki heads to ringside. Raven nails the Raven Effect out of nowhere! ONE…TWO…Siaki pulls the ref out! With the ref distracted, Gilberti nails Raven with a low blow and the Stunner! ONE…TWO…NO! “Lets Go Raven” starts up again as Gilberti is frustrated. Gilberti goes for the Stunner again, but its blocked by Raven and Gilberti comes back with a clothesline that ends up bumping the ref! Raven gets up and nails Gilberti with a superkick! There’s no ref to count…and Sandman comes running down and nails Raven with multiple shots to the back! Jeff Jarrett runs in and tackles Sandman down to the floor! JJ and Sandman end up battling up the ramp as Raven gets the Raven Effect on Gilberti again! All of a sudden…a clean shave Vince Russo runs in and nails Raven with a baseball bat to the back! Gilberti gets on top for the pinfall!


Winner: Glen Gilberti


Russo flips off the crowd to end the show…


My Opinion: The match was pretty decent, although overbooked. Raven and Gilberti tried to incorporate a lot of psychology into this match and I think it worked towards their favor. Sadly, this all built up to Vince Russo coming back. **3/4.


Overall: Well, shit. Vince Russo is back on TV after about a three month absence. In those months, the product has improved significantly and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t deeply concerned about Russo hogging up as much TV time as he was before. This basically makes Glen Gilberti look like even less of a threat if he’s just a Russo stooge and the transformation from Disco Inferno to Gilberti will not be cemented in the eyes of the fans. As for the World Title picture, Raven is now the fan favorite and Jarrett is the heel as a result of the horrible booking from a month ago. AJ Styles and D’Lo Brown are now focused on it and everything looks good in that aspect. The matches tonight weren’t great and I think the faster they get rid of the Asylum Alliance and Hard 10 concepts, the better.


‘Til next week,


The Dames, Damian Gonzalez


Any questions, comments, hate mail, fan mail, move clarifications, anything…send it all to [email protected].

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