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While I don't think overall it was the best SNME October 87 had Savage vs. Bret Hart in a really good follow up to the Mega-Powers angle/Honkey Tonk Man angle from the Sept before. The match was great, with some great selling by Savage, who took an awesome bump to the guts from the megaphone after jumping off the top to the outside. Plus, it was the first time I think Bret got featured prominantly in a one on one match. I took notice of Bret right about that time, as Savage, Vince, and Jesse all worked wonders in getting Bret over a a serious singles threat to the more established Macho Man.

Yah that's my fav(and IMO the best) SNME match ever. And Savage wrestled it with only one boot on as he took off the other to sell an ankle injury. Oh and god bless Jesse since he actually established that Bret was legit singles wrestler while Vince complained about Hogan and interference from the two Jim's.

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