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Japan's top video game maker Nintendo said it would begin a "mileage service" similar to airlines' air-miles loyalty schemes in Japan and North America later this year to cope with intense competition.


Under the new scheme, called "Club Nintendo," customers can earn points every time they buy new software from the company, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata told a meeting with analysts and the media.


Customers can then exchange accumulated points for free gifts such as limited edition controls for its game console which will not be marketed commercially, Iwata said.


"We will be able to communicate directly with users through the service, which will help us improve marketing efficiency," Iwata said.


A similar sales campaign has already been launched in Europe on a trial basis, Iwata said, adding that full details of the service would be available soon.


Iwata also said his company would stop simply seeking to make video games more sophisticated and return to offering simpler software for a wider range of customers.



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Guest DVD Spree

Great - now I get to be extorted by eBay sellers when I probably spend more cash on Japanese and American Ninty products than most people do in one of those markets.

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