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Cherry Blossom Viscount

Kazaa's Corrupted Mp3's

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Well, I got my computer back up and since I lost everything, I have to start from scratch rebuilding my music collection. In the week, I had lost net, i.e. Kazaa, access, things had changed for the worst. The first few sonds I DL'ed to get me going were okay. Though, I noticed they always skipped alot, but nothing major. If I wasn't surfing from page to page, things were pretty stable. However, when I tried to DL the song "So Gone" by Monica, something was seriously wrong.


The first few seconds of each file I tried to DL was fine, but after it, the song length increased and high pitched buzzing sounds and other crap were heard. I thought it was just one bad file. But the shit kept happening with each new file. Looks like the RIAA is flooding the network with bad files. I've noticed that files with a bandwitdth of 3906 and hundreds of users is ALWAYS corrupt.


Today, I made another discovery. I was listening to "Shake Ya Tailfeather," I'd never listend to it all the way, well, I found out the last 40 seconds of the song has the noises tacked on. I had attempted to DL the song from people without a bandwidth of 3906, but I had left my search more feature on and eventually the number of sources ballooned from 8 to over 100. I thought since I had begun downloading before these sources popped up, I wouldn't need to cancel the DL. Well, it turns out Kazaa downloaded the rest of the song from a corrupt source.


In conclusion, there are THOUSANDS of bad songs out there. Turn off auto search because if you don't and you keep searching for more sources as you DL, Kazaa will begin to DL from an RIAA source and your song may be messed up, or have messed up parts.


EDIT: I just realized that only a fraction of the song is fucked up, but watch out for those 3906 bandwidths and once the song has more than 10 sources. STOP SEARCHING.

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Guest El Satanico

This makes me happy that I don't download that much popular stuff.


I have an excellent Public Library system and I can get any popular artists from them if I want it.

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I use:


Soulseekfor mp3's


Earthstation5 for movies(RIAA can't touch it...it's all legal in Palestine)


And a couple different kazaa verified sites for games, as well as supernova.org which is a nice bit torrent site with a lot of goodness for anyone.


And several different sites for wrestling related shit.


I rarely have trouble finding anything I want.

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